March 8 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

It is indisputable that astronomy and geometry are integral and necessary part of the Astrology, and in fact, some say that these sciences were created as individual branches of astrology. It is said, by some, that people built these two sciences so that they could examine moving of celestial bodies.

It is indisputable; too, that astrology is based on scientific methodology, which is as exact as any other science. Only its application in practical life is disputable since there is a lot of metaphorical aspects and all those who use astrology in their everyday life, should understand metaphors and symbolic, and this is mandatory for all those whose profession is to examine Zodiac signs. We mentioned many times now that every planet is ruling for certain signs, and that every celestial body carries its own energy and influence.

As we look at the planets, we already know that the non-harmonic aspects of Mars and Saturn can be connected to violence and aggression, while the unconventional influence of Uranus encourages inclination towards emotional outcomes and impacts. So a person who has these influences can show these features.

Astrology, like any other science, cannot be used to stimulate an irresponsible relationship to life, but rather to lead to the raising of consciousness and the assumption of responsibility for one’s life.

As medicine allows us to diagnose the illness and its treatment, astrology enables us to diagnose life itself and, if necessary, to ease and extend it.

In this article, we will speak of people who celebrate their birthdays on the March 8, and all possible impacts that they receive, from planets, and so on.

Personality and Character

A personality of the people who are born on March 8 brings some unusual features – they have their own unusual but distinctive lifestyle, and they don’t like when people judge them, they follow their ideas. They are uncompromising whenever it comes to their attitudes, beliefs and ideas, and they have a very aggressive attitude on everyone who has a different opinion.

People of the March 8 are like lions who are fighting vigorously and when needed aggressively, but it is entirely unnecessary, and they need to see that. This feature can be exhausting and difficult for the people who are around them, both as family or coworkers -no one likes to listen to same lessons and inputs on a daily basis. But the main thing or problem is their stubbornness and persistence in convincing others that they are right in everything they do and think, is that is not possible and is indeed a complete waste of time. Of course, this cannot positively influence the establishment of friendly relationships because they act as very unstable people (and they are not).

Because of their extremely complex and emotional nature, their love life can be very complicated because these people are very demanding in every relation, and specifically in romantic relationships. They seek unconditional love from all people that surround them, and constant attention from their environment, but at the same, they are reclusive and shy.

They can have a great deal of magnetism so that some people that belong to this date of birth can have hypnotic powers on their environment, thanks to their great charm and intuition – these are the best possible qualities that someone can have, and it comes in the case of the people who are born on March 8 from their ruling sign – Pisces.

One important thing needs to be said here, and this is the personal growth of these people – and by this, we mean the difference that they have from their youth until their maturity.

In their youth, their energy is most often uncontrolled and intense, and they can have difficulties in finding their place in the world, and recognising their qualities. However, with years they would have to establish control over their lives, and this is the task that has to be the number 1 priority for them. In addition to their passion for an unusual way of life, grace is highly valued by power and lust.

Love Compatibility

People who are born on the March 8 are, like all Pisces, enjoy pleasures and are incredibly sensitive creatures who cherish deep connection with their lovers. Yes, they like to be with their friends, but as lovers, the story is somewhat different. They can be hard and demanding partners who want constant attention from their companions, and if they don’t have it, they are angry.

When love relationships are concerned, they would rather have a nice dinner than going to a popular restaurant crowded – people of the March 8 enjoy intimacy, rather than showing off, but attention from their lover is always welcome even mandatory.

These individuals love to spend time in the clouds, and the last thing you want from them is to scatter them – they can be scared with aggressiveness, and direct approach -slow and easy is the best way for seducing them. Maybe you think it’s time to get to the ground; it will simply ruin their personality.

They can live in two realities at the same time without any problems, and this often contributes to their creativity and inspiration.


One thing needs to be added here, people of the March 8 rarely break up with their partners (even when things are not good), they love adapting to the life in two, and the connection they are in means everything to them. Sometimes it’s hard to love March 9 people, but it’s important to know that you will have their love forever, and their happiness will always be related to yours, and you will be tempted to do so.

Purpose and Career

People born on March 8 are very dedicated to their work, and this dedication and belief in their ideas make them quite exhausted, both mentally and physically – they can work consistently and are dedicated to achieving their goals, and it is something that is very important to them.

