March 5 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Some Astrologers describe Astrology like a game of chess: there are some basic rules that need to be followed, and the rest of the story comes later, you can spend at least a couple of hours a day over the board, so anyone who wants to do astrology should read the interpretations and literature from astrology to know better.

Reading the natal chart is similar to a chess board, you need to know the rules, everything is seen, and it is necessary to follow the rules. But unlike a game of chess, in reading the Zodiac signs, you can use some metaphorical interpretation, and it is the reason why we speak of symbolical meaning when we are discussing Zodiac sign or date of birth,

But there is also a one fun element that should be added to this story, and most of us don’t want to be a professional astrologer anyway, we just want to find out more about our Zodiac sign, and in that process we should use sense for the metaphor, to have an understanding of the situation, symbolism, to interpret from a broader aspect, similar to philosophy, it cannot be translated literally.

And, what the best way to start this astrological journey than with examining your birthdate, and in this case, it is March 5. We will focus on reviewing the essential characteristics of this person, along with additional attributes that make them specific people, in the group of Pisces sign (that they belong, apparently).

Personality and Character

People born on the March 5th hide two completely separate persons, and both of them are equally interesting and important but are so different that sometimes it is hard to see that it is one person, and not two. While in public they may look like they are relaxed, elegant and sophisticated persons, their private life can lead entirely in a different way and allow their dark side of personality to come to the fore. We all have our darkness, and they have it also, but will rarely reveal it to the outside world. Their darkness is maybe more hidden than in average people, and their “outside” personality is so shiny and different, so the contrast between the two is wast.

Their private life is very complicated and can be very destructive due to the enormous problems that they are putting on themselves -at times people of the March 5 feel like they are those who need to take the burden of the entire world on their chest. They are those humans who, no matter how this bizarre would sound, enjoy in pain, and can suffer for a really long time.

As exceptionally creative personalities, if the circumstances contributed to the involvement of these persons with art, these two sides of their character will appear in their work and be incredible – what will happen is that their darkness will be translated into their art. Their art is an excellent way for relieving stress, pain and negative thoughts that they have.

Intuitively gifted, they can reach everyone and quickly discover weaknesses and instability in other people, especially to those who are close to them, like friends and families – this is one characteristic that makes them amazing friends that want to be the part of everyone’s world.

Therefore, they have incredible influence on the people from their surroundings – this doesn’t mean that they are the leaders (they do not want to be perceived as such), but they are a significant part of every society and have a lot to contribute. Born on March 5, often feel lonely and abandoned in their lives, even when is not the case. They often ask themselves whether they will ever find someone who will suit them and who will understand them. They feel like they don’t fit in a lot of societies and companies, and that rarely anyone could understand them completely. By integrating different aspects of their personality, these people can finally achieve a simpler emotional life and only in such a way they will be able to enjoy it.

Love Compatibility

Because of their nature that is loving and painful at the same time, these people may be prone to various mood swings and emotional frustration and, therefore, stress in the love area of life, which is a shame, since these people have a lot to offer to lovers.

They should learn how to control the outburst of negative energy and especially not to express it to family and friends; these are the people who love them honestly and do not deserve to be hurt by their behavior.

The problem in relationships, when these people are in question, comes when their partners discover their dark side that in those times comes as a surprise because up to this point they were terrific and sweet lovers. This is an aspect that requires a lot of work; they need partners who will understand their different and dual nature that is also prominent in their love life. It’s not surprising for them to write a song for someone or buy a gift that has a special meaning.

When people of the March 5 come to a place in life, when their work sucks up all the negativity, when a patient partner came along, and when their heart is open for emotions, they can find happiness in love, permanently.

Purpose and Career

When we are talking about work that these people are involved, we could say that individuals who are born on the March 5th are, as all Pisces, naturally expressive and do not hesitate to bring people around them as they feel like it. They expect from others that are in their work environment to be so open to them. Communicating with co-workers is considered the most critical aspect regarding their careers. Intuitive and often dreamers, they are the best at a position where their creative abilities will come to fruition, even better if it is for humanitarian purposes.

The interests for which they were born are a lawyer, an architect, a veterinarian, a musician, a social worker, and a designer of games. The key phrase for this character is “I believe” – people of the March 5th need to believe in an idea, so they can work on it, and make it work.

Inspired by the need to make changes in the lives of others, they are willing to help even go beyond borders. They, as profoundly compassionate, worthy, devoted and reliable, can come to the core of things. They can be great at solving the problem.


