May 21 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

A birthdate, astrology, Zodiac signs and its effect on humans is a simple question to which a simple answer cannot be given. However, this is one of those types of issues where we cannot make a definition in a single sentence without explaining that sentence in more detail.

Sometimes, the concept and subject of astrology and Zodiac signs are not apparent to every one of us, even if use it on a daily basis. The astrologer and let alone we as people who are not dealing professionally in astrology (or any of related sciences) could not cope with astrology without first fully understanding what astrology is, how it works, which is part and which ultimately is its goal. But we must say that today things are entirely different, we cannot deny that astrology has entered our doors of everyday life, and it plans to stay there for a long time. Some so many people are successfully dealing with astrology, Zodiac signs, in so many ways, and we could inform ourselves about their findings and use them to enrich our lives.

We will mention here one more fascinating thing that astrology has always been here, even over 2000 years ago, and it is clear that it remains to stay in our world for a long, long time. The basis always remains the same -we calculate our personal horoscope based on the time and day of our birth. Today we are looking into date May 21.

Personality and Character

People born on May 21 are mainly people who can do their own fights and can make their own way; they do not need a manager. They like to do the job until the end; they will not be satisfied until their reach and completed their idea.

These people are born on the starting point, on the first day of the Gemini Zodiac sign rule, and are somewhat between the rigid Taurus and free-minded Gemini sign. In addition to these people having a far-reaching vision, they also have the persistence that enables them to come to what they see -this is the reason why they can reach some great success in their life. These are very persistent(thanks to the Taurus Zodiac sign that is still presented in some way), and once they get into the fight, they remain in it as long as it lasts no matter how difficult it can be, and how much sacrifice they have to take. Nothing is a problem for them and they are incredibly durable people.

People who are born on May 20 have developed social relationships and even when people born this day are struggling for their own goals can be selflessly devoted to the purposes of others. They are loved by their environment and can make significant and meaningful social changes. These people are fortunate enough always to get some support for their plans, but almost always at the last moment, sometimes people have to understand what they want in fact.

One thing that we could contribute to their flaws is their tendency to stay alone, and their prominent individuality – these people who are born on May 21 can remain in solitude for years by having beautiful ideas but not finding a way to express them. The problem of less self-reliant persons born this day is that they cannot accurately determine where their real talents are, they can be lost in so many exciting areas but never finding true call. These people should focus on their abilities, and accept help from other constituent parts of humanity as well as giving.

Love Compatibility

People who are born on May 21 set themselves apart as amazing lovers who have an impressive list of lovers. They can seem like lovers who are not able to love deeply, and it is so far from the truth.

Those who are born on May 21 are able for so much more; they can experience all the suffering of all humanity’s suffering. They are gentle, but not in a classical sense -their partners should not expect a regular type of sensitivity and care, these people do it in their own way that is not for everyone.

They are not liars and cheaters, they are honest lovers, and a perfect lover for them is someone who loves change as much as they do, who loves to travel and be active, they are not fans of stay in relationships.

Those who are born on May 21 can be a bit jealous and have to be cured of the habit of thinking or talking sarcastically about others, but it happens only in their youth.

In the end, as maturity comes, these people are partners that you can lean on. They love home and home life, and this is more accurate for women than men who were born on the May 21. At the same time, they never stop love socialising and enjoying this worldly thing.

They might seem humble and withdrawn, but at the same time ambitious, and have a strong desire to climb to the highest point in life and love.

Purpose and Career

We have said it, and we will repeat it -those who celebrate their birthday on the May 21 are people who have ideas regularly, they thinking and imagining new projects all the time. They are probably interested in socialism, or at least they are leaning toward that direction. But one thing that is in their way to professional success is their lack of focus – these people should work so hard on their focus and determination to lead specific project until the end. And with the support from their work environment, they can do it, undoubtedly. But their surroundings usually take time before realising the true business potential from people of the May 21.

They could become good doctors; they have that need to help other people and can be calm in stressful situations.

But any business venture could be a good idea for these people; they can undoubtedly found their place in their world of the high business and can even reach some top managerial position in the way. It all depends on the circumstances, their surroundings, and the idea of their pursuing.


Maybe the best solutions for the people who are born on May 21 to team up with someone who will help them be focused and never to derail from their idea that can be a gold one.

Symbols, Lucky numbers, and Colors

People born on May 21 are under the rule of the number 3 and the expanding planet that Jupiter is. First, we will explain all about the government of the number 3 -those who are under its influence are very abysmal but people born May 21 should keep their aggressive nature.

These people are also attracted to the religious and spiritual world, even if they don’t live a life that is in coordinance with it.

