March 28 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

The earliest understanding of astrology and the effort to explain the effect that planets have on us was described as a type of religion, a system of belief similar to religion, it was nothing more to it, there is no science. This can be seen in the in the early Judaistic, Christian and Islamic religions, they all describe connection that humans have with the world that comes from beyond, like planets.

Some others explanations of the origin of the astrology, by which it came about through the revelation transmitted to the angels by men, has led to the dominating of the claims that the planets are proclaimed divinities in astrology descriptions, that astrology is primarily regarded as verity, and that astrology sees some spiritual competition to ruling religions, and that is connected with it in some inseparable way.

Such opinions are a consequence of the lack of knowledge of astrology itself, and you should see them as something that is not coherent and consistent.  Although the notion of astrology as a religion or pseudo-religion points to a certain link between religion and astrology that indeed exist, it is now largely overlooked and has no significance at the time of significantly greater influence on religion and religious teachings, so today, in official sources, or sources close to religious communities, astrology is rarely defined solely as religion, pseudo-religion.

But some say, Astrology is not religion, but it is certainly a science that is based on the particular methodology, and rules and the primary thesis is that we are determined by the date of our birth and that we should look for the deeper meaning in it. And in this article, we will speak of people who are born on March 28, and all the features that separate them from the all others people who are born in March.

Personality and Character

People born on March 28 are realistically speaking, open and honest individuals who have a good sense of humor that does not hurt anyone, they are very considerate about other people’s feelings and needs, and they are compassionate, even if they don’t want to be. In their life, they usually move through the path they choose, but it does happen that they often have no clear picture of the direction of their movement regarding career or their purpose in life.

People of this date of birth can be spontaneous, and even without proper instruction in their lives since they have many talents, they can never honestly fail, they can pick themselves up and move on. These people can do the thing they don’t want to, and they can do it successfully – people of the March 28 are great, they can be professionals in that sense, doing the job correctly is one of their obsessions.

These people do not usually have the feeling for the needs of others but are also very popular in their environment, because of their openness and honesty. This is something that proves that even if they say something stupid, they don’t mean anything bad, they are maybe, too open, and unrestricted in communication with others, known, and unknown.

Often they meet the lower positions to keep their peace and to avoid conflicts in interpersonal relationships, they out themselves on the lower ranks than they deserve so that they are accepted.

If they are offered a higher job, due to their lack of confidence, they are overwhelmed by anxiety; they will reject that position. Even though they may be quite ready for such a situation, public opinions are often suspected of the correctness of their decisions; the others opinions can influence people of the March 28. Friends of persons born on March 28 are very loyal and sacrificed, and there are just a handful of them, everyone else comes later, maybe they stay and more often they won’t. It is very crucial for these people to be protected and rarely happens to choose the positions in life in which they may be injured, emotionally, financially; professionally… people of the March 28 will defend themselves by all costs.

Love Compatibility

There are some universal signs, signals, and body language that undoubtedly can attract this individual to be in love, but things are never so simple, right? We all have some of our own characteristics in love – how we love, and how we become attracted to someone. How do you know if you won someone’s heart, how do you know are you the one? What kind of person is the one that person of the March 28 falls in love?

This is a situation where he can go to two extremes. His fiery temperament and warrior in him wake up in him a knight who saves you from that entire fighter fighting for your attention and love. In other words, this person is the person that speaks “beautiful songs” when he falls in love deeply. This is the case when this person is so persistent to win this person over that he will not stop trying to get close.

But on the other end of this love story, there is a person who can completely lose head because it is not able to recognise its emotions and to choose its partner.

And when this person realise that his partner is not suitable, then he may become aggressive and unmanageable because he is unable to express emotions – this is the person that needs to feel love, and accepted, otherwise, people of March 28 will become distant and will retreat till they feel they are ready to mingle again.

No matter how they behave, they will fall in love when potential partner shows its emotions.

The best match for people who are born on the March 28 are those who are fiery and temperamental lovers, everything in between can be “bland” to them.

Purpose and Career

People who are born on the March 28 are those who above all love to have a successful career, and functional social – these two things are essential to these people, and they will try everything to have it. If they cannot have its regular way, people of the March 28 will work every other way, like achieving the status that they want by marrying someone, etc.


In fact, people of this date are great improvisers, and for every problem in their lives, from business to financial, it is easy and simple to find a solution.

They will work harder than ever before, and they are lead by one thought -to succeed, nothing else interests them.

