May 3 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Many people, including you too (because you are reading this article) are interested in astrology and some part numerology (these two sciences are often connected and related, and many people combine them in accessing specific person). This fascination is something that can be your entrance card into the world of self-understanding and development, and we can all agree that these two things are the most critical aspects of human life.

Many knowledgeable people claim that besides astrology that is important in this process, numerology also plays a significant part since astrology is based on calculations of many sorts, and the starting point is on dates and hours, which are expressed in numbers.

Those people also claim that numbers play the key to unlocking a lot of mysteries in life and since we have the number in our life, some say the most important number, a birthdate number; so you can understand why numerology has meaning in our lives. It is something that we share with millions of people in the world, but it is also something that we feel that belongs to just us.

If we look into our, human lives deeper, we can see that everything start with numbers and everything ends with numbers. Every minute, and second of our lives is connected in some way with numbers, and they have the potential to change our lives.

Combining the knowledge that numbers give us; in this case the birthdate number, and astrology readings we can make real progress in life, we can listen to their messages and incorporate advice in our lives. Just listen to what numbers have to say. Today we are examining what date May 3 has to say to us, including characteristics of a person who is born on this date.

Personality and character

People born on May 3 have an incredible ability to function in the group, both large and small; unlike most Taurus people, these individuals are not so stubborn and reclusive, they are much more friendly oriented people. We cannot say that they are not individuals with the notable personality, because they are, but they can work well in groups.

These people have the ability to understand a group, know how the group function and to learn to function in it; and by knowing the psychology of the group they most often occupy leading positions. They are talented people who can have fun with different groups and can do it with sophisticated techniques that others will continuously take and adopt as their own.

Those who are born on May 3 have specific inner world, their emotions and logic are often used to achieve goals, and they can combine both of the two opposite sides and make the best results. It is not very common for May 3rd people to have this ability; usually, people are separated between the two side, but not them – those who are born on May 3 make a plan with their sharp minds, and make a final touch with their hearts.

One of the essential things in life that these people of the May 3 have to remember is to stay focused and to listen to the right source when making decisions in life. Listening to just one or the other can be fatal for their well-being.

Love compatibility

You cannot fool people who celebrate their birthday on the May 3 – they will pick their partners with their hearts and keep them in love with their minds. This means that they have to feel a real emotion before they enter into a serious relationship with someone, and this is not an easy task – they are attractive people and have many acquaintances. On top of this, these are interesting and talented lovers who know how to worship their lovers with measure and care.

But, there is always one but – those who are born on this date have one not so good characteristic, and that is their sometimes fiery temper and the need to control. At times, they can be real tyrants in a relationship and can transfer this behavior on to their family, children to be specific. They continually give inputs on how their lovers should behave, how should they think and feel; all of this is based on the assumption that they themselves are ready to give their all to their lovers.

People born on May 3 must be careful not to set too many tasks in front of their spouses or their children. If they are ungrateful, they happen to show passivity in personal relationships and that the ultimate act of marriages is continually deferred. Some of these people associate this indecision with the inability to feel the right moment to act in their love decisions, which is the worst combination.

Once again we are saying that is important for those who celebrate their birthdays on May 3 to be active and alert when they are in love but to try to be as tolerant as they can be.

Purpose and Career

At the beginning of this piece about date May 3 we spoke about the character of these people, and if you noticed, we have said that those who are born on May 3 are people who have developed a mind and can successfully use their hearts (emotions) to make a right choice. This is their strength in the job they do, whatever that job might be. These are very pragmatic and realistic persons whose prudence is very deep and unmistakable. Because of their practicality, it is rare to have their imagination free to wander, and the work of an adviser, mediator, or arbitrator is very much appreciated – they usually make a great career in any of these jobs. Due to their ability to understand psychology (in some cases the consumer for example), great success can be achieved both as marketing analysts or business managers. They can even start their careers in some small shopping centre, and even in those early years, they show great abilities.

But, it is not important what they do, the great importance comes from their understanding of human minds, and their magnetism; so that they can work well in groups. Also, those who are born on May 3 set themselves as team leaders, who can understand their team and lead them in the right direction. Unlike Taurus people, a Zodiac sign that they belong, they like to be surrounded by the people, but the decision-making process is entirely their choice, and they make it the privacy of their office. No one can affect them in some obvious way, maybe just a couple close co-workers that are by their side from the starts, when their jobs were just an idea.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on May 3 are under the rule of the number 3 and the planet Jupiter.


