May 27 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Astrology can have so many associations; we all think something else when we think about Astrology, Natal chart and Zodiac signs.

For many, the first association is a daily horoscope and the foresight of the future, especially regarding love. But astrology is much more than that and we often say that you could use Astrology for entertaining purposes, and for fun, but also you should be aware that Astrology is science that has its own rules and methodology.

What we also have to say is that some people call Astrology (in its broadest sense) as a universal language, where the job of an astrologer is to translate, decipher your personal story from the natal chart and present it to you in the best way to understand it. Without understanding, we cannot see the possible mistakes and shortcomings, but also the potential that we all have.

And when we know this, we will know how to fix things if necessary; we will know how to make our lives better – and starting point can be your date of birth. Today we are speaking of date May 27, and we will try to add up necessary elements so that you can have a clear picture of these people, who they are and what potential they have.

Personality and Character

Like there are no people in this world that are entirely the same, the same in our characters is also a duality; we all have good and bad sides.

And those who are born on May 27 are not all equal – they can be divided into two groups. In the first group, there are those who are dedicated to the goals of the social group, and in the second group, there are those representatives who are devoted to their personal development. In both cases, people born this day are fully committed to their work and are usually assigned to specific areas in which they achieve great achievements. But their focus groups are different, and both groups are ok, they are motivated to attain the cause, without any mean intentions.

These people can devote their entire life to work for a subject or social group or for their personal development, but almost never one or the other – and like in all Gemini people, these also have that duality, but in their case, they are one or the other twin.

Sometimes those people who are born on May 27 are self-centered one’s individuals who lack social connections while those who turn to social goals often lack own talents. So we could say that these people compensate for their flaws and disadvantages by doing one or the other.

In the life of persons who are born on May 27, there is a crucial point during their lives, where they, by rule have to make one critical decision that will resolve the future and their lives.  Once they make this choice, it is the final decision, and there is no turning point. We are mentioning this critical aspect, because this is one point in their lives where they have to reach so that they can move on, in one direction or the other. But they cannot stand in one place.

Love Compatibility

We could say that these people are committed to the relationships, but they can have a problem with their fiery temperament and at times naivety, they believe too many others.

Sometimes they are the people who let their hearts dominate their minds, and they regret later, because they are hurt along the way, or even they are those who harm others. This situation happens if they are in a “weird” place in their lives, where they cannot find their balance, right before they need to make that decision (the one critical decision that we spoke of in the previous section).

But from another point of view, these people are unselfish and gentle lovers, in the first place they are humans, and like to take care of another human being. In some moments, those who are born on May 27 are more confined, and in some too open-hearted, they cannot find the middle ground. Also, these people make a connection between the spiritual and emotional and are inclined to be spiritual and open to all influences, from which they must learn to encamp.

The other fiery side of their personality that is regarded to love relations is that they are very temperamental, get angry quickly, but quickly forgive. These people are ambitious and want to climb to the top of the world in the search for glory, if possible, and they need a partner who will be able to accept that.

In the end, these human beings born on May 27 are demanding in love, they have a “boiling blood”, warm heart, are fast and impulsive. They need to work on calming their nerves so that their relationship can last longer and be content for both parties.

Purpose and Career

As all Gemini people, those who are born on May 27 love movement and have many exciting ideas, that they would like to realise, but they need to learn certain things along the way. They are travelling a lot during their lifetime, and will never be settled in one place for a long time -and this is good and bad at the same time because they grow in the intellectual sense, but from the other side they lose their focus.

Those who are born on May 27 are skilled with hands, can draw beautifully, perform delicate tasks that require skill – but their main problem in these and similar professions is their lack of patience, not in work itself, but in the business as is.


They can be good surgeons, craftsmen, or similar trade, and it doesn’t matter if they are female or makes, they can find their way. Inside they are poets, gifted for literature and art.

Also, they can have business skills and are well aware of the money – they are oriented towards keeping that money and investing it somewhere where their intellect and potential will be enhanced even more.

Symbols, Color, Lucky numbers

Number 9 and planet Mars rules persons who are born on May 27.

To explain you this planetary impact, you should learn more about the connection with Mars-Mercury that is a ruling planet for all Gemini people. Planet Mercury represents the planet of communication, and as astrologers like to point out, it refers to thinking processes, intellectual area, inspiration, subtlety, and adaptability. But this planet also gives a propensity to vanity, cheating and lies. When it is connected to planet Mercury, it can provide outstanding communication. It provides the presence of intense energy and very reasonable access to nature, but also specific problems in communication regarding conflict and discussion.

