Libra Man and Virgo Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Libra man and Virgo woman surely can make a good couple. Yet, it won’t be so easy. Their compatibility is high but complex. The bond that will probably make them stay together is mutual trust.

Libra man and the Virgo woman’s communication is great. He opens up new horizons for the Virgo woman and gets her out of her shyness. On the other side, the Virgo woman will often motivate her partner to improve. Her practicality is something new for the Libra man. Both of them are sexual and will be pleased with each other when it comes to intimacy.

Libra Man

The whole world can lay on the Libra man’s back. He has that strength and potential to bear a lot. When the Libra man accepts something, be sure that he will do it no matter what it costs. This man believes that the stars gave him the power to bring in balance in the chaotic relationships between people. The world has become an awful place, and the Libra man will try to fix it.

You must understand his mission and his goals. Don’t be jealous, as all he does – he does out of philanthropy. He simply loves everybody, but of course, in many different ways. Sing of Libra is presented as a man who holds a beam scale. This already tells you enough – he will weigh all your words and actions.

When it comes to making decisions, the Libra man can drive you nuts. As he has that idea of balance and harmony, he wouldn’t want to make a mistake somewhere. He would have to make a decision about something minor but will change his mind constantly, which can irritate you. Further, even when he establishes that balance he searches for, you just never know what will happen and disrupt him. This process within the Libra man is pretty much constant.

When it comes to love, the Libra man would also want to make the right decision. He wouldn’t want to hurt you, nor him. This man has strong emotions, but never let them rule over him. He tends to put the emotions aside for some time, letting his ratio weigh what he has to do. Concluding, emotions, and logic will surely play important roles, but righteousness is the most important to the Libra man.

Libra man is sensible and strives for mild and tender relationships. This man will never say some bad words to his partner, insult her, nor ever try to harm her. Libra man gets away from any kind of tension. He would let you calm your head a bit, then he will come to you to talk about the problem. Like a real gentleman, the Libra man will be prepared for a mature dialog, willing to fix the issues, not to make them worse. Break up is not an option.

This man knows how to recognize the tiniest emotions within him. He is well aware that when they appear, it won’t be able to stop the rush. Once he falls in love, it will be, if he has the choice, for a lifetime. Yes, the Libra man is indecisive about everything else, but when it comes to this stage, he will be 100%. Love is the ultimate goal and when he finds the one, there is no chance he will miss it.

Virgo Woman

If you would want to be with a woman who is smart and beautiful, then the Virgo woman is the right choice. She has all you need, and a little bit more.

Virgo woman talks a lot but does even more. She is a woman with a great intellect. With the sense of creativity, this woman can realize whatever crosses her mind. She looks like she is a complete workaholic. Virgo woman walks confidently towards her goals. She wants to be excellent in all aspects of life. As the Virgo woman is sometimes afraid of getting old alone, she will devote a big part of her life to a carrier.

Virgo woman likes to plan every step ahead. She is aware that you can’t organize your whole life, but as far as you can – do it. She has a cute planner, with colored priorities and cupcake stickers. Virgo woman will make time for her friends and family, but she also likes to pamper herself. She will go to a hairdresser, in the shopping, or to a spa center. Virgo woman wants to get her body and mind to the perfection.

However, the Virgo woman is not cold. She needs love too. All that work can exhaust her. When she lies in her bad in the evening, she will be pleased with what she had done through the day, but the empty place next to her would make her sad. Virgo woman will never let anyone see her weak side. Even when she spends hours crying in her home, she will go out as everything is completely fine. Even her closest friends won’t be able to get through her emotions sometimes.

When it comes to dating, the Virgo woman is the old-fashioned type. There is no chance you will get her easy or for one night only. What’s more, the Virgo woman would be highly offended if a man even TRIES to suggest something like this. This woman is a type who likes love letters and sweet expectations. She wants a gentleman, who will not rush into anything but will let love preoccupy them both.

Yet, as it is a bit hard to meet a real chevalier in these tough times, the Virgo woman will probably wait for some time. She is picky as almost no sign in the zodiac. Still, all that time of waiting will be worth once. It is great that the Virgo woman has the patience for her man to appear.

When the Virgo woman finally gets the chance to meet the Mr. Right, it will all be clear at once. She will give him some time, just to be sure, but she will already imagine their house and kids. Virgo woman is romantic and can’t wait for the time when she will surrender all her being to her partner. She maybe seems cold, but the Virgo woman has a strong libido and enjoys passionate nights with her man.

Love and Marriage

Libra man and the Virgo woman have different styles of expressing things. It might be an issue at the beginning of their relationship, but as the time flies by, they will get to understand each other completely. Their communication will always be great. Libra man is a pacifist who likes to ignore drama, while the Virgo woman is just too noble to let herself get rude with someone. They will let each other cool down a bit and then they will talk it over. Libra man and the Virgo woman are aware of the strength of their love and will do their best to adapt to each other.


Charming Libra man searches all his life for a woman worth his love and emotions. He will see that potential in the Virgo woman. Libra man won’t be the one to give up her beloved, as she will make him feel loved and secure. Loyalty is probably the most important thing in the relationship from the perspective of this man. Virgo woman will surely be loyal to death to her partner. He will respond in the same way.

This man wants a woman with manners. Virgo woman is the personification of a woman who knows how to behave in every situation. She for sure can be a bit rude at the time, but the Libra man will like even this side of her. Virgo woman seems like someone who is pretty indifferent, but actually, she can surprise you.

Libra man seeks for balance. So does the Virgo woman. She wouldn’t be too demanding or aggressive. Virgo woman isn’t jealous either. Libra man will highly appreciate these side of her personality and will try to give her much more than she asks for.

Virgo woman is practical, while her partner is more emotional. Libra man won’t understand some of her actions at first. He likes to think about things in order to make the right decision. However, too much thinking can lead to a downfall. Here comes the practical nature of the Virgo woman, who will help him think in a more efficient way. Yet, this character of the Virgo woman might be a real threat for the relationship in the long run.

However, the occasional negativity of the Virgo woman will confuse her partner. Libra man wouldn’t be able to understand her switches without a reason. However, it will only look like there is no reason. She would just want him to realize where is the mistake and fix it.

Libra man and the Virgo woman are a good match when it comes to intimacy. Both of them are sensual and like touches. Virgo woman is a bit more conservative. She will kiss and hug her partner only when they have some privacy. But, when they are alone, she would show him why she wanted them to be completely alone. Libra man will enjoy being all hers.


Excellent communication skills of those two will make them good friends. With the diplomatic skills of the Libra man and the Virgo woman’s negotiating skills, they would make a great duo for public business. Working together would be a please for both of them.

On the other side, spending some private time together will also be interesting. Virgo woman likes to read a lot and the Libra man likes to listen about new technologies, religion or art. Their interest and goals in life are similar, with an accent on the carrier. Libra man and the Virgo woman’s friendship will run smoothly, as they will trust and confide each other a lot.

Interesting Facts

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are one of the Hollywood’s sweetest couples. Their love simply shines out. They are always smiling at each other, with those sparkles in their eyes. Their relationship lasts for 23 years now. Will and Jad are a great example of the Libra man and the Virgo woman compatibility.


This couple has great chances, to be honest. Their emotions are on the same level and they seek loyalty and trustfulness in each other. None of them will cheat, as they don’t want their sweet romance to be in vain.

The only issue here is the Virgo woman’s occasional negativity and the indecisiveness of the Libra man. All they have to do is give each other some time to adapt and they will see how strong as a couple they are.