March 30 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

All Astrologers claim that the astrology is a science (it has a theory, practice, theories, and methodology), that studies the “influence” of the planet on nature and humans (both individually and for humankind in general). They try to explain and demonstrate the “influence” of celestial bodies on people and nature, and the idea of ​​the existence of an unknown force that is the cause-and-effect relationship between celestial bodies and the people is the science of the stars.

Like gravitational force, this force also exists, and it makes our lives in the way they are; it is nature of our Cosmos, the order of the Planets, and Stars, and we cannot escape its influence. We should, instead try to see it, and accept it for the best things that it can do – makes us look at our roads and potentials.

You cannot also deny that the science of astrology and the system of Zodiac signs have certain spiritual value and undoubtedly great significance for people. Even in the situations when you use it just for “fun” and you don’t believe in it; if you only listen what your Zodiac sign and your birth date have to tell you, you are on the right track.

So, understanding your Zodiac sign, as well as the characteristics of your date of birth, you can make yourself much more aware of your life, potentials, and options, and you can enrich your life, in the best possible way – spiritual.

Spiritual progress is the best progress for any human, and it is the ultimate goal that we all should strive to – even if we have mild success, it is still a good life.

Personality and Character

For people born on March 30th, it is best to choose a profession for their own business or for a job that gives them considerable freedom of action -they are in way people who need to have a certain amount of independence and solitude. They need to have that possibility of decision making alone, without any interference; they can never feel like they are in a trap, it will make them “crazy” and distracted.

These people are extremely direct and often talk about what they think without any diplomacy or any second thought for that matter – what they think about you, you will know at the moment they meet you. And here we should add – people of the March 30 either adore you, either they cannot stand to see your face and have no problem in telling you so.

They can be critical and overly honest humans, but they don’t mean to hurt anyone, they are just who they are – open and honest. For this reason, it often happens for them to come into conflict with their environment, especially close, like family members, and it is especially hard for them when they need to associate with people who they don’t know(or see for the first time), sometimes it is good to be a little bit diplomatic and tactic. If these people who are born on the March 30 act this way, the thing would be much better for them in many ways than one, they could benefit from this. They could gain much more good things from people, and they will enter conflicts less frequently, and conflict stresses them out, so they should avoid them.

These people cannot meet the demands of others because they are directed to their own goal, and this is something that they share with almost all Aries signs that they belong. They are confident and self-obsessed in a certain way, and in nearly every situation they look for the opportunity that will benefit them.

They are very interested in knowing out how others look at them and what they deserve in life, so people of this date act accordingly, or at least they try. When their associates think of it, they consider it a direct blow to them, but it will strengthen their determination.

Partnerships that people develop with these people may be very demanding, and it is a good thing to know that people who want to approach them and their friends must be ready for all things, good and bad, and there are no surprises there. As far as love partners are concerned, these people are interested in unusual and unique partners, and they especially adore those who are financially independent and undesirable for others. This sounds pretty weird, but it is just the nature of the people of the March 30. They hardly come to an end with the success of their partner, so it is possible to design their desires on it. Despite these “qualities” of this person, they are very dedicated and loyal when family and friends are in question and can do everything for them.

Love Compatibility

Classic does not interest people who celebrate their birthdays on the March 30 – they do not mix love and friendship, so if you like them, be sure that there will not be around you the vast secrets and that they will not blame the emotions under the masquerade of platonic love.

People of this date love everything that is different, and they look for that uniqueness in their potential partners – but that partner should also have some other attributes.

However, sometimes they have a problem of joining a partner because more than anything people of this date are, in fact, soloists who are used to doing everything themselves. So, their lovers must accept that they will never be their number one in life, cause they are only persons that they love and put in the first place is themselves and their goals.

It may seem to you that the people of March 30 are selfish and distant, but they are self-reliant and fear being tamed; so their loved ones must learn never to push them or overly expect something from them. Likewise, they consider it very important that their partners are free and independent, both financially and emotionally, and do not depend on them.

One thing also needs to be remembered here, when we are discussing their love life – people of this date are not partners who can be support and shoulder to cry on for their lovers. They are those who like some kind of “free” relationships, but not in the sense of open relationship, but more like a unity where two sides are independent. And this is not a “cup of tea” for everyone.


