May 11 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

We are all under the significant influences of the planets, and it is a basis for the astrological analysis of any kind. So, for example, those people who are under the influence of the planet Jupiter. Jupiter takes 12 years to go all the way around the Sun, and since it is much faster in movement than some other planets, its effects on our lives is not always so powerful and impressive. It often brings unexpected blessings, gains, earnings and happiness, and those who are under its influence have such opportunities in life.

On the other side, there are planets Neptune and Pluto. Neptune takes 165 years to make his circle around the Sun, meaning that his significant aspects are felt on average every 14 years. Neptune usually directs us to spirituality, and it can be seen in our creation in dreams, imagination, but can also take our firm ground under our feet, so we run into the illusion to protect ourselves from the difficult challenges of reality.

Pluto, a single trajectory around the Sun, ends after 248 years, and its significant aspects can be felt every 21 years. It is impossible to escape its power; we are forced into radical changes and transformations, we slander the self-imposed limitations and find the inner strength we did not even know we possess.

But, before we come to the planetary influence, we must speak about the starting point of every analysis, and in this case, we are talking about date May 11.

Personality and character

People born on May 11 are particular in their way of looking at the world; they are one of a kind people who are entirely aware that their feelings or fantasies can attract too much attention, so they try to keep them under control. If they lose that control, their world will be unrecognizable, and it will turn in a negative direction. This is the case since some of the people born on May 11 go to extremes, so it happens that without any exasperation they manifest their eccentricity to stop their friends or family from being a part of their lives.

Some of the people born on May 11 are only slightly eccentric, while others seem to be on the other planet, but one thing that they all share is that they are different from all other people you might know. What is common to everyone born this day is the power of their fantasy world, their rich imagination, but on the more negative note it can be very wild and unarticulated – or in the familiar words, it is someone who might not articulate its creativity in life.

If they go with their hands to be objective enough and to present their ideas to others in such a way that others can trust them, they will have excellent chances of gaining recognition and being rewarded for their work. If their environment doesn’t understand them, then they don’t have any chance of succeeding. Even worse they can end up in a certain environment that is toxic, and that want to use their gifts and ideas.

Sometimes these people born on May 11 can imagine too much, and they can even start to lie, and cannot clearly distinguish between fact and fiction. Of course, people born on May 11 are holding the facts, but they should not be taken for granted; only their close people will know if they are telling the truth. Their desire to make life more vivid does not cause any harm to anyone, these people of the May 11 are not harmful and evil, and don’t want to hurt anyone. Even if some problematic situations arise, their charm is always at hand.

Love compatibility

These are imaginative lovers; you can imagine how their partners will enjoy with them in every possible way.

When we look deeply into their love life, we could say that they are patient partners, but are not inclined to a normal conversation when you are angry.

When choosing lovers these people are cautious, curious, love specific features in people, and have a pronounced taste; not everyone will stand a chance with them.

Their perfect love environment is somewhere where they can be with their lovers and where their mind is quiet, where they can enjoy sensual pleasures. No matter what, people of the May 11 have high ideals but are inclined to be selfish when their passionate desires are in question. They always look at the main opportunity with someone and can be entirely resting about your interests. You are talented people who have charisma and are loved by many; but for some reason, cannot force others to get to know them and let them honestly.

They can live alone quite well; but at the same time, they would like to have someone with them all the time, who are dear and who would do things for. They also have to learn to sacrifice if they want others to sacrifice for them; they need to learn that being in love and a healthy relationship is a two-way street. You have to give something if you want to receive something useful and valuable in life, and a loving and caring partner is one of these things.

The best advice for the people of the May 11 is to go through the life with their eyes and hearts open, peacefully; they should avoid the chaos of any kind and volatile relationships with a destructive people who are emotionally unavailable.

Purpose and Career

People born on May 11 in youth can have significant work problems because they have a very lively imagination, an in the stages of their creative mess where their creativity and imagination comes to the surface when they are creating the “work of their lives” can become sick. And we are speaking of real sickness. What is essential for those who are born on May 10 is that they need to have understanding from their environment, and the support from their co-workers and bosses, so that they can progress.

They can become true workaholics, who can be so consumed in their work, and they are one of the few Taurus people (a Zodiac sign that they belong) that are not materialistically oriented.


In fact, it is recommended for them to participate in some form of group activities.

