March 17 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

In these articles, we are talking about the influence of a personal horoscope on people – many astrologers claim that the importance of knowing our Zodiac sign illuminates the hidden potentials of a person. Knowing a lot about our Zodiac sign, or our birthdate can be used in so many prosperous ways.

Having insight into the astrological knowledge, one can quickly achieve success in all fields of life, because there are many possibilities for realising unrealised dreams and desires. And what is left for us to do is to “grab” one of the many possibilities waiting “beyond” be realised.

By inspecting the mysteries of the suddenness of the horoscope, the person acquires a new “ground” and reveals new ways to shape himself and his destiny. This means that a person can keep track of positive planet engagement and plan future actions related to all relevant fields (this can be the search for the start a job that is following possibilities, when is the time for entering into marriage, planning a family, improving family and friendship, etc.)

By gaining knowledge that carries a life horoscope or a birth date, we come to the enlargement of our horizons, alongside that and to the fact that we have a choice in life.

Personality and Character

These people worship everything new, and people of the March 17 are those who love to be involved in all secrets of the world, and they feel that they will achieve it by gaining new experiences and being involved in so many unique situations.

They live an exciting life and are preoccupied with activities that bring them movement, travelling, wandering – this ability is the one that completely separates them from all other Pisces sign people that they belong, in fact. It is like people of the March 17 are bringing themselves closer to the next Zodiac sign – Ares. They are much more ambitious and self-conscious than their ruling sign, in this case, Pisces. But this doesn’t mean that they cannot sometimes be shy or to escaping their options and possibilities.

They, from an early age of their lives, are curious and often have many friends who love them and are loyal to them, to the core; and the situations is the same in the opposite direction, they are honest and loyal friends themselves, and bring their close environment into many exciting places. Those places, in the case, are both physical and emotional, and even spiritual; cause these people who belong to the March 17 are not deprived of wanting to live spiritual life (or to have that possibility). Some representatives of this date can even turn their lives into the utterly spiritual direction.

In their lives, people of the March 17 when they find the activity that fills them, they surrender entirely to it, feeling a strong sense of fulfillment. This is the feeling that must rule their lives, or they will never be happy, no matter what are the other circumstances. Everything in between doesn’t interest them at all.

They want to change everything that is old, demodulated and bring new methods into their energy – they use this principle in their personal and business life. For these people, it is very important that they develop their social side of personality and this should be set as their primary task. If this does not happen, these people are drawn to isolation forming their small and reclusive world. In this way, they can spend too much time alone without any sense of concern and responsibility.

Balance is the keyword for the prosperity of these people, as soon as they realise that the better.

Love Compatibility

When we are discussing the love of these people, we could say that people who belong to the March 17 are gentle, emotional and romantic – and especially what can be seen is their intense need to protect and care for those who intuitively feel that they need help(these people are often their lovers).

Allow us a small note here: Of all the characters of the horoscope, of all the Zodiac sign, do all people who are born in March, those who belong to the March 17 are maybe the most difficult to describe because they are unique and one of a kind people. And their way of love is also unique and one of a kind – if you date them, you will have, by your side, a smart and a caring partner, who loves (and has) many adventures in life, and who don’t shy away from experimenting in sex.

But, we should not forget one more important thing here – these people still belong to the sign Pisces, and they can be shy and closed, especially towards people who they like. Some will open their gentle side, while others will hide and protect it until one very persistent partner comes along and open their hearts.

What their life brings can be, at times, fear that those who give their emotions will not know how to appreciate it and will relentlessly dismiss or otherwise hurt them. That is why if you know that there are two sides to these people, that looks entirely different from the outside and inside, then do that the same fire is burning in the same light – only the mask that they show towards the world is different, and therefore they seem to have nothing in common. They are loving and shy at the same time, they can give, and they can take in love relationship.

Purpose and Career

The successes in business ventures, the professional occupation of those born on March 17 are directly dependent on their openness and perception of others – if they are open and show (and say) their ideas and business beliefs directly, they have a chance in succeeding. If they are closed, or too shy to say what are their ideas and business plans, if they are scared that they will be rejected, then nothing good can happen.

The best occupation of these people can be something where their creativity and movement are combined – like a travel writer, for example, or artists who travel a lot (dancers, musicians, etc.).


We will add one notion here – people who are born on March 17 have to have support in their family and friends and need to recognise their real potential, to believe in themselves.

