March 20 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

If you were born on March 20, you are not sure if you are reading an astrological forecast for the Zodiac sign Pisces or Aries, because usually in the header next to a zodiac sign, it says that on March 20, the date when the sign of Aries begins, although not every year, so it can be confusing. In the concrete case, then, based on the hour of birth, you can accurately determine whether you are the first or last Zodiac sign.

If your birthday falls on one of the border dates, the most accurate answer can be given by an astrologer who will see how the planets were aligned at the moment of your birth, when the Sun entered a certain sign on that day, so it can tell you which character you belong to.

There are also those who usually read the Astrological prognosis for both signs. This is the moment when we will recommend to you to rely on your birthday since it can reveal much more information, and it is very concrete.

And one more thing needs to be added here – if your birthday is on March 20, you probably have characteristics that belong both to both signs, and have characteristics from both Zodiac signs.

Personality and Character

This day marks the end of a great cycle of the astrological year. It brings various qualities, but also problems for the people born this day -people who belong to the March 20 are those who have great potentials, but their life path can be followed with many difficulties.

People who are born on the March 20 belong to the most developed individuals of the entire horoscope, practically evolution of the human species. They, as some astrologers like to say, a people who evolved into good creatures that can benefit from all of their potentials.

On the other hand, these people draw a past back into their present life, and they cannot easily leave it behind, so it can be very difficult for them to embark on a new project or to make some critical decision. People who are born on the March 20 have that indecisiveness that they inherited from Pisces, but in this case, it comes from disability to deal with the past issues. Like everyone, there are many flaws, and it’s most commonly egoistic, too stubborn and jealous.

What they have, and they have it plenty is patience to wait for the right things a long time. Therefore it is possible for them to search for a long time for the right profession to deal with to choose the right path. Sometimes this waiting game can be exhausting, but they feel like it is a good idea to wait for the right things in life.

The influence of high-level persons on these people is very strong, and most often they are the subject of worship, but it may happen that in this idealisation and worship it unconsciously understates themselves – people like to look up to these people and to worship them and their actions. But, at the same time, people who belong to the March 20 can too harsh to themselves, and usually can underestimate their true values (and they have many of those values).

They are attracted to psychic phenomena, and in this area, they could be very successful, but there is a fear that they will not be barred in these ventures, as it can be disastrous both for them and their family. Choosing the right love partner is very important for these people to drive off depression and have constant life support. If they could succeed in just one of the two of these crucial things, they could be considered happy people.

Love Compatibility

In the characters of the people who celebrate their birthdays on the 20th day of March flirting and love games are just a necessary component of the relationship, they would prefer to “go over the thing” immediately and pass into the passionate enjoyment of the two. Sometimes these people jump too quickly into the intimacy, and here we are talking sex, we are talking revealing too much, too fast.

In them, love is closely linked to the physical component of the relationships, and is known as insensitive lovers, but this is indeed not their only interest when it comes to love, they don’t shy away from the genuine and meaningful spiritual connection. However, to like people of the March 20, you have to show how you have compassion, understanding, and interest in others.

These human beings are great individuals, but it can be quite relaxed when they are associated with someone who they like. In love troubles, they can break emotional and cry, and if you are next to them in those times, they will always be grateful to you. One of the virtues of them is their passion, and the other one likes or hates them.

As people who are born on March 20 are little playful, you can win a member of this group by going to something that will trigger a childhood reminiscence – in their minds; they are just children who have a big heart to love.

As they are quite impulsive, members of this date hardly control jealousy and often act positively towards a partner – so it is maybe the best possible match for them dating someone who is not temperamental as they are. With this, they must learn to deal with it, because it is a character line that they do not change.

In the end, people of this date, are very proud people, and if you betray their love, they will leave you without looking twice. They only love the one that respects and appreciates their true nature, and the former partners who betrayed them are left in the past, but they will always think of them, no doubt about it.


Purpose and Career

And we have come to the part where we speak of the career of the people who are born on March 20 – and it is something extra special, indeed. Those who belong to this date are fearless and natural leaders, born to be at the forefront of the happenings. With their energy, charisma and dynamism, they are undoubtedly capable of triggering all the qualities that others, their co-workers have. They always look forward to challenges, and they never hide from the difficulties in their work – the more challenging the task, they are the happiest.

Some describe them in their work environment as people whose motto is “startup” and are known for their enthusiasm and desire for action -any job where there is a possibility to travel, to move, to use their energy in producing great things, is their dream job. Often they are “the leaders of the society”; they take on the rights of others and are charismatic. This is one aspect where their altruism that comes from the Pisces sign comes, and their direction towards greater causes is collied and does wonders in their lives.

