March 14 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Pisces are the twelth signs of horoscope, water element and variable quality. Ruler of the Pisces sign  is Neptune, a planet of imagination and mystery, that are credited with being members of this sign and idealistic and sensitive people who show a great deal of understanding for the environment.

As the last sign of Zodiac, Pisces are a symbol of everything subconscious, intuitive, and what is hidden in us. These people are extremely emotional and sympathetic, and their accentuated intuition often leads them through life. They are distinguished by their exceptional imagination and creativity, which helps them to deal with stress and gives them an easier defense than everyday problems.

Since these gentle people are the true idealists, facing reality is difficult for them, so they often seek escape in painting, writing, reading, while some are inclined to alcohol and various opiates. Yet, as in the animal world, even among them are those small and scary fish that are easy to break, but also big sharks, true predators, who can be fierce fighters, if they truly believe in what they are fighting and advocating. If you have something in your heart, be sure to do it.

Being born on a certain day carries a lot of significance and it isn’t just there as a reminder to celebrate your birthday. In Zodiac, even being born on a particular day can have a strong meaning and can make you a completely different person than being born on another day. It is important to know the day of birthand time of birth if you want to get to know your personality better.

In today’s text we are going to see the basic characteristics of a person born on March 14th and what are the main personality lines of this person. Which job and career suit someone born on this day and which partners suit them the best. So if you born on this day or you have someone born on this day, this is a great opportunity to get to know this person or yourself.

Characteristics and Personality

Pisces rule twelve sign in astrology. This, however, the last field, refers to subconscious, invisible obstacles, the hidden essence of life events.

When we talk about Cancer and Scorpio, we point out that Cancer is the fourth home and that it is the first occult, that Scorpio is ruled by the eighth or the second occult house; The Pisces rule twelve, at the same time the last – the third occult house.

Old philosophers labeled Jupiter as the ruler of Pisces, but after the discovery of Neptune, the situation changed as the latter astrologers consider that the influence of Neptune is more dominant than Jupiter’s. In any case, when analyzing the horoscope, the positions and aspects of both rulers must be thoroughly processed.

Jupiter is more comprehensive and wiser than here in Sagittarius, and Neptune brings creativity, intuition, and chaos. The fish are extremely sensitive, imaginative and unstable.

For people born on March 14th, their lives are often sad due to innate inability to cope with the crudeness of the world. Relying on inappropriate idealizations, they refuse to accept the real existence of evil in the world. Pressured by life’s problems, they are prone to all kinds of fleeing into unreal, “better” worlds, either through dreams, or through various earthly things, such as alcohol and drugs, which at least temporarily separate them from the roughness of the earth.

These noble and tender souls voluntarily take on the role of the victim. The intuition has been so developed that they “read” without problems, they feel better, what lies behind the hard facades of other people’s lives.

To a person born on March 14th do not have to talk too much about your life to understand you. In their souls it is as if the whole wisdom is filled with which verbal descriptions are not needed. Pisces unconsciously unlock the worlds of their rivals, even if they do not want it. They do not need the initial logical premise to draw some life conclusion, as it is necessary for the Virgos, it is enough to close their eyes and suggest solutions to which the arguments of reason do not reach.

Love Compatibility

Pisces members are often described as irreversible romantics, which is somewhat true. These people can not live without love, so their partner needs them to give him all the deep love and emotions they are hiding inside. When they fall in love, the Pisces become vulnerable but not afraid to show their feelings. They are ready for numerous sacrifices and concessions to make a loved one happy, often ignoring themselves and their needs. It is no wonder that after a while many fish feel unhappy and sad, since they feel that they have given a lot and received little.

Their main task is to learn more about themselves and not allow anyone to exploit them. Once they find an equal partner who will not exploit their goodwill and sacrifice, Pisces can be the best partner in the world who will always be there with the loved one and give her unremitting support. They know they are possessive and jealous, but they are also prone to unbelief, so they need a partner who will always show their love, so in that case the fish will never look for someone else’s embrace. They want to be married, love children and animals, but often have mood swings and grief that others do not understand. They need a bit of solitude to get rid of everything and at least run for a while out of the gloomy reality.

Poor Pisces can agree with each other, but the question is how much they will be happy about people who do not respond in the same way. A true, happy relationship can be achieved with aother Pisces and Scorpio, who are the only ones able to understand the depth of the Pisces’s emotions. Water signs usually have strong and quality connections, because there is intuitive connectivity among partners, so they are well understood without words. His cancer will be supportive and supportive, while Scorpio will encourage and encourage him to be more determined. Capricious connections are frequent, but in time, the tender Pisces would be able to overlook the lack of attention and emotional outbursts. However, if anyone can awaken the gentle side of Capicorn, it is just a patient Pisces.

