May 22 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

As we all know, in the centre of the Cosmos, our visible part of the Universe (our solar system, the Milky road) is the Earth, the blue planet that is home to us all. Everything on Earth belongs to the so-called sublunary world that is composed of 4 elements and their mutual combinations – fire, air, water and earth.

They are all connected and have reciprocal relationships that affect us all in many ways than one. It is not a surprise why all Zodiac signs are divided based on these four elements, there are twelve and are divided into these four groups, based on their characteristics.

Also, everything that is in our solar system affects us – from the Earth’s closest object the Moon, then the nearest object to the Sun -the Mercury, then the sphere of Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and at the end of Saturn.

These seven planetary spheres, as we can see, affect us in many ways, and are also in close mutual connection, one would not exist without the other; the same as their gravitational forces pull each other, their forces affect us all. This is one process, in which all the elements are intimately connected, and one cannot exist without the other, or the entire system will break apart. Now these are macro elements, and one microelement that is a starting point for all other aspects is birthdates, and today we are looking into day May 22.

Personality and Character

People born on May 22 have the energy that can move mountains and can make significant changes in the world they live, sometimes people compare them with epic heroes. They magnetically attract all kinds of entertainment that can inspire them over and over again; these individuals love to have fun and to be around funny and smart people. People born on May 22 are also collectors -they have a fantastic memory and never forget facts, numbers, and birthdays. They are the people that can be a rock to lean on, and friends and associates love them. This memory has two sides: one is right it means that they are reliable and responsible people and on the other hand it points to a person that can be vengeful and petty.

Another characteristic that is associated with people who are born on May 22 is megalomania, so incredibly great tasks attract these people. And they avoid everything that that is in their opinion small and insignificant; they are offended if people underestimated them and gave them a more modest task and positions than they think they deserve.

These people suffer from the complex of power, so they alternate or feel great like gods or little as ants – there is no middle ground for these individuals. People born on May 22 have a good memory that is in most situations focused on positive things so that they can spare themselves from pain. But they are not immune to the pain; they can clear off their emotional injuries from that are the caused by the disappointments they have experienced. When emotions are concerned, people born May 22 may be very unstable, even they can have violent tendencies. This can stop them from continuing to develop, and stop in to grow in their case is disastrous, since they need to build to maintain a picture of themselves where they are winners.

Close friends of persons who are born on May 22 should not accuse them of superficiality and instability even if those features are very prominent in their lives; it is not their only feature, on the contrary.

Love Compatibility

These people are undeniably attractive and interesting people who have an excellent taste for things in life, and they need a partner who will know to appreciate that. These people also have a lot of acquaintances, and they don’t shy away from having as many love partners as they want.

They are original in everything they do, and in love also; those who are born on May 22 have endless ideas and new ways to spend time that no one else can come up. Most of the time, their lovers are fascinated with their plans for dates and mutual travels, for surprising and funny times in two, they know how to make things fun and keep things interesting.

In their love life, these people who are born on May 22 will experience a lot of ups and downs, good and bad days, happiness and misfortune -and we could say that these people will do it all, there is everything, and at the moment when they enter a marriage, they are developed personalities who can give their lovers right what they need. This is a critical aspect even in the parenting aspect; they can be the best parents who will give their children love and support, and when you think about it, it is all that they need anyway.

Even in their mature years, these people are desirable lovers who will always draw attention from their environment; they are popular, and love and devotion are essential things in their life.

Purpose and Career

Making money would be possible in their business, not so much because they have a good acquaintance of business, as much because of their mind and originality. The best way they can succeed and find their purpose in life and work is continually studying and learning, they should never (and they usually never) stop reading and informing themselves about the world.

For those who are born this day, literary and artistic abilities stand out above everything else, and if they pursued careers in such areas, they would be successful. These people who celebrate their birthdates on May 22 can be a great and successful writer; or, in the other case, artists or musicians – whatever they want.

These people, who belong to the Gemini Zodiac sign, are naturally gifted, so they only have to keep it to highlight and achieve success in any business they undertake. They are versatile and can do a good job better than anyone else, and above all these people have a well-developed feel for colors and decorations so that they can have success and with it, if they decide on it. We are speaking about interior design, for example, why not.

Because people who have been born on May 22 most often work with their hands, they should pay particular attention to their hands, especially to their fingers – it can be the cause of some disease.


Symbols, Lucky numbers, and Colors

People born on May 22 are ruled with the number 4 and the planet Uranus that us the celestial body defined with wandering and explosive. In the case of persons born on May 22, Uranus characteristics absorb the nervous and mental energy of Mercury, which is dominating planet of the Zodiac sign Gemini, and it tells about fast-paced and sudden decisions and change of opinions. The Uranus is a planet that is associated with astrology with originality, freedom, individuality, unusual ideas, inventions, uniqueness, innovation, discovery, genius and sudden changes.