It’s a shame that they are not tactful, so it’s better to get away from the road when they catch them in the bad moments when the exhibit all the negativity there is in the world. It can surprise their work environment with jealousy and possessiveness, but they are sincere and kind hearts who want the project to work.

However, due to its impatience, people of the March 20 are inclined to turn to a new challenge before the previous one completes the end. There is also an overwhelming unwavering optimism, and the field of its interest is often a struggle for the rights of others as well as a struggle for a better future.

In the end, they know to be very playful and a great adventurer who always looks forward, but are also those people who look back at the past, without using it as a lesson.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Number 2 and the Moon rules persons who are born on March 20. This symbolical impact makes them very sensual and sentimental. They love the company of friendly people but can be reclusive as well.

They most often live in pairs or with someone, because they need a society for every activity. They are passionate and sentimental in love. They have a sense of music and art.

It is also said that influence of the Moon makes them easily hurt them by the negligence and criticism of others. Under the control of the Moon, these people are most often followed by critical events. Because of the influence of the Mars, that is the planet that is responsible for all Aries sign, people of the March 20 have a very low threshold of tolerance, and it is very easy to upset them.

Their number is 5, and their color is red fiery red.

Historical events on March 20

These are the Historical events that historians recorded that they occurred precisely on the 20th day of the month of March.

1602 – A Dutch East India Company was established, which, with the monopoly on trade from Indonesia, Malaya and Ceylon became one of the most influential companies in the world.

1929 – French Marshal Ferdinand Foch died in the World War I, in crucial battles against the Germans in the Western Front.

1933 – The German Nazi opened the first concentration camp in Dachau. During the World War II, the number of camps reached 2,000 and killed about 11 million people.

1956 – France recognised the independence of Tunisia, with Habib Bourguiba as the first president.

1972 – In the snowy avalanche on Mount Fuji, in Japan, 19 alpinists were killed.

1995 – An estimated 35,000 Turkish soldiers entered Iraq, in operation against Kurdish rebels.

1995 – Members of the Japanese, religious sect Aum Shinrikyo released nerve gas into a subway, killing 12 people and injuring more than 5,500.

1996 – The British government has publicly confirmed for the first time that the disease of “crazy cows” can be passed on to people.

1998 – The first highway in Sub-Saharan Africa was opened, connecting the coasts of the Indian and Atlantic oceans.

2003 – The United States and Great Britain started a military operation against Iraq after Iraqi President Saddam Hussein refused an American ultimatum to leave Iraq.

2004 – Dutch Queen Juliana died. She ruled the country from 1948 to 1980 when she handed the crown to her daughter Beatrice. She was known by the name “National Queen”.

2007 – John Backus, the creator of the “Fortran” programming language, died.

2010 – The head of the Roman Catholic Church Pope Benedict XVI sent an apology letter to Ireland for the long-term abuse of children committed under the auspices of the church.

2013 – Zillur Rahman, President of Bangladesh died.

Famous people born on March 20

When we are discussing the date March 20, and the famous people who are born on this day, we will mention one thing, or to be specific one name -Napoleon II Bonaparte. Knowing so many things about this remarkable man, you can find out a lot about the character of the people who are born on this day (or potentials that they have).

43 B.C – Ovidius Naso, a Roman poet.

1725 –  Abdul Hamid I, the Ottoman sultan.

1811 – Napoleon II Bonaparte, a French emperor.

1828 – Henrik Ibsen, a Norwegian writer.

1831 – Isabel Burton, a British travel author.

1919 –  Gerhard Barkhorn, a German pilot.

1928 –  Fred Rogers, an American priest and TV program presenter.

1937 – Krzysztof Kowalewski, a Polish actor.

1947 – John Boswell, an American historian.

1956 – Catherine Ashton, a British politician.

1957 – Spike Lee, an American director.

1961 – Jesper Olsen, a Danish footballer.

1963 – Miroslav Lajčák, a Slovak politician.

1973 – Jane March, an English film actress.

1974 – Carsten Ramelow, a German footballer.

1976 – Chester Bennington, an American musician.

1984- Fernando Torres Sanz, a Spanish footballer.

People of the March 20 are born on the cross-section of the two signs, Aries and Pisces, and they are the people who have the energy of the Aries, and the sentimentality of the Pisces. They are people who tend to look back in the past, but their enthusiasm is pushing them into the future.