March 7 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Several theories explain the science of Astrology and Zodiac signs in general, and they all have a point and can be disregarded at the same time. One of these theories claims that astrology came from many religions and that every God was attributed to some star or planet that along the path made an influence on people in some way.

Secondly, one theory claim that the multi-God religions originated from astrology (or some form of it).

Some others claim that no nation has ever had so many Gods as there are stars in the Universe, and from that fact, we can see that the backbone of the astrological system in all ancient peoples is nearly the same. With these two facts, as the third argument appears speculation about the existence of an earlier civilisation before ours, which were realised relations between microcosm and macrocosm.

By this theory, the backbone of all astrological systems is the cognition of this earlier civilisation, which has disappeared into cataclysms. So, for example, according to Cicero astrology is the old 470 000 years after Hipparchus 270,000, while Diodorus Siciliski attaches the first Emperor of Atlantis Atlas before “only” 50,000 years.

This was one history lesson that had one purpose – you should see how old this science is, and how important is to people thought many civilisations.

Zodiac sign is important, but we feel like a birthdate is something more specific, intimate and that it covers a more significant portion of our personalities, and this is the reason why we will focus on it, in this case, we are talking about the March 7.

Personality and Character

People born March 7 are precious and work-oriented towards their career -this is one trait that sets them apart from other Pisces people, they can be ambitious and persistent in pursuing their goals. Their abstract view of the world does not affect their fundamental aspect of the business problems they face, and this is something that is amazing, and it can be used in so many ways, to make the lives of these people successful.

From each experience, they draw lessons, so it is very easy for them, especially for the adults, to cope with problems that come inevitably in life. This attribute shows a clear sign of maturity and wisdom; it is something that more looks like some other Zodiac sign, not Pisces that are not able always to cope with problems in a mature way, even in later years.

Because of their extremely innovative ideas that they have in their work, they can be very successful, even imposing themselves as team leaders, whose opinion is respected. You can see the picture where people of the March 7 are successful in their jobs, and we will discuss this issue later, but what about their private, inner life? Does it have a similar amount of success and maturity? We must say -no.

They have a distinctly bizarre separation, they divide business from their private life and leave the impression of people who are living somewhere in the parallel world. These are two opposite people who don’t share anything with each other; one is extrovert and open, other reclusive and dark. It is very difficult to reach their inner world, so people who want to become their friends need to be armed with patience and understanding, they are notoriously closed and shy when their private life is in question. Criticism and pressure are only to a certain extent with a certain degree of defense.

However, if demand continues, they will pull into the world and quickly realise how much they can trust without endangering their integrity. They are lucky if they have one to two real friends and are ready to sacrifice for them. They are sensitive to the demands of others especially their friends. Rich social life, as well as a feeling of insecurity, are the problems that people who are born this day meet. For these people, it is essential to stay in touch with the needs of their family, and the society they are moving to, not with the needs of the whole world.

Love Compatibility

Their sexuality is very romantic and mystical, a trait that they share with many Pisces around the world. One of the things that will throw them out of this mood is undoubtedly tough as they love passion and sadness. Sex with people who celebrate their birthdays on the March 7 is intimate, passionate and it thrills lovers, but this only if you get close to them enough so that they show their intimate and private side.

Understanding and communicating with the people of the March 7 will guide you through the paths of their thoughts – sometimes it can be complicated and dark, for that matter, and it isn’t something that everyone can digest. Only those who stand firmly on the ground and are open can see the real nature of these people.

Also, these people are known for their indecisiveness – they cannot decide what they want from love, and their business is the only area in which they will show strong will. When you have fun with them, you must know that they are generous and will sacrifice everything to be happy, and at certain times their decisions will confuse everyone.

Sometimes, when things become too much effort, they will look to avoid all people in their lives. Because of their high emotionality, stress can sometimes be exhausting. That’s why they will need to get away from it all, and it is very often happening to get some representatives of this date.

It’s essential that you, as their partner, give them support and be there for them when they come back from hiding. Like Pisces, it’s easy to scare them and because they can hide it even longer, and you will lose an extraordinary person in your life.


With them, it is not difficult to make any community. Their love is excellent for all, just like their heart, and the dreams that they offer are unique experiences that you can if you are lucky enough to succeed.

Purpose and Career

The symbol of Pisces symbolises, among other things, a sacrifice, but it is important to know why, or who it makes a victim, otherwise it is meaningless. Regarding the professional occupation of the people who are born on the March 7 that sacrifice is they and their work in progress -these people are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. And the matter of fact is that they can succeed in that pursuit, and what will they do is the broad term, whatever they let life goes by them.

