Lord Shiva in Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

Any of your activities have to do with your past life, which is still stored in your energy body, and it is in the form of soul records.

From time to time, these records are forced to appear in various ways such as dreams, thoughts, visions, etc.

If you were a worshiper of Lord Shiva, you still remained involved in certain spiritual activities from any past life, so images of such activities that remained of your energy body are sometimes revealed through your dreams.

Lord Shiva stays with you throughout all the journeys you have had in your past and present life, supporting you and guiding you through soul journeys.

Any action, whether it is bad or good, has nothing to do with your current life, it is already tied to your soul throughout your life, and all your bad and good actions are rewarded or punished, all related to your karma.

In this text, we are going to interpret all the meanings and messages of Lord Shiva in a dream that may bring you.

Meaning of Lord Shiva in Dream

Shiva is the Supreme Lord and master of everything. If you are not familiar with these terms, Lord Shiva, Mahadeva, is a Hindu deity that is perhaps the most complex.

He is suitable – Shiva, great – Rudra, he is Lord – Nataraja, the Lord of the Vishvanatha – Universe, he is a transformer and a destroyer. He is immutable, transcendental, formless and also one that has no beginning or end.

Lord Shiva has the meaning of something auspicious. It is almost impossible to explain what Lord Shiva signifies to an ordinary human, as it is impossible to explain the universe, but we will try.

Seen from the perspective of the human intellect, he is the one from whom the Brahman emanates, remains in him, and returns to him.

Brahman is not only the mere universe, but he is someone who is the basis and cause of the universe.

Brahman is someone who holds the universe. Shiva is someone who is the cause of all possible causes.

He should not be seen as a man – but as God. In some letters, they call him Nirgun Brahman and in others Sagur Brahman.

Shiva’s state existence is in 3 states. The first of these states is Nirgun. This is the state in which Shiva is formless, and the entire Universe I creation is found in Shiva’s penetration.

Another state is Saguna. Shiva is in the state of Saguna, where he is the entire Universe, and his spirit is present in everything – man, woman, animal, insect, tree, and all creation. No form can describe it because all forms come from it.

The third condition is Nirgun-Sagun. Shiva is worshiped in the Nirgun-Sagun state as Shivlingam. This word is rooted in Sanskrit. So, Shivalingam signifies a master in his creation.


Everything that exists in the world is created from a dome, a sphere. Everything in the world is round – a tree that grows from a seed that is round, a child born from a cell that is also round, and all celestial bodies are in a circle, and the earth on which we live is round.

Anything that has the form of a circle signifies Lord – Shiva. Shiva is something that cannot be understood, then his sign is worshiped, or the whole Brahman is worshiped in Shivalingam.

It is very important for you to understand that he is someone who is not formal. All the forms that exist belong to him, and however we look at him, he is happy, and there is no unique form in the world that can describe him.

We had to describe this all to you in order to explain the main meaning of Lord Shiva in dream.

The main reason you had this dream is to be aware of the presence of a force that is impossible to see, but it exists everywhere around us and we can turn to it whenever we want.

Be aware of the Lord when you are about to turn your thoughts into actions.

The Symbolism of Lord Shiva in Dream

It was impossible to interpret the symbolism of this dream until the very beginning of the Vedic interpretation and their words about Lord Shiva in dream. Shiva has many symbols that have to do with it, such as one of the Holy Trinity.

As these elements are depicted, we can immediately think of the Lord Himself. These are some symbols of Lord Shiva.

From a philosophical and scientific point of view, the moon that is on Shiva’s whole is a representation of the control of time in terms of nature.

The moon, therefore, symbolizes time, and the Shiva with the moon on his head indicates that he has complete control of time, and he is beyond the measures representing time, and therefore is eternal.

Control of the moon and time is very important for the control of nature. In other words – this dream symbolizes the impotency of a regular human to control time, as it passes no matter what we do.

We also have a symbol of the body smeared with ash related to the dream of Lord Shiva. Interestingly, this symbol has more meaning than the element itself.

Here Shiva is represented in nature in its transcendental aspect and its presence is much greater than material. These ashes are not ordinary, it is ashes from the cemetery.

According to Hindu life philosophy, death represents it as the ultimate reality of life. In the end, everything turns to ashes, and Shiva is also the god of destruction.

The ashes represent that everything is reduced to destruction and that Shiva is the master who goes beyond the circle symbolizing life and death.

You should be aware that we are only passable passengers through this life. Our actions will stay behind us, so it would be better to do something that is good for humanity.

No matter how hard you try, we all end up our lives at a certain moment. Don’t act as if you would live forever.

Do I Have To Be Worried?

You should not be worried now, as this dream may be a call from your Guru. Be grateful that he has expressed the desire to somehow connect with you.

It may be possible to receive a warning from him that will put you in danger.

It is also possible to get some good news with his help. You should take more care of your home and yourself. Whenever you close your eyes for a few seconds, pray to him and chant his name.

You may consider yourself to be one of the few to have the opportunity to dream of him. Only one in a million people have the opportunity to worship Shiva.

If he appeared to you in a dream, then you should know that you are his favorite, that you are very important to him, and thus, feel his grace. Therefore, there is no reason to worry.

What Should I Do If I Had This Dream?

Be grateful that Lord Shiva has mercy on you. You can be considered a very happy person. Thank Shiva for the kindness that he has shown you, and make sure to pray to him wholeheartedly at least once.

If you have seen Shiva and Parvati together in a dream, this is a sure sign that new opportunities are ahead. Be prepared for the news you will hear soon.

This news is about travel, earnings, good food, abundance and wealth. When you see Shivu and Parvati together it is considered a very good sign.

Shiva is said to be a sign of passion and aggression as well. If you see Shiva dancing in a dream, then it is an announcement of solving your problems.

This may indicate that you will come to wealth, but before that, you will have to fight like a lion.

This dream can testify that in one of your past lives you have worshiped Shiva as well as your desire to see him again. Shiva is very present in meditations. Lord Shiva in dream signifies that you will be able to overcome the troubles that are pressing and tormenting you.

Expect that your problems will soon disappear and you may get some money or get rich.

If you dreamed of Lord Shiva, it heralds a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in your life experience.

Any plans you have for the coming period will turn to be successful and you will have great support from your Lord Shiva. Just be faithful and pray to him.


The message of this dream may be that we should meditate on a daily basis. It is a testimony that in some of our past lives we have had a strong faith in Lord Shiva and that we want to reconnect with him.

It is claimed that in meditation Shiva can be clearly seen. The dream can also represent our life force which is in us and sculpts our bodies and our souls.

Interestingly, Lord Shiva in dream may represent the essence of creation is the feminine power. Be on good terms with your closest female cousins and friends.