May 25 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Many people claim that astrology should, and has always been a science, and that status of science should be untouched. Why is that? An astronomical data is used within astrological prognosis, that statistics are used as a relevant indicator of accuracy, but in essence, those who are passionate about astrology are not essential if it is classified officially in science or not, because in some countries of the world it is studying at colleges and in some it disputes its significance.

So-called modern astrological astrology was created in ancient Persia a long, long time ago, but it is still relevant today.  The Persians knew and mentioned all the planets except Uranus, Neptune and Pluto that have been discovered in the last 150 years, and now are an integral part of the Zodiac system. The Old Greeks have taken over from the Persians the knowledge of astrology and later spread to Western Europe through the Roman Empire.

What is all of this, and how is relevant to us, and for our story about birthdates, in this case about date May 25? It is essential in a sense, that the basis of the modern astrology is in our birth, at that moment when we breathe for the first time, it is a starting point for all subsequent calculations.

Personality and Character

People born on May 25 were born fighters, and this could be seen in the early years of their lives, where they can have problems regarding health for example (that they successfully overcome). No matter what position these persons are in their life, what kind of social status they take, those who are born on May 25 can be dedicated to protecting the goal, idea, or family until the end.

These persons who are born on May 25 are not conservative people but highly value money, and status and all other values ​​that bring them out to life. This does not mean that people born this day are superficial, not at all, but they like to be rewarded for their work and dedication.

They represent themselves as people who put their facade in front of the broader spiritual world and rich inner life.

People born this day feel the rhythms of the world’s movement that surround them and have the power to survive social changes, this that natural born fighter that lives inside of these exciting people. But their family and close circle of friends can think that these people are charming and pleasant only to a certain extent and that they hide their darker side far from a full circle of friends.

These individuals who are born on May 25 can be very unpleasant to people who cross the border of decency – they are direct in communication and will openly say what they think of someone (especially if it is a criticism). However, people born this day should learn to be more tolerant in the way they treat others, they are not perfect and they should be aware of that fact.

We could also say that these May 25 people are not only mentally oriented but also physically. Unfortunately, their emotional side can be suppressed especially if they are facing emotional problems, they can be blocked entirely.

Love Compatibility

Female and male representatives of this date of birth are different – girls are enthusiastic, lively and mobile, love activity and life; they do not care much more serious things, and they should be adored and loved by all means. They are very seductive persons who can get away with many things, both bad and unbelievable. They can provoke jealousy in their lovers, can behave hysterically and dramatically, but at the same time, they can be the sweetest beings that ever walked this planet.

And surprisingly, they are lovers that should be part of your home that will make a happier place than anything else you could imagine. Those women that are born on May 25 can become good wives and amazing parents, and all of their past deeds are deleted since they show a fantastic home and family qualities.

On the other, opposite side, men that are born on the May 25 are not so seductive, but they have that attitude of an extraordinary person who demands attention and admiration. These people are similar to the Leo Zodiac sign; they demand ultimate attention and want their lover’s attention to be focused on them. Sometimes they could become incredibly, and it can be an issue that will ultimately lead to a breakup, even if in the relationship itself there is enough love.

They are partners, who love nature and wild things, and they require a partner who will follow their lead, and not everyone is capable of such a thing.

Purpose and Career

These people have a strong character – they are sufficient to themselves, so those born on May 25 are not in any way dependent on other people they are in contact with, including their jobs. They are not individualists in the ore of that word, but they don’t need anyone in the creation of their work to succeed, they are enough. But this also doesn’t mean that those who are born on May 25 don’t need someone as an inspiration and support. On the contrary, they want it, and it is necessary for their professional work.

Courage and logic are potent tools that these people use to succeed in their jobs, and since they are good with words and speech, they can become writers and politicians.  They have a unique talent for writing so they can be a good writer.

They also are interested in metaphysics, research, and they love giving their theories on specific problems, this is something that gives them pleasure, and can be become motivation for starting a particular career.


It is also true that those who are born on May 25 do not hold too much practical and material things, but also do not oppose to having them, in a sense that they feel that their work needs reward and recognition.

In certain times of their lives these people can be involved in religious ideas, and sometimes can make it fanatical. Mysteries are of particular interest to them, so if those born on May 25 are not careful, their mind will be, metaphorically speaking, burned.

People born on May 25 have the perfect knowledge of their world, so it is unnecessary to give them advice on this topic. They need mistrust and love, but only a few people in their environment thrive emotionally. In addition to emotion, these people can also give them helpful advice as well as support, as people born this day seem to need a little boost to be able to express themselves. So, good work environment and support are mandatory for these people to succeed.

