March 23 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

People who are born on March 23rd are born under the Zodiac sign of Aries. This fire sign is the leading sign of Zodiac and therefore has characteristics which go along with this position of the Zodiac.

These people are strong-headed and determined. They are guided through life by raw ambition, but they don’t always accomplish what they imagine. They tend to be preoccupied with many things at the same time which is the main problem in their lives.

They can’t seem to decide what to do first so they don’t distribute their time the right way. In today’s text we are going to talk about people who were born on the March 23rd and their personalities.

We are going to discuss their character traits and what sets them apart from everyone else. We are also going to see which career options are best for them as well as partners. So if you are born on this day or you know someone who is, this is the right opportunity to find out more about yourself or others.

Characteristics and Personality

People who are born on the March 23rd are born under the Zodiac sign of Aries and their ruler is Ram. These people carry specific traits that are usually linked only to them and not the others.

They are very ambitious and competitive. Everything in their life is a competition and they can’t seem to look at things in a different way. Their goals are not always quite determined because they tend to focus on several things at the same time which distracts them from their goal. People born in this first triad have a much milder character than those born in the second and third triad. They are usually quite pleasant people and many fall in love with them at first.

They are heroes and saviors who are always there to help others in trouble. But, as you get to know them better you notice that they tend to be quite aggressive and sensitive at times. They get mad quickly but also forget that they are mad just as easily. This is why they have strong friendships, especially with the people who put through their worst phases.

These people are brave and they have an imaginative mind that helps them to master everything they do. When they are passionate about something they are prepared to work day and night to make this goal come to life. Overall they are reliable people who always give respect back in return to those who deserve it. They enjoy being surrounded by people and being adored by others.

They are guided through life by raw ambition, but they don’t always accomplish what they imagine. They tend to be preoccupied with many things at the same time which is the main problem in their lives. In their worst, they can be very intolerant and undiplomatic to people who are close to them. They can be stubborn and rely only on their own opinion and ignore everything else. This can make them very unpleasant people to be around with, especially in relationships.

Another bad thing is their depression prone nature that often comes to the surface when they don’t achieve what they have imagined. They tend to keep a smile on their face and avoid complaining to other people because of the image that they want to present to others.

Love Compatibility

People born on the March 23rd are people who love deeply and passionately. Love at first sight is nothing uncommon to them since they van often fall victim of it. These lovers are often hasty and can’t control their desires. When they like someone they are going to be straight forward and tell that person what they think. But, if they don’t see any feedback from that person they certainly won’t wait for them too long. They usually experience a lot of relationships in their lives because they like to meet as much new people as they can and explore their own limits when it comes to relationships.

They can often be jealous and controlling to their partners because they fall in love deeply and demand the same in return. They best get along with people born on the 1st, 29th, 8th, 19th, 20th and 11th. Zodiac signs that best suit them are those who are born under the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius and Leo but the most compatible sign for an Aries is the caring Libra. These two signs might be opposite on the chart but in real life they work perfectly together and are a perfect couple. Aries needs Libra’s caring nature and romantic approach in their lives, while Aries gives Libra a different outlook on the world and a bit more adventure and roughness that they lack. The least comparable sign for an Aries is Pisces, since their overly emotional and melancholic nature doesn’t suit their high energy drive at all.

Purpose and Career

People born on March 23rd need to be involved on a job that they are passionate about. Unless they feel like they are driven by something passionate, they won’t be able to achieve anything. They can often become lazy and uninterested in the things they are doing if they can’t see the purpose. Aries people are very hard working and belong to one of the hardest working signs of the Zodiac.

They are motivated by ambition and every job that offers them a chance to be adored and praised by others is perfect for them. They often choose careers in military, police, law, marketing and economics. Jobs like firefighters and lifeguards are also very interesting to them. When choosing a career another problem can represent their determination to always be right. This can cause problems with their supervisors and make them come in conflict with their boss. Because of this it is best for them to work alone and not as a part of a team or at least they should start their own business and not rely on finding a regular job. Their ambition runs high and luck somehow always follows them even when they take risk.

Symbols, Lucky Number and Colors

People born on March 23rd have several things in common; their birthstone is Diamond which represents elegance and strength. Another stone is Emerald which represents regeneration and harmony.

Their lucky color is red which symbolizes energy and passion. Other lucky colors are carmine and scarlet. Their lucky flower is honeysuckle and metal Iron which is a symbol of strength and power. Their lucky numbers are 1, 14, 23, 19 and their motto is “I am, I do”. their lucky day is Tuesday and all of these symbols can be helpful when trying to find a gift for someone born on this day or for yourself if you want to boost your inner energy.


