March 31 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

It is not easy to give a short answer to the question of how Astrology is old, cause no one knows for sure; others say that it is so old, in fact, the first science in the world. In, approximately, the XVI-XVII century, astrology was regarded as a doctrine, but at that time, science itself had an entirely different meaning and significance than is the case with modern post-school doctrine.

Later on, so much has changed, and the past view of the world and the teaching that astrology hardly has remained in places of the world of thinkers and scientists. It was a time when physics was separated from metaphysics and astronomy from astrology, which led to astrology being partially deprived of doctrine.

But no matter how astrology is seen, it is definitely in our lives, as human beings, for a long, long time, and it isn’t something that can be denied. It is something so well incorporated in our minds that it becomes a part of our nature.

And when you think about it, Astrology is thus incorporated in our lives, and we meet it almost every day with some form of it- through the newspapers, internet or even thought the inevitable question, what is your horoscope sign that we ask one another all the time?

And when we look at this issue from the other side, it is clear that all of us are defined with our birth date, and it is one of those things that we always say to others, besides our name, for example. And it is not surprising why is this is the case since there is something in looking into our birthdate along with the Zodiac signs.

In this article take a look into the all those things that define people who are born on the March 31.

Personality and Character

What is significant for persons born on March 31 is the opportunity that is provided several times in their lives to make meaningful decisions about changing their lives, in any way they want – it can be a change of partner, job, or anything else.

These people are blessed with this potential, and they should be wise enough to see this opportunity and to take it with their both hands because there is a limited amount of these chances in life. If this happens, people of the March 31 should expect great success, but it will not be easy to reach, but it will happen, eventually. And one more thing -their life path is not easy and straightforward; they have to work hard to achieve some things in their lives, no doubt about it. Nothing will fall into their lap, so effortlessly; but they are competent for hard work, and can endure so much

If it happens to miss out on these changes, their hidden talents will never come to the fore, and they have so many talents and skills, some of which they even know that they have. One more thing is significant for the people of the March 31 – they need to have a positive and optimistic people who will encourage them to become the best that they could be, along with the chance to see every opportunity that is presented to them.

These people are tracking events and responding well to challenges, but it happens because of their need for security as well as the calculation that they sometimes make, that they are incredibly restrained and indecisive human beings. When interpersonal relationships are concerned, one can gain the impression that these people are very cold, but these are very sensitive persons, in their way, but their love is expressed differently. They are not easy to access, but inside their seemingly cold shell, there is a warm heart and the variety of emotions.

There is an unconscious fear in them when passionate and very strong love is in question, and their emotions lie behind a little cynicism, and it is something that is like that because they are not confident and are because they are in constant fear that they will be hurt by other people. They have a strong need to take care of their close families and friends, and sometimes they take too much obligation to themselves, much more than they should.

For this reason, the close people must be extremely sensitive and intuitive and be able to read the signals that these people point to. Because of this kind of emotional orientation for their friends, it would be wiser if they would approach them in a non-emotional way.

Love Compatibility

People of the March 31 can, in love relationships, sank in selfishness and misunderstanding of their emotional needs, and we should all keep in mind that they are not overly romantic and a spontaneous, we could even say that they are clumsy. They also do not oppose in becoming intimate with their partners on the first date, to get as close as possible to the closeness that they want so badly. In fact, they want to be intimate with their lovers, above the physical love, and it is something that they have a problem in finding.

In a way, people of the March 31 love their partners not be classic – these people have a specific taste in love and are attracted to everything that is different and interesting.  They are not attracted to the ordinary people, they want something extraordinary, to match their specific taste.

What is their strong side, they can speak to their partners really and to lead serious conversations that will put their relationships to the next level. People of the March 31 can do very well with words, and it is something that is a part of their loving “game”.

And how loyal are people of the March 31? Do they cheat? Depends on how serious that relation is, and in what phase of their lives these people are; they can act differently, depending on their mood, everything is possible. Keep in mind that these people are passionate and can efficiently bind to their partner – they can cheat in certain times of their lives, but when they find their true match, they don’t have this need anymore. We know, this sounds that you never know what are you getting with these people, and it is true!


