May 23 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Some people who deal in a serious way with the Astrology, Zodiac signs, birthdates prediction, often say that date of birth and the month of birth can primarily reveal so much about people’s characters and preferences in life.

Since in this article, we will speak more about the specific date May 23, but for now, we will say that general opinion is that those who are born in the month of May are partially harsh and gentle at the same time?

Are they mostly people who are sensitive and gentle or aggressive and competitive? May was the third month in the Roman calendar. It is assumed that the name was given by Majesty, the Roman goddess of honor and respect, so it is said that people who are born in May are the people who have these qualities.

This is just an example of how these analyses are conducted, but the specific date, in this case, it date May 23, there is an additional component, the numerological one. And even deeper we could say that the Zodiac element is very important also, in this case, it is the Gemini Zodiac sign.

Personality and Character

People born on May 23 are incredibly emotional human beings who express their incredible energy through their emotions that have various ranges. But they are not overwhelming people; they do this in a very subtle way. But one thing that is prominent in their lives is their sex appeal, which is undoubtedly compelling. These people are excellent parents, and when they create it, they adore their families, and it is the aspect that carries the highest importance of their lives. Most of their lives are spent in conveying positive influences on their children and generally on their surroundings, they live by them, so they set an excellent example for everyone that comes in contact with these people.

Not only are they concentrated on their education but they already have the energy to execute all of their daily tasks – those who are born on May 23 are the people who are able to work hard and never complain about it. These people are of a very social character and are very pleased when they take place in group endeavors; they work well in groups there is no doubt about it. Also, we could say that it is necessary for these people to have some type of game in their lives, those who belong to the May 23  enjoy different sports, dance like in chess cards and other types of games. They have a competitive spirit, but in the end, they enjoy the game itself.

Many people who are born this day have outstanding scientific abilities, and the subject of their study is precisely communication and sharing of the information and knowledge. Many of the people who celebrate their birthdays on the May 23 are engaged in scientific or technical work, and those creative activities such as art or music can be relaxing for their most stressful life.

They are talented to work with their hands, and in their free time, they enjoy making various things in their free time; some say that this tactile ability makes them amazing lovers whose touch have real powers. It is essential for these people not to spend too much time alone because they have very high social needs, and in those times when they fall into depression and pain when they are alone they need pull themselves as faster as they can, since it can become a chronic disease, and there cannot be turning back.

Love Compatibility

These people are considered to be fantastic lovers, they are tactile and want to please their partners in many ways than one; those who are born on May 23 ultimately look for someone that can help them in not feeling alone and abandoned. As all Gemini people, these persons also have that dual nature, one is loving and other not so much, so for their environment it is most significant to learn to distinguish these two sides and accept both of them.

These individuals are not so much dedicated to analysing the character of a person who is their potential lover, long-term or just a fling; they enjoy the moment. So these people, in fact, don’t have a particular type of lover, everything is an option in a specific time. But even if they are not prone to analysing these people are very interested in the emotions of their partners to be, and must look under the surface. They have an interest in complete submerge into their lovers, who will they take care and protect from all outside influences (they are known for their idealistic version of relationship).

These people who are born on May 23 must understand that that is essential to learn how to invest in interpersonal relationships but to always remain a particular part of distrust in people. It should be something that is buildable and not given. They should never lose their belief in love, and the feeling that true love will come, should never abandon them, they should learn to have more confidence that they are in stored for core shaking love.

On some higher level, those who are born on May 23 can be in love in love with nature or some objects, they can be fascinated with certain things in life, and it is also love.

Purpose and Career

It is not uncommon for the people who are born on May 23 can get a lot of money early in life, but if you’re not careful, they could lose everything very quickly. Why are we mentioning this now, in this particular section? Because that money can be their starting point for personal and career development, and it is something that will be a fact that will decide will they succeed or not.

Regarding work, those who are born on May 23 are sensitive and energetic persons who are always on the move, and who like to see other people around you are also employed, so they will try to do some work for themselves and others. These people see this idea as their contribution to the humanity, and it is in a way.

When they start doing some job, those who are born on May 23 are easily influenced by the work environment, so they should learn to be more independent from those influences.

Success and defeat will be changeable categories in their work life in their lives, in much unexpected ways, and it seems to be repeated in specific cycles. They can speak well, and are an excellent mimic and can entertain all the people in the room -they can work in some similar jobs. Their talents will be more preoccupied with the scene, and these people will never be satisfied with the small successes because they can achieve far more significant things if you solve it and direct it.


