May 17 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

We will start with one question that needs to be asked, and we will later try to give as many explanations as possible. The reason behind this is a necessity to ask the right question since this topic is very complicated and problematic.

The question is this – do the stars affect us in any meaningful way, do their position at the moment of our birth means something? Astrologers and numerologists around the world mostly agree about this – the starts alignment at the time of our birth is like a bar that we carry with us a lifetime, they are like some signs along the way.  A highly experienced astrologer can immediately see crucial moments on the Natal chart of a particular person, something that can be seen clearly in the life of the people who are in question.

Everything is written on the map, on the stars map, and Zodiac signs are just the symbols on that map. But that map has to have its starting point, and that point is, in fact, the date of birth.

Today we are speaking about the date May 17, and in that process, we tried to speak about all meaningful details.

Personality and Character

People born on May 17 are straightforward and have no sense of tactic, they think fast and say whatever is on their minds, and they feel like their minds are tremendous and their intellect is unmatchable.

They are all evident and open people, take it or leave it. It is their mantra, but this attitude usually provokes opposition in others and provokes many conflicts, but some of them provide some support so that individuals who are born on May 17 are never without any assistance. These people always have someone who will follow their lead and their ideas; even if they have too many opponents.

Their openness is not also pronounced, but they often stay on projects that would be better off than spend energy. But their stubbornness and dedication to a plan in which they believe genuinely stop them from abandoning specific job or situation. They want to do their own unique thing, and there is no time when they relax in this sense, they are devoted to the core.

People born on May 17 are severely emotionally unlocked, and a lot of confidence is needed to reach these people, they don’t let everyone to enter their real, and it is something that only a few people should even try. The question of trust is of crucial importance to those who are born on May 17, so it does not get that easy.

As a proud person, they will almost never ask for help from others when they need it, and they can even suffer in the quiet of their homes, rejecting every form of assistance, believing that they are the only ones who can help themselves. Often they try to find the way and the way out through difficulties themselves, and this kind of certainty is something that brings them closer to their being.

But no matter what they do, people born on May 17 have a deep need for attention and especially emotional support, even if they reject that help in the first place. These people have to avoid the circumstances in which their aggressive nature can be expressed in a highly destructive way.

As far as their achievements in life go, people born May 17 may be frustrated with their accomplishments in life, thinking like nothing is enough and that they should always strive for more. It would, therefore, be necessary for them to learn to accept the situation as it is with joy, nothing is perfect, so neither are they.

Sometimes it is the best to change profession and go the other way, but this is unlikely because once they decide, people born on May 17 will remain in the end. It is just the way they are, in every aspect of their lives, but this behavior sometimes has the big price to pay.

Love Compatibility

We said that those who are born on May 17 always stick to their choices, even if those choices are not the best for them. This is something that is understandable in their work-related issues, but never in their love life since the casualties are numerous.

Sometimes it is the best for all who are involved in the romantic affair to be aware of the consequences of their action, and never to be frantically sure that they choose the right thing even if all things are speaking against that idea.

Along the way, people of the May 17 have dramatic tendencies so that they can be called drama kings and queens; they use this “power” to reach their desired goals in love. They are attracted to the people who know how to make them laugh. When in a relationship, these people want complete power, and if they don’t have they turn their ugly side.

What is the best possible solution for these people is to use rational thinking and careful selection of love partners -they often strive for someone he believes to be trustworthy, sincere, loyal and serious in love. This is a common characteristic of all Taurus people in love, and those who are born on May 17 belong to this sign.


Purpose and Career

Those who are born on May 17 have an active, careful mind, original and inventive ideas. They are not satisfied with following some of the old truths and doing what others tell them, they want the break the norms and start something new. These people are natural explorers, whether it is a mental matter or something that is widespread and material.

In life and work, people of this date have a strong and independent character, and never follow others just because a majority of the people follows them, they do things their way.

Also, people of this date love every job that is connected to nature and have striking artistic preferences, probably something that is related to the movement, like painting or dancing. Though, their work is, most of the time colored with romance and melancholy.

People born on May 17 can be, at times, exposed to too much work pressure that can cause various physical problems -it is that amount of the pressure that they put on themselves that leads them to the breaking point. And we must say that reaching that point in life is never ok. It takes its toll in every way. This is the Taurus in them that pushes them to work as harder as they can, to be the best and the first, and never to have to say the words – I was not right, or someone else could do that well.

