March 29 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Understanding that the Astrology can be seen as science is the thesis that has a newer date and is represented almost exclusively by those who are affirmatively related to astrology – but no one can deny that we all believe that something exists there, in the Zodiac system of signs.

Those who claim that Astrology is just funny and entertaining activity, and nothing more, think this way because of the inability to observe astrology in the right way.

No matter in what group you belong, many astrologers by proclaiming astrology for science, are giving to it an important attribute to become a modern science today and to be taken seriously. Even in this understanding of astrology, there is no single opinion, and that is completely fine. A smaller number of those who advocate that the astrology is a science are relying on the “ancient” science of astrology, and their interpretation.

Among astrologers and astrology lovers, there is also a significant number of those who, are sure that there is a physical influence of celestial bodies (gravitational or electromagnetic) or, much more often, as “unknown power” that affect us.

We can all agree that influence of the celestial bodies in the time of our birth exists, and this claim stands no matter you believe in the astrology, no matter do you call it a science, or you use it for fun.

And, once again, above all, there is no doubt that the date and time of our birth are very significant, and we will speak of this issue in this article, specifically, we will speak of date March 29.

Personality and Character

People born on March 29, still in early adulthood, educate themselves, so their understanding of the world is expanding, they are those who want to know the world, who want to discover all of the secrets that exist in the Universe; and they will work hard to achieve this goal all their lives.

These people like to observe and study the life circumstances in detail before they start to act; they are those individuals who like to wait for the right moment to come, before they act in the way they see fit. This may seem for their environment that people of the March 29 are very indecisive, but that is not the case. They know what they want, it is just they are patient, much more than other people.

These people like to put serious intentions in any personal or business project so that they can come closer to their goals. And the primary goals in their lives is to know the world in the best possible way so that they could change it for the better, and leave a mark in some way. Will they achieve this, no one knows, but they are living their lives like they are certainly going to change the world.

People who are born on the March 29 are lead (even in early teenage years) to be perfect and to receive a public acknowledgement. This can be of benefit, especially if they are placed in positions that have a great responsibility precisely because they do not strive for them – don’t be fooled, they love to be recognised, but popularity without the purpose means nothing to them. People born this day like the comfort and enjoyment of all kinds. Most people born this day have good friends and love partners who always support them -this relation comes in both ways, the respect and love are mutual.

Regarding interpersonal relationships, people of this date of birth are very precise in looking at society, and almost nothing can pass them, they see everything. They have a great memory that helps them to keep all their memories in their minds, but also it can turn them into vengeful people who remember all those negative things that others did to them, and they wait for the opportunity to make things even. Another of the qualities of people born this day is their wit.

In any conflict, people of the March 29 are maybe too mild and, in the end, filled with forgiveness. Even if they want revenge, they will forgive in the end, and this could lead to a lot of unfinished interpersonal relationships.

Love Compatibility

People of the March 29 are in a way complicated in love since they can be a bit neurotic if they don’t have a partner that will give them by their opinions enough love. But, people of the March 29 are willing to provide a supreme sacrifice to the partner, and this is true only in the case when their partners are carefully chosen. If not, then they have one problematic situation in love on their hands.

Their emotional life can be overwhelmed if they are in the specific times of their lives, emotionally burdened, and under the big pressure from work for example. These people can have trouble to find their true match, someone who will understand them perfectly, and who will be their rock in life. Also, they need someone who will know that being in a serious relationship with the person, who remembers every detail of their lives, can be difficult and filled with challenges.

In family life, they are the alphas – nothing is going on in the house if they don’t know about it. They can be egotistic at times, in moments when they realise that they gave too much to their families and that it is time for them, to commit themselves to their personal agendas and goals.

And again they can feel guilty if they do so, but sentimental life is always a rollercoaster for people of the March 29.


Purpose and Career

People of the March 29 are in their workplaces – fighting and persistent! What are the ideal jobs for this fiery and determined people? Some say that it is entrepreneurial, but certainly not the only one. They can do anything they want to do, only if they want it. If they don’t have a unique talent, they will work harder than anyone else, and the need to be perfect will push them towards success.

Those who are born on March 29 are people of curiosity and wisdom; they acquire knowledge all of their lives, they feel like there is all the power to be successful.

They are ambitious, persistent, courageous and fighting people, like all Aries to be precise. Because they belong to a fire element, they are active, social and adventurous people who are mature from an early age of their lives; they are those who know what they will do in their lives, even when their professional road has not yet started. Like in other fields, they also need a platform for self-actualisation and impact on the environment -this is something that all Aries sign share, and people of the March 29 too.

