May 10 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Human life can be divided into sections, or to speak in the astrological or numerological terms cycles.

And those cycles are pretty much similar for all of us – for the first five years of life, we are entirely reliant and dependent on our parents. We do not make decisions, and we need attention and care of adults.

Later on, we move a little from the familiar environment, enter into a new world, a world of unknown and unexplored, which is particularly emphasised by going to school. Then the first turning point occurs, and it is usually the time where most of the problem happens, and it is the time of doubt and care, constant worry. Later on, when we enter the adulthood, when we become responsible for the other lives, our children when the reality of the real world hit us with the “hammer”, the pressure and pain increases, and the confusion and worry in our heads is even more significant.

What can we learn in all of this? We can back to the starting point and understand what our birthdate means, along with our ruling Zodiac sign. This knowledge can introduce us to a new world that is entirely different from what has been so far, and it can teach us how to get involved in that world, find our place in it, and how to take over and handle new obligations. It also reveals the area of further information and education that is mandatory for the future progress of one human being.

Today, we are examining the most important features of those who are born on May 10, along with as much additional information, so that you can see the whole picture of these people.

Personality and character

These people who celebrate their birthdays on the May are capable of dealing with their lives; they are people who can be very useful in the all areas they deal with -job, family life, and love. These are not team players, and they work better if they choose a profession that allows them to make decisions independently – here the true nature of their ruling sign Taurus comes to the place, all of them are strict individuals.

Those who belong to the May 10 are very original in their way of thinking and are those who can slowly bring innovations to their projects, whatever that project might be; it can be an organisation of family life. Their originality is not only in their plans but also in the way their ideas are transmitted to the environment, they want to change the world, or at least make a lasting impact to it.

Regarding their inner, emotional life, these people are trying to keep their circle of friends and not overly socially oriented, it is not like they hate people, but they don’t have the need to be with the large group of friends on a daily basis. Clear separation of the private from the business, with their associates, provokes a sense of dismissal and disrespect, and this is the most common cause of conflicts. And we must say that people who belong to this date don’t shy away from battles, they can be tricky enemies, of course, if they are provoked.

It should be stressed that the individuals who celebrate their birthdays on May 10 are incredibly gifted and talented, but they are not overwhelmed with their talents, they let them develop in their own time.

People born on May 10 can neglect their health. Whether it’s because of an excessive number of business obligations or left merely to sensual pleasures.

That is why these people are okay if they have a family and friends in whose opinion they believe and whose criticism they can respect and sometimes accept. In the sense that people who were born on May 10 are less lonely and less misunderstood, they will turn more to the world and society.

Love compatibility

People of the May 10 are an intellectual and inventive type of lovers, and they have a good sense of what they want to form a particular relationship.  And they can be rigid in this sense, they are hard sometimes, but at the same time, they are kind and generous, and love to do good to others.

Undoubtedly, they are attractive and intriguing and can be “sweet” to a large number of people. They are beautiful to their lovers, potential partners – sometimes in ways, they do not like. They can be the target for all sorts of people, since they are charismatic and attract too many people at once, and jealousy in their lovers is not uncommon, but they maturely deal with this issue.

The best advice for them in the love area of life is to take everything to improve themselves in a variety of ways and to find a partner that supports them. The partner plays a vital role in the health of people born on May 10. If it is someone who is reliable, calm and who at any moment provides an emotional frame, everything will be fine.

People of the May 10 can clearly define what they like and what do not want, so the choice of their partner is based on a logical decision. This is mandatory if they want a stable family life, and they do, because deep inside they belong to the Taurus sign that are defined by this need.

Purpose and Career

Those who are born in May are the people who are smart and who want to change the world; and who work the best in groups. But when we say to work in groups, we mean to be a part of a large group, where they can compete to win, this is something that motivates them. Because of their attitude, they can experience many odd ascents and falls throughout your life, and see many strange places and situations. They can spell out and present great ideas that can make your life hugely successful.


They are socialising so these individuals can make friends with every person they contact; also their work must revolve around reforms, they are the happiest when can shake the principles that have been held for years.

If their workplace requires work with many associates, this person often creates very unselfish enemies.

They are individuals in their work and can work, like all Taurus people, long and tedious work hours, they are patient and competitive -their ideas are bright and new, and it is refreshing to have them in a work environment.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on May 10 are under the rule of the number 1 and the planetary influence of the Sun.

From the numerological point of view, those who are under the influence of the number 1 like to be the first in everything they do. They have a competitive mind and love sports activities; they are pronounced individuals. They like to see themselves as the beginners of a society changes and those who can affect others people’s lives.