What they hate are imposed everyday duties, and they will try to avoid these duties by all cost; of course one thing needs to be said, is that they need to find the right balance between beings free in their work, and avoiding obligations. Sometimes it is good to be obligated to something. If in day-to-day business they are given a dose of your fabulous creativity this person can make a significant contribution to your environment.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

People born on March 17 are under the rule of the number 8 and the planet Saturn. And the planet Saturn gives them an efficient nature that is combined with many gifts and great creativity. They are hospitable and always can sacrifice for others.

However, people of the March 17 are expressing their emotions hard and can be closed emotionally, especially after a breakup.

They ask for just what they do not give, emotions – it is important for the progress of these people to be surrounded by love, a planet Saturn demands that. Saturn by its very nature is a very cold, reserved, planetary restriction and ban in combination with the planet Neptune, which dominates the Pisces Zodiac sign that these people belong also – it can bring the material fortune and ability to charm others.

Numerologically this combination is good, their number is 11, and their colors are purple, and silver.

Historical events on March 17

In the next section, you are granted the opportunity to travel in the year 45 B.C and to see what happened on the March 17 on that year, and in many years later.

45 B.C – Julius Caesar was in difficulty at Munda in Spain with the forces led by two sons of Gneed Pompeii Grand, who lost more than 30,000 fighters.

180 – The Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, died. During the reign of 161. He successfully defeated the German invasion of the Empire.

1190 – More than 500 Jews were massacred in York, England.

1526 – The French King Franco I was freed from slavery in which he fell in February 1525, when the Spanish armies fell to the foot of the French-Swiss troop under his command.

1813 – France has announced the war of Prussian King Frederic Vilhelm III, one of the foremost enemies of the French Revolution.

1846 – The German astronomer and mathematician Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel, the founder and first director of the Kenigsberg Observatory, died.

1861 – United Italy was proclaimed kingdom with Victor Emmanuel II of Italy.

1921- In Poland was introduced as a parliamentary system.

1944 – The Allied bombing of Austria in the World War II began by attacking more than 200 aeroplane targets in Vienna.

1948 – The United Kingdom, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg signed the Treaty of Rome on the 50-year Alliance against Armed Forces in Europe.

1956 – The French nuclear physicist and chemist Irena Curie – daughter of noblemen Pier and Marie Curie shared the Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

1963 – Agung volcano erupted on the Indonesian island of Bali, killing at least 11,000 people.

1969 – Golda Meir is the first woman in Israel’s history to assume the office of the Prime Minister.

1992 – At the explosion of a car bomb in front of the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires, triggered by Islamic terrorists, where 29 people were killed.

2000 – At least 530 members of the “Restructuring Movement of the Ten Commandments of God”, including 78 children, collectively committed suicide by self-inflicting in a church in Kunung.

2003 – The Supreme Court of Spain decided for a permanent ban on the Batasun party, which is considered a political wing of the armed Basque terrorist group ETA.

Famous people born on March 17

Can you guess which renowned fashion designer was born on the March 17? Who is the actor who is born on this date in the year 1951?

566 -Emperor Gaozu, the founder of the Chinese Dynasty Tang.

763 – Harun al-Raishid, an Abbasid Caliph.

1473 – James IV of Scotland, the King of Scotland.

1881 – Rudolf Hess, a Swiss physician and physiologist who received the Nobel Prize.

1919 –  Nat King Cole, an American Jazz Musician.

1920 – Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, a Bengali politician and founder of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

1926 – Siegfried Lenz, a German writer.

1929 – Peter L. Berger, an Austrian sociologist.

1938 – Rudolf Nureyev, a Russian ballet player.

1951 – Kurt Vogel Russell, an American actor.

1955 – Gary Sinise, an American actor.

1964 – Rob Lowe, an American actor.

1969 – Alexander McQueen, a British Fashion Designer.

Some say that Pisces (and people of the March 17 belong to this sign) are the last sign of the Zodiac and that they are blessed with the characteristics of all previous eleven signs.

And in a way, this is so true -they are those people who always think about what somebody thinks, how he feels, why he thinks so and why he feels that way – and they are thinking about the ways how to help them. Often they cannot understand themselves but can be driven by the strong ambition in their lives; they need to have the support of their families or close surrounding. They are always exploring new things, but their happiness has no end if there is anyone with whom to share it. In love relationship, they agree best with people who are just as crazy as they are.

Their expressed empathy is what will cause you to call them first when it is difficult for you. They will often put their emotions in another place to help, and the people of the March 17 can be dreamers who hardly separate reality from imagination. This can be their salvation and demise.