People of this date of birth can earn a lot of money, and they are those who can lose it since they are generous and like to fascinate others with gifts… They use the money for this purpose.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

People born on March 28 are ruled by the number 1 and the celestial body of the essential importance – the Sun. It is the celestial body that is so relevant in the Astrology, that every zodiac sign is correlated to the Sun.

What does this planetary body does to the people who are born on the March 28 is that they are a great individualist who strives in everything to be first, they are competitive people who like to have that competitive rush in their lives.

This is the reason why they are attracted to the advertising market, acting, stock market jobs – they can find their ideal situation in any of these areas.

In interpersonal relationships, they are those who are separated by their individuality and creative potential associated with intuition come to the fore. Concrete persons born on March 28 may be very upset when they are given a chance to progress because of lack of confidence, and this is something that all of the people who are born on the March 28 face with.

The Sun combined with ruling planet Mars (that is responsible for all Aries sign people)  brings terrific energy and pleasure to love.

People born this day are a cheerful and they have positive spirit but what they lack is consciousness about themselves. They do not like any analysis and psychological reviews so that they can be in long periods of depression, while they are in the process of self-examining.

Their number is 13. and their color is gold.

Historical Events on March 28

We must say that March 28 is also remembered in the minds of people as the date connected to the War, but if you read this article with care, you will see some other bright details that happened on this date.

1776 – The Bolshoi Theater, the grand opera and ballet theatre, was founded in Moscow, in Saint Petersburg, where operas were performed from the 1840s till this day.

1800 – The Irish Parliament adopted the law on the unification of Ireland with England.

1930 – The two largest Turkish cities, Constantinople and Angora, received new names – Istanbul and Ankara.

1939 – The Republican Army handed over Madrid to the forces of General Franco, ending the Spanish Civil War. General Franco announced on April 1st at the end of the war that lasted for 986 days and carried over a million human lives.

1941 – In the emergence of depression caused by the World War II, British writer Virgil Volf committed suicide.

1942 – The British army – the navy, aviation and land forces, destroyed the French port of Sen Nazar, in which there were anchored German warships.

1943 – The Russian composer and pianist virtuoso Sergei Rachmaninov, author of famous piano concerts and “Rhapsody on the Paganini theme”, died in Beverly Hills, California.

1969 – US General and State Secretary Dwight David Eisenhauer, Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in the Second World War in Europe, NATO Commander, 1950-52, died.

1970 – In the earthquake that destroyed the Turkish city of Gediz and the surrounding villages in western Anatolia, at least 1,100 people were killed.

1973 – American actor Marlon Brando refused to receive Oscar for the main role in the movie “Godfather”, and at the award ceremony he sent Indian actress Sacc Litlfeder to describe the suffering of American Indians.

1994 – The French dramatic writer of the Romanian origin, Eben Jonesko, the creator of the “antithesis” and one of the most important authors of the “absurd theatre”died.

2001 – The Democratic Republic of the Congo has reached the first contingent of “blue shields” with the task of strengthening the UN presence in that country after the civil war.

2003 – From the Tanzanian island, Japan launched its first spy satellites in the cosmos, which will enable it to gather data independence, including the North Korean military movement.

2004 – The famous British actor, screenwriter, writer, director and producer Peter Justinov died at the age of 83.

Famous people born on March 28

We will mention just one name in this section -Lady Gaga…..

1868 – Aleksey Maksimovich Peshkov, known as Maksim Gorki, a Soviet writer, founder of the literary method of socialist realism.

1892 – Corneille Heymans, a Belgian physiologist and nobleman.

1914 -Bohumil Hrabal, a Czech writer.

1921 – Dirk Bogarde, an English actor.

1928 – Zbigniew Brzezinski, a Polish – American politician.

1936 -Mario Vargas Llosa, a Peruvian writer.

1961 – Byron Scott, an American basketball player and coach.

1973 – Bjorn Kuipers, a Dutch Football Judge.

1974 – Jonas Ericsson, a Swedish Football Judge.

1975 – Ivan Helguera, a Spanish football player.

1985 – Stanislas Wawrinka, a Swiss tennis player.

1986 – Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, known as Lady Gaga, an American singer.

1986 – Barbora Zahlavova Strycova, a Czech tennis player.

People born this day have no clear ambitions in their lives, they don’t want to be first in their profession, they don’t want to be leaders, team builders, they don’t even want to do the same thing forever, they are people of the moment and they like change. Thanks to their mild nature this person moves through life perhaps slower than they should, since they have many incredible traits.