May 13 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Birthdays are synonymous for good time, presents and all those great things that we wait for a whole year; it is also a time for a looking back, for examining what have we done in our lives, how much older and smarter we are today than the year before. It can be used as a reflection in the process of growing; it is a necessary stage that each and every one of us should take.

Some say that that feeling is similar to the New year, but it is something that is our own, we all have our birthdays, and even if it something that we share with millions and billions of other people around the world, it is something that we feel that belong to us.

Our birthdate can, in fact, reveal our character, our personality, our habit and desires, along with the secret ones. People can learn so much in the process of learning about the numerological and symbolical meaning of dates, and when astrological meanings and symbolism is included, and then the total picture about one’s personality can be built.

Today we are examining the story that is behind the date May 13.

Personality and Character

People born on May 13 are naturally very popular in their environment and with incredible simplicity, and quite naturally these interesting characters acquire recognition and success for which others have to fight. It could be even said that they are given a chance to do some (important) things with greatest of ease, but they can have some enemies on their way, which is understandable since no one likes to see others don’t work hard, while they have to. That ease and the carefree road is something that is specific for the people who are born on May 13, but we must add that they are not able to see this truth clearly, their road seem to them as hard as everyone else.

Because of this, it may happen that their rivals sometimes try to hurt them badly and try to make them feel as bad as possible; and those who are born on May 13 can feel rejected and become a real victim.

The influence of these people on others is so strong that if they want fun, they must be careful not to see themselves seriously. In addition to the verbal expression of this person, they also use physical presence especially in the activities in which they use their body -they can become models or sportspersons, anything where their body can be put to good use.

When the finances are in question, people born on May 13 should find a family member or a book-keeper who will look after their income, since they can be those people who can waste money and never look back, which is a shame since they can earn a lot of money during life.

These are very moving people, and travel and movement are essential for their mental health, they will never grow if they don’t have an opportunity to travel or to move in some way. In times of the imagined or real unpopularity of this person, they may fall into deep depression -they are prone to the imagination that can at times go in the wrong direction. This situation is further enhanced if these persons are captured in one place or one profession since they need to have that aspect of a change in order to be happy.

The turnaround in the lives of these people is happening right after a significant disorder or tragedy, an emotional, physical, spiritual breakdown; some crisis or even a breakthrough after which they will be able to grow and develop -this is a fantastic opportunity and trait that they own, they can make their lives better after they pick themselves up and make a fresh start. But the naturalness of what they are doing is still one of the essential characteristics for people born on May 13.

Love Compatibility

These people are blessed with the attractive looks, excellent appearance, charisma and charisma; they naturally attract people and can be irresistible lovers. But, there is a big but here, since those who are born on May 13 can have certain unfortunate in their love lives, probably have significant problems in achieving right and meaningful long-term relationship, a lot of trouble about deciding what to do with partners or friends. Their sensitivity and their open soul can be an easy target for all those who will try to hurt them or to take something from them, in an emotional sense.

The best possible advice for the people who are born on May 13 is to think well before making some choices regarding love life and to not marry at an early age, because it would not be wise. Above all, these people need to learn to subdue their will – then will learn the most significant lesson of their life.

Purpose and Career

Born on this day, on May 13 have multiple talents and abilities that can be used as many tools for succeeding in life, and work.

They are the people who are strong, persistent, and determined, as in fact, all Taurus Zodiac sign people.

They are also the people who in life and their profession need to move, and are unhappy if they are in the same place for a long time. Those who are born on May 13 are in love with nature, which have to learn to control. They have a right, clear mind, but do not use it enough or at least not correctly all of the times, in times when they are attached to too many projects. They have to take on some of the more serious things in life that are not entirely subordinated to enjoyment and comfort.

Also, these people have to try to leave their prints in the “spike of time”, creating and leaving behind some lasting, significant part that will greatly affect future generations -this is their motivation during their work and design. The good thing is that they can do it because they have all the necessary abilities. So, any job where they will use their mind, and a job that involves movement and travel is right for them, but also something where they can use their creative abilities.


Symbols, Colors and Lucky numbers

The number 4 and Planet Uranus rules people born on May 13. In the numerological sense number 13 is considered to be the most unfortunate number in the numerological specter, and those who have it in their birthdate chart will have bad luck in their lives. And it is not true, in the case of the people who are born on May 13 it brings something entirely different; it brings open opportunities in life.