What also happens in their lives and it is connected to their careers is that these people are that they can be used in some negative way by their co-workers. They can be naive and stupid even at times, telling everyone about their revolutionary ideas and things that they want to achieve in business, and other can exploit such behavior.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on May 11 are ruled by the number 2 and by the planetary influence of the Moon.

Numerologically speaking, those who are born on May 11 and are under the impact of the number 2 are people who cannot do anything. They love society and never stand out. They feel the best when they are left to be behind the scenes and leave the leadership positions to others.

However, because of the mysterious nature of the people born on May 11, it is more appropriate to work as freelancers and to run some small business or to deal with jobs where their independence can be expressed. Among these people can passive tendencies and in combination with the Venus that dominates the bull symbol brings great charm sensitivity.

Their number is 13, and their color is the color of a blue moon.

Historical Events on May 10

From Roman times to the Modern times, we sum all events that took place on the May 10 that might have certain relevance for the humanity. Read all about them.

330 – Roman Emperor Constantine I the Great declared the Greek town of Byzantium for the new capital of the Roman Empire.

1686 – German physicist Otto von Guericke died. He was an inventor – he invented an air pump.

1745 – The French troops won the British at the Battle of Fontenoy and took the Dutch from Austria.

1778 – William Pitt, one of the initiators of the Seventh-Year War (1756-63), died.

1824 – British troops took over Rangoon in Burma.

1867 – The London Treaty was signed; it guaranteed the independence and neutrality of the Luxembourg Armed Forces.

1931 – The collapse of the largest Austrian bank, Creditanstalt, marked the beginning of the financial collapse of central Europe.

1949 – Siam changed its name to Thailand; Israel has been admitted to the UN.

1968 – To end the fierce conflicts of students with the police, French Prime Minister Georges Pompidou has made concessions to student demands.

1973 – Diplomatic relations between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Democratic Republic of Germany were established.

1981 – The famous Jamaican singer-songwriter who became an international musical and cultural icon Bob Marley died.

1996 – US passenger plane DC-9 crashed into the swamp of Everglades in Florida shortly after departing from the airport in Miami. All 110 passengers and crew members were killed.

1997 – The computer system of the IBM Company “Deep Blue” won the world champion chess, Russian Grandmaster Gary Kasparov, in a six-party game.

2000 – India has been welcomed its billionth citizen – a baby girl was born in New Delhi.

2002 – Joe Bonanno, known as “Banjo Juno”, one of the founders of the American Mafia, who was never convicted during the decade of the “five families” involved in organised crime, died.

2010 – David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party, became the new British prime minister.

2013 – At least 17 people were killed and more than a dozen wounded during an election day in Pakistan.

Famous people born on May 10

Who would have guessed that one Byzantine Emperor and one America starlet share their birthdates? No one, but it is true, and we will add here that date May 10 clearly hides some exciting secrets.

483 – Justinian the Great, a Byzantine Emperor.

1694 – Hieronymus Florentinus Quehl, a German composer.

1888 – Irving Berlin, an American composer.

1894- Martha Graham, an American dancer.

1888 – Irving Berlin, a Russian-American composer

1904 – Salvador Dali, a Spanish painter of surrealism

1918 – Richard Feynman, an American Physicist

1916- Camilo José Cela, a Spanish writer.

1920- Denver Pyle, an American actor.

1932- Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani, an Italian designer.

1963- Natasha Richardson, an English actress.

1978 -Laetitia Casta, a French model.

1982- Cory Monteith, an American actor.

1988 – Severin Freund, a German ski jumper.

1988- Blac Chyna, an American starlet.

Let us sum all the knowledge that we have about these people – they are an intellectual and inventive type, who don’t have a sense of business, but that doesn’t mean that they will never make something out of their lives. At the same time, they are kind and generous and love to do well to others. In fact, people of the May 11 are incredibly attractive and intriguing and can be “sweet” and “desirable” to a large number of people.

Their goal in life us to do and focus every their activity in such a manner that they improve themselves in a variety of ways, and support their close environment; close family is essential to them, even if they can misbehave towards them at times.

These people of the May 11 should strive to a definition in life, where they can understand precisely what they do and do not like so that their pronounced creativity and imagination has its course. A course that is directed towards success and gain, and not destruction and loss.

If the people of the May 11 go this path, and their creativity is not appropriately directed, they can experience many falls throughout life, but this is also something that can be used in a right way, as a tool for development.

In the end, these are the people who can be seduced, who can be hurt by other people in some negative way, since they can be naive at times.