May 16 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Since astrological teaching sometimes says that our character is what makes our destiny, and this makes the question arises – how can a person, by his own will, influence events that depend on the outside world? It is true that we are under the impact of many forces, but is it not true that the most significant power lies inside of us, and we can make our lives to be whatever we want?

And the answer is the power of our subconscious; it is the power of the mind and the spiritual path that is based precisely on the reconciliation of the conscious part of the mind with the unconscious.

It suggests that power is self-conscious because it will force the impact of life on it as described by the symbolism.

To make things much more understandable, we will say that you can have some opportunities in life, and the tendency to go in one way or the other, but, you still make a decision on your own, no one can tell you what to do and where to go, but yourself.

But, we need to have a starting point in any analysis, and even just for discovering those opportunities we need some point to start. And we will begin by learning as much as we can about the date May 16.

Personality and Character

People born on May 16 leave the impression of calm and restful persons who have all things under control, they seem like they are content with their lives and that they don’t worry too much.

Many of these people are generally facing themselves to find happiness, they are reexamining themselves, but those in life only start to find an interest that later expands to something that can be their true calling and a cause in life.

But don’t be fooled, people of the May 16 are very passionate, and when it comes to their passion, and especially the aggressiveness and the helplessness that they feel sometimes, they are like a volcano that can burst at every moment. People who have experienced their violent nature behave with caution to them, because they don’t want to burn again or enter a conflict with them.

Most people born on May 16, still in early childhood, recognise their eccentric tendencies, and in most of the cases such behavior is not forbidden by their parents, on the contrary, it is welcomed. There is also another case that can be seen in the lives of the people who are born on May 16, and that is the situation where they come from a very stable family that has developed affection and conservatism, but those people show their eccentricity only later in life.

But, we must say that here exists one and fundamental rule when we are speaking about these people; it is the rule of direction. If people born this day succeed to turn their emotions into creative endeavors, they produce a compelling and imaginative work and can be recognised across the globe for their outstanding work. When they succeed in mastering themselves, their energy will not be spent on useless probes, when they focus and believe everything is possible it will be reflected in reality.

However, if people born on May 16 are always frustrated with life, they will face great psychological problems; they can develop some extremely unhealthy habits and will never achieve their full potential. Autodestructural impulses, depression and manic attacks are the difficulties and disadvantages that these people may encounter if they don’t focus their volcano energy into the creation of something good and beneficial.

But fortunately, most people who are born on this date will never experience negativity and pain in this sense; and when things go well.

Society loves them, and it’s a real joy and a pleasure to socialise with people born this day. In such situations, they never lack the kindness, the sensitivity and the goodness; they are adorned with these qualities.

Love Compatibility

In the previous section, we spoke about their passionate emotions and the need to focus them in the right direction, and they can be happy in love, for sure. By listening to their hearts, they will achieve great success.

What might be confusing to their potential partners is their seeming calmness, but believe us, they can love like no one else.

Also, people of the May 16 are the people who will never neglect their work if they are in love; they are craving to have a home in which will live with someone they love immensely, protected from the rest of the world.


They love society and have friends, but to be with someone they need to share a similar interest, and that is something that is mandatory for them.

Purpose and Career

The career of the people who are born on May 16 can be divided into two parts. One part is based on their personality that is strict and irresistible by nature. When this side of the character they are incredibly business-minded, good insights and abilities. Their mind is capable of dealing with great things and capturing the details of an unbelievable number of compiled business items; their imagination is lush and fabulous. They can surely succeed in their own business, and work for others would be a waste of talent.

Their motto should be to focus on the monetisation of their talents and skills, and they should surround themselves with a positive environment.

Another part of the people who are born on May 16 lives by saying “The purpose justifies everything”, and they make a lot of mistakes along the way. But these people forget that every good or bad process carries its reward and returns to the sender like a boomerang. This is a significant force that these people have, and they need to work hard to suppress, or they will end up in some harmful and destructive place.

So, they should start some individual work, and develop a strong sense of goodness and justice. Learn to allow others to have weaknesses, and never give up on their idea, is the best advice that they can take.

Acting, entertaining, writing, any kind of research is suitable for the people who are born on May 16.

Symbols, Colors and Lucky numbers

All those people who celebrate their birthdays on the May 16 are under the rule of the number 7 and the planet Neptune.

It is important to mention from the planetary point of view, that the planet Neptune is the planet of dreams, fantasy and religious feelings. And these people have all those characteristics, in one way or the other. Neptune is a planet of imagination, illusion, and deception, and especially self-deception. Since it is sometimes necessary for us all to jump into the world of dreams and fantasies, thus becoming more sensitive, its impact is not entirely negative. But planet Neptune is not alone here; there is a planet Venus that is a ruling planet of the Taurus sign, and when it comes to the touch with the Venus it symbolises a very romantic and idealistic quality.

