March 2 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

There are 12 characters in the Zodiac system of signs, and it is the fact that you probably already know, and you probably know your Zodiac sign.

All of Zodiac signs have inherent characteristics to the human race, and we all can find some similarities to our own Zodiac sign. They can be unusual and dangerous, symbols of joy, goodness or tenderness, independence and all those qualities that we meet every day with people around us. We can recognise those influences in people that surround us – we know that Pisces are shy, and Lions love attention, etc. Each character has a wide range of features so that a person can use it what the sign implies in a positive, or beneficially or negatively.

Many people recognise themselves in some predictions, characteristics, and each reveals their personality, and the same analogy can be used when we look specifically into the date of birth.

Many people who cannot explain their or others actions justify those actions with the usage of the astrology and Zodiac signs. That is why we sometimes think and believe that everything is predestined in advance, that nothing goes wrong and that there is a reason for everything. If we are well acquainted with our character and all the traits of the character of our dear ones, we will be able to introduce them better, understand and somehow forgive.

This article can be used as a guide for all those people who belong to the Pisces sign, or who are born on the March 2, since they also belong to this sign, and they share same characteristics.

Personality and character

People of the March 2 are those who are very loyal in the interpersonal relationships, and who display such behaviour on family, friends, and business partners – they see this trait as a great virtue and try to live their lives by it. When one accepts this, it remains for a lifetime, and it is very rare that it is possible to change those relationships – they have strong interpersonal relationships that cannot be broken easily (of course if that other side acts the same). For some others that look at these people from the outside people who are born on March 2 can seem a little bit strange, and their loyalty might be overwhelming so that their relationships are tense and unpleasant, but it’s just the way these people work.

During life, they can have problems because of a different evaluation system – they want their entire environment to be in harmony with them, which is not possible always, in fact, it is sporadic.

People need to have a lot of freedom, and sometimes they want to choose their own way, this doesn’t mean that they don’t respect them or not love them – differences are good, and people of the March 2 have to acknowledge that fact. When it comes to work, not only do they easily accept all tasks but can be completely exclusive to other segments of their life.

If these individuals do some sort of creative work, they become isolated from the world and very unilateral personalities. Regarding emotionality that is pronounced in all Pisces they are very sacrificed and are in a position to draw a great burden to keep the bond in believing that it is always possible to turn a seemingly irresistible situation to their advantage. Regardless of the result that these people can do in life, they are happy because they know they have been doing their best.

These people are not so prone to melancholy and sadness, as some overly emotional Pisces are, but they can be shy and reclusive at times.

What they don’t lack, is their persistence and their honesty and loyalty towards people that are close to them. At times they can be stubborn, especially when they are trying to convince others that their opinion is the right – sometimes people describe them as rigid.

Love compatibility

These are true family people who want big and happy unity with a loving and dedicated partner and a lot of children if possible. This is something that they see as true love, and in this picture, they see perfection (and as all Pisces, people of the March 2nd live in the imaginary world).

Nothing else gives these people a more significant feeling of fullness than when they are in love with the person who gives back those emotions to them. By nature, they are shy and cannot be the dominant partner, that is, according to them “obnoxious”. It is their greatest happiness to please the beloved person in any shape or form, all the time, until the rest of their days -this is their view on the ideal love that is constantly in their minds.

The ideal partner for people who are born on the March 2 is the one who inspires, protects and, when necessary, descends on the earth from their imaginary world.

They are secretly seductive and use this weapon in the loving game – it might seem fake, but it is not, they will act mysteriously and make their courtier want even more desirable.

These individuals, as many Pisces, love relaxed love affairs in which there is no need for controversy, and their ideal partner is the one who inspires them to become better and more successful. Because, you know, they live with the feeling that they are not enough by themselves, they need that perfect person, so they are complete. They are those lovers who are both emotionally and sexually generous, the love to please – being in love with them will bring you so many “gifts”.


Their partner should be a friend to whom the well-being and happiness are more important than their own prosperity and happiness.

Also, for the people of the March 2nd, friends are also significant people in life, and it is also a love relation. They are always there for their friends, and whenever friends need them, they are there to help and be a crying shoulder. Thanks to a very intuitive nature that they have, they will know how a friend feels before he realises his feelings – they understand the feeling of others, better than anyone else, this is called emotional intelligence.

But there is one thing that is so specific when we are discussing people of this date and love relations – they can come to phases when they are incredibly reclusive and when they are avoiding people. This does not have to be understood personally, cause they people who love them must know that they need time and for themselves. Once they satisfy their solitude, they will run back to their loved ones.