They, like all Aries, love freedom, and it cannot be ever questioned. Though they want to be connected entirely when they find a soul mate, they do not have to be non-stop together. What precisely this freedom means depends on the relationship – but it is the aspect that cannot be changed in any way.

The best advice for people who are with them in love relationship is to let them have some of their moments, and they should adapt to their rules and accept their way of life.

If they decide to build a family with those who are born on the March 31, you should know that they are also inclined to take the lead and to be the head of the family! So, the best match for them, regarding family life is someone who loves to be lead.

Purpose and Career

These people are, like all Aries sign, under the influence of the planet Mars that gives them strong energy, always making them active and young in their minds – they are those people who like fighting, moving, and are still ready for action. So, any job that has some of these elements can be a perfect profession for these people.

People of the March 31 are setting their minds towards realising their goals, and those plans are always really ambitious. They are always ready to acknowledge the defeat, and above all, they use this defeat to make their next step better and wiser.

They are ready to do all so they can win, and they have that competitive spirit – they do sports even just as a hobby.

Others see them, regardless of the job they do, as the best athletes, warriors and conquerors, or it can be said that they were born to do whatever they imagined. If they only could see that unique opportunity that comes into their lives, from time to time, and that can change their lives for the better.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on March 31 are under the rule of the number 4 and the planet Uranus. What this symbolically and numerologically means is that these people are different in some way, from other Aries people, they feel and think differently.  Because of this, they can be very stubborn and competitive. Their psyche is a sensible place, and it is difficult for them to fall if they are rejected or misunderstood. The Uranus in combination with Mars, which is the planet in charge for all Aries, brings impulsivity and highly explosive temperament and unpredictable behavior. In essence, a person born on March 31 is a person of common sense.

Their number is 7, and their color is dark red.

Historical Events on March 31

These are some significant events that occur on the last day of the month of March through the history.

1282 – In the rebellion of the Sicilians against the French authorities, all the French people on the island were killed.

1492 – Fernando V and Isabella I published an order that ordered Muslims and Jews to become Catholics or leave Spain.

1496 – Pope Alexander VI with the Holy Roman Empire, Spain, and Venice formed the World League for the Battle with the Turks.

1854 – Japan signed a deal with the United States to open the ports of Shimoda and Hakodate to US merchants, stopping its self-isolation.

1917 – The United States of Denmark took over the West Indian island in the Caribbean Sea and called The Virgin islands.

1942 – Because of the rioting of Indian soldiers against their British officers, Japanese soldiers took the Christmas Island without any resistance.

1948 – The US Congress adopted Marshal’s plan for the rebuilding of post-Europe.

1964 – The Brazilian army carried out a coup d’etat, defeated President Zoe Garth and introduced a dictatorship that lasted for 21 years.

1979 – British destroyer “London” sailed from the harbor in La Valet, ending the military ties between the United Kingdom and Malta.

1983 – In the earthquake that destroyed the Colombian town, at least 500 people were killed and 3,000 were left without homes.

1986 – Mexican plane “Boing 727” crashed in the mountains of central Mexico, where all 166 passengers and crew members were killed.

1994 – Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization signed an agreement on international observers.

2001 – In the Netherlands, four pairs of homosexuals married on the basis of a law passed by the Government.

2002 – In a restaurant in Haifa, a port city on the north of Israel, a bomb killed more than 15 people, and 44 wounded.

Famous people born on March 31

Some fantastic and creative, above successful people who are born on the March 31.

250 – Constance I Chlorus, the Roman emperor and father of Constantine the Great.

1596 – Rene Descartes, a French philosopher, mathematician and physicist

1732 – Joseph Haydn, an Austrian composer.

1823 – Alexander Ostrovsky, a Russian writer.

1872 – Sergei Diaghilev, a Russian ballet choreographer.

1934 – Richard Chamberlain, an  American actor, television and film actor.

1943 – Christopher Walken, an American film and actor.

1948 – Albert Arnold Gore, an American politician.

1968 – Casar Sampaio, a Brazilian footballer and representative.

1971 – Pavel Bure, a Russian hockey player.

1978 – Jerome Rothen, a French footballer.

Some say that people who are born on the March 31 are those people who have strong energy, no matter if we are talking about male or female representative of this date of birth.

They are full of energy, adventurers, warriors, fighters in life, and at the same time they are the people who are very loyal.