So, these people are very energetic; they tend to impose their opinions and ideas, especially point out their immense intellectual potentials and insight. But, it can bring numerous obstacles, disruption, difficulties and speech difficulties. This also initiates a fighting character and temperament of nature, which will at every price strive to defend the truth and always believes it to be right. Mars is a dominant and very aggressive planet, and with the additional effect of Mercury, who is ruled by the sign, the Gemini embodies male energy. The influence of these two planets can also influence the speed of thought and powerful energy when switching from one task to another. People born on May 27 should keep their aggressiveness under control.

The number nine is the latest in a row and has a substantial impact on all other numbers; it is influential and provides excellent intellectual skills. Some say that those who belong to the nine can be dominant, often mysterious and consciously does not want to be exposed to anyone. Love never endures, tries to find its way, self-centered, and how much it takes so much. It carries some fatalism and is often prone to anger.

Their number is 9, and their color is maroon red.

Historical Events on May 27

On the day when the critical act that regulates specific area in the people’s lives must be looked at something extraordinary and one such event occurred on May 27 1679. Read all about that one and some other events that happens on the same day throughout history.

1679 – The English Parliament adopted the Habeas Corpus Act, a law that protects citizens from unlawful arrest and extortion.

1703 – Russian Emperor Peter the Great founded the new capital of Russia at the confluence of the Neva River into the Baltic Sea, St. Petersburg.

1860 – Giuseppe Garibaldi, in the attempt to unite Italy, occupied Palermo in Sicily.

1895 – Irish writer Oscar Wilde was arrested and sent to jail under charges of sodomy.

1905 – In the Russian-Japanese war, the Russian fleet suffered a heavy defeat in the battle of Tsushima.

1937 – In San Francisco, “Golden Gate” bridge was opened for traffic.

1941 – World War II: The British Navy, with the help of aviation, sank the German warship “Bismarck”.

1942 – World War II: In occupied Czechoslovakia, the leader of the Gestapo Reinhard Heidrich was wounded.

1960 – The government of Adnan Menderes is overthrown in Turkey by military strikes.

1988 – Syrian troops entered the southern suburbs of Beirut and ended threefold street fighting between rival Libyan Shi’ite militias.

1993 – Five people were killed in a car bomb explosion in front of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

1997 – NATO and Russia signed the “Founding Act on Mutual Co-operation”, establishing a joint NATO-Russia Permanent Council for European Security Consultation.

2001- The first referendum on energy was held in Japan. Residents of the Kariva village, which houses the largest nuclear power plant in the world, have opposed the use of recycled plutonium.

2003 – Peru’s President Alejandro Toledo proclaimed a 30-day state of emergency, due to a series of strikes and demonstrations across the country.

Famous people born on May 27

Maybe we could say that more those celebrities find fame in the entertainment industry than in any other business, but in this section, among all those famous people who are born on May 27, we could find something more. Read all about it.

1332 – Ibn Khaldun, a philosopher of the Arab scholastics.

1584 – Michael Altenburg, a German theologian and composer.

1837 – Wild Bill Hickok, an American frontiersman.

1840 – Lars Fredrik Nilson, a Swedish chemist and discoverer.

1871 – Georges Rouault, a French painter and graphic artist.

1878 – Isadora Duncan, an American Irish-born dancer.

1897 -John Cockcroft, an English physicist.

1911 -Vincent Price, an American actor.

1922 – Sir Christopher Frank Carandini Lee, a British actor.

1923 – Henry Kissinger, an American politician.

1950 – Dee Dee Bridgewater, an American jazz singer.

1967 – Kai Pflaume, a German TV host.

1967 – Paul Gascoigne, an English soccer coach.

1970 -Joseph Fiennes, an English actor.

1971- Lisa Lopes, an American rap singer.

1972 -Ivete Sangalo, a Brazilian singer.

1975- Jamie Oliver, a British TV chef.

1999- Lily-Rose Depp, an American singer and model.

As true Gemini people, those born on May 27 are constantly changing their appearance and interests as they are never sure where their road is taking them; so change is mandatory in their lives. But unlike so many Gemini people, these individuals don’t hide their true nature from everyone around them.

They are openly focused on their agendas and growth and gain, or they are focused on the benefit of a larger group that they belong. And we must say that both sides and types are honest, but their desire for mystery and change can cost them a lot in life.

Individuals with this date of birth like to search for the things that are unique and one of a kind, they like to be the first and to be discovered of the new world, it is the idea that excites them.

Internally, these people are generous, thoughtful and loyal friends and lovers, they can be analytical, but the biggest problem comes when they are lead by their hearts.