March 3 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Date of birth is something that will mark you until the rest of your life, and it is the “pool” that will help you find some answers about yourself and the world that surrounds you. This is a critical aspect of life, and it can be part of the self-discovery and future development, cause when you think about it, every new thing that we find out about ourselves can be used for proper measures, it can be used for personal growth. Why should we avoid using this science (astrology), and take the best out if?

A lot of information you can find when you look into the Zodiac signs, and the astrology reports in general – see the horoscope sign you belong, it is based on your date of birth (date of birth is something that is repeatedly mentioned in every astrology story).

Once you find out what is your zodiac sign, you can enjoy daily horoscope forecasts that can sometimes help you; it can provide you with advice about the day and help you to deal some difficulties. A sign in which you are born to discover some of your characteristics that will accompany you throughout your life, but even more specific details you can find out in the information that date of birth gives you.

In this article, we will speak more about people who are born on the March 3, and their Zodiac sign – a Pisces. They have many characteristics of this Zodiac sign, along with some differences that their birthdates give them.

Personality and Character

These are the people who celebrate their birthdays on the 3rd day of March and are most preoccupied with the job they are dealing with at the particular moment of their life, and we could say that they are people of the moment. This job is the term that we use loosely since it can be any task in any aspect of their lives. Their engagement on specific tasks is a kind of pleasure because they find great satisfaction in solving problems and achieving the goals -people of this date birth are good in analysing and planning things, both for themselves and others.

People born on the March 3 have a very clear picture of what they want to make and set their goals following their wishes – these are surprisingly down to earth people unlike the rest of Pisces sign who like to phantasies too much. Their desires are not unrealistic, but their realisation requires a lot of energy, that they sometimes lack. This may result in body exhaustion or falling motivation when it comes to concretely solving some critical problem. The visual abilities of these people are highly developed, and they often find their jobs or hobbies in these areas.  They are great writers, actors, poets, painters or musicians. They provide good social relationships with business partners, and people, in general, love them.

Emotionally, they will always find their way to help a friend or colleague. They are compassionate and loyal friends and can be negatively used by others. They will often enjoy the problem of friends and suffer with them themselves. People born on the March 3 should be a strong positive friend to make they feel free and very much. They love adventure, new situations and social events. Their friend will always have something exciting with them something that is very fulfilling and makes long-lasting friendship.

In fact, they do not look good in managerial positions or management, they are too vulnerable and lack self-discipline and lack confidence in these jobs.

Looking things from another perspective, the character of the people that are born on the March 3 is very mysterious and unobtrusive, and some say that they are the people who can be shaped based on their surroundings since they incorporate their experiences and the environment into themselves. When they are happy, they are extremely happy, and when they are sad, they are extremely depressing.

Love compatibility

In love, people of the March 3 are prone to unconditional love but may be intolerant towards imperfection, and this is the aspect that is the most problematic in their love life. Any misunderstanding by their partners in their business engagement can lead to serious conflicts, and since they are emotional, they can fall into depression and melancholy. Very important for these people is to learn to put themselves in the first place in front of all obligations. In this way, loving themselves, they can become what they are.

Some representatives of this date can be somewhat extreme and have severe mood changes, and conflict of emotions. They must learn to use their abilities and imagination in a positive, productive way and to fight for emotional stability by not giving their emotions to everyone else because they need to help themselves.

As all Pisces, they are a sign of mysticism, mystery and spiritually unfamiliar things, and are attracted to those and similar people, who enjoy same or similar elements. They are the people who can be realistic and have realistic goals, but who also have spiritual or mystical love worlds where they interpret what they see and what they want.

They do it because they want to avoid pain and suffering in the world of reality, and in that situations, people of the March 3 have extreme emotions and feel good and bad very intensely. When they love they give their entire being, when they stop loving, it is also something very intensely, but unlike other Pisces people, these individuals can choose a suitable partner for themselves.

Purpose and Career

As we already said these people are not suitable for managerial positions, and when they find themselves in the business world, they are poorly criticised, but their strong point is that they are creative people, they are dreamers and visionaries – it is more important to do what they like than to achieve financial success.

Compassionate and imaginative people who celebrate their birthdays on the March 3 are a career that will help them achieve dreams. And at work, they always try to strike a balance between material and emotional goals – they like to be content in what they do, but they don’t shy away from good salary. More important to them is that their job offers satisfaction and fulfilment than a significant profit, but as we said, they don’t shy away from gaining money, even investing (here can be seen their practical side).


They are better off in teamwork than as individuals because they need support and encouragement. They are incredibly committed to fulfilling their duties and are happy to help their associates even if they are not looking for them.