For these persons, it is necessary to be free from all the unnecessary tasks and obligations that they put up for themselves so that they can make real progress in their lives. When we say commitments, in their lives, is something that has no use in their development and the achievement of a specific goal. They are very rigid in this sense.

Symbols, Colors and Lucky numbers

Persons born on May 17 are under the ruling impact of the number 8 and the planet Saturn. Number eight points to the conflict between material and spiritual world and these people tend to linger between the two sides, often making numerous mistakes along the way. But number 8 is also the number of endless energy that genuinely has the potential to change things to the core; of course, this change can be both good and bad.

From the planetary point of view, the planet Saturn, in addition to limitations and conservatism in people born on May 17, brings a great deal of criticism and cruelty to everyone that find its place in their lives. The Combination of Saturn and Venus that dominates the Taurus Zodiac sign can point to the harsh and complicated relationships and problems of all kinds that bring about social interaction. Saturn is a planet that is known for bringing evil and misfortune. However, Saturn can reveal happiness in an accident, and his task is to teach the individual a life lesson.

Historical Events on May 17

Forming a new world in today’s Canada, to the aircraft accidents, we gather them all, in an attempt to get to know the date May 17 better. Read all about it.

1642 – In the Colony of New France, Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve founded the village of Ville-Marie, today Montreal.

1814 -Norway declared independence from Sweden and adopted a new constitution.

1846 -Adolphe Sax patented a saxophone.

1865 -The International Telecommunication Union is established.

1940 -World War II: Nacistic forces entered Brussels.

1949 – The United Kingdom acknowledged the independence of the Republic of Ireland.

1954 – The Supreme Court of the United States disputed the 1896 regulation that education should be “separately but equally”, thus formally rejecting racial segregation in the state school system.

1965 – For the first time, TV program was broadcasted in color from the United Kingdom to the USA.

1973 – The Special Senate Committee of the US Senate began investigating the Watergate affair.

1974 -In the three explosions of a car bomb in the centre of Dublin, 32 people were killed, and more than a one hundred were wounded.

1987 – Iraqi F-I fired two rockets at USS Stark’s US Navy, patrolling the Coast. 37 people were killed.

1997 – Laurent Kabila entered his Kinshasa with his troops, assumed power in Zaire and changed the name of the state to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

1999 – Leaders of the Labor Party Ehud Barak headed for Israel’s election, ending the three-year rule of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

2000 – The first human rights violation trial was held in Indonesia.

2001 – All 30 passengers, including Iranian Transport Minister and deputy ministers from his delegation, were killed when the Russian plane crashed in the northern part of Iran.

2003 – In the most massive flood in the last 50 years, after significant rainfall in Sri Lanka, 250 people were killed, around 55,000 houses were completely destroyed, and 150,000 people were left without homes.

Famous people born on May 17

We didn’t have the problem to collect the information about the people who are born on May 17, since there are so many of them that made a great career.

1490 -Albert, Duke of Prussia

1705 – Ambrosius Stub, a Danish poet.

1749 – Edward Jenner, an English physician who found a vaccine against smallpox.

1820 -Sergei Solovyov, a Russian historian.

1836 -William Steinitz, an Austrian-American Chess, the first official world champion.

1866 – Eric Satie, a French composer and pianist.

1900 – Ruhollah Khomeini, an Iranian politician and Ayatollah.

1904 -Jean Gabin, a French actor.

1918 – Birgit Nilsson, a Swedish opera singer.

1936 -Dennis Lee Hopper, an American actor and director.

1955- Bill Paxton, an American actor.

1956- Bob Saget, an American standup comedian.

1958 -Paul Di’Anno, an English singer.

1961 -Eithne Pádraigín Ní Bhraonáin Enya, an Irish Cantautor.

1971 – Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, a wife of Dutch Prince Willem-Alexander.

1982 – Tony Parker, a French basketball player.

1983 – Channing Frye, an American basketball player.

1984 – Andreas Kofler, an Austrian ski jumper.

1988- Karrueche Tran, an American model and actress.

People born on May 17 are considered to be born intelligent, but they are cautious not to be overpowered by that intelligence, and it is hard to do so since it is not something that can be hidden. But in that intelligence is their creativity.

Internally, those who are born on May 17 are loving, caring and charming individuals who are adorned by the society.  People born on May 17 are somewhat straightforward with their thoughts and their speech -they live to tell the truth and make others believe in what they are saying.

Their flaw and the most obvious one is their non-tactical nature, they speak their minds, both in times when this is ok and when not.

To be loved, these people need to have a partner who will understand their tendency towards drama and erratic behavior.