May 30 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

The analysis and synthesis of all elements that could be found in the natal chart is a challenging and complex job for every astrologer and let alone for all the rest who are not professionals in the realm of Astrology. But what drives us in the examination is our curiosity, is there something written in the stars. We all are wondering if there something more, something that is affecting our lives in some meaningful way.

And unlike in ancient times, today’s work is more comfortable since we have help from the technical achievements, like various particular software that put a lot of calculations in a concise time.

However, what software cannot do, it is the correct analysis of specific life segments and their synthesis. But this is not the story about the modern astrology, this is a story about dates, and today we want to look deeper into the world of the people who are born on May 30.

Personality and Character

People born on May 30 are free-minded and are people who are defined by their need for sudden and extreme changes. Why are we saying that these people are identified with this need? Because, if they suppress this need, they can people can be exposed to great frustration – they are typical Gemini Zodiac sign people who like to be in movement and make constant changes in their lives. Their expression is best seen in free work, individual initiative or futuristic vision – these three things are the Holy Grail in the life of the people who are born on May 30. They are lead by these three things and are the main ingredient in their overall success.

It is common for these people to provoke anger among others because the change for them is quite average and every day, but for their environment, that difference is an earthquake that ruins everything that was built a long time. The mood, in some emotional sense, of those who are born this day can change in a fraction of a second; these people can go from kind and beautiful to nervous and ecstatic. They need to work on balancing their mood by dealing with jobs they love -like some hobbies, or some other relaxing and creative activity.

These people unconsciously, with the best intentions, make promises they cannot fulfill. It happens that they meet many people; they have the urge to help and commit themselves to many things that they cannot keep. And their environment is justifiably angry at them since they cannot make this negative trait go away. Depending on their obligations, those who are born on May 30 can embark on a network of problems that are difficult to extract; this is something that comes from their superficiality and needs to make a difference wherever they go.

It would be good for these people to realise that some people most grasp what they say and that they will later hold firmly to the word -and the problem is in them (those who are born on May 30) and not in anybody else.

On the brighter side, those who are born on May 30 are characterised by the speed, as one of the fundamental qualities, but it draws a lot of mental energy. So these people can be exhausted from all speed in their lives – speed of the mind, the speed of the movement, etc.

But this speed is combined with self-confidence and a youthful attitude towards life that makes this person an irresistibly attractive one, and more importantly, it is the person who can make something out of his potential (he has many).

Love Compatibility

As we said these people born on May 30 are loving people, who are funny, entertaining, and attractive to potential partners; but who can sometimes be involved in too many affairs at once. The sum of this behavior is many broken hearts and their reputation as cheaters.

But these people are not emotional or demonstrative types of lovers, but have strong feelings and are strongly attracted to the opposite sex.

They own the game of seduction, they are thinking quickly, but do not like any efforts -they like when things in love are coming smoothly.

What these people of May 30 should never lose it their confidence, they should ensure self-confidence, and in time to learn how to say no to the things that are not adequate for them in any way, like inadequate partners.

When you love them, you’re never entirely sure how genuinely they love you, because their eyes curiously amazed them. Keep in mind that they are undoubtedly in love with you and want to be faithful to you, but you must be constant in their vicinity.

Purpose and Career

People who are born on May 30 have the most important ideas and are driven by the thought that they must be able to accomplish great things before death.

They have a free and developed mind that can go in so many ways, so these people will during life try as many jobs as possible. But they see all those negative and positive experiences as something that needs to happen in their life so that they can find their true calling. Sometimes, these people take too much obligation on their shoulders, and they are always late, which is something that is terrible for the interpersonal relations in any firm.


They need to learn to develop, to spread their ideas over a wider area; in turn, they expect to be appreciated.

These people who are born on May 30 need to learn to spend their money more openly; In return, they will receive more money.

Their mind is their greatest asset, it is fair and impartial, and it goes straight into the essence, without playing around the hive.

Sometimes these people can be quiet and reserved when they are in the process of developing their ideas. Although they have good qualities, they have to learn that in situations when bad things occur, they become faint as a sign of too much self-analysis and caution.

But above all these interesting Gemini individuals who are born on May 30 are original, intuitive, love outdoor sports, especially in their youth, but they never stop being active. They love books very much, and their interests are mostly within science, but they have a taste for good music, although probably do not know how to play any instrument. As a rule, they will travel a lot in life.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on May 30 are ruled by the number 3 and the planets Jupiter and Mercury (a ruler of a Gemini Zodiac sign). The planet Jupiter finds more in-depth answers to everything Mercury learned since it is the planet of the learning process. It is the planet of abstraction and the most extensive knowledge of something and, thanks to it, these people can perceive the essence and value of a particular trait or experience without the mechanical separation and classification of their parts.

