Lynx – Spirit Animal, Symbolism, Totem and Meaning

The lynx is a type of a solitary cat found in the forests of Europe, North America and Asia.

There are several species of this cat. They are stealthy animals, which hunt at night to avoid humans, and thus can rarely be seen. Lynx are very good hunters with excellent hearing. They also have extremely good eyesight.

They have beautiful fur and are sometimes hunted by humans for it.

If the lynx is your spirit animal you are a very fortunate person. The lynx can give you an insight into the spiritual world and teach you how to use its knowledge in your life.

What does the Lynx Symbolize?

Lynx as a spirit animal symbolizes awareness, change, ability, confidence, intuition, instinct, comfort, foresight, loyalty, independence, passion, patience, tranquility, secrets, revealing secrets, trust, understanding, the unseen and much more.

This spirit animal is a reminder that no secrets can remain unknown. They will come out eventually. This animal is also a symbol of wisdom and teaches the need to think well before saying something.

This animal also symbolizes compassion, and you are probably very good at caring for others and giving them good advice.

The Meanings of Lynx as a Spirit Animal

The lynx as a spirit animal can have many different meanings. Here are some of them:

Intuition. If the lynx is your totem animal it might be teaching you to use your gift of intuition to discover other people’s feelings, thoughts and intentions. You are probably very good at deciphering energies of the people around you, so you know exactly who you are dealing with, if it is a good or a bad person.

That ability helps you take a proper stand towards these people and protect yourself if necessary. This animal will help you discern truth from fiction.

Instinct. The lynx is a highly instinctive animal and it also teaches you this gift. If you aren’t sure what to do in a certain situation, just rely upon your instinct to make the right decision, it will never fail you.

This spirit animal is encouraging you to trust your own gut and even try to awaken this ability in you. It will help you to be more attentive to people and events around you.

Foresight. If the lynx is your totem animal, you probably have developed strong abilities to see through deceptions and lies, and you know how to react in such cases.

Keeping promises. This spirit animal teaches you to value your honor and keep promises given to others. Don’t let others lose their trust in you because you don’t keep your word.

Secrets. If you have lynx as your totem animal, you are probably a very secretive person who prefers keeping private matters unrevealed.

Discovering secrets and clairvoyance. The lynx spirit animal is teaching you the gift of discovering secrets. You don’t need to effort much you’ll just know things about others and yourself using the gift of clairvoyance this spirit animal is sharing with you.


Don’t be afraid if you start seeing pictures in your mind about other people, showing you their secrets. Sometimes you might hear singing noises in the ears instead of mental pictures, revealing you the truth. Secrets will find their way of revealing themselves to you.

Keeping secrets. If the lynx is your totem you are probably a trustworthy person. People spontaneously reveal their secrets to you, confident you won’t give them out.

Listening. The lynx as your spirit animal teaches you to start listening and talking less. It also reminds you to pause before responding, taking the time to decide the right thing to say.

The lynx also teaches you how to reveal lies being told to you, listening to the tone of voice which told you the lie, not the words actually being said.

Caution. This spirit animal reminds you to be vigilant and cautious. It teaches you to always pay attention to the surroundings, even if you know there isn’t any danger around. The lynx as your totem teaches you to control your impulsiveness and think before you react.

Spiritual wisdom. This spirit animal helps you understand spiritual mysteries and use them in your own life.

Solitude. The nature of the lynx is solitary. If it’s your spirit animal it teaches you the need to retreat from others in order to recharge your energy and connect with yourself. You feel best when you have time for yourself. If this is your totem, you are probably a loner.

Playfulness. Although you are most likely a solitary person, enjoying your own company, the lynx also teaches you to stop being too serious once in a while and take some time to socialize and have fun. You have a friendly and playful nature. If not in company, you can also have some fun time by yourself.

