Libra Man and Scorpio Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Libra is the zodiac sign most famous for seeking the balance. Libra man is calm and reasonable. On the other side, Scorpio woman can be extremely temperament and even furious. You would say that these two tempers won’t ever get along. Yet, you would be wrong. Libra man and the Scorpio woman are one of the best matches among the zodiac signs.

They will have some ups and downs, but the Libra man needs a bit of the Scorpio woman’s energy, and otherwise. This is the way of achieving real balance.

Libra Man

Libra man will be one of your best friends. This guy likes to help people and strongly believes this is his mission in this life. He has a perfect solution for every problem you have. Libra man knows how to hit the point. Yet, don’t ask him about things of which you already know they are hard to achieve. Libra man is a mix of rationality and emotions. He sees everything just the way it is and knows how to act in important life situations.

This man will hug you even without hugs and kiss you even without a kiss. Libra man has the endless charm. He can make you do almost everything he wants, but will never use this to take advantage of someone. As in everything else, the Libra man knows how to control his charm.

Yet, women are irresistibly drawn to him. You won’t resist the impression that the Libra man is charming but reliable and honest guy. He is your best friend but has many characteristics that make you look at him like you two could be something more than friends.

The toughest task for the Libra man is to make a decision. When he is pushed to the point where he has to decide over something, the Libra man becomes panic-struck. He has the fear of doing something wrongful or unfair, so this process might take a while. Maybe you would say that he lacks the initiative, but it is better to sleep over it and then get into action. Rushing into thoughtless situations is definitely not the Libra man’s thing. Yet, don’t be surprised if he changes the decision he brought a couple of minutes ago.

Libra man enjoys the romance and tends to make his every relationship perfect. He has that vision of a perfect guy and is trying to be the best version of himself. Further, he has the image of the perfect woman for him, so is walking towards her. That woman should be pretty and clever, perspicacious, and loyal.

Yet, even when he meets a perfect woman, he might change his mind about her. Libra man will want to marry her in one moment, in the next one he wouldn’t even want to see her ever again.

This is the internal conflict within the Libra man. He believes that love is a serious matter. That is why his choice of a partner goes through many phases. He might easily fall in love but will question it for a long time until he finally makes up his mind.

Yet, it is also possible that the Libra man makes a mistake. He would start a relationship with a woman who is not his type at all. All of this happens because the Libra man’s overthinking, which can lead him to a completely wrong way.

Scorpio Woman

If you would want a woman who can be your best friend and your passionate lover, well, the Scorpio woman is the right type for you. This woman will leave you speechless, as her appearance and personality illuminate everybody in a room.

Attention! Never take the Scorpio lady easily. She is a woman of a word. If she says she will do something, you better believe she will. No obstacle can get in her way. Scorpio woman will work hard for her goals, without any regret, as she is aware it is worth her effort. She won’t invest even a slight exertion in something she is not passionate about. It is true, the Scorpio woman is passionate about everything that matters to her.

This woman likes everything direct and clear. She hates games or being played. However, if you maybe even try to play with her or with her emotions, be aware of the consequences. Scorpio woman loves revenge. Her feelings are strong, and if you hurt her in any way, she will wreak her anger on you. It doesn’t matter if you are her friend, a member of a family or a partner, the Scorpio woman acts with everybody the same. Her sting will hurt you more than you have hurt her.

Yet, you don’t have a reason to be afraid if you act righteously. Scorpio woman can be troublesome when it comes to relationships, but it will give you some kind of excitement. If she cares about you, she will get jealous. If she doesn’t, she will simply walk away. Yet, if she shows you that she cares, you should be honored. Take this opportunity life gave you, as this would be an interesting love story in every case. Let her be a little bit jealous, but never give her a real reason to be.

Scorpio woman wants a man who will be honest, loyal, and devoted to her. Once she meets somebody like this, the Scorpio woman will be ready to do anything for him. She will defend him even the whole world was against this man. Show her that you are completely hers.

This woman needs a strong man. Her personality strives for domination, but never let her has all the threads in her hands. Scorpio woman should be the one who makes the most of the decisions in a relationship. Yet, if you see she is wrong, better tell it out loud. She will maybe be angry at first, as she thinks she is always right. However, this will appreciate this manly side of her partner.


Scorpio woman would never make it with someone who is too soft and vulnerable. A man like this would get on her nerves. Show her that you have an attitude when it is needed. What is more, you will affect her in more ways that you can imagine. This will be the bait for her senses and passions. Scorpio woman is a burning fire in the bedroom. Physical pleasures are her thing. She likes to enjoy, but her partner will have a full treatment too.

Love and Marriage

Libra man is usually a successful guy. He likes when people talk about him as a great guy. Scorpio woman will receive the attention she needs when she is in a relationship with the Libra man. He will be truly loyal, which is almost everything the Scorpio woman asks for. As she will be so pleased with her partner, she will praise him all around and celebrate his accomplishments. This woman surely likes men who are in a good position, and she will appreciate the Libra man even more because of this.

Scorpio woman will be very satisfied with one more thing. Libra man has that issue with bringing decisions. This is exactly what the Scorpio woman needs. She can take the lead and everything will be by her will. Yet, the Libra man has that strong sense for the justice. He wouldn’t let anyone make a harm or take advantage of some situation. If needed, he will stand up and confront. Arguing is not his thing. Libra man will always work things out nicely.

On the other side, the Scorpio woman is a termagant. She will get into an argument in the blink of an eye. She defends her attitude with her whole body and mind. If her partner was the same, these two would probably get into a fight. In this case, the Libra man will stay calm and cold while she ranges for a couple of minutes. Rarely anything can kick out the Libra man from his balance. When the Scorpio eases up, he will have a conversation with her and they will patch up.

Surprisingly, the Scorpio woman might hurt the Libra man’s ego. This is not a happy situation for both of them. If the Libra man’s ego is hurt, he will become disrespectful and distant. Scorpio woman would feel neglected.


Libra man is wise and knows well how things in life function. He has that calm temper and patience. Scorpio woman is pretty different. She goes her head through the wall and doesn’t care about the consequences. Her temper is flammable and if you are in her company, be aware of the possible wildfire. Yet, these two should mix up their natures. Libra man needs more energy, while the Scorpio woman has to cool off. They will recognize the good sides of the other person, which will initiate their friendship.

Scorpio woman will also move the Libra man. He is not passive, but lacks some motive. They will do many fun things together, enjoying and laughing all the time.

Interesting Facts

Jackson Browne and Joni Mitchell had a really turbulent relationship. They never got into to a marriage, as the emotions were extremely disturbing for both partners. Joni, the Scorpio woman, was dominant in this relationship, but as she felt something missing, she broke it off. Jackson, the Libra man, wasn’t strong enough to endure this pain of losing her.


It is great to have somebody by your side who can fix all your flaws. A relationship between the Libra man and the Scorpio woman can be exciting and fulfilling for both of the partners. They will complete each other. Yet, it is very important to understand that the Scorpio woman should be careful with the Libra man’s nature and energy. He is not a weak man, but it is a bit hard to cope with her domination.

Key to a successful relationship is cooling down the Scorpio woman’s temper and heating up the Libra man’s audacity. If they come to this phase, this couple will achieve exceptional and lasting romance.