What planet Jupiter brings them ambitious but bad relations with money as these people literally waste their money and often go into financial problems, they can also lose their energy into many opposite directions. Jupiter combined with the planet Mercury that is responsible for the Gemini Zodiac sign indicates that people born May 21 may be very difficult to express their ideas. But, they have them, and that sets them apart from all other people, they have amazing ideas, they just need to find their way of expression.

Their color is navy blue, and their number 8.

Historical Events on May 21

These are events that shook our planet to the core, and what is their connecting tissue is that they all occurred on the May 21.

878 –  Syracuse City in Sicily was conquered by the Saracens, and they have been transformed into the centre of Islam in Italy for decades.

1471 – King Henry of England, Henry VI, the last monarch from the Lancaster dynasty, was shot dead in the London Prison.

1502 – The Portuguese discovered an uninhabited island in the South Atlantic and gave it the name of Saint Helena.

1871 – The French army broke into the Paris Commune and broke it after a week of street fighting.

1904 – The FIFA World Federation was founded in Paris.

1908 – In Chicago for the first time in the history, was released a horror film (Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde), as a record of a theatre piece in one act.

1927 – The American pilot Charles Lindberg’s first cross Atlantic flight. Flight from New York to Paris lasted 33 hours and 29 minutes.

1932 – A woman pilot Amelia Earhart landed in Ireland and became the first woman to fall alone in the Atlantic Ocean.

1934 – In Oskaloosa, for the first time, the locals take fingerprints for analysis.

1937 – A piece of ice that floats in the Arctic Ocean is a Soviet research station and the first of its kind.

1945 – Syria and Lebanon quit negotiations with France and demand full independence.

1945 – Heinrich Himmler, a German war criminal, was arrested.

1946 – Physician Luis Slotin experimented with the “demon core”(nuclear core-plutonium) at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

1958 – Auto-dialing of telephone numbers was introduced, the British Queen has officially made the first automatic phone call in Britain

1967 – More than 300 people were injured in a fire at a department store in Brussels.

1981 – Socialist Francois Mitrean became president of France.

1982 – Falkland War: British troops fled to the Falkland Island, which occupied Argentina, the largest military action.

1989 – Chinese students occupied the central Beijing Plaza seeking reforms, and refused to leave.

1991 – Prime Minister of India, The Radar Gandhi, was killed with a bomb hidden in a bouquet of flowers.

1993 -The Senate of Venezuela suspended President of State Carlos Andres Peres for allegations of corruption.

1997 – Poland and Ukraine signed an agreement on reconciliation and thus formally ended their multiethnic hostility.

1998- Under intense pressure from mass demonstrations, Indonesian President Suharto resigned after 32 years of dictatorial rule.

2003 – A powerful earthquake (6.8 degrees) hit Algeria, about 2,000 people were killed.

Famous people born on May 21

As you will able to see, most of the people who are born on May 21 find their way to success and notoriety, read all about them.

1471 – Albrecht Dürer, a German painter, graphic artist and artist.

1527 – Philip II, the king of Spain 1556-1598.

1688 -Alexander Pope, an English writer.

1792 -Gaspard Gustave de Coriolis, a French mathematician and physicist.

1799 -Mary Anning, a British palaeontologist.

1817 – Rudolf Lotze Rudolf Hermann, a German philosopher.

1843 – Charles Albert Gobat, a Swiss politician.

1844 -Henri Julien Félix Rousseau, a French painter.

1855 – Émile Verhaeren, a Belgian poet.

1860- Willem Einthoven, a Dutch physician.

1868 -Abdulmejid II, a Turkish Sultan and Caliph.

1917 – Raymond Burr, a Canadian actor.

1921 – Andrei Sakharov, a Russian physicist.

1944 – Mary Robinson, an Irish politician and statesman.

1948 – Leo Sayer, a British singer.

1948 -Jonathan Hyde, an English actor.

1952 – Laurence Tureaud, American actor.

1957 – Judge Reinhold, an American actor.

1967 – Lisa Edelstein, an American actress.

1972 -The Notorious B.I.G., an American Musician.

1977 – Quinton Fortune, a South African football player.

1978 -Jamaal Magloire, a Canadian basketball player.

1980 -Wouter De Backer, a Belgian – Australian musician.

May 21 gives people who belong to the Gemini Zodiac sign, but have some leftover characteristics form the previous Zodiac sign; in this case, it is the Taurus Zodiac sign.

They can speak for themselves, are humble and honest people who are gentle and loving in their own way.

In work-related issues, these people must have the support from their close environment either they will never make to take a specific project until the end. But these people can meet some fortunate circumstances in life, so even if they derail from their path, they will reach the final destination.

At certain times in their lives, they can be religiously oriented, but will never be extreme in any way. They love to travel and make new experiences.