Historical Events on March 23

  • 809 – Baghdad Caliph Harun al-Rashid (Harun Pravedni) died. During the reign of 786 to 809 he successfully fought against Byzantium and Khazar, exchanged letters and gifts with Karl the Great, and maintained diplomatic relations with China. His character is idealized in Arabic folk poetry and “Stories from a thousand and one night”.
  • 1765 – The British Parliament passed the Law on Taxes, imposing taxes and American colonies.
  • 1801 – In the conspiracy of court officials, Russian Emperor Pavle I Petrovich Romanov was killed. It was followed by son Alexander I.
  • 1842 – French author Anri Bail Stendhal, the beginner of the great epoch of French realism, and one of the creators of the realistic and psychological novels (“Red and Black”, “Parma Carthusian Monastery”, “Lisjen Leven”) died.
  • 1861 – United Italy formed the first government, and the first prime minister became Count Kamilo Benso di Cavour, a prominent fighter for the unification of Italy.
  • 1910 – Japanese film director Akira Kurosawa was born, who celebrated Japanese cinema, the only director to win two Oscars for the best foreign film (“Rashomon”, “Seven Samurai”, “Bloody Presto”, “Kagemusha”).
  • 1912 – German engineer Werner von Braun was born, the designer of rocket missiles “Fau-1” and “Fau-2”, who were bombed by Great Britain in World War II. After the war he emigrated to the United States, where he led the production of rocket missiles “Redstoun” and “Jupiter C”, which was launched in 1958 by the first American artificial satellite “Explorer-1”.
  • 1918 – The gigantic German top “Great Berta” bombed in the First World War of Paris with more than a hundred kilometers of distance.
  • 1919 – Benito Mussolini founded Milan Fascist Party.
  • 1945 – The Battle of the Rhine in World War II, between the Allies and Germany, ended in April with the victory of allied forces.
  • 1950 – The Convention Establishing the World Meteorological Organization came into force and this day is marked as the World Meteorological Day.
  • 1956 – Pakistan became the Islamic Republic under the new constitution.
  • 1966 – The Canterbury Archbishop met in Rome with Pope. It was the first meeting of two church leaders since the foundation of the Anglican Church 400 years ago.
  • 1983 – Dr. Barney Clark, the first man with an artificial heart, died. Clarke lived with an artificial heart for 112 days.
  • 1994 – Presidential candidate of the ruling Revolutionary Institutional Party Mexico Luis Donalddo Colosio was killed at a pre-election rally in Tijuana.
  • 2001 – After a 15-year mission in space, the Russian space station “Mir”, which once gave Russia the status of “cosmic force”, was destroyed by immersion in the Pacific Ocean.
  • 2003 – Over 92 percent of Slovenian citizens voted in favor of the country’s entry into the European Union.
  • 2006 – South African Mike Horn and Norwegian Borg Ousland are the first people to cross the frozen Arctic Ocean through the skies, ending an 1,000-kilometer expedition – from northern Siberia to the North Pole.
  • 2010 – US President Barack Obama signed a historic law on health care that is expanding to tens of millions of Americans and preventing misuse of insurance companies.
  • 2011 – An American actress and one of Hollywood’s greatest stars, Elizabeth Taylor, died. She has won two Oscars for roles in the films “Who Is Afraid of Virginia Wulf” and “Butterfiled 8”, and she has noticed remarkable roles in films such as “Cat on a Crowned Tin Roof”, “Cleopatra”, “Div”, “Lesi Returnshome “.
  • 2013 – Nigerian novelist, poet and critic Cinua Achebe died in Boston, USA, in the 82nd year. He gained world fame with his debut novel “Things Fall Apart” in 1958, considered the most read book of modern African literature.
  • 2014 – Adolf Suares died first democratically elected prime minister of Spain (1977) after nearly four decades of fascist dictatorship of Francis Franck.

Famous People Born on March 23

  • – Born Pierre-Simon, Marquis de Laplas (French Pierre-Simon, Marquis de Laplace), French astronomer, mathematician and physicist.
  • 1769 – Born William ‘Strata’ Smith, an English geologist.
  • 1823 – Born Schuyler Colfax, American politician.
  • 1826 – Born Ludwig Minkus, Czech violinist, conductor and composer.
  • 1881 – Born Roger Martin du Gard, a French writer.
  • 1881 – Born Hermann Staudinger, a German chemist.
  • 1887 – Born José Victoriano González-Pérez, a Spanish painter.
  • 1900 – Born Erich Fromm, an American-German psychoanalyst.
  • 1905 – Born Joan Crawford, an American actress.
  • 1905 – Born Lale Andersen, German actress and singer (Lili Marelene).
  • 1907 – Born Daniel Bovet, Italian pharmacologist and Nobel Prize winner.
  • 1910 – Born Akira Kurosawa (Japanese 黒 澤 明 Akira Kurosawa), Japanese director.
  • 1912 – Born Wernher von Braun, American inventor of German descent.
  • 1915 – Born Vasily Zaytsev, the famous Soviet sniper in the Second World War.
  • 1917 – Born Evgeny Ananevich Haldej, Soviet photographer.
  • 1921 – Born Donald Campbell, a British automobile.
  • 1922 – Born Ugo Tognazzi, an Italian actor.
  • 1924 – Bette Nesmith Graham, an American inventor, was born.
  • 1927 – Born Mato Damjanović, Croatian chess player.
  • 1968 – Born Fernando Fernando, Spanish footballer.
  • 1976 – Born Michel Monahan, an American actress.
  • 1978 – Born Valter Samuel, Argetine footballer.
  • 1990 – Born Haime Algersuari, Spanish Formula One driver.
  • 1992 – Born Kyrie Irving, an Australian-American professional basketball player.