May 14 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Many cultures around the world deal with guessing the meanings that are hidden behind dates and months, or even seasons. We all do that at times, and sometimes we become obsessed with certain dates, as in feeling that we have about certain numbers.

So according to one interpretation, the month of May is the month that is position in the middle of the year, but as far as the character of the people who are born in this month, there is nothing that is neutral and “in the middle”; they can be the people who have the extreme nature and behave somewhat strange in comparison with some other people.

Additionally, when we look at Zodiac signs that rule this month – it is Taurus and Gemini, and both of them have some extreme characteristics to them. So for example, Taurus people can be incredibly stubborn and materialistic, and Gemini people are unstable and incredibly vivid.

So, in the next couple of parts, we will try to discover all that date May 14 has to say to us, regarding the characteristics of a people who or born on this date, along with the additional information regarding this date.

Personality and Character

People born on May 14 show no interest in the past, while tradition is seen as an unnecessary and bad habit – this is characteristic that sets them apart from many Taurus people that are generally traditionalist people. But this rebellion from norms cannot be seen instantly, and it is something that people who belong to this date can hide. From this approach, it is clear that people born this day are not related to one place or to traditional methods in the field they deal with.

These people are firmly in the present, no matter what their talent allows them to see how the world will look in for ten years. They are the people who want the best from life and will work hard, they are oriented toward the future, and will that era bring to them and the rest of the world.

It should be emphasised that the people born on May 14 are turning their goals with all their power and energy, pushing for perfection (and this is something that can be contributed to their ruling sign. This aspiration to eliminate all the mistakes can get an extreme form, and it is especially difficult for children born on May 14 to meet the criteria of their pre-eminent parents. This obsession starts from an early age, and it is often connected to the strict parents that have high expectation from their children.

At the beginning of their adulthood of the people born on this date, they may encounter problems of misunderstanding by their associates or bosses because they are often ahead of their time, but will receive recognition sooner or later which is comforting.

As influential and demanding persons, their emotional world is kept in strict privacy, and anyone who tries to break that wall will be pushed away. Because of this, it may be challenging for their associates and friends to conclude when to approach them.

People born on May 14 refuse to be defeated even when they are failing miserably, but over time they realise that their energy sources are not inexhaustible and that rehabilitative abilities are not unlimited.

Love Compatibility

People that are born on May 14 are primarily good friends and have the innate sense of humor, so those who are in close connection with them are happy to have them in life – they will never be bored.

When in love, people of the May 14 are happy and excited and bring happiness and joy wherever they go. It is crucial for them to have enough money to secure their lovers, partners and family members, so they are motivated to stay successful in all the affairs associated with it.

They are those people who will do everything that is necessary to please their loved ones, starting from family members to their lovers and children; they are those who like to keep things under control and have to take all responsibility for them. It is a fair trade, according to them.

They are people who have good taste and judgment when choosing their lovers and are capable of treating challenging situations.

Since easily make friends and that are loved by those you are familiar with, people of the May 14 must be careful in choosing close friends; some of them are not friendly and want to use them in the worse way possible. People of this date should not lose their fate in true love and friendship just because of a few bitter experiences in love.

What they have to do so that their love life remains healthy is to learn how to make a difference and to sharply remove those who bend or pull them to the bottom. Additionally, they need to learn to maintain relationships with those who help them or do them well in any way. This is equally important for both men and women born on May 14 -to learn this lesson as soon as possible, so that their life remains filled with positivity and prosperous relationship, in love and friendship.


Purpose and Career

Those who are born on May 14 have many talents and skills, among them for public speech and scene so they can have success in politics if they choose to do so. They are people of charisma, have a dynamic and pesky nature, tending to get angry quickly, but get away rapidly and excuse for their deeds; this is noticeable when they are in a situation where they do not understand well what their employer wants from them.

Here, we come to the most critical aspect of their careers – their futuristic view of the specific job and their imaginative ideas. Their ideas are well-tailored and straightforward. What are we talking about? We will tell you with a clear example – if you take a look at the career of the film director George Lucas who single handily created a world (we are talking about the world of the “Star Wars”) there is not much to add up here. This is a person who followed his futuristic idea, right up until the smallest details, and stayed true to his original vision about this project, even if in that time he did not have any support from his professional environment.

This doesn’t mean that their views will be recognised and understand, but if they are, people of the May 14 have a great chance to make something remarkable in their careers. They can even raise enough money for the rest of their life, ensuring their children and grandchildren; and this stability is mutual for all Taurus people, only these people of the May 14 are not so materialistic.

Symbols, Colors and Lucky numbers

Persons born on May 14 are under the rule of the number 5 and the Mercury planet. From the planetary influence, Mercury combined with the Venus who rules the Taurus Zodiac sign, brings the gracefulness and laxity of the talk of behavior and movement. Spontaneity is very pronounced in the people who are under their command, so it is necessary to keep the persons born this day under control but not to lose the openness and willingness to change on some occasion.