These people are prone to idealising partners because they are all in love, and every aspect of their lives must be consumed in love. Since people born on May 16 may have some unstable tendencies, they must be careful not to lose contact with reality (this is something that sometimes happens to them, and we addressed this issue in the chapter where we spoke about their personality).

From the numerological point of view, number 7 is considered to be the excellent number that brings fortune and many abilities in a life of the person who is born on May 16.

Historical Events on May 16

From the Byzantine and Latin Empires to the modern terrorist attacks, we have covered it all. Here are the events that occurred on the May 16 through history and are most compelling and that should have our attention.

1204- Baldwin I Latin emperor, as one of the most prominent leaders of the Fourth Crusade, conquest of large parts of the Byzantine Empire, and founded the Latin Empire.

1532 – Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizarro went with a small group of soldiers on the northern coast of Peru. Overcome by the resistance of the Indians, Spain in 1572 conquered Peru.

1770 – French Revolutionary Lieutenant Louis, later Louis XVI, and Mary Antoinette, married.

1812 -Turkey and Russia signed a peace treaty in Bucharest.

1836 – An American writer Edgar Allan Poe married a thirteen-year-old cousin Virginia Eliza Clemm.

1881 – In the vicinity of Berlin, the first electric streetcar was released into the traffic.

1916 – A treaty between Anglo-French-Russian that controls of Palestine was signed to divide the Middle East territories of the Ottoman Empire.

1929 – The Hollywood Academy of Achievements was established, the first Academy Awards award, since 1931 known as Oscar.

1941 – Parliament of Iceland abolished the contract with the Kingdom of Denmark, dating from 1814, under which the country was under Danish domination, and proclaimed independence.

1960 – Nikita Khrushchev has demanded an apology from US President Dwight Eisenhower for sending spy plane over the USSR.

1961 – General Park Chung-hee executed a military coup in South Korea.

1966 – Bob Dylan released the first double album in history.

1969 -The Soviet space shuttle “Venus 5 “approached planet Venus.

1974 -Helmut Schmidt became Chancellor of West Germany after the resignation of Willy Brandt.

1975 -Japanese woman Junko Tabei became the first woman to climb to the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest.

1989 – Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev and Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping signaled an end to 30 years of Sino-Soviet hostility.

1989 – A car bomb in Beirut blasted, killing a Lebanese leader Sheikh Hasan Halid and 21 people.

1991 – The Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth, during a formal US visit, addressed the Congress. She was the first Queen who spoke to the US Congress.

1997 – President of Zaire Mobutu Sese Seko leaves Kinshasa, ending his autocratic rule of 32 years.

2001 – The US marked the Right IRA, part of the Irish Republican Army, as the foreign terrorist organisation.

Famous people born on May 16

May 16 was the day when some extraordinary people were born, and that unique thing about them can be seen either in their remarkable beauty, success and talent. Whatever that might be, these people are different.

1718- Maria Gaetana Agnesi, an Italian mathematician, and philosopher.

1898- Tamara de Lempicka, a Polish painter.

1905- Herbert Ernest Bates, an English writer.

1905 – Henry Fonda, an American actor.

1919- Liberace, an American pianist.

1924 -Daud Javan, the Gambian statesman.

1931 – Peter Levi, a British scientist and writer.

1938 – Ivan Sutherland,  an American computer scientist.

1944- Danny Trejo, a Mexican actor.

1953 -Pierce Brendan Brosnan, an Irish actor.

1965 – Mehmet Murat İldan, a Turkish writer.

1965 -Krist Novoselic, an American musician of Croatian origin.

1966 -Janet Jackson, an American singer and actress.

1970 – Gabriela Beatriz Sabatini, an Argentine tennis player.

1973 – Victoria Davey “Tori” Spelling, an American actress.

1974 – Laura Pausini, an Italian singer.

1977 – Emiliana Torrini, an island singer.

1986- Megan Fox, an American actress.

Those born on May 16 belong to the Taurus Zodiac sign, and they have patience and loyalty as defining qualities. When bad things happen to their loved ones they can stay calm and collected, but deep inside these people are frustrated or annoyed. They are imaginative people, who have great creational energy, but they also tend to destruction and pain, and it’s something that happens when they are unfocused.

People of the May 16 are adorned with understanding and patience, as their greatest strengths, but they ask for loyalty from their environment. Their friends and family will receive undying protection and defense.

What we also have to mention, is that people of the May 16 will never trade one thing for the other, like they will neglect love and family life for their careers, or some promising job for family life. No, they will try to have it all, and they usually succeed in that intention.