March 1 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Pisces rule from February 20 to March 20, and they are twelfth and the last and most sensitive sign of the zodiac, which contains a bit of experience from all other characters. This gives them the ability to identify with people from all spheres of life and from all over the world.

This is a negative, female sign, water-borne by nature and of varying quality. Their motto is: I believe. They rule the twelfth house of a horoscope, a house that relates to our inner fears, soul, dreams, occult, imagination, deeply buried secrets in man, secret services, and secrets, distant lands, oceans, seas, closed institutions.

The sign of the Zodiac Fish closes the circle of life with death, resurrection, and new incarnation, and so they are a sign of reincarnation and re-birth. The members of this sign are easily recognizable by their specific expressive eyes with slightly watery eyes; they may be dark or unusual blue. Their hair is most often curled, and their lips and nose are often asymmetrical, their lips are full and sensual and call for a kiss. The body has the shape of a sea siren, up gently and narrowly, downwards rounded and wide.

Like other water signs, the Pisces have pronounced intuition and the ability to perceive the human psyche are hypersensitive, inconsistent, contagious, overwhelming, and prone to deformities.

The fish are governed by Neptune, who is responsible for their tendency to idealize the situation, as well as the tendency for various types of opiates, and Jupiter, which points to them more in religious spiritual spheres and distant journeys that often can only be in their imagination. Neptune, the planet of illusions and mysteries, gives them cunning and romanticism in all areas, and because of the great tendency to romance and imagination, they often know how to be sad.

In today’s text we will be talking about the characteristics of people born on March 1st and which careers, partners and symbols best suit them or are luckiest for them.

Characteristics and Personality

Pisces are sensitive and gentle creatures that enjoy spending time in their own mind, daydreaming and experiencing the world through their own eyes. Pisces are the dreamiest and the most emotional sign of all twelve signs of the Zodiac.

The biggest problem they have is their split personality which can often cause them problems. This is in a sense that they can be very ambitious and the next moment they fall into their gloomy, dreamy attitude and this prevents them from making a move forward. this is not something they do on purpose, they simply have mood swings which prevents them from always being motivated to move forward and make a change in their life for better.

Like we already mentioned, people born on the March 1st are dreamers but this doesn’t mean they are not effective at what they do. Some of the positive characteristics of this sign are their loyalty and devotion they express to the people they love but also towards strangers. They are prepared to help people they don’t know since they have well developed sense of empathy, and know when other people are in need for help.

They are very creative and love expressing this creativity in various ways. They enjoy doing work that allows them to fulfill their dreams and if they are not passionate about their job they won’t be able to do it. These people believe that everyone is good and kind, which can sometimes backfire.

The negative characteristic of these people are their gloomy nature and often indecisive nature. These people often get confused by many options they are getting and making a decision can come hard for them. They can often be gullible and people can use them, because of their kind nature and love for the entire human kind.

Love Compatibility

They often tend to associate with the wrong people, simply have the wrong perception, and see what they want to see. People in the Pisces Sign have an open mind and understanding, but they are unapproved, so they can spend a good amount of time in the lust for understanding. Fish are often very hesitant, sensitive to criticism and other feelings. Love is the most important thing in Pisces life, great romance, often prone to great emotional enthusiasm and illusions.

In love they love deeply and intensely, they are all ready to make a partner, they are very committed and partners expect maximum support and romance. True members of this character often experience fatal love (such as Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, both of whom are members of the Fish Sign). Fish are simply in love with love and it’s hard for them to be realistic, so you never know what you are.

Neptune, the planet of illusions and mystery, gives them cunning and romance in all areas, but it also brings the propensity to drink alcohol, narcotics, thus fleeing from the reality of the rough world in which they live. Because of emotion, sympathy, sociability and goodwill are very popular; they have a lot of acquaintances and honest friends who are very loyal. Fish can easily understand the problems of other people and price their friends so it is a special luck to have them for friends.

They best get along with people who are born under the Zodiac signs of Cancer and Scorpio, because these signs enjoy romance and affection as well. They can also form a quality relationship with people born under the Zodiac sign of Taurus. These people give them the so necessary attention and protection, so this can be a perfect match. Pisces born on March 1st best get along with people born on the 6th, 17th, 31st, 26th, 8th and the 13th.

On the scale of characters suffering from a variety of fears, the top spot belongs to the characters of this sign, because the fish contain the fears of all the zodiac signs, and especially the fears of natural disasters. Fish and Neptune are the film industry, directors, actors, so it is no surprise that the Oscars Night is just under their rule.


Purpose and Career

A special aspect of Pisces is the intuition of people of this character because they are simply able to feel people and events, and that race really has nothing to do with it. Living dreams are also the “gift” of their ruling planet Neptune, and many Pisces will frequently experience phenomena such as Deja Vu (the phenomenon of “already seen”) because they often feel that they have, once more, seen the multitude of what is happening to them and have experienced it.

The tendency to remember and sensitivity to other influences may irritate those who, unlike them, have tighter boundaries because Pisces do not have them, as they have no ocean or sea. There is only the coastline on which the sea rises, and so the Pisces sometimes need somebody stronger and more balanced, better to say – more grounded, on whom, with confidence and total confidence, they can rely on.