Symbols, Lucky numbers, and Colors

Number 5 and the planet Mercury rules persons born on May 23, and we think that particular analysis is mandatory here, since only by looking into the symbolical meanings that are connected to a specific date.

From planetary aspect Mercury rules as it gives the speed of thinking and the need for a change in people born on May 23, these characteristics are particularly pronounced because Mercury also rules and the Gemini Zodiac sign.

So, here we have a dual influence of the fiery and explosive planet. Because of this, it happens that these people, at least in the eyes of their surroundings, are pretentiously impulsive and tend to change their thinking and environment. People born this day are showing great spontaneity that speaks of their naturalness, but others can make significant problems because these people make big mistakes.

From a numerological aspect number 5 gives the ability to recover from the fate of fate quickly.

White, blue or any other bright colors suit them; their number is 13.

Historical Events on May 23

These are the most important events that happened on the May 23 through the history of humanity, and we gathered all of them with the purpose of getting to know even better on this particular date.

1430 – Joan of Arc was captured and given to England, who taken her to the church court and sentenced to death.

1498 – The Italian Girolamo Savonarola, a political and religious reformer in Florence, was burnt at stake.

1514 – In Hungary, peasant rebellion started under the leadership of the nobleman György Dózsa.

1526 – Pope Clement VII joined the Holy League of France, Venice and Milan against Roman-German emperor Charles V.

1533 –  Archbishop Thomas Cranmer announced that the marriage of King Henry VIII to Catherine of Aragon was annulled and that his marriage with Anne Bolen was legal.

1568 – The Netherlands declared independence from Spain.

1618 – The Thirty Years War began with the Czech rebellion in Prague against the Habsburg Emperor Ferdinand II.

1853 – The city of Buenos Aires separate from Argentina to return to its composition in 1859.

1915 – Italy declared war on Austro-Hungarian Empire, leaving its neutrality in the World War I.

1920 – Communist Party of Indonesia was established, the first such political organisation in Asia.

1934 – Bony Parker and Clyde Barrow, notorious robbers, were killed in the Battle of Louisiana with the police.

1939 – The Parliament of Great Britain adopted a plan to create an independent Palestinian state until 1949, in which the Arabs and Jews would live together.

1942 – After a few days of fighting, the German Wehrmacht succeeded in rounding up the Red Army in Kharkov.

1945 – German Nazi leader and chief of Gestapo Heinrich Himmler committed suicide a day after being captured by the British.

1949 – The Federal Republic of Germany established.

1951 – China annexed Tibet.

1971 – At least 1,000 people died in an earthquake that destroyed the city of Bingol in eastern Turkey.

1971- 78 people were killed in the plane crash on the island of Krk.

1994 – Democratic candidate Roman Herzog became president of Germany.

2002 – In the heat wave in India, 1,030 people have died. The temperature reached a record 51 degrees Celsius.

2008 – In Brazil, the Union of South American Nations was established by the agreement of 12 states of South America.

Famous people born on May 23

How can it be that one King, inventor, writer and formula one driver have something (more than one thing) in common? Well, only if you take a look at their biographies, you will find out, but their first connection spot is their birthdates – May 23.

1052 – Philip I French, the French king.

1676 – Johann Bernhard Bach senior, a German composer.

1707 – Carl von Linne, a Swedish botanist.

1741 – Andrea Luchesi, an Italian composer.

1848 – Otto Lilienthal, a German engineer and inventor.

1878 – Maria Celina of the Presentation, a French nun.

1891 – Pär Lagerkvist, a Swedish writer.

1908 – John Bardin, an American physicist.

1928 – Rosemary Clooney, an American pop and jazz singer and actress.

1933 – Lama Joan Henrietta Collins, a British actress.

1951 – Anatoly Karpov, a Soviet and Russian chess grandmaster, former chess champion.

1951 – Andonis Samaras, a Greek politician and minister.

1968 – Guinevere Turner, an American actress and director.

1972 – Rubens Barrichello, a Brazilian Formula One driver.

1986 – Ryan Coogler, an American director.

1991 – Lena Meyer-Landrut, a German singer.

Let us sum up the data that we have on these people who are born on May 23 -they are the people who are under the double influence of the planet Mercury, a fiery and explosive planet. And their character is in a way like this, but they have so much more in them. They have sensitive and tactile nature and are loved in their work and family environment, and their ultimate goal is to have a stable family life and children.

They are the people who like to set rules and ideas that others will follow, and it is something that completes them.