Numerologically speaking, number five brings to the people who are its command to be capable of fast recovery after heavy blows from life. They are also very curious and ready for adventure whenever they are faced with an opportunity.

Their number is 5, and their colors are white and green.

Historical Events on May 14

From Paris in 1610, till the recent years, we tried to sum up all events that were important for the human history and that occurred on May 14. Read all about them.

1610 – In Paris, the French king Henry IV was killed, the first monarch from the Bourbon dynasty.

1643 – Four-year-old Louis XIV came to France soon after the death of his father Louis XIII.

1796 – English doctor Edward Jenner successfully vaccinated against the great pox of an eight-year-old boy and marked the beginning of modern immune medicine.

1811 – Paraguay proclaimed independence from Spain.

1900 -Paris opened another modern Olympics, where women participated for the first time.

1940 – World War II: During negotiations on the surrender of the Dutch army, German bombers destroyed up two-thirds of Rotterdam. Many people were killed and lost their home.

1943 – The Japanese submarine flooded the Australian hospital at the Queensland coast, 268 people were killed (medical staff and civilians).

1948 – The State of Israel was declared.

1955 – Warsaw Pact was signed in Warsaw. The contract was signed by Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Romania, the USSR and Czechoslovakia.

1968 – The Communist government in Czechoslovakia, led by Alexander Dubcek, announced the beginning of broad social reforms, known as “Prague spring”.

1973 – The first American Vessel Laboratory “Skylab I” was launched.

1989 – Carlos Menem became Argentina’s president, winning the election of the ruling Radical Party candidate, Eduardo Angelosa.

1991 – Jiang Qing, the widow of Chinese leader Mao Zedong, one of the leaders of the “Cultural Revolution”, committed suicide.

2001 – Silvio Berlusconi’s right-wing coalition won the parliamentary elections in Italy and then formed the 59th Italian government since 1945.

2003 – Iraqi officials said that over 2,200 bodies had been excavated from mass graves in that country, victims of regime Saddam Hussein.

2003 – The Algerian army liberated 17 European tourists who were kidnapped by the Islamic militants and held for two months.

2003- After nearly forty years of planning and debate, underground works began to protect Venice from sinking.

2005 – The first beatification of Pope Benedict XVI occurred.

Famous people born on May 14

Emperors, Kings and Queens share their birthdates, in this case, May 14; but did you know the two of the greatest movie directors are born on this day also?

1316 – Charles IV, a Holy Roman Emperor.

1553 – Margaret of Valois, the Queen of France and Navarre and the Duchess of Valois.

1666 – Charles Emmanuel III, the King of Sardinia.

1666 – Victor Amadeus II, the King of Sicily.

1727 -Thomas Gainsborough, an English mathematician and graphic artist.

1771 – Robert Owen, a British social reformer, industrialist, and one of the founders of utopian socialism.

1868 – Magnus Hirschfeld, a German sex researcher.

1872 -Mikhail Tsvet, a Russian botanist.

1901 – René Strauwen, a Belgian hockey player on the grass.

1943 -Jack Bruce, a Scottish composer and singer.

1943 – Olafur Ragnar Grímsson, Iceland’s fifth president.

1944 – George Lucas, an American film director, creator of the Star Wars.

1945 – Yochanan Vollach, an Israeli football player.

1952 -Robert Zemeckis, an American film director, producer and screenwriter.

1953 -Norodom Sihamoni, the King of Cambodia.

1961 -Tim Roth, an English actor and director.

1965 – Oven Colfer, an Irish writer.

1965 – Valeria Marini, an Italian actress.

1969 – Cate Blanchett, an Australian actress.

1971- Sofia Coppola, an American actress and director.

1977 – Pusha T, an American rapper and songwriter.

1982 – Ai Shibata, a Japanese swimmer.

1983 – Giovanna Puente de Velasco Anahi, a Mexican actress and singer.

1984 -Mark Zuckerberg, an American developer and entrepreneur, thes Facebook creator.

1984 -Michael Rensing, a German football golfer.

1986 – Alyosha, a Ukrainian pop singer Olene Kucher.

2003 – Karina Gükrer, a Turkish actress and a children’s model.

The end is here, the verdict – people of the May 14 are under the influence of their ruling Zodiac sign, but are not such a traditionalist people, and are more future-oriented people. They have many talents, and are usually under the rule of a strict environment, like parents who make them have many obligations. But is something that they use to their advantage, and the only problem that remains, later on, is their need for perfection that can become a real and unhealthy obsession.

Internally, they are closed people who can push away those who don’t understand their futuristic and different views on life.