In that process and their work-environment, these individuals spend a lot of time in convincing others in their ideas and goals; it is something that is for all people who are involved, especially to them. If things won’t go as they planned, or their idea is not implemented in the specific ways they imagined, they become tyrants. They need a lot of sleep to regain their mental stability and to start the particular business again, and this is something that derails them from their purpose. Because of their sensitivity and openness to many new experiences, they are great investors and researchers. But in fact, they can find their life occupation in any business as they want, but one condition needs to be met -they need to believe in that job, and more importantly, their work environment needs to believe also in that idea.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky Numbers

People whose date of birth is March 8 are ruled by the number 8, and subsequently with the planet Saturn (that is responsible for this energetic number). What this does is that they are under mixed symbolically influence from not so positive number 8 and much more fortunate number 3. This is the number of achievements and triumphs, as well as the number of the evening while the eighth is placed on the math symbol for infinity.  But what Saturn gives them is the ability to carry dignity but also a problematic expression of emotion. It makes them individualists who love conventionality, history, tradition, and art – they are the people whose energy can be directed in many different places. Saturn in the aspect of Neptune’s Ruler (that is the ruler of all Pisces) gives a directed creative energy that leads to financial success and material fortune. But above all, because of this strong influence, they are attracted to mystery and secrets.

Their number is 11, and their colors are black, grey, purple and blue or some mixture of these colors.

Historical Events on March 8

March 8 is the date that is remembered in the human history as the date that belongs to all women all around the world – it is the International Women’s day!

1500 – Portuguese sailor Pedro Alvares Cabral set off from Lisbon on his way to India. He discovered today’s Brazil.

1889 – John Erikson, regarded as one of the most influential mechanical engineers ever and the inventor of the first torpedo boat, died.

1910 – Second Congress of Women-Socialists held in Copenhagen at the initiative of German Revolutionary Clara Zetkin. At the conference, the Women’s Day was celebrated, marking the demonstration of women in Chicago on March 8, 1909.

1917 – The “February Revolution” in Russia began with the unrest and strikes in St Petersburg.

1921 – French troops entered into Dusseldorf and other cities after Germany did not pay the war damages, which was mandatory under the Versailles peace agreement, signed after the World War I.

1942 – Japanese troops occupied the capital of Burma, Rangoon in the World War II, the day after the city left the British.

1950 – Soviet Marshal Kliment Voroshilov announced that the Soviet Union in 1949 tried the atomic bomb at a time when it was considered that the US was the only nuclear-armed state.

1965 – 3,500 US Navy discharged into South Vietnam, commencing the mass involvement of US troopers in the Vietnam War.

1973 – In the explosion of a car bomb set by members of the IRA in front of the central London court building and the London Scotland yard, one person died and 238 injured.

1999 – The Sri Lankan Army, in a rapid operation, occupied more than 500 square miles of land in the north of the country, under the control of the Tamil Tigers of the Separatist Guerrilla Group. In the clashes between separatists and government forces since 1983, some 57,000 people died.

Famous people born on March 8

We can notice that a lot of people who are born on March 8 have some connection with music, and this isn’t surprising since all Pisces are involved in some way with art, in this case, music.

1286 – John III, the British Duke.

1293 – Beatrice of Castile, the Portuguese Queen.

1491 – Il Rosso Fiorentino, an Italian painter.

1714 – Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, a German composer.

1818 – Ruggiero Leoncavallo, an Italian composer.

1822 – Ignacy Lukasiewicz, a Polish inventor.

1858 – Ruffalo Leoncavallo, an Italian musician.

1879 –  Otto Hahn, a German chemist and physicist.

1907 – Constantine Karamanlis, a Greek politician and statesman.

1924 – Georges Charpak, a French Physicist and Nobel Prize winner.

1929 – Hebe Camargo, a Brazilian actress, singer and TV host.

1949 – Antonello Venditti, an Italian songwriter.

1958 – Gary Numan, an English musician.

1959 – Aidan Quinn, an American actor.

1983 – André Santos, a Brazilian Footballer.

1990 – Petra Kvitova, a Czech tennis player.

Even when people of the March 8 are convinced in their ideas, inside, they can see more solutions for one problem, and it is difficult for them to decide for one solution, or if it is not ideal. Since they are rarely perfect when they fully realise the whole picture, they cannot accept many compromising solutions. Success in their lives can be achieved intuitively, choosing the right things and real moments for realisation, but they need to stop convincing everyone else that they are always right.

But, also, for inexplicable reasons, many favorable opportunities, in various fields, pass and passively relate to them -they can lose a lot if they stick blindly to their ideas, without expanding their views.

Internally, many of them can suffer for a long time without being rebuffed against it, or against anyone who incurs these disadvantages.

They are looking for a person to share their dreams and discover the most subtle feelings; but at the same time, people of the March 8 want adventures, but only occasionally, until they find the creature from their dreams. If their ideas do not come true, they do not have to blame others for it, and love is a virgin in which only one way leads to true happiness.