Their independence in everything they do is very pronounced, and Jupiter brings them optimism and expansive social orientation. The impact of the Mercury in combination with Jupiter brings nervousness. The moderation that these individuals make the most difficult can be crucial for their success and development.

From the numerological point of view, the number 3 is a good numeral; and those who are under its rule most often take the leading positions in the field they deal with.

Their numbers are 3 and 0, and their color is bright yellow. This is the color that is known for her warmth and sociality, just like these people. Yellow color also encourages asking questions, placing new ideas and thinking light, which are so characteristic of the curious nature of the people who belong to the May 30.

Historical Events on May 30

From the crowning some famous queens to the royal weddings, and some war events, we have counted all events that took place on the May 30.

1445 – Margaret of Anjou was crowned as the Queen of England.

1498 – Christopher Columbus sailed with six ships from the Spanish port of Sanlucar on a third trip to the New World, during which he discovered the coasts of South America.

1536 – English King Henry VIII married a third wife, Jane Seymour, 11 days after his second wife, Anne Boleyn, was executed.

1784 – The Peace Agreement in Paris ends the English-Dutch War that lasted from 1780 to 1784.

1848 – The US and Mexico ratified an agreement signed in February 1848 after the defeat of Mexicans in the American-Mexican War.

1876 – The Turkish Sultan Abdulaziz was disbanded, and his nephew Sultan Murad V, was placed in the throne for life in a tsarist palace.

1913 – The First Balkan War ended in London.

1942 – World War II: The British Air Force bombed the German city of Cologne.

1973 – Western Germany and Czechoslovakia agreed on a normalisation of relations after 32 years.

1980 – Pope John Paul II arrived in Paris for the first visit of Pope to France since 1814.

1995 – Russia formalised ties with NATO, but reiterated the warning that the expansion of the Western military alliance into the east of Europe could divide the continent.

1998 – In the northern Afghanistan province of Tahar, at least 3,000 people died in the earthquake.

1999 – At least 54 people have been killed and more than 100 injured in an underground train station stampede in the Belarus capital Minsk.

2000 – The military command in Fiji declared a state of emergency to end the crisis caused by the rebels, holding the prime minister and a group of government officials as hostages.

2001 – At the last trial in Germany for crimes committed in World War II, a former SS officer and a supervisor at the concentration camp was sentenced to life imprisonment.

2003 – The UN Security Council approved the deployment of peacekeepers in the north-eastern Province of Ituri, Congo, to restore peace and security in the region.

2003 – “Finding Nemo” movie began broadcasting in the US and earned $ 70 million in the first weekend, which was then a record winning for an animated film.

Famous people born on May 30

There are not many prominent personalities that find fame during or after death, but there are few significant names that we wanted to mention in this article that deals with people who are born on May 30.

1220 – Alexander Nevsky, a Russian prince of Novgorod.

1423 – Georg von Peuerbach, an Austrian astronomer and mathematician.

1672 – Peter Alekseevich Romanov, a Russian Emperor.

1814 – Mikhail Alexandrovich Bakunin, a Russian Revolutionary anarchist.

1846 – Peter Carl Fabergé, a Russian jeweller.

1896 – Howard Hawks, an American film director.

1908 – Hannes Alfvén, a Swedish physicist.

1908 -Mel Blanc, an American voice actor.

1909 – Benny Goodman, a jazz musician, an American clarinettist and composer.

1951 – Fernando Armindo Lugo Méndez, a Paraguayan politician and bishop.

1965 – William John Donovan, an American professional basketball coach at the NBA.

1966 – Thomas Häßler, s German soccer player and coach.

1971 -Idina Menzel, an American stage actress.

1974 – Cee Lo Green, an American rapper, songwriter and actor.

1980 – Steven Gerrard, an English footballer.

To end this story about date May 30, we will say that these people who belong to the Gemini Zodiac sign, and are under the influence of the planets Jupiter and Mercury (that can complement each other in some substantial way). Their mind is continuously working to present information to others, and they firmly believe that their ideas are the best and that can make a lot of difference in the world.

The view of the world in their minds is open, directed outwardly, and these people find great fulfilment in an ability to communicate your observations with others.

Their fantastic wit and smart way with words are something that is so connected to these people, and it is their brand that they need to develop.