May 5 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

If you want a name that is in most parts connected to the Astrology, we have to mention one name – Michel de Nostredame, usually referred as Nostradamus. Many people do not know that Nostradamus was the father of modern astrology, he was the researcher, a prophet, a person who had many visions about the world and humanity that came to be true; he is synonymous with prophecy, and indeed he was a great man.

Here is one extraordinary person and we base our knowledge about Astrology and the system of Zodiac signs on his understanding of the types and characteristics of people divided into 12 characters of the Zodiac. But, we have to say one more thing; this doesn’t mean that we cannot find other roots of Astrology somewhere else, like in Mesopotamia, or in China, where the first inscriptions from 2,400 can prove that astrology in a certain way existed even then, but in some different shape and form.

But we want to speak more about Nostradamus; he is best known for his “Prophecies” that are regarding distant future; which he wrote in the figures presented in the Centurions, and he was still untraceable until the end of today, and before he began to deal with them, he was a poet.

He was also, maybe among many others, for us, unknown “astrologers”, the one that claims that our personal horoscope we can build on our birthdays, or the time of our birth. In this particular story, we will sum up all that we know about the people who are born on May 5.

Personality and character

The mission of persons born on May 5 is to enlighten and educate others, and maybe you will notice that we said the same thing for other people who are born in May, and we did said it, and it is true. Regardless of whether they belong to a group of educational workers or not, these people can always offer valuable items on improving their lives, and this is the main difference from some other May or Taurus people, they love to improve things in theirs, and other people’s lives.

They have that mission, and it is to help other human beings, and because of this type of behavior, it often happens that others are vehemently opposed to them and what they represent, as others feel that they are intermingling inadvisably with their private matters

However, later they realise that their suggestions were, in fact, beneficial and that they can improve their lives by listening to the advice of the people who are born on May 5.

These are knowledgeable people, but they never use their intelligence to think about hypotheses, they like to stick to the things that are concrete and stable, something that can they genuinely give to others, maybe this kind of stability comes from their ruling Taurus sign.

These are people who are firmly attached to their beliefs and find it very difficult to confess their own mistakes, and this can be a big issue for them in a sense that they are incredibly stubborn – this is problematic in every aspect of their lives, and for their close people is very hard to understand that they will just never give up their opinions. One of the greatest successes of people born this day is that after a significant defeat or failure, is the ability to start sure project gain. It is hard for anyone, let alone for someone who firmly believes in their chosen path.

As big speakers for the people born on May 5, the audience is needed to look and to cheer, and the tragic thing that can happen to these people is to be ignored, this is something that can break their fragile hearts. To prevent this, people born this day spend enough time in preparing and thinking ideas that they will sell to others. These people cannot stand ignorance or lack of awareness of others, whether family or friends- environment of the people who are born on May 5 must be focused on them.

Love compatibility

We have mentioned obviously so many times that people of the May 5 need attention, and this can also be applied in their love life; this is very significant aspect when we are speaking about their character in love. As all Taurus people, they seek stability in a relationship, or marriage; it is something that is necessary to format them to function in life and love. They love to be the dominant partner who will teach that his significant other many things in life, for example how to love and to be the dedicated lover.

They like to be loud in society, often seeking recognition, even if they will never admit it, this is the easiest way how these people born on May 5 find their lovers, they make others give them much necessary attention.

They have a lot of ideas, they are creative, and they know exactly what they want. What happens in the love lives of the people who celebrate their birthdays on May 5 is that they can be occupied in some work, and start many relationships at the same time, hoping to find what they need, or they feel that they need. Sometimes they can become notorious for their love behavior, and often even misunderstood.

They are open in love, they are direct, and they like to take the initiative, it is something that some Taurus people have, but in every way, they are strong-minded people. They are usually beautiful, and it matters to them what they look like to their potential lovers, and there is a situation that comes in the opposite sex; they expect from their lovers to be gorgeous. They know how to take a stand, but they are looking for a trusted partner to trust. Sex is a significant factor, so if there is no physical attraction, there will rarely be love.

Purpose and Career

These people of the May 5 are very sensual, conservative and sometimes stubborn, and they are like this their jobs

We have already mentioned that these individuals are connected to the education and people; they love speaking, and often send their knowledge into the word by writing books, for example. People born on May 5 jealously guard the positions of educators of the society and tend to bargain if they realise that their job is compromised. These people can also have so many negative people around them who want to have that charm and charisma in life, but they don’t deal with it with ease.


They are excellent in financial situations, as well as in savings; they don’t like to overspend their hard made money, they want to keep them somewhere safe and invest.