However, they know well, using the swirling paths, to break through their livelihood inexorably using the nonchalant opportunities that life provides them. They know they are forgiving, reconcilable and helpful, and they feel that this is one of the reasons why they deserve to be successful in what they do in their lives.

What will they do, depends on many factors, but the main things are that they can do everything the best if they want it, and unlike so many others they show good reason when they are choosing their careers, and also the strong will to endure all difficulties. What will people of the March 7 do is irrelevant, what they decide to do, is a perfect choice for them.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky Numbers

People born on March 7 are under the rule of the number 7 and planet Neptune, and what is impressive (and scary) is that these people are under the double impact of the Planet Neptune, that is symbolically connected to the mystery and hidden knowledge.

These people, are under its influence and they like change and travel, they are very studious and creative and use energy and intellect to test the world around them. They are introverted when it comes to personal matters, so they often remain secretive to other people who make them extremely attractive. Neptune that otherwise governs and psychological phenomena, visions and dreams in people born this day is extremely pronounced and can cause sensitivity and excessive insecurity.

Their numerical influence is positive since both number 7.3 are positive and have good vibrations on the person who is under their influence.

Their lucky number is 10, and their colours are white and yellow.

Historical Events on March 7

Unfortunately, this date through the human history has remembered as the date connected with the Wars, but it is good to remind ourselves to never make the same mistakes again, as a human race.

1573 – By signing the peace, the war of the Venetian Republic and the Ottoman Empire ended.

1793 – The French Convention (Revolutionary Assembly) published War of Spain.

1809 – The French balloon constructor Jean François Blanchard died.

1814 – Napoleon’s 37,000 soldiers won 90,000 Prus under the Bluecher command.

1876 ​​- The first telephone conversation was conducted by Alexander Graham Bell’s assistant and his associate, Augustus Watson.

1932 – The French statesman Aristide Briand died, six times prime minister between 1909 and 1929, the Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1926, the founder of the idea of ​​the United States of America.

1936 – By entering an army in the demilitarised Rhine region, Germany has demonstrated violence against the Versailles Peace Agreement concluded after the World War I.

1945 – American troops occupied the strategically important bridge in the World War II over the Rhine near Remagen in Germany.

1945 – By suppressing the Japanese forces in the World War II, the British Army of 14 entered the Mandalay, the second largest city in Burma.

1951 – A religious fanatic killed an Iranian prime minister Haj Ali Razmara in a mosque in Tehran

1989 – Iran interrupted diplomatic relations with the United Kingdom for publishing the book of the British writer of Indian origin Salman Rushdie “Satanic verses”.

1994 – When landing at the airport in Kigali, a plane crashed by which the Rwandan and Burundi presidents Habyarimana and Ntjaramir returned from peace talks in Tanzania. The death of the two presidents interrupted the eighth convention between the tribes of Hutu and Tutsi and triggered a new wave of violence.

1998 – The Italian military court declared the guilty captain of German SS forces in the World War II, Erich Priebke for the massacre at Adreatine Caves near Rome and condemned him to life imprisonment.

1999 – American director Stanley Kubrick, one of the most prominent directors, died in London. During his 46 years career, he has recorded 20 films including the most famous “Paths of Glory”, “2001: Space Odyssey”, and “The Shining”.

2002 – At a referendum in Ireland, voters have pleaded against the strict law on abortion.

2004 – The Greek Democratic Party of Democratic Party, Kostas Karamanlis, won the election elections in Greece, and he became prime minister. That was the end of the 10-year rule of the Socialist PASOK.

Famous people born on March 7

People who are born on the March 7 can do anything they want, and they will be successful, and this list proves that theory.

1765 – Joseph Niepce, a French chemist, a pioneer of photography.

1850 – Tomas Masaryk, a Czechoslovakian statesman and philosopher.

1875 – Maurice Ravel, a French Composer.

1930 – Stanley Miller, an American Biochemist.

1940 – Alfred Willi Rudolf “Rudi” Dutschke, a prominent spokesperson of the German students and sociologist.

1945 – Sadakazu Tanigaki, a Japanese Politician.

1959 – Luciano Spalletti, an Italian football coach.

1960 – Ivan Lendl, a Czech tennis player.

1977 – Jérôme Fernandez, a French Handball Player.

1984 – Mathieu Flamini, a French footballer.

Let us end this article, with one conclusion – people who are born on March 7 have many talents and the ability to make an effortless endeavor. They have two opposite personalities in them – one is open and prosperous, and other reclusive and shy.

They are good with the details, but you’re able to do great jobs. They have a philosophical and reflective mind. Sometimes they are overpowered by the negative feelings, but they always recover from it – they rise up and encourage themselves with small things.