May 19 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

It is true that everything has its place in this world – we have all encounter good and the bad, and we could see the good and the bad in our souls. But this philosophy that leads us through life and how we shape our world is based on the consideration of what is positive and what we believe to be negative – for all of us, these two things are relative.

Everything has its purpose, its meaning, it has its reason, so in that context, even our life’s potentials are relative – we can have it, and never use it; or we can have at and develop it even more. But what Zodiac system of signs teaches us is that we should at least try to be the best, and to learn how to make a difference between happiness and sorrow, positivity and negativity, destruction and growth.

Also, some astrologers point out that it is essential to base our lives on this notion, it is very important to distinguish things, to make the difference between good and evil, but not to condemn them. Acceptance of differences is mandatory in any personal growth, and every astrologer will point out this aspect as important.

The fights of destiny, the violations of emotional and physical, physical illness, emotional illness are all information (in the form of warning and a potential threat) that we could learn from our personal natal chart, and we might add from our birth date information.

Today we are examining all about date May 19, and we have gathered all crucial elements that could make this story relevant and useful.

Personality and Character

People born on May 19 have a natural approach to everything they do and are most often selfish; they are relaxed in looking at other peoples need and character, so they seem like they are looking to satisfy their desires only. This selfishness is not pointed against anyone; it is a direct consequence of their unintentional and natural actions. With the help of their logical and rational abilities, they succeed in making the job much more efficient than others – it seems like they share this ability to all Taurus Zodiac sign people.

However, if they are too much dependent on rationality than to the detriment of intuition, they can get into trouble. The point is, in this case, that these people who are born on May 19 should listen to their inner voice rather than analysing the situation. Thinking about the far-reaching consequences of what they are doing can be quite relieved of their original intentions, and they should base their every-day functioning on this premise.

These people have a lot of energy they need to control, and it is something that is of crucial importance since these people have the best possible potentials. With such possibilities, they can achieve great success if their energy is energised to their goal – if they are focused and never derail their course, they can find great success.

Internally, these people are often connected in the closest way possible with one authoritative person that becomes the central figure of their life. It can be their teacher or initiator, and rarely a parent, maybe close relative. These people can find inspiration in everything that surrounds them, but until they meet the person, they are interested nothing can wake them up, and unlock their potentials.

If we look at their talents, those who are born on May 19 have a multitude of skills; among them are an excellent communication talent, great harness, and the ability to make friends, family, and colleagues aware of the right way to act at a particular time.

One of the advice that we could give to all Taurus people that are born on the May 19, it is essential that they use some spiritual training during their lifetime. Because of their over-reliance on material resources, it would be good to avoid firm commitments to remain free for development, change, and movement. This is something that is necessary for them, and as an addition, they should always listen to the advice of that older and wiser mentor.

Love Compatibility

As they try to do everything naturally, those who are born on May 19 try to be as natural as they can in a relationship; they are relaxed and attractive. These people are most attracted to the people who as they are love music and art, animals. These people are kind and have no problem when they are at the centre of attention.

Above all, they are emotional and passionate, but their relationships are unstable, except when it comes to friendships that are firm and where they are loyal to the core. In most of the time, these people of the May 19 can find happiness in various circumstances, but, if they are not careful enough, they can easily slip to the bottom.

Purpose and Career

Some people describe those who are born on May 19 as people who have a talent for dramaturgy and are very musical. They have a great voice to speak or to sing, but their voice, or ability to be more specific should be maintained and in training. They work the best when they are relaxed when it comes to their appearance and results; they hate to be pushed into something. What they should know is that a mistake can lead them to some good things and they should never be obsessed with making them, being wrong is normal and in some cases necessary.

It is not a bad thing if their job involves someone who is familiar with them, they enjoy working with friends, they love travelling, and will see many parts of the world because of their work.

When those who are born on May 19 believe in a particular idea, they are energetic and enthusiastic. If things are not going in the desired direction, they can be scared; but more importantly, they have to learn to control their potential, above all.


And one thing must be clear, with people who are born on May 19 everything is connected with energy – if they are angry and things don’t go their way, they will give rise to negative energies where people can suffer. Unfortunately, people born on May 19 are prone to unfortunate circumstances and should, therefore, be especially vigilant when dealing with sports or complicated physical activities. But neglecting physical activity for these people is by no means good and neglecting these needs can lead to various kinds of problems and stress.

