Lizard – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Lizards and their reptile relatives are animals that still inspire numerous of beliefs and stories amongst different people.

Whether you find them fascinating and amazing or scary and repulsive, reptiles possess great spiritual powers and are seen magical in different cultures and mythologies around the planet.

Lizards, in particular, are animals people love or hate, depending on their cultural backgrounds.

Lizards are seen either good or bad in different cultural systems.

While during times of civilizations such as Ancient Egypt and Greece, lizards have represented prosperity and fortune, in Christianity they have usually been seen as demoniac and negative;

However, there are some general lizards’ traits people find them interesting for, no matter of their religion or culture.

These small and speedy fellows are agile, flexible and highly adaptable to different circumstances. They have to be, because lizards are little and represent a juicy snack for larger predators. Thus, their symbolical and spiritual powers are amazing.

Lizard spiritual powers and symbolism

Small and agile, lizards are careful and observant little fellows. They are charming and come in various shapes and colors.

For some people, all reptiles are scary and unattractive, so they fail to see true magic lizards possess. Think of a cute gecko or an impressively colorful chameleon!

However, talking of lizards, we usually imagine a common little reptile inhabiting almost all corners of our planet. We see them in urban areas, in nature, at countryside and so on.

Lizards’ symbolism is actually very positive. In realm of spiritualism, these animals are associated with transformation, adaptability, changes, vitality, regeneration and life;

Lizards are seen self-reliant creatures, ready to run and hide at the first sign of danger. They are extremely skillful in that sense. They are fast and flexible, able to disappear in a blink of an eye!

They are always on the watch, even if they seem so laid back sunbathing on stones or other kind of open space.

Flexibility and adaptability – Lizards are extremely adaptable animals able to endure various climate conditions, although they usually prefer dry and hot weather.

Their skin is dry and rough, not slimy as many people think. They need sun energy in order to keep their bodies warm, but they also dwell in hidden places and dark corners.

All lizards master the skill of disguise, need to survive and escape the eye of bloodthirsty predator that feed on lizards’ meat. Lizards are skillful runners and they easily blend into the scenery.


All of these traits make them ultimate symbol of adaptability, flexibility and disguise.

Transformation and regeneration – You all know lizards grow their tails over and over again, if it is cut off or injured! This incredible biological characteristic makes them symbolically amazing.

Lizards represent the power of regeneration, longevity, vitality and even immortality. They are associated with transformation and change.

Some lizards change their skins, which reminds people the change is an inevitable part of life. We often need to make change in order to grow, to develop and advance.

Being able to transform ourselves is an important skill.

Sometimes, people think of transformations and changes as frightening and risky. Spirit of the lizard reminds us changes are desirable and could be positive.

Alertness and speed – These small, fast animals are always alert. They have amazing reflexes and delicate senses. They need these skills to escape larger animals.

They are also cunning and tricky, because they sometimes have to use their wits to outsmart bigger enemies. They use trickery only to defend themselves.

Lizards remind us we have to be alert, but not anxious. We have to observe the world we live in and take care of ourselves.

They also represent self-reliance and suggest you should rely on your own experience and skills before all others.

Lizard totem and spirit animals

Lizard is a cunning and agile spirit animal that will teach you to take the best of your life. Lizard people are positive individuals with an optimistic view of the world.

However, they are not ignorant or careless. They pay attention to detail, they are organized and smart and very active persons. Lizard people express dual nature; they are either tranquil and laid back, or extremely active.

They seem to find it hard to make balance between the two.

  • Unsteady and adventurous

As we have said, lizard people find it hard to sit still. They need to get moving! They are athletic and they enjoy sports of all sorts.

If they are inspired and motivated, there is no much that could stop them. They are organized and focused to their goals, but they tend to neglect other peoples’ opinions and advices.

They are highly self-reliant, which sometimes makes them unreliable for others. They do change mind easily about things they find less important than their desires and aims.

  • Laid back and relaxed

Lizard people could also experience times of laziness and go-with-the-flow attitude, just as real lizards tend to spend long times simply sunbathing.

They need this time in order to build up their strength and absorb energy from the world. They value rest as a vital part of life, although sometimes they could get lost within boredom. They just let time do the thing, until the next period of extreme activity.

Although their nature is highly active and they love to take risks, Lizard people could also be very patient and wait for the right opportunity to come.

Their nature is dual and changeable.

  • Friendly and optimistic

Lizard people are optimistic and positive. They are amazing people to be around. If you want a funny and intelligent interlocutor, a Lizard person is a perfect one.

These people know many things they learn through their experience, because of their adventurous nature. They give good advices and love to make fun.

They literally lift up the atmosphere and make other people feel relaxed and entertained.

However, they are rarely considered reliable. Lizard people often surround themselves with many people; they love social events and feel comfortable about such occasions.

They are popular, but they never have many real friends. In fact, they do not feel they need them. Their unsteady nature makes them find hard to commit to one person. They are considered passionate lovers, but they do not think seriously about relationships. There are always exceptions, of course.

  • Adaptable and self-reliant

These interesting personas are able to adapt to changes and they know life goes on in phases. They do not find it difficult to accept that sometimes they have to experience a standstill or a failure, in order to develop.

They believe in power of change.

Even the greatest misfortune is unlikely to make them feel defeated. They are optimistic and always try to find the brightest side of every situation. They do not give up, but they accept failure as an inevitable part of life.

That makes them self-confident and adaptable. Lizard people rarely seek an advice. They tend to do things on their own and in their own manner.

Usually, it turns out good for them, but sometimes they could end up lonely and sad, because they do not make deeper relations.

On the other hand, when they do commit, they pass on their optimism to other person, so such relationships are healthy and full of joy.