Libra Man and Taurus Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Libra man and Taurus woman make a quite intriguing combination. They have the same ruler – Venus. It gives them some similarities, but, surprisingly, more differences. They both search for a touching romance and something real.

However, it will be hard to find the peace in each other. This relationship is a big lesson for them both. If they are mature enough and understand why the stars brought them close, there is a chance for their love.

Libra Man

Libra man has a special mission – to enter the balance in this world, firstly in his relations with the other people. You must admit, this is not an easy task. Many of us would want to have that balancing ability. You have to be exceptionally calm and patient person in this case. Libra man is both, and additionally – caring and understanding.

As he is afraid of bringing a wrong judgment about something, the Libra man will spend a couple sleepless nights to make the right decision. He wants to be fair to everybody. This man changes his mind often like a girl changes her bags. This might get on your nerves, but it is better to accept this side of the Libra man, as he won’t change it.

Maybe it doesn’t seem like that, but the Libra man has a strong ego. So, if you try to criticize him, you would wake up his weak side. Libra man wants to please everybody, and once he sees that people find flaws in him it would be a hurtful truth for him. He might feel lost and betrayed.

Yet, this is a test for this man. He has to learn to be more independent and live life no matter what people say. If you want to be everybody’s cup of tea, you will lose yourself eventually.

Libra man knows how to behave. He has nice manners and is a real gentleman. If you two are going on a date, make sure you dress stunningly, because he will. Libra man knows how to treat and spoil his woman. That will make him highly desirable among women. You will see the invisible inscription on his forehead – WANTED!

This man has many qualities, but still is unsure about himself and is lacks confidence. He would want to be loyal to his partner, but because of his insecurities, the Libra man will cheat. This is the pure need to feel attractive, but it will be a sign at the same time. If the Libra man cheats on his partner, he will say it to her and will end the relationship. He will realize that she isn’t the right for him. Don’t get the Libra man wrong now. He is loyal in his core. It’s just – he needs a woman who will fulfill his emptiness.

Libra man will know when is the right time to surrender to love magic. He will feel butterflies and complete fulfillment. This happiness of his will make the Libra man a bit possessive, as he would want to give all his time and energy to his woman, even neglecting his own life and needs.

Taurus Woman

Taurus woman is designed to enjoy life and be a hedonist. This woman is usually wealthy. Even if she isn’t, she will make her way to the top. She needs a luxurious life, or the Taurus woman will be deeply unsatisfied.

Her ruling planet, Venus, makes the Taurus woman made for loving. She is subtle, nice and loveable. She is feminine but sure that you will see her strong side. The corpulence of the Taurus gives the impression of strength, stability, and power. Yet, as you know how furious a bull can be, make sure not to play games with the Taurus woman. She is a woman but knows how to fight like a man. We don’t say that she is going to physically attack someone, but you should be worried about her actions.

You will get the chance to see this woman’s bad side only if you are nasty enough. She has her limits and controls herself well in many situations. Additionally, she is patient. Taurus woman will offer you loyalty. However, if you trick her confidence, then be prepared for the tornado.

Taurus woman is really intelligent, but her ego doesn’t need other’s approval. It is important that she is aware of her qualities. What people say is completely unimportant for this woman. While the others will be boasting about how rich, handsome or smart they are, the Taurus woman will skip this part, going towards her goals. She strives for security, and if there is no man in her life, she wants to be able to realize all her plans.

Yet, as we mentioned, Venus makes this woman romantic and tender. Taurus woman is, on the other side, a bit lazy. She is steady and inactive, waiting for a man who would recognize her qualities. Taurus woman is not the adventurous type, so you can meet her on some classic places – in a café, on a job, in a train, or you can ask one of your friends to meet you two.

Do you remember that we mentioned that there is a hot temper under the Taurus woman’s surface? That is exactly the thing with her emotions and passions. Maybe she would look a bit shy and mild, but you will be horribly wrong. Taurus woman has some blockades in her mind. A real man will put those walls down. Then the fiery and loving nature of the Taurus woman will open up.

Taurus woman won’t rush to start a relationship. As she doesn’t like changes, she would want to make sure that she met the right guy. This woman also cares about her reputation. So, this is the type of a wife material. Taurus woman is a woman who loves her family and home the most. She won’t have a need to see anyone besides her family, ever. She is sociable, but values her family the most and would trade anything for them. She is easy to trust and you should never doubt her loyalty.


Love and Marriage

Libra man and the Taurus woman can form a strong and reliable relationship. They should make a few adjustments here and there, but that won’t be the problem. Of course, the Taurus woman will be harder to change, but as she will be convinced he is the one, she will do what she has to do.

The first similarity between these two is that they take some time to be sure in their partner. None of them will enter the relationship fast. That is great, as they will have enough time to meet each other’s good and the bad sides. Yet, in this case, they will hurry a bit, in comparison to their past relationships. The connection between the Libra man and the Taurus woman is already written in the books. All they have to do is to meet each other.

We all know how stubborn the Taurus woman can be. There will be a time when she won’t give up her attitudes no matter what. Yet, when the Libra man smiles at her and gives her a few compliments, she will be spellbound by his charm and will do and say whatever he wants. Libra man is one of the rare signs of the zodiac who know how to handle the Taurus woman’s stubbornness. Even she will be surprised!

In return, the Taurus woman will help her man bring good and righteous decisions. Libra can change his mind in seconds. His partner has a pretty realistic and good point of view and will always point out the right way to him. Libra man will see in practice how a good friend and life partner this woman can be.

The only thing that might bother the Taurus woman would be the lack of the initiative within the Libra man. He will be the one who does what she wants, but the Taurus woman wants a man who will be the leader. She wants to surrender to his safe arms and just enjoy.

The physical chemistry between these two is strong. They usually like to express their love with numerous hugs, kisses and touches through the day, patiently waiting for the night. Then the Libra man and the Taurus woman give in to an endless passion outburst, which leads them to the ecstasy.


Libra man wants everybody to like him. He will do many things just for the show, in order to attract other people’s affection. Taurus woman has friends but isn’t too sociable. She will like to hang out with the Libra man when no one else is around. His behavior when he is surrounded by many people irritates the Taurus woman. She will be patient for some time, but once she will outburst and tell him to change his social life patterns.

Taurus woman will see fake Libra man’s friends. She will tell him about those two-faced personalities in his life. After some time, this man will realize how right the Taurus woman was. It will make him appreciate her as a friend for life.

These two will go to cozy, fashionable places together. Taurus woman likes nature too, but the Libra man will insist on going to a fancy restaurant or art gallery. As the Taurus woman is a hedonist, she will gladly accept the call.

Interesting Facts

Juan and Eva Peron were an exceptional Libra man-Taurus woman couple. Famous Argentine politician laid his eyes on young Eva, and it was definite – the two got married. He spent some time in prison, while she was trying her best to free him. This couple stood for the same ideals, growing together as lovers, friends, and colleagues.


If the stubborn Taurus woman loses up her attitude, and the Libra man becomes a bit venturesome, this couple has all the chances for growing old together. It is funny how little effort they should invest in the relationship and be happy together. There is a bright future for the Libra man and the Taurus woman as a couple.