May 2 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

If we want to look deeply into the all roots of the Astrology and any Zodiac signs, we could say that there are Indian, Egyptian, Chinese and Japanese, etc….. almost every civilisation has some influence on the thing that we call Astrology today; it is something that maybe had its development as language. Some of those are less famous and are better known in the academic astrology circles or certain regions of the world, but they exist, they are there, present, even with their small influence.

So, no matter are you in the East or the West; there is always an astrologer who, based on your date of birth, can create your Natal or personal horoscope. Of course, that horoscope will probably be different in the sense of different symbols, elements, aspects, or in the language of the person who interprets.

However, the story about your personality stays the same, because every astrologer must inevitably tell you your destiny, and it is always the same or unique.

And one thing that we will call a constant in this astrological story is our birthdate; it is something that every astrologer would ask you before he makes your horoscope. So we are paying extra attention to the date of birth, in this case, we are talking about May 2, and we will try to examine as much as characteristic as possible.

Personality and character

People born on the second day of May are great observers, they have a stable and developed mind, and critical ideas that they like to implement in society. But, unlike some others who are also described as observes, these people show particular interest in human development at every age from youth to maturity.

People who are born on May 2 are reluctant to present their ideas about various problems related to individual (observed) relationships, and their conclusions are prominent, and most people should listen to what they have to say. Their way of thinking is good and can be beneficial for so many people, but they are challenging if people want to deceive them because they have a great insight into human psychology in the process of thinking. Those who try to trick these people, who want to do them harm will be stopped in an instant, and all of those who dare to do such thing should think again. This is why they become prominent people who can find their occupation in every job that deals with people, in some psychological way.

These people like to work independently because they are not specialists for good relationships with others in any way, they can be problematic in that way, since they are authoritative, and they love to set laws in their family but also at the place where they work, everything that is not according to those laws is, in their opinion, terrible. A negative side of the people who are born on May 2 is their tendency to gossip and mingle with others in a most superficial way possible; it is a relation that cannot be beneficial for no one involved.

However, these people do more from curiosity than from some malice and deceit; they like to observe and learn as much as possible as they can about human nature. This is the knowledge that they feel that complete them, and make them a better people, with much more understanding than before.

People born on May 2 have a lack of tactics, so they are too direct in speaking with other people, and it can cost them a lot since people see them as individuals who are in the first place – rude. They can act disgustingly on other people and resent them, even create enemies and have serious problems on their hands, but is in fact, a situation that is rare and uncommon for them.

One big advice for people who are born on May 2 – they should empower their intelligence and understanding of human psychology to develop diplomacy that can bring them greater success in all areas of life, instead of conflicting with people.

Love compatibility

When your potential date is Taurus, and on top of that a person who celebrates its birthday on May 2, it is necessary that you know that he is incredibly stubborn, in every sense of that word. On top of that, these people are those lovers who will observe you and analyse you, right up until the moment you feel uncomfortable. They are not everyone’s cup of tea, to be honest.

But, even in all that craziness, people of this date do not always mean something terrible or want to hurt people, especially not their lovers, because this feature makes them persistent and caring lovers who are genuinely interested in their partners.

In fact, their lovers describe them as caring people who are cautious and watchful in life and like to play it safe – they love stability and security of dedicated lover, and this is something that they seek in life. But just because they seek for something, and they want something, doesn’t mean that they will have it for sure, there is a long road before they can reach complete love fulfilment.

Sometimes, those who are born on May 2 can be selfish when it comes to their favorite things, so there is a limit always with their lovers; they like to take care for their needs first, and then for everyone else. But don’t be scared, these people are not scumbags; they will be happy to share special moments with their partner and friends.

But their lovers should be aware of one fact – below their calm and seemingly stagnant nature; there is great persistence and fiery heart.

Purpose and Career

We have already pointed out that those who are born on May 2 are people who are good observers and can make an accurate psychological picture of any person that crosses their path, and in some way, they can make a successful career if they deal with any job that has this element in itself.


But, one thing needs to be remembered, those who are born on May 2 belong to the Taurus, and like all Taurus people, they like a good life with a touch of luxury. They are not greedy but are materialists and will make every effort to achieve financial security in life.  They will only invest in jobs that are safe, and that will undoubtedly yield the results since they are hard-working people who can understand what their employers want from them to do.