So stress related issues (that in the majority of cases are a direct consequence of their work) are the biggest problem in their lives, no matter what they do and how they behave. It is connected to the jobs that they want to do without any mistake, and that is not possible -these people should try to be as natural and relaxed in nourish their talents, and then their work is going to be comfortable and relaxing activity. Along the way, money will start pouring, but will these people will manage it well, no one knows. Their relation towards cash is variable.

Symbols, Lucky numbers, and Colors

People born on May 19 are under the government of the numeral 1 and the planetary influence of the Sun. From the numerological aspect, we could say that those who are under the control of the number 1 are those who are under pressure to be the first and are always are in a competitive state of mind.  Since those who are born this day are under the influence of the powerful energy of the cross-section, their power should be directed appropriately (you will see how much people born on this date can be a different one from another, but in fact, we are talking about the same features that go in a different direction).

Although Venus is dominating the planet in the case of the Taurus Zodiac sign, the Sun’s influences are very much felt so that these people can rely too much on their mental power. Although the Sun is a star, its position is of great importance to every individual. The Sun is the Provider of Life, and our zodiac sign is just determined by the location of the Sun relative to some zodiac constellation at the time of our birth. It stimulates, keeps our ego and throws light on nature and character. So, now the character of these people is much more transparent.

Their number is 10, and their color pale orange.

Historical Events on May 19

Read all about the events that occurred on the May 19 from 1635 until the years of recent history.

1635- France in the Thirty Years’ War declared War on Spain.

1649 – First used the name of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland, by which Oliver Cromwell signified the English republic.

1802 -Napoleon Bonaparte established French Legions of Honor for Civilian and Military Merits.

1898 – English statesman William Ewart Gladstone died, who between 1868 and 1894 was four times Prime Minister of Great Britain.

1906 – The Italian King and the Swiss President officially opened the tunnel “Simplon” through the Alps, connecting Italy and Switzerland.

1935 – British Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence, an archaeologist and writer, known as Lorens of Arabia, was killed in the traffic accident.

1945 – More than 40 US bombers attacked Tokyo in the World War II.

1974- Valery Giscard d’Estaing beat the Francois Mitterrand at the French presidential election.

1989 – During the student demonstrations in Beijing, the Secretary-General of the Communist Party of China, was dismissed as he opposed extraordinary measures and the application of force against students.

1994 – Jackeline Kennedy Onassis died.

1997 – In Bangladesh, a strong cyclone killed 350 people and more than a million remained without houses.

2000 – China and the European Union reached a trade agreement that opened China’s way to the World Trade Organization.

2001 -At a meeting in Egypt, Arab foreign ministers proposed the suspension of political contacts with the Israeli government.

Famous people born on May 19

We could say freely that people who are born on May 19 have two sides to their lives; it is clear that they have certain potential that is used for good and honorable cause, like in the case of Malcolm X. Or in a negative way, like in the life of Pol Pot a Cambodian dictator.

1746 – Johann Friedrich Peter, a German-American composer.

1744-Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, the Queen consort of Great Britain and Ireland.

1762 -Johann Gottlieb Fichte, a German philosopher.

1881 -Mustafa Kemal Pasha Ataturk, a Turkish politician, and a founder of the modern Turkish republic.

1890 -Ho Chi Minh, a Vietnamese revolutionary and president of Northern Vietnam.

1925 -Malcolm Little Malcolm Little or Malkom X (Malcolm X), a black lawyer and the fighter for human rights.

1925 -Pol Pot, a Cambodian politician.

1926 -Peter Zadek, a German director of theatre.

1946 -André the Giant, a French professional wrestler and actor.

1948 – Grace Jones, an American film actress and singer.

1976 – Kevin Garnett, an American basketball player.

1979 -Andrea Pirlo, Italian footballer.

1992- Sam Smith, an English singer and songwriter.

To sum up, all that we have learned about these people we have to say that the complexity of a character is never easy to understand, and this is true in this case also.

People born on May 19 are above all deep and people who have meaningful ideas that they want to implement into the world; they are warm and loving friends but often find that they feel quite insecure despite everything they have in their circle of friends.

These exciting individuals of the May 19 belong to the Taurus Zodiac sign, can be solid leaders and good listeners, but they almost never ask for help from others. Those born on the 19 May are strong and stubborn people with intense motivation and initiative in both their private and professional lives. But this motivation can sometimes translate into selfishness and focus too much on their own needs, disregarding their close people.