March 4 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Most people know their zodiac sign, or, as astrologers will say, the position of Sun on the day of birth(as you can see from this aspect also, the influence of the date of birth in Zodiac system of signs is enormous). But when it comes to a natal chart, Ascendant is one of the most important factors, also. The ascendant is the point on the ecliptic that is in a particular place and at some time emerges on the eastern horizon. The ascendant shows the identity and specificity of an individual, speaks of physical body, appearance, character, mood, health. It shows our personality, temperament and the way we present ourselves to others. If we know our Ascendant, through analysis, we can get more information about the characteristics, potentials and talents that need to be developed. It this case knowing is the correct path towards any improvement, the more you know, the progress is getting bigger.

This is an impressive aspect of the astrological analyses, but what is also the significant aspect that influences characters of a particular individual is also a date of birth, since it has astrological and numerical influence.

Personality and Character

People born on March 4 are very withdrawn individuals, and somehow their lives are carried out in isolation, but this doesn’t deprive them of success and personal development. Separation from the world is not something that these people deliberately choose, but somehow through life imposes them, they undoubtedly have this characteristic of reclusiveness that all Pisces have.

They have a high power of concentration and are very rarely faced with the problem of disturbance – people of the March 4 are those who are facing all difficulties with some calmness and serenity. There is no doubt that inside, they can be nervous and disturbed, but they will deal with problems rationally and maturely.

These people are not lonely even though, for the sake of their behaviour, at first glance they gain such an impression – they are those types of people that enjoy solitude and spending time entirely alone, with their thoughts and ideas.

People who are born on March 4 love to spend with friends and people who are well acquainted, those friendships are long-term and filled with honesty and loyalty, that they give, as well as receive. When they come to expect in such a society, they usually carry the feeling of intimacy that they convey to everyone else. They attach particular importance to such social activities and like they want this group of their beloved to break away from the rest of the world.

These are individuals that are like almost all Pisces very creative and use that creativity to decorate their home or business premises, they can make a living by using their creativity and original ideas. Their living space must be harmonious and very imaginative and modest because they are not preoccupied with material concerns. This ability to enjoy small things makes them extremely elegant, so they are challenging their surroundings to keep up with them, which is you will admit, hard.

The negative aspect of their reclusiveness is that they can experience health problems, their isolation from the outside world can be terrible. That is why it is essential for these people to grow into their sociability. Recommendations are various social clubs and hobbies with which they would spend some time in society. Team sports as physical forms of social nature must also be involved in the life of those born this day.

Love Compatibility

These people are fascinating lovers, and they are those people who need to have a lover, friend and a patron and a leader in their chosen partners.

They are charming, soft and can see right through a man, and it’s not easy to fool them, people of the March 4 are very intuitive and attractive. But since they can be closed people, they need patience and sympathy, and you cannot be overly pushy to them. Do not push them for fun and do not tease them and do not respond sharply as these people cannot take a refusal.

They are exceptionally romantic and will devote their lives to their families, both spouses and children, and they don’t have any problem in living in larger families, cause their parents mean a lot to them, they will never abandon them.

In the friendly and loving game, these people are very passionate, sensitive who are in touch with a person’s feelings and needs, they are not selfish lovers, and this is a fantastic trait to have in a lover.

People who celebrate their birthdays on March 4 find an ideal partner in a person who is stronger and sensitive at the same time, and most importantly who has endless patience to stay and wait for them to open.

However, they have such an ideal of romance that it will be unrealistic to expect that this love will come quickly for them, but it is not impossible.

They live in a dream world and need a lover who will wake them up and someone who will dominate, but very subtle. Nothing aggressive is an option.

Their sex is an emotional and physical experience, and if they allow it, it will also be a spiritual experience – in every aspect of their lives, this aspect of spirituality can be seen clearly. They are perfect lovers, and this includes both sexes that are born on the March 4 – they are sensitive and caring lovers, who want to take care of their lovers. By entirely acting in their roles, a person born on this date likes to be seduced. They love erotic games and use their imagination and creativity in sex.


Purpose and Career

They seek freedom and tolerance in everything that they do, and this is true in their relationships, but also in their business ventures. They are those pšeople who have the best ideas, and who can achieve a lot by using their creativity.

They can be, in their workplaces ruthless and, unlike some other Pisces, they don’t avoid conflict, but what the most burdens them is a disproportionate amount of obligation – people of the March 4 are not those who are great in calculating their commitments and time. This will suppress creativity and undermine the fragile self-confidence that is their problematic “area” anyway.

When their job fails, and their “agenda” is not fulfilled, they slowly recovery from failure, and on top of that, they have difficulties to start over, yet again. Rather than learning from their mistakes and applying the learned lessons, they are continually thinking back and imagining that things are going to take place differently. They should be more realistic, practical and more concrete in their work-environment and generally regarding their jobs, and professions.