For Pisces it is important to choose a job that I can give myself, so many of them choose their occupation for their occupation, through which they can realize the deep need for humankind and helping. Because of the empathy and feelings for others pain and suffering, hospitals, humanitarian organizations, social services, and all other similar closed-type facilities, are places where the typical Pisces is more than good at “swimming” because in activities involving the care of others they enjoy and many of them find the meaning of life by doing these jobs. Among the people of this character, we often encounter artists, from which it is evident that they are perfectly suited to the occupations where the use of creativity and imagination is necessary (musicians, painters, actors).

They also match all the sea related activities, such as maritime affairs, tourism, and fishing.

Symbols, Lucky Number and Colors

People born on the March 1st have several things in common. Their birthstone is Aquamarine, which is a symbol for courage. Another stone that represents them is Amethyst which is a symbol of elegance.

Their lucky color is turquoise, which is a symbol of spirituality and fertility. Their lucky days are 3, 11, 27, 9 and 7. Metal which symbolizes Pisces is the Aluminum, and this metal represents creativity. Another metal associated with Pisces is Zinc. The motto of people born on March 1st is “I believe” and the lucky day is Thursday. Lucky flowers are Water Lily, Jonquils and Violets.

Historical Events on March 1

  • 1498 – On the way to India, the Portuguese navy Vasco da Gama sank off, as the first European, on the coasts of today’s African country Mozambique.
  • 1562 – Catholics massacred over a thousand Hughes (Protestants) in France during their prayer in Vasy, which was the beginning of longstanding struggles and wars known as the “Huguenot Wars”, which, apart from interruptions, had broken France for 36 years.
  • 1767 – Spaniard King Carlos III (Carlos) spanned the country from the Roman Catholic Jesuit order.
  • 1809 – Sweden, as the first country in the world, has established an ombudsman, a person supervising the work of the administrative bodies and public services, and is set up by parliament. The first ombudsman was Lars August Mannerheim (August Mannerheim).
  • 1811 – Egyptian ruler Mohammed Ali (Mohammed) executed a massacre over the Jamaican leaders and thus ended the mammoth government in Egypt. The Matelotes, the descendants of war prisoners who Persian and Egyptian rulers included in their armies, mostly the wardrobe, ruled Egypt in 1250 when they fell to the Abbebah dynasty.
  • 1815 – Napoleon Bonaparte returned to France from the island of Elbe, where he was exiled after his abdication in April 1814. Having triumphed in Paris, he took over the country’s rule, beginning the “one hundred days” period, which ended with a military defeat at Waterloo. After abduction, June 22, he surrendered to the Engels who interned him to the island of Saint Helena, where he died on May 5, 1821.
  • 1872 – In the mountainous area of ​​Yellowstone, USA was founded the first national park in the world.
  • 1878 – The Second Serbian-Turkish War ended, which made Serbia a territorial extension for four districts and an international recognition at the Berlin Congress held in June that year.
  • 2003 – Khalid Sheik Mohamed, one of the suspects for the organization of US terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, was arrested in Pakistan.
  • 2014 – The Parliament of Russia has approved the use of military forces in the territory of Ukraine at the request of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
  • 2017 – Fossils of some of the earliest living organisms that found the “direct evidence” of life on Earth before 3.8 to 4.3 billion years ago when our planet was still in the development phase

Famous People Born on March 1

  • 1445 – Born Sandro Botticelli, one of the greatest Italian Renaissance painters.
  • – Born Frederick François Spouse (Francis Frederic François Chopin), Polish composer and pianist.
  • 1817 – Born Giovanni Dupree, Italian sculptor.
  • 1858 – Born Georg Simmel, German philosopher and sociologist.
  • 1881 – Born of Peter Skok, a Croatian linguist and novelist.
  • 1910 – Born Archer John Porter Martin, British hemer.
  • 1910 – Born David Naveen, British actor and film actor and producer, Oscar winner.
  • 1927 – Born Harry Belafonte, American singer and actor.
  • 1929 – Born of Georg Markov, Bulgarian writer.
  • 1931 – Born Lambert Dini, Italian politician and statesman.
  • 1952 – Born to Martin O’Neill, a Northern Ireland footballer and a football coach.
  • 1953 – Born of Carlos Keiros, a Portuguese football coach.
  • 1954 – Born Ron Howard, American actor, director and producer.
  • 1964 – Born Paul Le Guen, a French football coach and a player.
  • 1964 – Born of Luis Medina Kanteleho, Spanish Football Judge.
  • 1967 – Born Aron Vinter, Dutch Footballer.
  • 1969 – Born Javier Barden, a Spanish actor.
  • 1973 – Born Kris Veber, American basketball player.
  • 1978 – Born Jensen Ackles, American actor.
  • 1979 – Born Husein Zaki, Egyptian handball player.
  • 1983 – born Daniel Carvalho, Brazilian footballer.
  • 1987 – Born Kesha, American singer.
  • 1994 – Born Justin Drew Bieber, a Canadian-American singer.