March 15 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

It is an excellent time to say right now one important thing, and it is meant for all of us who enjoy all the benefits of the Astrology – any implication of Astrology in our lives, doesn’t mean that we lose our free will, and a unique ability to create his own life. We still, and always have that free will, to decide what we want to do with our lives, and do we want to expand our potential or not.

You should know right now, that the science of Astrology helps us to understand our capabilities and limitations that we as human beings have – one of the characteristics that all humans share is our imperfections and many flaws. We are blessed with many talents and skills, but we can never reach some our potential, and maybe the most important idea that Astrology relies on is the idea of seeing our possibilities, and the ways to achieve it. It can provide the answer to a question – What I have to learn in this life, in which area of ​​life I am waiting for challenges, and how to solve them painlessly? How with the help of the stars to achieve their wishes and goals?

Zodiac signs are based on the notion that everything has the character of the moment in which it was created. At the time of our birth, the stellar constellation is precisely what we need for our spiritual growth and development, and we all have that potential! By organizing our natal chart, we get insight into our most important life tasks -personal development, growth, achievements.

Some will reach it, some will not, not because we do not have free will, but just because we have it. On our own, we made a decision, at a higher level, to spiritually evolve, with the Zodiac assistance.

Now we are only fulfilling our obligation. Astrology here is invaluable to us because it gives us guidelines and solutions. It gives us an idea of ​​when to take action, and when to wait a little. For every success, the right moment and the correct operation are needed, and in this case, we are focusing on the people who are born on March 15.

Personality and Character

People born on March 15th have already had a clearly-built image from their early childhood, whose position belongs to the social world – and don’t have any doubts, these positions are always high and meant for changing the world.

These people are considered to be as strong fighters who aspire to rise to the highest altitudes, regardless of their work or private life. If their ambitions are accepted by their environment, progress will be certain – so as all Pisces these people depend in some way on their environment, if it is good, they will make it, and if that environment is not prosperous they will not succeed in their intentions.

However, if their behavior is more impulsive and insecure, and if their actions are built on envy and need for competition, they will face great resistance to their environment, and will never reach their goals. One of the important decisions in the lives of persons born on March 15 relates to their purpose in life, and everything else is based on that notion, every decision that will later come, is connected to this.

These people at the starting point of their lives, right after childhood, must decide whether to deal with their own business or can work in a group or a company. When it comes to emotional life, these people often find themselves in front of a big dilemma whether they are permanently tied to their love partner or not. As all Pisces, these people are incredibly indecisive, and in their lives, everything is choosing between some options. Reexamining everyday wishes, some of the people born this day prefer to choose a more free way of life without obligation. But then, people of the March 15 risk of never reaching their full potentials.

Love Compatibility

People born on March 15 must resist their preference for very dangerous and destructive love relationships that can affect their psycho-physical health. This is one aspect that can be problematic in their lives, and it is something that can ruin their lives if they are not careful enough. Their sensitivity and the capacity to love is fantastic, but in reality, it can turn out to be “deadly” for them, in terms that they will go deeply into a love relationship, even if there is not enough potential in their chosen partner/lover.

People of the March 15 are like this; they are loving human beings who see the potential for love in everything, and they can come across some inadequate partners who will not be able to give them what they need at that time. They are trying to reach all people, to change them, to make them better, and as we all know, this is not the case and can be exhausting, instead than an enjoyable relationship. But more importantly, they cannot see the difference in, for instance, fantastic lover for fun, and a person who is marital material. They can mix the two, and are not able to see the difference and the problems that could come later in life.

But, at this moment when we are talking about their love life, it is essential to say that people of the March 15, with the help of their environment, like family members, can realise what they are doing wrong, at the need to changes their ways, since it can be very destructive for them.

Insight into these problems is only the first step in solving them, but unfortunately, they can make more mistakes, when it comes to love, marrying wrong partners, and having children with them, so the problem is getting deeper, with the less opportunity to be solved.

Having said all this, we must say that people of the March 15 have an incredible capacity to love and to be amazing partners for so many people, but they need to choose their partners with the help of reason, not a heart.

Purpose and Career

In the first section of this article, where we spoke about the general characteristics of the people who are born on March 15, we said that these people, unlike many Pisces, a Zodiac sign that they belong, are very ambitious in their careers, and they always aim the highest possible goals. They can be professors, artists, painters or people who adore art in every way.

But we also mentioned that people of this date of birth are those who depend on their environment a lot – if they end up in a favorable situation that will encourage their ideas and creativity, push them when needed, they can succeed. If their work environment is unhealthy, or jealous, it can limit these people in so many ways.