Purpose and Career

These people, due to their overly imaginative nature, are like all Pisces find their careers in some creative work. They need to keep up with practical things and by carrying out everyday duties somehow maintain contact with the real world. It is very important to be involved in all social and physical activities, group sports and all the activities that require a large circle of people.

People who are born on March 2nd do not look good in managerial positions or management; they are too vulnerable, they lack self-discipline and confidence for these jobs. They are great writers, actors, poets, painters or musicians. They are good in everything that is related to the heart, and the mystical/spiritual. Individuals born on this date are incredibly creative and can use their skills creativity or use their understanding of people to inspire others. Unfortunately, most of them are not persistent in their path to the goal and never reach the level of glory they might have. They have to stop themselves from doubting in their strength and qualities.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

These are the individuals who are under the influence of the Moon (based on the numbers in their date 2.3) that in one way gives them love towards society and significant creativity potential an impression that they are not capable of doing something themselves.

They are better associates than leaders, and this feature often brings them favourable business relationships. The impact of this planet in some situations can be of great help because successful events will follow them.

On the other hand, a Moon can make them significant changes in the mood, causing frustration. The Moon and planet Neptune that is also responsible for them, since they belong to the Pisces sign, give them that orientation toward spirituality and secrecy, and they are prone to idealisation.

Their number is 5, and their color is white.

Historical events on March 2

Take a look at the events that occurred on the second day of the March, starting from the year 1855, and ending with the March 2nd, 2002.

1855 – Russian autocrat Nicolay I. His autocratic and militaristic rule of 1825 ended with the defeat in the Crimean War, after which Russia lost the right to hold a fleet in the Black Sea and raise its fortresses on its banks, and part of Bessarabia and the protectorate over the Danube Principals.

1917 – During the February Revolution in Russia, Nicolai II abdicated; Georgi Lvov’s provisional government was formed.

1919 – In Moscow, the Founding Congress of the Communist International was held, attended by 52 delegates from 30 countries. The Communist Party had a significant role in defense of the First Socialist Country, the USSR, provided much ideological, political and material assistance to many parties and movements.

1943 – The battle began in the Bismarck Sea in the World War II, in which allied planets flooded 12 Japanese warships, preventing them from delivering reinforcements to New Guinea. About 4,000 Japanese people were killed.

1949 – US Captain James Gallagher landed at Fort Vort Base in Texas, ending the first flight of the Earth without dropping.

1956 – France acknowledged the independence of Morocco.

1962 – A military coup under the leadership of No Vine was executed in Burma. The military regime ended on the same day in 1974 when the new Constitution came into force, and Burma was proclaimed the Socialist Republic with President Ne Vino.

1998 – The movie “Titanic” became the first movie in the world to earn $ 1 billion in revenue.

1999 – Rwandan rebels from the Hutu tribe killed eight of the 17 foreign tourists who were kidnapped on the previous day. The kidnappers later killed.

2000 – The British authorities allowed former Chilean dictator August Pinochet to leave London and go to Chile, rejecting Spain’s request for his extradition.

2002- Nine Israeli civilians were killed in Jerusalem in a suicide bomber attack by Arab extremists.

Famous people born on March 2

1459 – Adrian Florissant, a Dutch priest.

1793 -Samuel Houston, an American statesman.

1824 -Bedrich Smetana, a Czech composer.

1900 – Kurt Weill, a German composer.

1904 – Theodor Seuss Geisel, an American writer and comic book writer.

1924 – Lys Assia, a Swiss singer and actress.

1931 – Mikhail Gorbachev, a Soviet politician, the last USSR president.

1940 – Lothar de Maiziere, a German politician and statesman.

1942 – John Irving, an American writer.

1942 – Lou Reed, an American musician.

1962 – Jon Bon Jovi, the real name of John F. Francis Bongiovi Junior, an American musician.

1968 – Daniel Craig, an English actor.

1972 – Mauricio Pochetino, an Argentine footballer and trainer.

1977 – Chris Martin, a British musician.

1982 – Kevin Kuranyi, a German footballer.

How can we describe people in a few short sentences, a people that have complex characters like those who are born on the March 2nd?

They are not meant to be the dominant partners in life, and they can fall into a pit of self-pity and self-restraint. When they are independent and inspired by life events, their creativity comes to the fore, and they can make a great success in life. On the road to the goal, they are not able to belong, easily cross into their imaginary world of happy people and happy endings. They must have the help of other people to consolidate them on the right path. They understand people well and appreciate honesty and loyalty.