Libra Man and Sagittarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Libra man and Sagittarius woman relationship can be filled with positive energy and a lot of laughs. These two are definitely compatible. They appreciate and respect each other, which is a good start for any relationship. Libra man will consider that the Sagittarius woman loves freedom more than him.

On the other side, she would think that the Libra man is sometimes too indifferent. Yet, misleads can disappear as the relationship develop. If they overcome this light crisis, there is a bright future ahead of this couple.

Libra Man

Libra man is definitely worth pursuing. He has nice manners, he is positive and charming, respects a woman. Should we mention that he is physically attractive, too? This guy might seem like someone worth your attention and love. Whether you have the Libra man as a friend or as a partner, be sure that you made the right choice.

Libra man will be by your side whatever you need. He has a big heart to help even someone he doesn’t know. Injustice hurts him to bits and this man is a fighter for the peace. Libra man tends to make everything balanced. He strongly dislikes people who bring the tension and drama. Libra man will move away for some time, then he will come back to patch up everything. There is no way that he would leave a messed up situation. Libra man will try his best to turn back the harmony.

This guy loves to flirt. Libra man knows that women are magically drawn to him. They approach to talk to him first and he is very responsive. Libra man’s intellect and communication are on the high level. Being surrounded by all those women tempts him. He will flirt with each one a bit, but would hardly make a choice which one is the right for him.

A bit of play and cheekiness won’t harm anyone, but committing to someone is a big deal. As with everything else in life, the Libra man wants to make the right decision. There is no way he would want to hurt anyone. Yet, he often goes the wrong way and picks the wrong type. It breaks his heart to see that he made a mistake and hurt anyone.

Libra man wouldn’t mind if a woman makes the first step towards him. What is more, he would be pleased. He is not afraid to get at a woman he likes first, but his indecisiveness might get in the way. Maybe he wouldn’t respond you the same, but there is a great chance for you to stay friends.

This man can be tough and emotional at the same time. He is that macho man – strong and stable, with a heart big as Russia. This guy knows how to make a balance – to be romantic in the right time, and a bit naughty when you two get in the bedroom. Libra man is definitely not selfish and will try to make his partner pleased and fulfilled.

Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius woman is incredible! She is probably the most optimistic sign of the zodiac. She smiles and laughs all the time. Life is like a movie for this woman. Sagittarius woman has many more attributes. She is cheerful and charismatic, charming and magnetic. Her energy spreads everywhere and she knows the right way to transfer it to the others. Anyone in the Sagittarius woman’s company knows that she makes everyone feel good and happy. That is why she has many friends.

Have a talk with the Sagittarius woman. You will be surprised by the variety of topics she is familiar with. She is open-minded and there are no taboos for this woman. Ask her about religion, philosophy, sport or intimacy, she will always have a quick response. What is more, most of the things she says are funny in some way, while it has some deeper meaning in the other. Sagittarius woman knows how to keep your attention and keep you amused.

Sagittarius woman loves freedom. She wants to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants. Once she hears something is not allowed, she might go for it intentionally. Flexibility is the key. Don’t put her any restraints and she will be happy.

The story is similar when it comes to love. Sagittarius woman likes when her partner gives her some degree of freedom. If her partner calls her or texts her all the time, she would feel like he is putting some pressure upon her. In this case, there is a possibility that she runs away. Sagittarius woman needs a safe harbor, not a love that captivates.

When it comes to picking a partner, this man has to be smart. If the Sagittarius woman has nothing to talk to a man, she would get bored. This is a woman of action. It is a bit hard to keep her in the same place for a long time. Far destinations lure her. She likes to travel, but especially to some distance place. A trip to a different continent is like a dream came true for the Sagittarius woman. So, if you have some plans on winning this woman’s heart, plan a trip to an exotic destination.

Sagittarius woman doesn’t want someone who will dominate her, but she won’t try to control you either. She wants a man who is equal to her. There is no gender or any other rolls if you are in a relationship with the Sagittarius woman.

This woman has a big heart and is willing to forgive. That is why she often goes back to the past relationships, believing that her love can change someone. Once she gets deeply hurt, the Sagittarius woman will recover for a long time. It is true that she likes to flirt and give you a smile, but she won’t get into a relationship before she knows you well. Yet, once she crosses you out of her life, believe us when we say there is no turning back. Sagittarius woman appreciates confidence and openness the most, so make sure you follow her standards.

Love and Marriage

Libra man and the Sagittarius woman will start a relationship naturally. There will be no enforcement or obstacles, they will simply click and stay that way. Sagittarius woman’s energy is more optimistic, but it is hard to compete with her in this aspect. Yet, the Libra man will surely follow her. They will spend many wonderful moments, talking, traveling, eating, and living together. This couple shares many common qualities and standards in life. It will make this relationship possible.


Sagittarius woman would have the need to give her everything to the Libra man. This gift of giving and sharing is in her core. Libra man wouldn’t understand this at first, as he believes that he has to deserve it. Yet, the Sagittarius woman sees him in the best light and is willing to do anything to make him happy.

Once the Libra man realizes the nature of her acts toward him, he would realize she is the woman worth his love. Libra man knows how to make a woman appreciated and respected, and the Sagittarius woman will be head over heels for him.

None of these two puts the physical attraction in the first place. Of course, they will be drawn to each other but will ask for the other aspects to be included. Their ratio is stronger than the emotions in some way, which can be an indicator of a lasting relationship. They would be friends in the first place and lovers in the second.

Libra man is complicated when it comes to making decisions, while the Sagittarius woman might take everything superficially. Now imagine these two in a serious life situation. They would feel lost in a circle, out of which they can’t find the way. Eventually, these characteristics will bother to annoy them, making a gap in the relationship.

Sagittarius woman knows to overreact when it comes to cleaning the house or washing dishes. This irritates the Libra man. Being obsessed with the cleanliness is a triviality for this man. In the end, the light issues this couple might have are rarely a reason for the split up. As two rational and mature persons, they will try to avoid fighting over trivialities.


Charismatic nature of the Sagittarius woman will surely intrigue the Libra man. She has those moves, that way of talking, laughing, that give the impression of a woman of action. Libra man is not passive, but when he would compare himself to this woman, he might feel ashamed. That is why he will try to approach her. Sagittarius woman, as someone who has great intuitive skills, will recognize the Libra man as someone who can be a good friend to her.

They will talk even without words. On the other hand, when they start talking, they won’t be able to stop. Libra man and the Sagittarius woman give that special impulse to each other, that keeps the friendship interesting and lasting.

Interesting Facts

Jackson Browne and Hannah Daryl had a moving relationship. This actress was one of the most beautiful women of that time. Libra man, a few years older Jackson Browne, won her heart. He was a bachelor for a long time, and everybody thought they were going to marry. However, their relationship ended. The singer actually never got married, and the relationship with Hannah was his longest romance.


Libra man and the Sagittarius woman have great potential if they are both determined to be together. They can achieve a long-term relationship once they are both mature and confident with themselves.

It is possible that they will drive each other crazy sometimes, but that is not the reason for a split up. Libra man should be more strict sometimes, while the Sagittarius woman should take things more seriously.