Unobtrusive and withdrawn accept all the tasks that are set for them, people of the March 15 can work hard and long, they can sacrifice themselves so they can be at least on the half of the road that will lead them to success.

Like all Pisces, they enjoy jobs in which they can express their imagination and personality traits – and they have so many outstanding qualities.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on March 15 are ruled by number 6 and planet Venus. What planet Venus does in this case, it makes these individuals very charismatic and under the influence of their environment.

They respect intelligence and hate intrusive people.

In this case, planet Venus is in combination with the planet Neptune, which is ruler for all Pisces, tends to bind to very unstable and suspicious persons. Neptune rules visions, dreams and psychic phenomena directed at Venus leading to a loss of contact with reality, especially when it comes to the feelings of others.

Their number is 18, and their colors are orange and green.

Historical events on March 15

In this section take a look at all historical event that occurred on the March 15.

44 B.C. – Republican conspirators, led by Brutus and Cassius in the Senate killed the Roman emperor and commander of Gaius Julius Caesar.

1493 – Christopher Columbus brought seven Arawak Indians from the Hispanic island to Spain. These were the first inhabitants of the New World who made the Old Continent.

1603 – French sailor and explorer Samuel de Champlain sailed to the New World. 1608 founded the city of Quebec and organised the French colonisation of Canada.

1776 – The US Congress decided to abolish dependence on the British Crown. Independence was declared on July 4, 1776.

1848 – Three days after mass demonstrations in Vienna, the revolution covered Budapest and then spread to Hungary. With the help of Russia, the Austrian troops suppressed the revolutionary movement.

1898 – English engineer Henry Bessemer died. He was famous for Bessemer’s procedure.

1907 – In Finland, women were elected to Parliament for the first time.

1917 – Under the pressure of the revolutionary abdication of the last Russian emperor Nicholas II, after which the rule of the Romanov dynasty ended after three centuries.

1937 – The first central bank of blood, in which freezing blood was stored for blood transfusion, was established at a hospital in Chicago.

1939 -Under the threat of the attack and destruction of Prague, Emil Hahn’s president in Berlin signed an act on the handover of the Third Reich, the German troops occupied the Czech Republic.

1975 – Aristotle Onassis, one of the wealthiest people in the world, died. He was also known for his love affair with opera singer Maria Callas and his wife, Jacqueline Kennedy, the widow of US President John Kennedy.

1998 – An American doctor, pediatrician, Benjamin Spock died. His book, “Baby and Child-Raising by Dr Spock,” whose first edition appeared in 1946, was printed in seven editions and sold in 50 million copies.

2001 – The conflict between armed Albanian extremists and Macedonian security forces escalated when the fighting was first transferred from scattered settlements along the border with Kosovo to the outskirts of Tetovo, the second largest city in Macedonia.

Famous people born on March 15

So many inspiring, exciting and unusual people are born on the March 15, and all those were (are) incredibly successful in what they do (did). Those were individuals who leave a mark on the society.

1684 – Francesco Durante, an Italian composer.

1767 – Andrew Jackson, an American military leader, politician and statesman.

1813 – John Snow, a British doctor, and a leader in the adoption of anesthesia.

1830 – Paul von Heyse, a German writer and translator.

1854 – Emil Adolf von Behring, a German doctor and Nobel laureate.

1886 -Sergey Mironovich Kostrikov, a Russian revolutionary.

1894 – Vilmos Aba-Novák, a Hungarian painter and graphic artist.

1907 – Zarah Leander, a Swedish actress.

1947 – Ry Cooder, an American guitarist and songwriter.

1948 – Sérgio Vieira de Mello, a Brazilian diplomat.

1968 – Sabrina Salerno, an Italian disco-star.

1975 – Eva Longoria, an American TV actress.

1975 –, an American musician and producer.

1994 – Nigel Ammos, a Botswana athlete.

People of the March 15 are ambitious and people who strive high goals in their lives, but will their reach their full potential depends on their environment. They are people who are indecisive and tend to surround themselves with inadequate people.

Internally, they are sensitive and responsible humans, but in both cases, it is possible to overdo it -as all Pisces, they can be extreme. Their emotional range goes from shyness to melancholy, and can even go to the responsibility to stiffness. Balance in these two makes them good, worthy and successful people. But the most significant thing is that these humans are surrounded with the prosperous environment that can assist them to make the right choices in their lives, especially regarding love.

For most of them, success is not the acquisition of material goods as the achievement of the fund within and around itself – they are driven by the need to change the world (and people).