March 18 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Like in all things that are in the centre of human attention, there are many misconceptions regarding Astrology and the Zodiac signs, and one of the tasks that we want to implement in these articles is to break them and to show the real nature that is behind this science. Because Astrology is science and can have so many practical benefits, it is one of the most “usable” sciences there is.

One thing that is completely sure is that the human destiny can be interpreted not only on the basis of which person is born in the certain Zodiac sign, but there are also many more factors that effects persons destiny and development in life.

The zodiac sign is an important factor and represents the starting point in astrology because it reveals essential elements in the analysis of one’s personality, but the astrological analysis does not stop there, but the Zodiac sign represents only a part of a large puzzle. And that puzzle is, we have to say it, undoubtedly, vast and ever-expanding, but we can still enjoy in its benefits.

One of the pieces of that puzzle is also our birth date, an essential element in the process of revealing our true character and destiny – we can learn so much from these two single digits, and when we put it into perspective with our ruling Zodiac sign, things become much clearer. This information can and should be used for the improving our lives.

Personality and Character

People born on March 18th have exceptional leadership abilities and act very powerful and attractive to their environment – it is very hard to recognise Pisces in them, that are often behind the curtain, and shy, never they are leaders. Their intuition is very strong, and they are very aggressive in achieving imagined plans, this trait is something that is very problematic for these people, especially in their early days of life, when they cannot control themselves as they should. Even when exposed to a large number of problems, these people never surrender and try to complete their plans despite everything – they show incredible strength and patience, even endurance.

This is something that will ensure people of the March 18 success in everything they do, but at the same time, it can make them ruthless and unforgiving people, that can sometimes forget about their altruistic nature. People born this day have more sense of time regarding the right moment than about the awareness of how much time has passed. When they become aware that it is possible to seize an opportunity, they can wait patiently to grab that chance, and they can make themselves to become such players, ruthless, that are fighting till the end.

When major and important tasks are in question, people of the March 18 are those are completely consistent and incredibly patient. Because of their extreme patience, they may have problems with their environment which will see them as inactive and slow people, who cannot rebel against negative things. But they are just waiting for the good thing to come to them, things that they deserved.

These individuals are the best actors in the role of a “mediator” between the two sides, they can conduct arbitration between the two worlds, and looking at different types of housing suggests a particular kind of compromise.

What an amazing trait to have – however, the compromise when it comes to own beliefs should not exist because in this way emotional dishonesty occurs in people born this day.

Balance and little more care for the closes people, they life would be so much better.

Love Compatibility

These people who are born on the March 18 are Pisces, and as such, they are undoubtedly romantic and sensual humans who love to be in love – even in theory only. This is their most obvious problem when it comes to interpersonal relationships and love – people of the March 18 are those who can patiently wait for love, the perfect and ideal love, that will maybe, never come in reality.

They live in a world of dreams and ideals; they prefer to be left with their ideas more than anything because what reality offers is often not enough. As the very imaginative, they want to make every moment special and magical. Their creativity, tenderness and emotion make them desirable partners, and spouses, but it is precisely these qualities that can lead them to their own world that has nothing to do with reality.

Likewise, they can be attracted by conventional lovers and those with a pronounced dark side. What they want to achieve here is their strength in love, these individuals want to change their partners, to make them better, even perfect, cause somewhere deep inside, these people have that complex of a “savior” that knows the truth.

People that belong to the March 18 also can, in certain days of their lives, about their interpersonal relationships, they can be overly focused on their work, and so they can miss out good love opportunities, and end up in never finding love.

Purpose and Career

Every person who is born on the March 18 needs some escape from the raw and cold reality, and where they can find such comfort? In their work, maybe, in a place where they can develop and exhibit their ideas. Remember that we already mentioned that these people know what their goals are, and how to reach them, no matter what it takes to get there, they will wait patiently. They will make amazing careers by writing, or painting, but those things can also remain their hobbies, and they can find a career somewhere else.

These people like to wander into their imagination world, and because of irrationality they can often make wrong decisions or do morally questionable things that do not seem so horrible in their head but can hurt other people. But as we also said, they are a good mediator, who can help people that conflict, they can be amazing judges or lawyers, they can even find a career in diplomacy. This all fall under their ambition, they personal need to make things good for themselves, to reach their goals. But one thing needs to be remembered here, people of the March 18 should never forget on their human principles, and they should avoid betraying their close people, just for the sake of some job, or goals. It will lead them to depression and unhappiness that cannot be altered easily. This is an issue that has to be appropriately dealt, and the solution cannot come quickly.


Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

The time has come to explain the symbolism that is behind this date of birth – persons born on March 18 are ruled by the number 9 and planet Mars. This is an explanation why they can be such fighters, maybe not direct, as expected but they can be those who wait and fight for their cause. As numerical symbolism reveal, these people are very spiritual and have energy that is not so easy to control.

They are reluctant and continuously employed by something, and they do not calm down until they conceive plans. They are great fighters and make their way to the top full of competitive spirit. Mars, a warlike planet that brings enormous energy in combination with Neptune, the Lord of Pisces(that these people still belong), points to uncertainty in developing personal ideas and plans.

These two planets combined can make very interesting characters that people of the March 18 are, indeed.

Their lucky number is 21, and their color is brown, deep brown.

Historical events on March 18

It is time for the history lesson and the time to remind ourselves of what events happened on the 18th day of the March.

1229 – The Roman-German Emperor Friedrich II proclaimed himself as the King of Jerusalem

1584 – Russian Ivan IV the Terrible died. He was the first Russian ruler crowned by the emperor. He successfully fought against the Tatars and carried out internal reforms, but because of cruelty to the fighters, he received the nickname Terrible.

1768 – An English literary writer of Irish origin Lorens Stern died; he significantly influenced the development of European literature.

1848 – A rebellion broke out against Austria, and the Austrian Field Marshal Johan Jozef Radetzcky had to withdraw troops from the city.

1871- Workers in  Paris began the revolution, known as the Paris Commune, whose immediate cause was the French-Prussian war. Armed workers, called “communes”, created the National Guard, but the rebellion was suppressed at the end of May.

1913 – The Greek king of Danish descent, George I, who ruled Greece since 1863, was murdered in Thessaloniki.

1921 – The Bolsheviks ended their military intervention with the rebellion of the sailors in the main Russian base of the Russian Baltic Fleet.

1922 – British colonial authorities condemned the leader of India’s independence movement Mahatma Gandhi for six years in prison for the civil disobedience campaign.

1962 -A European Peace Agreement was signed, ending the eight-year war for the independence of Algeria from the French colonial government.

1965 – A Soviet cosmonaut Alexey Leonov came out of the aircraft during flight and became the first man to “walk” in the universe.

1967 – The Tori Canyon ship dropped 80,000 tons of oil off the coast of Great Britain.

1980 – A German philosopher Erich From died, whose work is base on the humanistic traditions of Marxism, and who, by analysing the cause of human self-perpetuation, gained wide popularity as a psychoanalyst and humanist.

2000 – The catastrophic floods hit Mozambique, 700 people died, and about two million remained without homes.

Famous people born on March 18

By far, this is the date that belongs to the writers, to those whoa re very well with words, and who can make their successful careers by writing. This is also one of the occupations that represent the execution of the creativity but also requires patience and endurance. And people of this date of birth have everything of that.

1813 – Friedrich Hebbel, a German poet.

1842 – Stefan Mallarme, a French poet.

1844 – Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov, a Russian composer.

1858 – Rudolf Diesel, a German inventor, world-renowned for the invention of the diesel engines.

1869 –  Arthur Neville Chamberlain, a British politician and statesman.

1874 – Nikolay Aleksandrovich Berdzhayev, a Russian philosopher.

1929 – Christa Wolf, German writer.

1932 – John Updike, an American writer.

1945 – Joy Fielding, a Canadian writer.

1956 – Jan Ingemar Stenmark, one of the most famous and most successful Alpine skiers in history.

1959 –  Luc Besson, a French film director, screenwriter and producer.

1963 – Vanessa Williams, an American singer and actress.

1970 –  Queen Latifah, an American singer and actress.

1978 –  Charlotte Roche, a German TV host.

1983 –  Stephanie Cohen-Aloro, a former French tennis player.

No matter how these people can be ambitious, and goals oriented, they have that particular dose of empathy, making them extremely desirable friends and partners. They will sincerely sympathise with you when you are in trouble and will do all they can to help you – but if they are in their mode when they are chasing an absolute dream, don’t expect that they will notice what are you saying and wanting. They never condemn and can understand someone’s mistakes and omissions, which is an exceptional quality that exalts them from other characters.

These warm people, because in the core of the things, people of the March 18 are good people who do mean to harm anyone and will do everything they do with their heart, and if they love you, it’s not hard for them to take any sacrifice. But the thing that separates people of this date to other Pisces is their ambition and need to achieve specific goals, in different areas of their lives, and they are very patient in that waiting. They can even impose themselves as the leaders, in life and work, they work the best when they are listening to their pronounced intuition; and they are reaching their goals by being incredibly patient.