May 12 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Since in these and similar articles we are speaking of the numbers, that is birthdate; we must speak a few words about the numerology. Many knowledgeable people consider numerology to be the science that deals with the meaning and calculations of numbers, it suppose to reveal their hidden meanings and their influence on the human lives.

Some even go as further as saying that numerology represents perfect and mystical relationship between numbers and one or more coinciding events, but also numbers are connected with certain features and traits. It is said that numbers have vibrations that can be studied and examined; and it is also something that is related to the paranormal, alongside astrology and similar arts or sciences however you like to call it.

Personality and Character

Like every one of us, we all have something that is unique for our character and people of the May 12 do things in their own way, and almost like they cannot do things like everyone else. People born this day love to break conventions that exist in the real world and are rebels in the way. They carry a great charm of disobedience with them, and it is something that can be seen from the early years of their lives, even when they are small children. This feature that can be found in their character can be so strong that it causes problems with authorities, and in the long-term, it can cause much more problems than it seems at the start.

These people are also known for their misunderstanding and insipidness; unfortunately, they cannot hide their opinions, and somehow it seems that their beliefs are entirely different than in everyone else’s life.

Because it often happens that people born on May 12 come up against the established order of things and the regular hierarchy in the world, others can misunderstand them as radicals or rebels. In essence, these are very conservative people in their perceptions and extremely logical, and it is quite understandable when you think about it, people of this date are convinced that they are right (Taurus stubbornness, it is the ruling sign, and they have many characteristics from it).

They are also the people who leave the impression of an inexperienced, cold and stone person, but the more significant part of this stone facade is just a barrier against possible attacks. They feel like everything that will come from the outside is a potential threat, and they need to defend themselves in every possible aspect, and their cold facade is just the right tool.

But no matter how they may seem to others, people of the May 12 are often in the role of leaders and can with great success represent a group or mass. They are loved and positioned in the part of leaders because of their ability, determination and dedication to goals. These people have a kind of confidence that in others is safe and why they relate to their plans and ideas, even if those ideas might seem at first glance as something strange and unusual.

Maybe the society, in general, will have so many benefits from the people of the May 12, only by listening to their ideas.

Love Compatibility

People born on May 12 are very sensitive and can be hurt easily, and in interpersonal relations, these people are incredibly fragile, even if they might seem like cold and distant people, who are unable to love.

They can only be in love with someone who can understand their world of imagination and fantasy that is so much incorporated into their love life. They look at themselves as serious and not as relaxed and entertaining people, and in fact, people who are born on May 12 are not easy and fun people and partners, they will never give you a pleasant and enjoyable time without worries. No, they want lovers who can understand their ideas and need to discuss some serious matters in life, and those conversations are never easy and can be difficult. It should be stressed that persons born May 12 are loyal friends but very unfortunate and terrible enemies; they are those people who cannot deal with things that are not going in the desired direction. If, for example, their lover leaves them for whatever reason, they become the shadows of their “good” personality, sinking deeper into the darkness of their character.

Purpose and Career

We have already said that people born on May 12 have strong intellectual interest in all matters concerning the mind and soul of man. They are imaginative people who have one of a kind ideas, that turn out to be the most amazing ideas ever; and the only thing that they truly need is understanding in life and work, what every that job might be.

They are independent human beings, both in life and work; the fact is that they want to live a life they want, not much of what others think about it. They are very interested in politics so without a doubt; they can be hugely successful in that area of work, even indirectly. Also, they can succeed in politics because they have a strong and magnetic appearance.  But in order to achieve in their profession, they have to be content with their emotions and feelings. In the field of literature or some other art, these people can stand to a prominent position. They are interested in spiritual and occult things, and from time to time you can spend money on stupid things.

Most likely, people of the May 12 will never be wealthy because of their generous nature that will not allow them to collect more property on behalf of others. At the same time, they will never be poor either.

Their emotions towards their work and their world of their ideas, in general, are very intense, and for a business partner, they should choose a person who is persistent and firm because you will not be satisfied with anything that is smaller than that.

In the end, the people of the May 12 should stimulate their mind as much as possible, since their ideas are the most valuable things that they own, and the true source of their power.

Symbols, Colors and Lucky numbers

The number 3 and planet Jupiter rules people born on May 12.


In a symbolical sense when we observe numerological influence, we could say that number 3 is excellent and that it gives fantastic opportunities to the person who has this number in its “chart”. Number three provide them with a chance to rise to the highest positions in the area they are dealing with – job, family life, love life, health, whatever. They also show tendencies towards dictatorial behavior and can be rigid people who always want a thing to go their way. Those who are ruled by the number three want to remain independent, so it often happens to leave the positions of authority to gain greater freedom suddenly.