Their imagination makes it possible to find original solutions that will not come to mind. A wise employer will use this ability and give them the freedom of creative thinking without strict limits and deadlines.

Symbols, Color, Lucky numbers

Persons born on March 3 rule number 3 and the planet Jupiter (that is the ruler of the number 3, that is numerically speaking good numbers that is connected to the Divine realms, and God), besides the Neptune that is also ruling the planet for all Pisces. We know that ruling planet Neptune gives strength, intellect and mystery, but what Jupiter gives these people is ambition and makes them more laborious to elevate in every business to the highest altitudes and management positions.

Most people born in the sign Pisces, and people of the March 3 also, are somehow involved in occult or spirituality. They are very good at understanding people. They can get be connected to the human psyche and see it behind and through people. Their greater search for goals and their fear of confrontation and the need to change the situation make them vulnerable.

They are characterised by a great gift of observation and full of original ideas. They are creative and take on a vibrant spirit. Jupiter combined with the ruler of the Neptune can yield indecision and passivity, especially in critical situations. But the aspect of these two planets is also likely to bring about financial success and security.

Their number is 6, and their colour is a cooper.

Historical Events on March 3

One of the worst plane accidents occurred on this date, and unfortunately, March 3 is forever marked by this unfortunate event. Take a look at some other events that happened on this date throughout the human history.

1703 – An English scholar and discoverer Robert Hook died. He perfected the barometer, telescope and microscope.

1808 – French troops under the command of Marshal Joachim Moncey occupied Madrid.

1861 – The Emperor’s Order of Alexander II abolished peasants from work in Russia. More than 47 million of them were released from the feudal relationship and gained the right to trade, deal with crafts and all jobs in the economy.

1875 – In Paris Opera, the first time in history, Bizet’s opera “Carmen” was performed.

1878 – The Sanpaolo Peace Agreement of Russia and Turkey was signed -it meant that Russia tried to “solve the Eastern Question” for its benefit and the creation of Great Bulgaria, which also included some areas of Eastern Serbia, secured a dominant position in the Balkans.

1918 – The peace agreement between Soviet Russia and Germany and its allies in the World War  I was signed in Brest-Litovsk.

1924 – The National Assembly in Ankara abolished the Muslim caliphate and moved from the Caliph and his family as part of the reform of President Kemal Ataturk to modernise the country.

1974 – The worst accident in the history of civil aviation killed 346 people in the Turkish DC-10 passenger plane, which collapsed near Paris.

1980 – The leader of the ZANU party Robert Mugabe won the first free elections in Rhodesia, and then formed the first mostly black government.

1991 – Residents of Latvia and Estonia voted favourably for the independence from the Soviet Union.

1996 – Conservative People’s Party of Hose Mary Asnar won the parliamentary elections in Spain, ending the 13-year reign of Socialist Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez.

1996 – French writer Margaret Diras died.

1996 – A bomb blast bombed in downtown Jerusalem killing19 people, including a suicide bomber.

1997 -At least 125 people were killed, and more than 450 were injured when a passenger train in Pakistani went out of the ramp at full speed.

2002 – Citizens of Switzerland pleaded at a referendum on the entry of Switzerland into the United Nations.

Famous people born on March 3

These are some fantastic and eventive people who are born on the 3rd day of March – writers, actress and inventors, and there is everything.

1652 – Thomas Otvey, an English writer.

1807 – Charles François Antoine Morren, a Belgian botanist and horticulturist.

1847 – Alexander Graham Bell, a British-American inventor.

1911 – Jean Harlow, an American film actress

1922 –  Nándor Hidegkuti, a Hungarian footballer and coach.

1926 – Lys Assia, the Swiss singer and first winner of Eurosong.

1956 – Zbigniew Boniek, a Polish footballer.

1976 – Oksana Lada, a Ukrainian actress.

1977 – Ronan Keating, Irish pop-rock singer.

1981 – Laslo Find, Hungarian handball player.

1993 – Antonio Rudiger, a German footballer.

For a better understanding of the people that are born on the March 3, we must say a few short sentences that will sublime this article.

One important thing needs to be mentioned, people of the March 3 are great in everything that is related to the heart, they are extremely creative and can use their skills of creativity and their understanding of people to inspire others.

Unfortunately, most of the characters in the Pisces sign, as well as people of the March 3, are not persistent in their path to the goal and never reach the degree of glory they might have. They must stop thinking of themselves because they think their models are more capable of them than is often the case. They are wrong in managerial positions, but this doesn’t stop them from pursuing them, and the most important things are that they are the people fo the moment.

A good trait that these people have is their orientation towards practicality and their loyal and kind heart.