Number 3 is a symbolically overwhelming number that has so many amazing properties in their lives; they are the people who have the highest altitudes in the area they are dealing with a particular time of their lives.

On the more negative side of their personality that also needs to be examined, those who are born on May 3 tend towards dictatorial behavior – unfortunately, we must say this since it is a trait that is especially pronounced in persons born on May 3 because they are very dominant personalities.

Because of the influence of the Jupiter (ruler of the numeral 3)-Venus combination (which dominate Taurus), independence is accompanied by the ability to charm the entire social group.

Once again we are mentioning the appearance of the social groups, and at the beginning of this article, we spoke about their ability to belong to a particular social group and to lead it.

Their color is black, and their number is 8.

Historical Events on May 3

Beginning of the May, particularly the third day turned out to be an essential month for so many things that created our world to be what it is today… From the discovery of the island of Jamaica to the ruling of some important laws, everything can fit into this date, and we tried to remember all events.

1494 – Christopher Columbus discovered the island, later known as Jamaica.

1500 – Pedro Alvares Cabral reached the northeast coast of South America and claimed it was Portugal.

1791 – Polish King Stanislaw II Augustus signed a liberal constitution that established a parliamentary monarchy. This was the second written Constitution in the world, after the American.

1814 – French King Louis XVIII returned, under the guard, to Paris after the defeat of Emperor Napoleon I in a battle at Waterloo.

1841 – New Zealand was declared a British colony.

1895 – Territories in possession of the British South African company, south of the A Zambezi riverbank were named Rhodesia.

1939 – Soviet Minister of Foreign Affairs Maxim Litvinov was replaced, and the new minister became Vyacheslav Molotov, who signed a pact on non-violation with Nazi Germany at the end of August.

1945 – In the World War II, the British occupied Rangoon, the capital of the then Burma (now Myanmar), was freed of Japanese occupation.

1968 – In Paris student demonstrations and strikes began because of the lack of government to carry out reforms University.

1971 – Valter Ulbricht withdrew from the post of Secretary General of the Communist Party of East Germany. Erich Honecker replaced him.

1996 – Delegates of 55 countries have agreed at the UN Conference in Geneva on new rules on the use of landmines but have not accepted their total ban.

2003 – The US Congress voted, by a majority vote, with a nearly $ 80 billion budget destined for a war in Iraq and one is part of the allies and the fight against terrorism.

2006 – Accompanied by the attack on the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001, Zacarias Moussaoui was sentenced by a federal jury decision on a lifelong jail.

2008 – In the erupting cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar, 77,738 people died, and 55,917 were missing.

Famous people born on May 3

Man and women of this world who change the way we think and understand life was born on this day, among those who made something special in their life, regarding their careers.

1367 – Henry IV, King of England.

1469 – Niccolo Machiavelli, Italian politician, historian and poet.

1886 -Marcel Dupré, a French composer and writer.

1898 -Golda Meir, an Israeli politician.

1902 – Alfred Kastler, a French physicist.

1903- Bing Crosby, an American entertainer.

1912 – Virgil Fox, an American organist.

1913 -Heinz Kohut, American psychoanalyst.

1917 -Kiro Gligorov, a member of the National Liberation War, and the First President of Independent Republic of Macedonia.

1919 – Pete Seeger, an American musician and activist.

1921- Sugar Ray Robinson, an American boxer.

1931 – Aldo Rossi, an Italian architect.

1933 -James Joseph Brown Jr, an American musician and actor.

1934 -Georges Moustaki, Greek singer and singer of French chansons.

1970- Bobby Cannavale, an American actor.

1986- Poppy Delevingne, an English model.

The end is here, and the right times to speak of these people in a few short sentences – people of the May 3 are good listeners who understand the human psychology. They are those people who work well in a group; they can adapt well and also they can impose some of their beliefs and opinions. This is why they have a lot of success in any managerial or sales businesses.

They are not typical Taurus people, even though they belong to this Zodiac sign, but they are desirable lovers since they are under the influence of loving planet – Venus.

One important thing needs to be mentioned once again -those who are born on May 3 are people who can balance. They balance with the fantastic skill matters that are between heart and mind, and not so many people can do this task well, and this trait can also be seen in their love life, and it is the most laborious task.

One pronounced negative trait that can be contributed to them is they can impact their environment in some extreme way, becoming almost tyrant.