From the numerological point of view – number 4 gives distinct individualists who can have serious and over the top attitude with high confidence that can lead to hostility. Because number 4 is derived from number 22, this person has a particular interest in different types of doubles, twins, coincidence, and symmetry. And in love, these are the people who need another people to be happy.

Their color is red, and their numbers are 22 and 4.

Historical Events on May 22

There are so many exciting events that occurred on the May 22 that we could not decide on only one, because they all have their significance and deserve the place on our list. And even more, they all left an impact on the world. Read all about them.

1455 – The Battle of St Albans in England began thirty years of “War of the Roses”, the conflict between the Lancaster and York dynasties.

1819 – ” SS Savannah”, the first steamship crossing the Atlantic Ocean, sailed.

1833 – A constitution was adopted in Chile which gave greater authority to the president.

1892 – The dentist, Washington Sheffield for the first time, put the toothpaste in the tube he invented.

1914 – The United Kingdom from the Anglo-Persian oil company took control of oil supplies in the Persian Gulf.

1915 – In the worst rail accident in the United Kingdom, in Scotland, 227 people died.

1918 – World War I: German planes bombed Paris.

1939 – Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini signed the “Steel Pact” (Stahlpakt, Patto d’Acciaio) on the ten-year military and political alliance of Germany and Italy.

1943 – In Moscow, it was announced that the Communist International was dissolved.

1960 – The most powerful earthquake ever recorded (9.5 Richter) hit Chile. Between 3000 and 6000 people were killed.

1967 – In Brussels, 323 people died in the fire.

1969 -The Lunar Module Apollo 10 has passed 16 km from the Moon area.

1972 -The US President Richard Nickson met in Moscow with the President of the Supreme Sovereign of USSR Leonid Brezhnev as the first US president to visit the Soviet Union.

1972 – Ceylon became a republic within the British Commons, called Sri Lanka.

1980 – Toru Iwatani, a video game designer, has released Pac-Man, an arcade game that has become one of the most relevant video games of all times.

1985 – In the explosion of a car bomb in one suburb of Beirut, 60 people died, injuring 190 people.

1989 -India tried its first “Earth-land” rocket of medium range.

1990 – North and South Yemen have united into the Yemen Republic.

1990 -Microsoft released Windows 3.0 operating system.

1998 – Voters in Northern Ireland have endorsed a peace agreement ending a twenty-year struggle between Protestants and Catholics.

2000 – Israeli judges overturned the law that forbidden women to pray in front of Arabesque Tor in the West Wall, a Jewish holy place.

2001 -The French Assembly has approved a controversial bill of law to help Corsica more rights.

2003 -The UN Security Council abolished thirteen-year sanctions against Iraq.

2003 – Seventy-year-old Japanese Yuiro Miura managed to climb Mount Everest and became the oldest man ever to climb the highest mountain in the world.

Famous people born on May 22

Can you guess when the creator of the character Sherlock Holmes was born? Yes on May 22, but he shares his birthday with one of the best tennis players in the world. Read all about them.

1781- Newton Cannon, an American politician.

1813 – Richard Wagner, a German composer.

1844 -Mary Cassatt, an American artist.

1859 – Arthur Conan Doyle, a British author of crime novels, best known as “father” of Sherlock Holmes.

1907 – Laurence Olivier, a British actor.

1924 -Charles Aznavour, a French chancellor.

1946- George Best, a Northern Irish professional footballer.

1950 -Bernie Taupin, the British songwriter.

1959-Steven Patrick Morrissey, an English singer.

1970 -Naomi Campbell, a British model.

1978- Jennifer Goodwin, an American actress.

1979- Maggie Q, an American actress.

1981 -Jurgen Melcer, an Austrian tennis player.

1987 -Novak Djokovic, a Serbian tennis player.

People born on May 22 belong to the Gemini Zodiac sign and are ruled by the fiery and explosive planet Mercury. Due to this, often individuals with this birthday display more than one personality -and here the story about their character that can be overly confident or submissive comes in place. However, they are adaptable and easy-going by nature; they are entertaining people who have a lot of friends.

They can achieve great success when it is involved with ideas and communication; these people are great at both. They have a creative mind and are very good at communication, but that doesn’t mean that they are never lonely. These individuals that are born on May 22 have curious nature and free spirit, and those who know them describe them as striking.

On the more negative side, these people are easily bored and can be megalomaniacs with the overly ambitious ideas.