When we are speaking of the Jupiter influence, it gives these people a very positive and expansively optimistic attitude toward goals and plans. The combined influence of Jupiter and Venus, which dominates the Taurus Zodiac sign that they belong, brings some degree of gentleness and idealism.

Their number is 15, and their color is orange.

Historical Events on May 12

Some dates and years are so monumental that are remembered in the collective memory of the people, and we are reminiscing now the most influential events that happened on the May 12 throughout history.

1607 – English adventurer James Smith founded the first English settlement on the North American soil, later named Jamestown.

1871 – The French composer Daniel-François-Esprit Auber died. He was an author of the operas.

1884 – The Czech composer Bedřich Smetana, founder of Czech opera and modern music, died.

1888 – Britain established a protectorate of North Borneo and Brunei.

1925 – The Supreme Soviet Union of the USSR adopted the first Soviet constitution.

1926 – Marshal Józef Klemens Piłsudski executed a coup d’état and established a military dictatorship in Poland.

1937 – The British King George VI was crowned in the Edinburgh Abbey in London. The ceremony was broadcast by the BBC television, for the first time live.

1943 – The battle in northern Africa ended in the World War II.

1957 – American film actor and one of the most significant directors Erich von Stroheim (Blind Husbands, The Devil’s Passkey) died.

1965 – Western Germany established diplomatic relations with Israel.

1994 – Palestinian police arrived at the West Bank as part of preparations for Israel to take over the city of Jenin, the seat of Palestinian autonomy in that area.

1995 – Owners of the “Rockefeller Center” in New York announced bankruptcy.

1997 – Russian President  Boris Yeltsin and Chechen leader Aslan Maskhadov signed an agreement to abolish hostilities.

2003 – Iranian President Mohamad Khatami arrived in Lebanon; he was the first Iranian leader to visit Liban since the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

2005 – The Swedish jazz singer and actress Monica Zetterlund died.

2006 – At the gas pipeline blast in Lagos, capital of Nigeria, about 200 people died.

2008 – Irena Sendler died in Warsaw.  During the World War II, she became a symbol of selfless help for the Jews in the Holocaust.

2008 – In a strong earthquake of 7.8 magnitudes of the Richter scale that hit the southwestern Chinese area of ​​Sichuan, more than 87,000 people were killed or missing.

2009 – John (Ivan) Demjanjuk, charged with Nazi war crimes, was deported from the United States to Germany. Here Demjanjuk was sentenced to five years in prison.

2013 – Pope Francis proclaimed the first Saints as he came to the head of the Roman Catholic Church, canonising about 800 Italian martyrs.

2015 – Picture of “The Woman of Algeria”, a Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, was sold at the auction in New York for $ 179 million, setting a new world record for the most expensive art piece

Famous people born on May 12

From the Japanese ruler from 1401 until 1988 we gathered the most influential people who are born on May 12.

1401 – Shōkō, 101st Japanese emperor.

1803-  Justus von Liebig, a German chemist.

1820 – Florence Nightingale, a British nurse and a humanitarian worker.

1828 – Dante Gabriel Rossetti, an English painter and poet.

1842 -Jules Massenet, a French composer.

1845- Gabriel Fauré, a French composer.

1904 -Pablo Neruda, a Chilean poet and nobleman.

1907 -Katharine Hepburn, an American actress.

1910 – Dorothy Hodgkin, a British chemist and the winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

1918 -Julius Rozenberg, an American engineer, sentenced to death and executed for espionage.

1921 -Joseph Beuys, a German painter.

1928 -Burt Freeman Bacharach, an American composer and pianist.

1946- Daniel Libeskind, an American architect.

1948-  Steve Winwood, a British musician.

1962 – Emilio Estevez, an American actor.

1966 – Isabel Gilberto de Oliveira – Bebel Gilberto, a Brazilian singer.

1988 – Marcelo Vieira da Silva Junior, a Brazilian football player.

You might seem that you know people who are born on May 12, even if you pass their cold surface and harsh attitude, you will hit the wall of the complex ideas that seem like they are out of this world. But the first thing that these people need is understanding, and it is the best possible option for them to be surrounded with people who are tolerant and smart so that they could understand their minds, and it is the task that is not always easy.

They are emotional even if they seem hard and unable to love, they want, and it often happened to them that they meet their perfect love match in later in life, or that they have to wait long for that to happen.

But one thing is synonymous with those who celebrate their birthdays on the May 12 -they should focus on their mind, and not by any circumstances they should neglect their mental state. Their memory and imagination are the two most potent weapons that will ensure that they live happy and fortunate life.