March 22 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

The time and pace in which we live today, in these modern times impose new rules on our behavior; we are pretty busy and in constant search for useful information to fulfill our life goals or dreams – sometimes we need a little push from the force that comes from some others side.

Human growth and general development along with the modern science have the task of finally determining what Cosmos indeed is, what is its true nature, and above all to clarify the impact of the planets and Cosmos on our destiny. And here we come to the breaking point; Astrology is the science that deals with this issue, it deals with the connection between the people and the celestial bodies, and the way they affect our lives and destiny. It speaks of that, even esoteric, relationship that people have with the Universe, and when you think of this link, it makes sense. We learn that all of us are connected, from plants to the most massive objects in space; and people fit in this equation.

And now more than ever, we want as much information as possible, we want it right now, as soon as possible, right now – the faster we find out the potentials we own, the quicker we can walk the path of success.

On that road, the first step is finding the out what our birth date has to tell us, including aspects of the Zodiac signs.

Personality and Character

People born on March 22 are full of confidence that helps them develop their plans without any help or support, they are individualists who like to do things in their own way (this is apparently the impact of the Aries sign that they belong to). These are persons who do not suffer any denial or criticism because they have a pronounced sense of infallibility. Following their ambitious plans, they can achieve significant business and financial success; of course, people who celebrate their birthdays on the March 22 can get lost on those ambitious plans and can fail at times. They need to learn to deal with this maturely.

One of the essential characteristics of persons born on March 22 is their directness – what they mean they will say it directly and openly. These people are just the ones that they represent; there is nothing beneath the surface, what you see is what you get. If one tries to analyse their character or to suspect that there are some hidden motives, these persons will react very furiously, because they feel like they are always sincere and open, and cannot understand when others lie.

When they find their true call in life, and this happens sometime in their mid-twenties, they continue this way, and it can be an occupation that they will deal with for a lifetime.

According to friends and family, people of the March 22 like to be worshipped, that can at times seriously show a tendency towards despotism and tyrannical behaviour.

Love Compatibility

How can we describe people who are temperamental in everything they do, in love, a place where we are all about the emotions? Well, you guessed it, people of the March 22 are fiery. Their love temperament is passionate, choleraic and eruptive. They are flying and talking and performing because their passion is always flickering – sometimes love for these people is just a show, but it is never deprived of emotions.

They are everything in love; they are emotional and strong; they are fiery and fierce, and they are not capable neither to forgive, nor to pity, nor to pacify.

One thing that they have in large quantities is a passion; they spend life in ecstasy and exaltation – this can be great with a suitable partner, but also devastating for others who cannot deal with a large amount of emotionality and passion. They feel hard to control their feelings, they get excited and fall into the fire, and then hardly stop – when people of this date love, they give themselves entirely.

When they see a partner that they love to be in a relationship, they show unusually accentuated will; they are strong, fanatic and active lovers, stimulated by natural feelings.

There is a tremendous erotic potential in the people who are born on March 22, and it’s a great deal of adventure being with them. They are very passionate about love, but also can be very jealous, especially on previous partners of their lovers.

If they end up in marriage, they must learn one valuable lesson – to be tolerant.

Purpose and Career

What for are capable people who are born on March 22? Are they capable of great things, are capable of changing the world, or even earning some cash along the way?

People of the March 22 are endowed for dealing with surgery, sports and military occupations, technique, and they be excellent engineers and architects. They are creative and have a sense of small things, and are good with hands, on top of all these things they have a sense of acting, and they are full of humour. In everywhere they go, and in everything they do people of this date seek action, and are motivated toward success. In the business, they are devoted to the tension that requires rest and concentration – if they have some stressful job on their hands, they will spend their free time in relaxing. They do not refuse to take responsible jobs, and he does everything in a proper and pedantic manner, a trait that can be exhausting for their work environment. Having been given a chance to be involved in the organisational and managerial tasks, they will do whatever it takes to finish the job, even those important and difficult jobs.


Their co-workers describe them, as people with honesty, honor, discipline, and idealism. Some of the representatives of this date can be patriots, and for the sake of the homeland, they will invest in their country, rarely choosing to work abroad. They are impulsive, but grateful if they are forgiven for the sin committed in anger. They are proud, decisive and brave while they are working on a specific project in which they invested their time and energy. They are not afraid of danger, and among some people, they can be seen as heroes who will fight for the worker’s cause, and who can impose themselves as team leaders.

People who work in any, even indirect way, with those who celebrate their birthdays on March 22 like to command and dictate; there is no point in compromising, they want to be in charge.