The best response to their occupations in which their creativity, imagination, the tendency to serve and help can come to their expression. It will, therefore, be high as writers, painters, musicians, dancers, actors, designers, teachers, philosophers, doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers and humanitarians.

Symbols, Color, Lucky numbers

How can we symbolically describe a person who is born on the 4th day of the March?

People born on March 4 are ruled by the number 4 and Planet Uranus therefore. Numerologically speaking, since they are under numeral 4 -they can be stable, practical and very critical. These are withdrawn and susceptible creatures.

Their loneliness and isolation from all of them lead to many “failures”, and all that they want is to be stable. Uranus is an explosive and desirable planet in nature that does not make its impact regarding Neptune (that is also the planet that rules these people because they are Pisces).

So these two planets are colliding since Neptune somehow calms the explosive Uranus into transforming that energy into a dreamer.

Their number is 7, and their color is deep orange.

Historical Events on March 4

It is an excellent time to remind ourselves what this date brought to people, in the course of history.

1152 – Fridrih Barbarosa was chosen for the German King and inherited the flock of Konrad III. Later he was one of the leaders in the Crusade War.

1193 – Jusuf Saladin, Sultan of Egypt and Syria, founder of the EU bid dynasty, a lord who in 1187 defeated cruisers at Hatin and conquered Jerusalem. The conquest of Jerusalem, which was then under Francis rule, caused the Third Crusade War.

1801 – Thomas Jefferson became the first US president who was inaugurated in the new capital of the USA, Washington.

1857 – A British-Persian war ended in Paris, and Persia’s chess acknowledged the independence of Afghanistan.

1877- Ballet “The Swan Lake” by Peter Tchaikovsky was first performed at Moscow’s Bolshevik Theater.

1933 – Franklin Delano Roosevelt was sworn in as the 32nd US president and published a new economic program, “New deal”, to overcome the consequences of the Great Economic Crisis since 1929.

1941 – The British navy in the World War II attacked German forces at the occupied Norwegian Lofoten islands and sunk 11 German ships.

1945 – The Red Army emerged in the World War II toward the Baltic Sea.

1964 –  The United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution on the deployment of peacekeeping forces in Cyprus.

1965 – Syria nationalised nine oil companies, including two US oil companies.

1970 – In the hub of the French submarine “Eurydice” in the Mediterranean Sea near Tulona, ​​all 57 crew members were lost.

1974 -Conservatives in the UK suffered the elections, and Prime Minister Eduard Hit resigned. Labour leader Harold Wilson formed the New Government.

1977 – A major earthquake hit Romania, the worst-hit took the capital city of Bucharest, where more than 1,500 people were killed, and 35,000 were left without homes.

1996 -In front of the most significant market centre in Tel Aviv, a bomb blast killed at least 14 people and wound more than 130, which was the fourth attack in Israel in nine days.

Famous people born on March 4

One of the most famous and well -respected composers of all time was born on the 4th day of March, and this date belongs to many creative and successful people who marked a specific era.

1678- Antonio Lucio Vivaldi, a baroque composer.

1932 – Zenzile Miriam Makeba, a South African singer and actress.

1951 – Chris Rea, a British songwriter.

1951 – Kenny Dalglish, a Scottish Footballer and Coach.

1952 – Umberto Tozzi, an Italian singer.

1965 – Khaled Hosseini, an Australian writer and a pharmacist.

1969 – Pierluigi Casiraghi, an Italian footballer and coach.

1974 – Ariel Ortega, the Argentine football player.

1975 – Patrick Femerling, a German basketball player.

1979 – Vyacheslav Malafeev, a Russian footballer.

1979 – Andre Nascimento, a Brazilian volleyball team.

1982 – Landon Donovan, an American footballer.

1990 – Andrea Bowen, an American actress.

In an attempt to understand people of the March 4 we could look at them through the prism of their ruling Zodiac sign Pisces, we could say that these people are undoubtedly romantic, unclear, mysterious, but they know that they can leave a strong impression on others, since they have strong personality, that cannot be seen at first sight.

Looking even further, but not to spread the whole story, we could say that these people are very intuitive, sensitive and romantic in any interpersonal relationship, they have many emotions, but they don’t show them as often as they should. They are very emotional and suppressive, tangled in their feelings that at times they even don’t understand. They are very unrealistic when they fall in love, and they can find the best place in their lives when they find the firm base (that they sometimes don’t find).

What they can do is to “swim” through various life problems, but during that path, they are, overwhelmed with the worst crises, and it is something that they have to deal with.  In a way, people of the March 4 have to accept the inevitability and, in the face of it, very often, as a letdown of destiny. They know well that an afflicted thing does not have that value as what happens spontaneously.