From the planetary influence, symbolic speaks the Sun impact can be seen as the warmth and well-developed ego. These people are of human nature, but these qualities may be overwhelmed. This is most common if you do not get enough attention and love during your childhood, but it is the aspect that can be debated.

When we look at this aspect correlated with the Venus, that is the ruling planet of the all Taurus sign, and we could say that this combination gives a sense of relaxation, a joyful spirit, as well as enormous sexual energy.

Their color is indigo blue, and their numbers are 10, 15 and 25.

Historical Events on May 10

Once again, we are talking the trip into the past in the attempt to discover the most influential events that took place on the May 10.

1497 – Amerigo Vespucci started his first trip to the New World. He sailed to the coast of Brazil and Honduras, confident that he found the continent between Europe and Asia.

1655 – The British took over Jamaica which was under Spanish rule for 161 years.

1774 – The king of France Louis XV died of smallpox. He reigns for more than 58 years.

1865 – The U.S. troops captured, in the American civil war, the president of the Confederation of Jefferson Davis.

1871 – France and Germany signed an agreement in Frankfurt, and the territory of the Alsace-Lorraine was transferred to the Germans.

1881- Crowning of the Prince Roman of Karol I Hohenzollern, the first king of Romania.

1933 – In Berlin, the Nazis burned over 25,000 books of Marks, Freud, Brecht, and Eisenstein.

1940 – Winston Churchill became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom as Neville Chamberlain resigned.

1940 – Germany was attacked by the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, and the United Kingdom, after the German invasion of Denmark.

1941 – Hitler’s Deputy Rudolf Hess dropped parachute in Scotland to begin peacekeeping negotiations. He was arrested and spent the war in a British jail.

1945 – Soviet troops occupied Prague in the World War II.

1945 – The Allies took over the rank of Japanese.

1960 – The American nuclear submarine “Triton” completed a journey around the world that lasted for 84 days.

1977 – American film actress Donald Crawford died, one of Hollywood’s greatest stars in the 1930s, and the Oscar winner.

1981 – François Maurice Adrien Marie Mitterrand became the President of France.

1988 – The United States vetoed the resolution of the Security Council of the United Nations, condemning Israel for invasion in southern Lebanon.

1993 – More than 200 Thai workers were killed in a toy factory.

1994 – Nelson Mandela was elected president of South Africa and became the first black person lead the country.

1994 – The Italian media magnate Silvio Berlusconi became president of the Italian government.

1995- The World Health Organization in Geneva announced that the cause of the lethal epidemic in Zaire could be the Ebola virus.

1997 -At least 1,560 people were killed in the earthquake in eastern Iran.

1999 – Brazil formally allowed political asylum to Paraguay’s President Raúl Cuban and his family.

Famous people born on May 10

Among so many influential and amazing, successful people that are born on May 10, we must mention that here also belong two people who are – convicted murderers.

1697 – Jean-Marie Leclair, a French composer and violinist.

1760 – Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle, a French composer, the author of “La Marseillaise”.

1838- John Wilkes Booth, an American actor and Abraham Lincoln’s assassin.

1894 –  Dimitri Tiomkin, an American composer and conductor.

1899 – Fred Astaire, an American dancer, actor and singer

1931 – Ettore Scola, an Italian director.

1955-  Mark David Chapman, the murderer of John Lenon.

1957 – Sid Vicious, a British singer and bassist.

1960 – Paul David Hewson Bono, an Irish singer and frontman of a rock band U2.

1965 – Linda Evangelista, a top Canadian model.

1966 – Anne Elvebakk, a Norwegian Biathlon runner.

1967 – Antje Harvey, former German biathlon and Nordic skier-runner.

1979 – Svetlana Zakharova, a Russian ballerina.

1987 – Emmanuel Emenike, a Nigerian football player.

How can we describe people who are born on May 10, and to stay truthful – we could say that they are the fighters for the truth, which work best alone. They are individuals, who separate their work form their private life, and their work must involve some social idea.

People born on May 10 usually talk uncompromisingly of the truth, of course, in the way they see it and behave according to their desires. With its charm and great physical grace, as well as the eternal peace and serenity that can always be seen on their face, the persons born this day gain are very convincing and attractive.

Because of the strong planetary influence of the Sun, these people are considered to be individuals who like to be the best and the first in everything they do, they have a competitive spirit, but it is not overwhelming, and more importantly, it is oriented towards good deeds in the world.