The worse thing that people could do is to underestimate them; they don’t like to take into account the interests of others; there is no compassion in business, they have their goals and a plan how to achieve it. They care about career, and when occupying a high position, they expect the whole team to be on their side. In their fanatic work, people of March 22 continually look forward.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on March 22 are ruled by the number 4 and the planet Uranus. What this mathematical symbol does along with this planet is that these people have their ways of looking and solving things, so it’s not a rare case to represent a minority. Because of their energetic nature and self-confidence in expressing attitudes, they can create secret enemies around them. A planet Uranus, in combination with Mars, is in charge of the Aries sign, brings eccentric behavior, which under the influence of Mars becomes impulsive and very explosive.

Their numbers are 22 and 7, and their color is orange-red, turning yellow.

Historical events on March 22

In this history lesson, we will go back in time, coming to the beginning of the millennium, and ending with the recent historical events that took place in the last couple of years.

238 – Gordian his son Gordian II and I were proclaimed the Emperors against the legitimate emperor  Gaius Julius Verus Maximinus

1312 – Pope Clement V abolished the French Knights Templar, founded in Palestine in 1118 to protect the worshipers of Christ’s grave.

1622 – Indians killed about 350 white settlers in Virginia. This was considered to be the first Indian massacre of European colonists in North America.

1794 – The US Congress adopted a law banning US ships from transporting black slaves from Africa to America.

1848 – Rebellion Venice declared independence from Austria.

1888 – William McGregor, director of Aston Villa F.C. in Birmingham, England, founded The Football League.

1895 – Pioneers of the film August and Louise Lumiere demonstrated in Paris for the first time moving pictures, using a celluloid tape.

1904 – In the London newspaper “Daily Illustrated Mirror”, on the front page, for the first time, a news photo in color was published.

1945 – Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria founded the Cairo Arab League.

1979 – Irish terrorists murdered in The Hague, Richard Sykes, the British ambassador to the Netherlands.

1991 – Iraq released 1,150 Kuwaiti captives during the Gulf War and demanded the speeding up of the release of 60,000 captured Iraqis.

1995 – Russian astronaut Valery Polyakov returned from Mir space station after 437 days spent in space, setting the record for the longest space flight.

2001 – The United States made a decision to expel about 50 Russian diplomats on suspicion of spying. Russia responded by expelling four US diplomats.

2002 – The Supreme Court of Great Britain accepted the appeal of a woman, allowing for the first time in England, someone had the right to die.

2004 – A rocket attack by the Israeli army killed the spiritual leader and founder of the radical Palestinian movement Hamas Sheikh Ahmed Jasin after he left the Gaza-based mosque. Seven people were killed in the attack.

2010 – In the second round of regional elections in France, the opposition Socialist Party defeated the conservatives of President Nicolas Sarkozy.

2016 – At least 34 people were killed in a terrorist attack in Brussels, and 230 people were injured.

Famous people born on March 22

Actors with great long-lasting careers, singer with the most beautiful voice on the planet, and one of the versatile actresses today are among those who celebrate their birthdays on the March 22.

145 – Maximilian I of Habsburg, Holy Roman Emperor.

1599 – Anthony van Dyck, a Flemish painter.

1797 – Wilhelm I, a German Emperor.

1912 – Karl Malden, an American actor.

1923 – Marcel Marceau, a French pantomime artist.

1930 – Stephen Sondheim, an American songwriter.

1931 – William Shatner, a Canadian actor, writer and director.

1937 – Angelo Badalamenti, an Italian music composer for TV.

1941 – Bruno Ganz, a Swiss actor.

1943 – George Benson, an American singer and jazz guitarist.

1948 – Andrew Lloyd Webber, a British composer.

1949 – Fanny Ardant, a French actress.

1964 – Mats Wilander, a Sweedish tennis player.

1970 – Mariah Carey, an American singer.

1976 – Reese Witherspoon, an American actress.

1985 –  Keira Knightley, a British actress.

1985 – Muhamed Al Anbar, a Saudi Arabian footballer.

The time has come, to sum up, all that we know about the human beings that celebrate their birthdays on the 22nd day of March.

People born on March 22 have a tremendous amount of energy and self-confidence, and therefore they can be convinced that their opinions and beliefs are always perfect and that they are wrong, and they sometimes make some poor choices because they are reacting impulsively and emotionally too involved. They are incredibly ambitious and can be ruthless on their way to the top. In everything they do, they give the 110 percent of what they have; no matter is their heart or their idea.

In any interpersonal relationship, people of the March 22 are incredibly passionate, and can love like no other: but at the same time, they are demanding partners, both in love and in other aspects of life.