Concentrated to the convenience, they will work as much as they need to make sure that they are secure and that they have enough to spend on luxury things; and for these people who are born on May 2 quality always comes first.

These people like being surrounded by things that will last and they direct their work goals in this direction; of course, this doesn’t mean that those long-term plans will become true.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on May 2 are under the government of the number 2 and the Moon as its planetary influence. Speaking in symbolical language, we could say that people who are under the impact of the number two are those who love to be in a pair, and are people who love society, they don’t like doing things alone, even if they have some tendency to have alone time.

They love organisation and do nothing alone. For this reason, they are better associates than leaders, but even then they are those people who can read others in a second, and their associates are never relaxed. A trend towards leadership in these people can manifest itself in marriage or personal relationships, rather than a career. The influence of the Moon gives extraordinary romantic nature to persons born on May 2. Because of their practicality, these people may have a problem with the romantic and practical side of their personality.

Historical events on May 2

The second day of May, though history way exciting day, and we don’t mean this negatively, there are so many amazing things that took place on this day, and in the next couple of rows read all about them.

1668 – The Aachen Peace was formed after the so-called “Devolution War”.

1885 – Belgian King Leopold II was proclaimed as the king of the new Free State of the Congo.

1902 -The first science-fantasy film, The Way to the Month was premiered.

1933 – A German Chancellor Adolf Hitler abolished the trade unions.

1945 -World War II: Soviet troops took over Berlin.

1951 -The Council of Europe accepted Germany as a full member.

1953 – King Hussein officially became King of Jordan.

1965 – The first communications satellite for the transmission of television images was used.

1967 – The International War Crimes Tribunal began with its work in Stockholm, which later ruled that the United States was guilty of aggression against Vietnam.

1970 – The American National Guard at the University of Kent fired at the anti-war activist students in four of them.

1994 – Nelson Mandela and his African National Congress won the election in South Africa.

1997 – Tony Blair at the age of 44 became the youngest British prime minister in 185 years.

2000 – In Sierra Leone, the United Revolutionary Front rebels captured 500 members of the United Nations peacekeepers. They were finally released.

2003 – US President George Bush announced that the significant part of the combat operations in Iraq were completed, ending the war in Iraq officially.

2014 – In the fire at the House of Trade Unions in Odessa, southeastern Ukraine, 48 pro-democracy demonstrators were killed while more than 200 wounded.

Famous people born on May 2

Who are those who celebrate their special day on the May 2? Are they, kings and queens, or maybe even saints? Famous actors and singers? They are, in fact, all the above, read all about them.

1660 – Alessandro Scarlatti, an Italian Baroque composer.

1729 -Catherine II of Alekseevna, a Russian queen.

1772 – Georg Philipp Friedrich Freiherr von Hardenberg, or Novalis, a German writer.

1806 – Catherine Labouré, the French Catholic saint.

1860 – Teodor Hercl, a leader and founder of the Zionist movement.

1892 – Manfred von Richthofen, a German pilot, known as the Red Baron.

1903 – Benjamin McLane Spock, an American paediatrician.

1904 – Harry Lillis “Bing” Crosby Jr, an American singer and film actor.

1935 – Luis Suarez, or Luisito, a Spanish footballer and coach.

1946 – David Suchet, a British actor most famous for his role as Hercule Poirot in the TV series of the same name.

1950 – Bianca Jagger, a US human rights activist and a former actress.

1955- Donatella Versace, a Fashion Designer

1961 – Stephen Daldry, an English Director.

1972- Dwayne Johnson, an American actor.

1975 – David Robert Jeffrey Beckham, an English footballer.

1980 – Tim Borowski, a German footballer.

1983 – Tina Maze, a Slovenian Alpine Skier.

1983 – Alessandro Dijamanti, an Italian footballer.

1985- Lily Allen, a Pop Singer.

May 2 was the day when so many essential things for humankind happen, but also it was the day when so many famous and successful people were born. It is the day that should be remembered, but we are talking here about all those specific things that make these people who are born on May 2 the way they are – a Taurus sign and so much more.

These are the people who like to observe and to create a psychological profile of all people that come in their surroundings, and it can be something that they can use abundantly in their lives.

As far as some other things, they are typical Taurus people who like material wealth, security and safety, but at the same, they are people who can experience some adventures that can lead them to insecurity.

They are not the best workers that ever walk this planet, but they will give as much as they can so that can have good results and security, especially in a material sense.