Purpose and Career

We are presenting you with a choice of some great and creative professions where the people of the March 30 could be great in – this is wide field since these people are capable of doing anything they want, because they have many talents and are persistent. Also, as we said previously they are those people who can succeed in almost anything because they are primarily focused on themselves; but this is also what makes them undesirable colleagues.

In the first place, all Aries, and those who are born on March 30 can be successful entrepreneurs – here they have the autonomy and the ability to achieve the full glory in the event of success, and they have fantastic and original ideas that can turn into the reality, fast. It is possible, of course, also to have a business failure, but the optimistic and confident people as they are do not count on this option.

If this happens, be sure that they will focus on starting something new, or, more likely, they will already have the plan B ready, waiting.

Also, people who are born on this day could become great sellers and competitive sportspeople (in any sport, but preferably in solo games), since they are enthusiastic about gaining people’s attention, they are athletes, and very competitive. It’s hard to get rid of them; when they intend to do something, they can make people crazy. And also these careers allow them to exploit their passion for competition and physical strain.

Their ideal career requires quick action in fateful moments, and everything that has these two components is an excellent choice for the people of the March 30. And whatever they do, they will do it with enthusiasm and joy, and the only problem that can occur is in their interpersonal relationships since they can be demanding and incredibly critical to their co-workers.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on March 30 are ruled by the number 3 and the planet Jupiter, and what this combination symbolically does is that these people are very ambitious prone to dictatorship. These are the people who quickly think and triumph in the mind’s struggles. But because of their direct approach and oppression and hostility to others, the Jupiter, combined with a fire planet that dominates the Aries, a planet of Mars – brings frustration and a true source of mental illness. Mars also brings exceptional determination so it is possible that despite all the obstacles they will be very successful.

Their number is 6, and their color is royal blue.

Historical Events on March 30

Let us remind you about all the significant events that occurred on the March 30, and are remembered as important in our lives, in some way.

1282 – Sicilians began to fight against the reign of King Charles I and thus started the Sicilian War.

1814 – The British and their allies in the war against Napoleon Bonaparte triumphantly entered Paris.

1842 – An American doctor Crawford Long first used an anesthetic during surgery.

1856 – In Paris, the peace treaty ended the Crimean War that was led between Russia and the Ottoman Empire.

1863 – Prince William, the youngest son of Danish King Christian IX, became king of Greece.

1867 – US Secretary of State William Seward purchased Alaska from Russia for $ 7.2 million.

1941 – Adolf Hitler held a general conference in Berlin, regarding the attack on the USSR.

1945 – The Soviet army in the World War II occupied the Polish Baltic port of Danzig, today Gdansk.

1967 – NATO closed military staffs in France as President Charles de Gaulle decided to withdraw the country from that alliance.

1972 – Great Britain put Northern Ireland under direct UK administration.

1973 – Pulling up the last US troops and freed prisoners formally completed military engagement of the US in the Vietnam War.

1979 – Iranians on a referendum favorably voted for the establishment of the Islamic republic.

1987 – Famous picture by the Vincent Van Gogh “Sunflowers” was sold at auction in London for $ 39.7 million.

2003 – In the US state of New York, smoking is prohibited in restaurants and bars.

Famous people born on March 30

In the few rows below, you will find all those successful and interesting characters that are born on the March 30.

1135 – Moses Maimonides, a Jewish philosopher.

1432 – Mehmed II the Conqueror, the Ottoman Sultan.

1746 – Francisco Goya, a Spanish painter.

1853 – Vincent van Gog, a Dutch painter

1894 – Sergey Ilyushin, a Russian aircraft constructor.

1937 – Warren Beatty, an American film actor, director, screenwriter and producer, Oscar winner.

1940 – Jerry Lucas, an American basketball player.

1945 – Eric Clapton, a British musician, composer and guitarist

1976 – Bernardo Corradi, an Italian footballer

1979 – Anatoily Tymoshuk, a Ukrainian football player

1982 – Philippe Mexes, a French footballer.

1983 – Holger Glandorf, a German handball player.

1984 – Samantha Stosur, an Australian tennis player.

1986 – Sergio Ramos, a Spanish football player

1989 –  Joao Sousa, a Portuguese tennis player

In almost impossible attempt to say, in the end, a few short sentences about people who celebrate their birthdays on the March 30, we will say that they are extreme individualists, who have creativity, love public exposure, and leadership; but can be too much self-obsessed and turn just on their goals, forgetting about the important people in their environment.

They are full of ideas, and if they have a vision, they will try to achieve it.