May 1 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

In some other articles, we spoke about the Chinese Astrology and the fact that so many things in our, modern world have the roots in Chinese civilisation; and we mentioned that Astrology and our view of Zodiac signs have its origin in China. Well, today we will mention one more ancient civilisation that is also very important in the observance of the Astrology, horoscope, etc.

Japanese Astrology also has certain similarities to the Chinese or Western astrology; there is also a twelve-year division (with each year beginning on February 3rd and ending on February 2, next year). This astrology is based on the principle of dividing into twelve animals (birth year), then based on nine numbers (1-9) and nine colors, as well as five elements (defined by the date of birth, in terms of the month, day and hour of birth). From all of this, we could calculate something that we call a Natal horoscope.

So, it is evident that all types of Astrology in the world have a similar concept, in which you get the complete picture of a person. It is, in fact, a synthesis of all elements that describe one’s character, determines destiny and points to “fate”. When we divide it into some smaller elements, we mean by this interpersonal relationship and the quality of relations with the immediate surroundings – primarily family, love and business relationships.

And, one more thing that you must have noticed – the importance of birthdate, and today we are talking about the May 1st.

Personality and character

These people are observers, they are born on May 1 and are talented to observe everything that is happening around them and then they share ideas and impressions with others about what they have seen.

They are very successful in this task, and their entire life is all about observation. How does their analytical mind work? They belong to the Taurus sign, and it is the sign that points to the stability, and hard work that is based on the observation.  People who are born on May 1 are not very talkative, but when they use their words, others should listen carefully, without any doubts as to what these people think. We are saying others should listen, but it is usually something that is given, they attract people with their stories.

The primary defense weapon of persons born on May 1 is a sense of humor that these people have, they are very entertaining humans, and despite their shyness, they have a lot of friends who enjoy their funny character.

On a more negative side, these people can become a darker version of themselves, since that observance of things supplies them with an unbelievable amount of material that can later be used is some negative way, like for revenge, for example. Though not overly intellectual, these people have a well-developed critical ability that shows contempt for unapproved data and generalisation.

Internally, people who celebrate their birthday on May 1 are very sensual persons; they feel good while enjoying the pleasures of the world and as true Taurus people, they enjoy good food and sensual pleasures.

Following the directions of common sense, however, when love is concerned, their common sense is pulled apart from their usual, and they are known for making some stupid and irrational decisions. Because they make wrong evaluations, they often choose an inadequate partner that is no match for them in any way, and they end up hurt or betrayed, while they think that they just wanted to be loved. In love affairs, they are often depressed since their imagination and reality in love is not the same, on the contrary, they are disappointed; this is the aspect on which they have to work so hard.

Love compatibility

What you already know about the people of the May 1 is that they are people who have a critical mind that can be used only for their work or in resolving other people’s problems. But when they try to use this ability in choosing the right partner, they fail. They cannot make a right choice, and when they are in a relationship with someone, they try to make them fit into their own projection of what that romance should be, and the reality is so much different.

But, on the brighter side, people of the May 1 are loving people, and if you look for a partner to be your best friend, you can find it in them. No matter how shy these people can be, they are open to people, and you will immediately know if they want something with you. They will give you a hand, offer cooperation, help, invite you to meet – they are fantastic and friendly in this, and all of their relationships start with the friendship. For some, it may seem that they are possessive, but, in fact, they are not, they are dedicated, and it is a big difference between the two. They love to spend time with their loved ones, and people like to be with them, because they are very entertaining. And if you look for a lover who is sensual, loving and who can make you laugh, he is the one.  Most people like to be in the company of people born in May.

Purpose and Career

So, we concluded -those who are born on May 1 have a sharp and analytical mind that cannot be used in their love life, but in their life occupations can, and we might add, abundantly. These are the people who like to collect information, who know how is the best way to approach to the people and to gather information from them; and later on to use that information in some way. They are great at profiling people, so they can do some police work, or can do good is some HR service.

On the other side of this story about the people who are born on May 1 is that they are in some aspects typical Taurus people – they adore security, and material goods. And all of their work is inseparable from this element.

They like to enjoy, so some job that is connected with travel and fun, where there is food, is fantastic for them – maybe a culinary writer. The idea that they have freedom and that they can enjoy is exciting for them. Their enjoyment is associated with physical satisfaction: good food, drinks, luxurious ambience are a real relaxation atmosphere.

So, their work can incorporate enjoyment, but also they can do some tedious everyday job, but their free time is going to be enjoyable and hedonistic.


Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons who are born on May 1 are apparently under the rule of the number 1 and the planetary influence of the Sun.