He will find a stable and trusted partner in the bull, and an additional plus of this link will be that Taurus will take over his payroll, grocery care – the things that the distracted fish regularly forgets. The relationship with the Virgo is frequent, but over time, Virgo’s excessive criticism could hurt the delicate Pisces, while relationship with the Gemini is rather unstable. Initially they will agree well because they are both communicative and social, but as time passes, Pisces will find that the Gemini is somewhat unreliable and superficial, which will disappoint her. With Saggitarius you can agree well, but at the emotional level they are completely different. The relationship with Aries and Taurus can be good if the Pisces does not take too much of their uncontrolled reaction. Pisces and Aquarius make an unusual connection, and the biggest problem will be the Aquarius’s freedom-lovingness, which will make the Pisces suspicious and jealous. They bst get along with people born on 6th, 9th, 15th, 18th and 27th.


Purpose and Career

Though they are gentle and sensitive people, this sign is a surprise for many successful businessmen. Pisces are in need to work on a job that is a pleasure to them and they can be completely surrendered, which is why they are successful in everything they love.

On the other hand, if they deal with the interest they do not like, their results will be miserable and weak. Pisces are artistic souls who do not like being in the forefront, but they are so excited to be part of the team. You are imaginative and creative and are always ready to help anyone in distress.

Symbols, Lucky Number and Colors

People who are born on March 14th share the same birthstone and that is Aquamarine which symbolizes creativity and vision. Their lucky color is turquoise but also pink and the sea green color. Lucky numbers are 1, 10, 4, 12 and 24 which can come in handy for lottery. Everyone born on March 14th share the same lucky flower Water Lily which is a symbol of emotions and sensibility.

This can be a perfect gift for someone born on this day, since it captivates everything this person represents. Their lucky metal is Aluminum and their lucky day is Thursday. Motto which drives them through life is “I believe”.

Historical Events on March 14

  • 1489 – Queen of Cyprus, Venetian woman Katarina Kornaro, the last ruler of the Lizinjan dynasty, gave her kingdom to the Venetian Republic.
  • 1558 – German Emperor Ferdinand I took the title of the Holy Roman Emperor without the usual papal crown.
  • 1804 – Austrian composer Johan Strauss Elder was born who gave the Vienna Waltz a form and contributed significantly to his popularity. He composed more than 150 waltzes, the most famous of which are “Loreley-Sounds of Rhine”, a large number of marches, including the famous “Marsh Radecki”, shelves, cadillaries.
  • 1820 – Vitorio Emanuele II, the last king of Sardinia (1849), and the first king of united Italy from 1861 until his death in 1878, was born. The popular “padre della patria”, Vitorio Emanuele II, introduced parliamentary order in Italy.
  • 1864 – English researcher Samuel B. Baker discovered the second source of the Nile River in East Africa and named it Albert’s lake.
  • 1883 – In London, the German philosopher and economist Karl Marx died, the most important theorist of modern socialism and communism in the 19th century. In 1848, Friedrich Engels published the “Communist Manifesto” (“A Contribution to the Critique of Hegel’s Law of Philosophy”, “Theses on Foyerbach,” Eighteenth Brief of Louis Bonaparte, “Capital – A Critique of Political Economy”).
  • 1891 – Monarh submarine set up a telephone cable at the bottom of the Lamanch channel, preparing the first telephone connection between the United Kingdom and the continent.
  • 1932 – Suicide was committed by American industrialist George Istman, one of the pioneers of photography and film, the founder of Kodak.
  • 1938 – Russian revolutionary Nikolai Bukharin was shot. One of the leading Bolshevik ideologues was found guilty of counterrevolutionary activity and espionage on the mounted process and sentenced to death.
  • 1945 – British Air Force launched a heavyweight bomber in the German city of Bilefeld, the worst bombing of the Second World War, the Big Bang of 11 tons.
  • 2004 – Vladimir Putin won the second four-year term in the election victory.
  • 2006 – The death of former President of Estonia Lenart Mary is the key figure of the independence movement of this Baltic country. He was the first president of Estonia, after gaining independence in 1992.
  • 2010 – American actor Peter Grays, known from the series “The Impossible Mission” and the movie series “Is there a pilot on the plane?”, Died in 84 years in Los Angeles.

Famous People Born on March 14

  • 1681 – Born Georg Philipp Telemann, German composer.
  • 1804 – Born Johan Johan Strauss (German Johann Strauss), an Austrian composer.
  • 1820 – Born Victor Emanuel II, king of Italy and Sardinia.
  • 1835 – Born Giovanni Schiaparelli, an Italian astronomer.
  • 1843 – Born Umberto I, the Italian king.
  • 1853 – Born Ferdinand Hoodler, a Swiss painter.
  • 1879 – Albert Einstein (Albert Einstein) was born around 11:30 pm, in the town of Ulm in Württemberg, about 100 km east of Stuttgart.
  • 1933 – Born Quincy Jones, American TV producer.
  • 1933 – Born Ser Moore Joseph Micklewhite, a British actor.
  • 1947 – Born Billy Crystal, an American actor and comedian.
  • 1958 – Born Albert II of Monaco, the Prince of Monaco.
  • 1974 – Born Grace Park, a Canadian actress.
  • 1994 Ansel Elgort (American actor)
  • 1933 Michael Caine (British actor)
  • 1958 Albert II, Prince of Monaco
  • 1976 Corey Stoll (American actor)
  • 1989 Heidi Somers (Social media star)