Symbols, Lucky numbers, and Colors

Persons born on May 25 are under the symbolical rule of the number 7 and planet Neptune. A planet Neptune is governed by visions and dreams as well as psychological phenomena, and there is a danger that people born this day lose touch with reality, especially with the feelings of others. This is a real danger that is only worsened by the interference of the planet Mercury that is responsible for all Gemini signs that these people belong. When Mercury and Neptune meet, like in this case, there is a connection between two different symbols.

Mercury symbolises movement, speech, an analytical and logical way of thinking, and communication. Neptune signifies diligence, abstraction, spaciousness, divergence, and transfer of data through symbols. Mercury is stable in the air and ground elements, and Neptune in the part of water.

From the numerological aspect, we could say that having this numeral in life is good and it brings a lot of opportunities. These people love change and travel and people born this day enjoy frequent changes and journeys, which is further highlighted by Mercury planet.

Their color is maraschino red, and their number is 7.

Historical Events on May 25

These are significant events that took place on the May 25, read all about their significance.

1787 – In Washington, the Constitutional Convention began in Philadelphia.

1810 – In Rio de la Plata, Argentina started an uprising against the Spanish colonial regime, and the government took over the interim government. This day is celebrated as the Independence Day of Argentina.

1895 – British writer Oscar Wilde was sentenced to two years in prison for homosexuality.

1911 – Mexico’s President Porfirio Díaz resigned after revolutionary troops defeated government troops in the civil war.

1915 – The battle for the Apr city of Belgium in the World War I, where 105,000 were killed and wounded, was completed.

1923 – The United Kingdom acknowledged the independence of the Trans-Jordanian Empire. On the same day, in 1946, a new agreement recognised the sovereignty of this Middle East state called Jordan, with Abdullah as king.

1961 – British lawyer Peter Benenson in London founded the human rights organisation “Amnesty International”.

1963 -The African states in Addis Abeba signed an agreement on the founding of the Organization of African Unity.

1979 – The American plane “DC-10” crashed while departing Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, it went out of control immediately after takeoff. All 273 passengers and crew members died.

1983- More than 300 people died in the fires that hit three ships on the Nile River in southern Egypt.

1991 – A two-day action was completed during which the Israelis “relocated 15,000 Ethiopian Jews from Addis Abeba to Israel.

1992 – Oscar Luigi Scalfaro became president of Italy.

1993 – The United Nations Security Council adopted Resolution 827 on the Founding of the International Criminal Tribunal for the SFRY, with its seat in The Hague.

1994 – A Russian writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn returned to Russia after 20 years of exile.

1996 – A Former Bulgarian emperor Simeon II returned to the country after 50 years of exile.

1997- The military government in Sierra Leone was shot dead, and President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah was forced to leave the country.

2001 – American Erik Weihenmayer was the first blind man who won Mont Everest.

Famous people born on May 25

Our explanation about the people who are born on May 25 from the first section can be seen here in realisation – the most of the famous people of this date genuinely have all these characteristics, as you will be able to see from their choice of careers.

1762- Walter Leake, an American lawyer and politician.

1803 – Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American poet, essayist and spiritual leader of the transcendentalist.

1848 – Helmuth von Moltke the Younger, a German General.

1856 -Louis Félix Marie François Franchet d’Esperey, a French Marshal.

1865 – Pieter Zeeman, a Dutch physicist.

1875 -Theodore Taranovski, a Russian lawyer and historian.

1879 -William Maxwell Aitken, 1st Baron Beaverbrook, a British politician and newspaper magnate.

1889 – Igor Sikorsky, a Russian aircraft engineer.

1920 – Jasper Ridley, a British writer.

1922 – Enrico Berlinguer, a leader of the Italian Communists.

1939 – Sir Ian Murray McKellen, an English actor.

1963-Mike Myers, a Canadian actor and comedian.

1972 – Tardu Flordun, a Turkish actor.

1972-Octavia Spencer, an American actress.

1976 -Cillian Murphy, an Irish actor.

1987 -Kamil Stoch, a Polish ski jumper.

1988 – Cameron van der Burgh, a South African swimmer.

People born on May 25 are under the government of the Gemini Zodiac sign, and it is the sign that is connected to the unstable, but vivid nature. They are talkative and witty people who you draw a crowd of admirers where ever you go. They draw attention where ever they go and whatever they say, they are adaptable and imaginative, and because of these traits, they have their core, and they are rarely bothered.

However, because of the ease they have in social situations, they can become partially superficial, and sometimes even devious – this from time to time, they are not bad people. In the end, they are restless people that need to have their firm ground so that they never lose their course in life, and it is the best that their closest people provide that.