As far as money is concerned, people of the March 5th usually do not attach any importance to it or do not know how to deal with it. They are often more preoccupied with their dreams and goals than money. Nevertheless, money is a necessity, so that it will make sure that it is enough to achieve their goals and dreams. In this area there are two sides of the fish, on the one hand, they will spend and spend, and on the other will become “Uncle Scrooge”.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Number 5 and the planet Mercury rules persons born on March 5. What does this planet give to these people?  They are very capable of beating all the fate of destiny. People whose spirit state is determined by this number continually seek action and tend to be at the centre of events. Impatient are greedy and ruthless. Their sex is in the foreground, and they let go of them to lead them wherever they want to. Mercury, a fast-moving planet, controls the speed of thought and change. In combination with the planet Neptune (that is responsible for all Pisces) brings an open expression of feelings and sensitivity to all sensory pleasures.

Their number is 8, and their color is lilac.

Historical Events on March 5

Take a deep dive into the historical events that occurred on the March 5 – try to make some valuable lessons.

1496 – The English King Henry VII received the services of Italian seafarers Giovanni and Sebastian Cabot to discover new lands for the English crown. In 1497 they arrived in North America.

1684 – Germany, Poland and Venice in Linz formed the League against Turkey.

1770 – British troops in Boston, the centre of resistance against the British colonial authorities, killed five demonstrators and this event, known as the “Boston Massacre,” accelerated the outbreak of the American War of Independence.

1827 – Italian physicist Alessandro Volta died, who invented an electrophore, galvanic element, a battery of galvanic elements.

1856 – The London Theater “Covent Garden” was destroyed in a fire.

1916 – The Spanish overseas passenger ship “Príncipe de Asturias” sank in a few minutes after hitting a rock near the Brazilian coast. Of the 588 passengers and crew members, 455 lost their lives.

1933 – The National Socialist Workers’ Party of Adolf Hitler won the majority in the German Reichstag.

1953 – A Soviet dictator Josef Stalin died. As Secretary-General of the Communist Party from 1922 until his death, he was the undisputed ruler of the USSR and leader of the communist world.

1953 – Russian composer and pianist Sergei Prokofiev died, one of the most original musicians of the XX century, who successfully assimilated Russian music heritage and modern musical expression.

1966 – All 124 passengers and crew members died when a British passenger plane hit the Japanese mountain of Fuji.

1970 – A nuclear non-proliferation treaty signed by 45 countries entered into force.

1975- Kuwait nationalised the oil industry, including the assets of British oil companies.

1993 – A minute after the departure from the Skopje airport, the Macedonian fighter 100 fighters crashed. 77 of 97 passengers and crew members died.

1998 -In a terrorist attack by Tamil rebels who have activated the bomb in a mini-bus in the capital of Sri Lanka, Colombia, and 37 people have been killed, injuring about 250 people.

Famous people born on March 5

From King Henry II to Rosa Luxemburg and the most beautiful women today Eva Mendes, one thing is in common for them; they are all born on the March 5.

1133 – Henry II, the King of England.

1326 – Louis I of Hungary, a Croatian-Hungarian king.

1512 – Gerardus Mercator, a German-Dutch cartographer.

1696 – Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, an Italian painter.

1871 – Rozalia Luxemburg, a German revolutionary and anti-war activist.

1922 – Pier Paolo Pasolini, an Italian director and poet.

1933 -Walter Kasper, a German Cardinal.

1958 – Andy Gibb, a British singer.

1970 –  John Frusciante, an American guitarist who played in the band Red Hot Chili Peppers.

1972 – Brian Grant, an American basketball player.

1974 – Barbara Schoeneberger, a German TV host.

1974 – Eva Mendes, an American film actress.

1987 – Anna Chakvetadze, a retired Russian tennis player.

1991 – Michael Hayböck, an Austrian ski jumper.

Maybe you think that these people who celebrate their birthdays on the March 5 are those who are dark and have some destructiveness – and we will not deny this, they are. And yet, they are imaginative, sensual, altruistic, as all Pisces; they are the living proof that we all have two sides. They like art. As all Pisces, a Zodiac sign that they belong also, they are extremely attached to family and partner and tend to idealise everything and everyone -when reality turns out to be something different, they are disappointed and heart-broken.

People who are born on March 5 do not have the best concentration in the world; they are interested in everything that is mystical and occult, they can often be undecided, drawn into themselves, and silent. Almost every day they fly into their fairy-tale world.

People who belong to this date birth are those who embraced their strangeness, the sudden change of mood, and the tendency to depression. They are in the “suffering”, a state that can be only seen when they are alone.

Extremely sensible, they have mostly above-average intelligence, incredible spiritual levels to their souls; they are almost never fighters and leaders – these are the people who belong to the March 5th.