They want to carry out tasks to the end, and they will rarely put something into it. Sometimes it happens that these people are in creative vertigo, forgetting about the real world that is happening around them; but they will act this way until they finish their job as they planned it.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on May 5 are under the government of the numeral 5 and the planet Mercury, which is the vivid and fiery planet. Mercury represents the speed of thinking and change, and these people who are born on this date are like that in a particular part of their lives. They have great mental power and can turn things back to their advantage. The Venus, which is responsible for all sign of Taurus, brings unique charm and idealism, and these human beings have all of these characteristics.

Those who are under the numerological and symbolical influence of the numeral 5 are prone to risk and gamble of any kind, and it is something that is maybe surprising, having in mind that these people move towards stability. That risk could be seen in money-related risk or an incursion into some unpredictable and uncertain dangerous, and sometimes also, love situations. Even though they are very impulsive, these people show great perseverance and patience.

We will add one more thing that is related to this date – we want to remind you of the critical and significant celebration in Mexico, that is called Cinco the Mayo; and even though this date is connected to some important historical events in Mexico, but is believed that it is the date that is related to some spiritual events.

Their number is 5, and their color is light purple.

Historical Events on May 5

From the Byzantine era to the modern times, we covered it all; every significant event that occurred on the May 5 we mentioned it here. Read all about it.

533 – In the Byzantine capital of Constantinople, the Fifth Ecumenical Council began.

1260 – Kublai-khan dominated the Mongol Empire.

1860 – Italian Revolutionary Giuseppe Garibaldi sailed from Genoa to Sicily with his “1,000 Red Shirts”.

1862 – One of the emperors Napoleon III Army Corps was defeated at Puebla’s battlefield in the early days of the Mexican military’s French intervention in Mexico. This day is celebrated as Mexico’s national holiday Cinco de Mayo.

1886 – Members of the National Guard, were shot in a crowd of protesters.

1930 – British authorities in India arrested Mahatma Gandhi for his civil disobedience campaign.

1936 – Italian troops occupied Adis Abeba, the capital of Ethiopia.

1945 – World War II: Soviet troops entered the city of Peenemunde, where the Germans fired rockets “FAU1” and “FAU 2”.

1945 – US troops released the German Nazi concentration camp “Mauthausen”.

1945 – World War II: Canadian and British forces liberated the Netherlands and Denmark from the German occupation.

1954 – General Alfredo Strassner defeated President of Paraguay Federico Chavez with a military coup, starting with a thirty-four-year dictatorship.

1961 – A spaceship “Mercury” was launched from Cape Canaveral, the first US human-made cosmic aircraft.

1978 – The Red Brigade’s terrorist organisation killed former Prime Minister Aldo Mora, who was abducted in March 1978.

1996 – In the presence of Spanish King Juan Carlos, the conservative leader, new Prime Minister Hose Maria Aznar, took oath after 13 years of the rule of socialists.

1999 – Indonesia and Portugal signed a document recognising the independence of East Timor.

2001 – Members of the rebel group “Unita” in Angola kidnapped 51 boys and nine girls from the internment for war orphans outside Kaksita, northeast of Luanda. About 200 civilians were killed.

Famous people born on May 5

Kings and queens, politicians, and writers and rapers, all of them made something out of their lives, even if that something is a bit controversial. Read all about them, and yes, did we mentioned that they are born on Cinco de Mayo – May 5.

1747 – Leopold II, a German-Roman emperor, Hungarian-Croatian and Czech king.

1813 – Sören Kierkegaard, a Danish philosopher.

1815 – Eugen Martin Labish, a French comedian and lead writer.

1818 – Karl Heinrich Marx, a German philosopher and politician.

1846 – Henryk Sienkiewicz, a Polish writer.

1909 – Miklós Radnóti, a Hungarian writer.

1919 – Georgios Papadopoulos, a Greek dictator.

1968 – Darius Michalczewski, a Polish boxer.

1983- Henry Cavill, a British actor.

1988 – Adele Laurie Blue Adkin, better known as Adele, an English singer and songwriter.

1989 -Chris Brown, an American singer.

The time has come to say a few short words about people who are born on May 5 are educators of a society and love attention. They can have many enemies and are prone to risky behaviour but should avoid the manifestation of aggression against their rivals because in this way they will expel their allies and those who support them.

They like to touch and to be touched, so they are often very tactile, and it is a trait that is common for all people who are born in Taurus sign. They care for their dearest, so mothers and fathers in that sign are excellent parents. They love people around them, but they will only have a few of the best friends.