One major thing needs to be added that those who are under the government of the number 4, like these people, they typically represent rebellion and unity that in others can cause intolerance and antagonism. Interpreting number 13 as an unlucky number is wrong. And we will mention one more time that it should be regarded individually and with much more positive impulse than the traditional symbolism will say. This is a mighty number to use very responsibly, and here we mean on using the opportunities responsibly and with care, never misusing them.

Since the social activity of persons born on May 13 is very pronounced, they have to learn how to hold the explosive Uranus under control of the influence of Venus, which dominates the Taurus Zodiac sign. By doing so, by putting Venus and Uranus in the balance, into functional marriage, this person can have the best from both worlds.

Their number is 13, and their color blue-green, but very pale.

Historical Events on May 13

May 13 was, as all past events are, happy for some and unhappy date for others; but concerning historical accuracy, we must mention all of them.

1497 – Pope Alexander VI was imposed as the ruler of Florence

1607 -English merchants founded Jamestown, the first ever English settlement in North America.

1779 – The Russian and French brokers interfered with the peace that ended the War for Bavarian inheritance.

1787 – The first ships sailed from England to the New Colony, Australia, the then colony of England.

1830 – The Republic of Ecuador was founded; Juan José Flores was elected as the first president.

1846 – The US Congress formally announced the war in Mexico, although the fighting in California began several days earlier.

1888 -Isabel, Princess Imperial of Brazil has signed the Golden Law, which officially abolished slavery in Brazil.

1913 – Russian constructor Igor Sikorski is the first Russian multi-engine Russian knight who made it himself.

1917 -Our Lady of Fatima appeared in the town of Fatima in Portugal. The Catholic Church officially acknowledged this event.

1940 – World War II: The German army crossed the Meuse River and attacked France to win Paris after two days.

1948 – Fifteen Jewish Emperor was massacred after his teachings after a two-day battle with Arab settlers.

1949 -For the first time, the first British jet plane “Canberra” was launched.

1967 -Zakir Husain became the first Muslim president of India.

1968 – In Paris, official negotiations between representatives of Northern Vietnam and the US on the end of the Vietnam War began.

1981- At St. Peter’s Square in Rome the assassination of Pope John Paul II occurred. Attempted Mehmet Ali Ağca was arrested.

1999- Peru and Ecuador signed the demarcation document, ending a six-year-long dispute that had been fought three times.

2014 -More than 200 miners in a coal mine near the Turkish city of Manisa have been killed.

Famous people born on May 13

Even some people say that number 13 brings bad luck; we may say that we don’t agree, since, as you will see in this list, many successful and happy people were/are born on the May 13.

1625 – Carlo Maratta, an Italian painter.

1717 -Maria Theresia, an Austrian Duchess, Queen of Hungary and the Czech Republic.

1792 – Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti, an Italian priest.

1840 – Alphonse Daudet, a French writer.

1842 – Arthur Sullivan, an English composer and conductor.

1857 – Ronald Ross, an English doctor.

1882 – Georges Braque, a French cubist painter.

1888 – Inge Lehmann, a Danish seismologist and geophysicist responsible for discovering the Earth’s inner core.

1907 – Daphne du Maurier, an English writer.

1914 – Joe Luis, an American Boxer.

1939 – Harvey Keitel, an American actor.

1940 – Bruce Chatwin, an English travel writer.

1941 – Senta Berger, an Austrian actress.

1941 -Ritchie Valens, an American Rock Musician.

1947 – Steven Donaldson, an American writer of science fiction.

1950-  Stevie Wonder, an African-American singer, songwriter and musician.

1954 -Johnny Logan, an Irish singer.

1961 -Dennis Rodman, an American basketball player NBA-League.

1967 – Melanie Thornton, an American-German pop singer.

1983 -Yaya Touré, a footballer from Ivory Coast.

1991 – Anders Fannemel, a Norwegian ski jumper.

1993 – Stefan Kraft, an Austrian ski jumper.

1993 – Deborah Ann “Debby” Ryan, an American actress, and singer.

Those who are born on May 13 have many incredible opportunities in life; they are blessed with intellect and usually good looks. They love change and travel and are unhappy if they stay in one place for too long. What they have to learn is that people who are born on this day is to fight with all secret and open enemies who are often jealous on their success that is easily achievable. Others cannot deal with this and can turn their hate towards people who are born on May 13.

In the end, we could say that people of this date as the representatives of Taurus Zodiac sign, can be the masters of their fortune and destiny, and make progress if they want.

They need to live in a way they are listening to the inner voice that tells them “I will succeed.” All this with one additional advice – start your life with change and action, because dreamers do not rise as long as they stay in their dream.