Eye contact and seduction. The lynx is well known for its incredible eye sight. If this is your totem animal, you most likely have expressive eyes, which easily seduce others and draw their attention. You even have a seductive side of your personality and sometimes you can use this to your advantage and to get what you want.

The unseen. The lynx draws our attention to the things we need to focus on, but also on things which cannot be seen by human eyes, such as angels, spirits, auras and other similar phenomena.

Independence. If lynx is your totem, you enjoy doing things by yourself, rarely sharing your interests with others. You also feel very comfortable with yourself and you don’t need to justify yourself and your actions to others. You don’t need no one’s approval either.

Tranquility. This animal also gives you a very calm and quiet nature. But when you speak, everybody listens.

Patience. The lynx teaches you the gift of patience. You are a very patient person. You wait for the perfect timing and don’t react suddenly and unprepared.

Confidence and self – centeredness. If this is your spirit animal, you might have a tendency of showing a “know – it – all” attitude, sometimes to the point of annoying people around you. You should try to control your personality and stop being so self – centered and confident, because sometimes you might not be right.

This animal is also calling you to deal with your insecurities in order to advance.

Lynx as Your Totem Animal

If the lynx is your totem animal, that might indicate you are a very patient person. You probably wait until the right moment to say something or to react. You are also a trustworthy person, very good at keeping secrets, so people enjoy sharing theirs with you, because they know you can be trusted.

People are also afraid of your ability to see right through their thoughts and intentions, because you have the gift of seeing through other people’s feelings and thoughts, to the point of making them uncomfortable.

You have an outstanding intuition, which in time you learned to trust. You always follow your inner guidance.

You like spending time alone. Spending time alone also gives you the time to think and discover the truth behind many things.

Although you enjoy spending time alone, you are also a playful person, who is fun to be around. You can also be very passionate.

You hate losing and being wrong, and don’t like being reproached for that. No one can tell you what to do. You probably do what you want and when you want it.

You can be pretty direct in your reactions. If you don’t like someone, you usually disconnect from the conversation.

What if the Lynx Appears in Your Life?

If a lynx appeared in your life, this might indicate things are not as they seem. You should use your intuition to realize what is truly happening in some situation. This spirit animal is most likely bringing you a message you’ve been deceived by someone.

Maybe you’ve been deceiving yourself about someone or some situation and the lynx is telling you it’s time to stop doing that.

This animal’s appearance in your life is maybe calling you to be more flexible and playful. Maybe you should change something in your life, like old habits and routines.

Lynx is also encouraging you to use your strong intuition in order to discern the truth in some situation.

Sometimes the lynx appears in your life to announce that love is coming into your life soon. You just need to keep your eyes wide open, and try not to miss the right opportunity.

The lynx’s appearance encourages you to be more adventurous, flexible and easy in matters of the heart. Open yourself to love.

When to call on Lynx?

You should call on your spirit animal Lynx when:

  • You need to focus some more to achieve your goals and desires.
  • You are going through a difficult period and you need some support getting through it.
  • You need to listen to your intuition more.
  • You need to find out the truth behind some lies and deception.
  • You feel emotionally or spiritually challenged.

Dreams about Lynx – Interpretation and Meaning

If you dreamed about the lynx, this dream might indicate some secrets which you must discover. Maybe you are not seeing some things clearly and you need some clarification. The clarification might especially be needed in regards to a personal relationship.

A dream about lynx might also signify flattery and fake friends. If you had such a dream, it is a good idea to reevaluate your personal relationships and determine who you can honestly trust.

Sometimes this dream might signify intrigue, gossip and jealousy. Maybe this dream reveals a threat to your reputation due to some false accusations.

A dream in which you were a lynx is not a good sign and might signify conflicts with strong opponents. If you killed a lynx in your dream that is considered a good sign and foretells luck and success in the upcoming days.

This dream is also a sign of defeating your enemies. A dream in which the lynx ran away is also a sign of success. If the animal attacked you in your dream this might signify disappointments about close friendships.

This dream might also signify you being impatient about something.