Since they are known for their tremendous energy and initiative, many of them work in the structures that require a lot of movement; contacts, competition and quick decision making – and they do very well in performing all of these tasks. Their irresistible ambition will help them to succeed as politicians, entrepreneurs, athletes, tour operators, builders, police officers, soldiers, rescuers and surgeons.

There is a variety of jobs that they could do successfully, and maybe sports and politics are on the top of that list.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on March 29 are under the rule of the number 2 and celestial body – the Moon.

What this numerological symbolism does is that it makes them love society, cooperation and are better associates than leaders (no matter if they have these leadership ambitions, as Aries does). This quality comes especially if there is a dominant personality in front of the leader so that these people can work peacefully on mental development. The impact of the Moon on the people born this day brings excellent sensitivity and developed intuition.

When the Moon is in combination with ruling planet Mars, that dominates the Aries sign, it gives rise to sensitivity to criticism as well as impatience when the feelings of others are in question.

Their colors are blue-silver, and their numbers are 15 and 6.

Historical Events on March 29

To understand this date better, we will remind ourselves of all past events that took place precisely on this date.

1461 – In the bloodiest battle in the War of Two Roses in England, about 36,000 soldiers under the Flag of the Dynasties York were defeated.

1772 – A Swedish philosopher and naturalist Emanuel Swedenborg, author of Mystic-Theosophical Learning of Nature died.

1809 – A Swedish King Gustav IV was forced to abdicate after Swedish troops were defeated in the war with Denmark.

1848 – Began a three-year battle between Denmark and Prussia in which the Danes suffered loss and lost a large part of the territory.

1849- The United Kingdom, unveiled Punjab and united it to India.

1864 – Greece returned sovereignty over the islands in the Ionian Sea under the colonial rule of Great Britain.

1867 -The United Kingdom of Quebec, Ontario, New Scotland and New Brunswick formed the dominion of Canada.

1891- A French painter Georges Seurat died. He was the founder of the movement pointillism.

1901 – The first federal election was held in Australia. In the first Australian parliament, the Labor Party won the highest number of seats.

1912 – English polar researcher Robert Falcon Scott died of cold and hunger when returning from the South Pole, where he arrived on January 13, 1912, and four weeks after Norwegians Roald Amundsen.

1946 – The new Constitution, the Golden Coast, present Ghana, became the first British colony in Africa with the majority in the Parliament and waited for full independence for another 14 years.

1967 – The first French nuclear submarine was launched.

1972 – Bolivia spared 119 members of the Soviet embassy in La Paz, accusing Moscow of funding the Latvian rebels.

1974 – American Marine Satellite “Mariner 10” recorded the first photographs of Mercury.

1982 -A German composer Carl Orff, the author of the “Carmina Burana”, died.

1990 – An Australian Prime Minister Bob Houk wins the elections, becoming the first Labor Party to win the Head of the Government four consecutive times.

2002 – The first cosmic appliance “S-21”, designed for cosmic tourism, was presented in Moscow.

2002- Israeli armored units entered Ramal and blocked the headquarters of Palestinian leader Jaser Arafat.

Famous people born on March 29

Who are those who are born on the March 29? Do they have something similar to each other? Take a look.

1561 – Santorio Santorio, the inventor of the thermometer.

1790 – John Tyler, an American politician and president.

1826 – Wilhelm Liebknecht, a German politician.

1899 – Lavrenty Berry, a Soviet politician.

1916 – Eugene McCarthy, an American politician.

1939 – Terence Hill, an Italian actor.

1943 – Vangelis, a Greek composer.

1943 – Eric Idle, a British comedian, actor and director, as well as a guitarist and songwriter.

1943 – John Mageor, a British politician and statesman, Prime Minister of Great Britain.

1952 -Teofilo Stevenson, a Cuban boxer, Olympic and world heavyweight champion.

1957 – Christopher Lambert, an American actor.

1961 – Barbara Wussow, an Austrian actress.

1976 – Jennifer Capriati, an American tennis player.

Maybe we could say that by looking at this last section, there are most sportspeople, or in a way people who are involved in sports and politics that are born on the March 29.

And this could basically sum up who are they as people. They are competitive, and they always seek perfection, they want to help people, but also to receive recognition from the society.

People of the March 29 are those who are knowledgeable and wise, who learn something their entire life; they are those who like to learn and have an incredible memory.

This comes as a problem in their interpersonal relationships since they can become vengeful people, with a lot of anger.