This requires analyses since this numerological and planetary influence is fascinating in every way. So, in a numerological sense, people who are under the influence of the number 1 usually like to be the first, especially in their jobs, for example, they are ambitious and competitive. The competitive spirit that lives inside of the people who are born on May 1 has a very pronounced need for bidding, but it is in the case of these people mitigated by the effects of Venus, which dominates the Tauruses. They are very ambitious, but in these people, this quality is manifested in a very subtle way, they are not rough or direct in any way.

Planetary influence comes from the Sun, and it brings quality is emotions, these people are loving and warmhearted, but also it brings a well-developed ego as well as a positive orientation towards life.

Their numbers are 5 and 1, and their color is rose-gold.

Historical events on May 1

We look at the history books that deal with the ancient times, right up to the ancient Rome, and try to find the most compelling events that happened on the May 1st. But maybe for the majority of us, modern people, this date is synonymous with The International labors day: here you can find out what events which preceded this critical day.

305 – The Roman Emperor Diocletian and Maximilian voluntarily withdrew from power.

1707 – England and Scotland became the part of Great Britain.

1786 – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s opera “The Marriage of Figaro” had its premiered in Vienna.

1876 – The British Parliament adopted the Royal Title Act, under which Queen Victoria was proclaimed the emperor of India.

1886 – In Chicago, 50,000 workers entered the strike, demanding better working conditions, expressed in the word “three-eighths” – eight hours of work, rest and cultural uplift. From that day on, May 1st was celebrated as the International Labor Day.

1925 – The Cypriot officially became a British colony.

1931 – The Empire State Building was open, 102-storey tall New York skyscraper, then the tallest building in the world.

1947- Massacre at the Porte Della Ginestre: Gang Salvatore Giuliano (or an infiltrated mafia) killed 11 participants of the May 1st parade in Portella Della Ginestra, Sicily.

1960 – US Spy plane “U-2” sunk in the territory of the Soviet Union. Pilot Francis Gary Powers survived but was also captured in February 1962.

1978 – The Japanese researcher Naomi Uemura became the first man to reach the North Pole, crossing 950 miles with its dogs.

1982 – In Poland, 50,000 supporters of “Solidarity” demonstrated against military power.

1993 -Tamil Tigers bomber suicide bomber killed President of Sri Lanka Ranasinghe Premadasa during a premier celebration in Columbus.

1994 – In the race for the “San Marina Grand Prix” Ayrton Sena, one of the best Formula 1 drivers was killed in a fatal crash.

1997 -Labor party Tony Blair won in parliamentary elections in Great Britain after 18 years of conservative rule.

2003 – In the earthquake in Turkey, 176 people were killed, including 25 children.

2004 – Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia joined the European Union.

Famous people born on May 1

Who are those who were born on May 1, and lived such life that they were remembered in the history as famous?  Read all about them.

1218 – Rudolf I of Habsburg, Roman-German King.

1769 – Arthur Wellesley -Duke of Wellington, a British soldier and statesman.

1738 – Kamehameha I, King of Hawaii

1816 – Aleksander Terplan, a Slovenian writer in Hungary.

1852 – Martha Jane Canary – Calamity Jane, a heroine of the American West.

1852- Santiago Ramon y Cajal, a Spanish scientist.

1881 – Mary MacLane, a Canadian-American writer and pioneering feminist.

1924 – Grégoire Kayibanda, a Rumanian politician.

1929 – Ralf Darendorf, a German politician, sociologist and philosopher.

1939 Max Robinson, 1st African American network TV anchor

1967 – Tim McGraw, an American musician and actor

1969 -Wes Anderson, American director and writer.

1978 – Sylvia Townsend Warner, an English writer.

1980 – Isabelle Geffroy, known under the stage name Zaz, a French jazz musician.

1981 – Alexandr Hleb, a Belarusian footballer.

1982 -Jamie Dornan, Irish actor (Fifty Shades of Grey).

May 1st – The International Labor Day, and the birthday of one of the best and most controversial film directors on the planet Wes Anderson; this date brings all of it.

How can we describe people who are born on this day? We could say that they have some traits that come from their ruling sign Taurus – they are hardworking people who love stability and to enjoy in many of worlds sensual pleasures.

But, on the other hand, they are persons who are shy and incredibly funny at the same time, and are loved by the society; they like to observe things that surround them. That knowledge they later use for many things, and some representatives of this day use it for their agendas, like revenge. The part of their lives, where they cannot use their sharp minds is their love life since people of the May 1 are known for choosing the inadequate lovers that they forcibly want to place on their perfect (imaginary) romance.

All in all, they have many qualities but are also people who have potential to grow and to progress, only if they see what they are doing wrong, and that is something that is the hardest part.