Libra Man and Pisces Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Libra man and Pisces woman make a tough combination. The Air and the Water might have some difficulties when they have to understand and support each other.

Libra man is not a cold-hearted type of a man, but in comparison to the Pisces woman, his emotions are slightly milder. He will try to be by the Pisces woman’s side and help her achieve balance in life. If he completes his mission, there is a chance for this couple to stay together.

Libra Man

As a scale represents the sign of Libra, you can already glimpse what meaning it has. Libra man weighs everything as a scale. He has the exceptional sense for justice and does his best to act righteously toward everybody. Libra man doesn’t have enemies – people love him. He is sociable, positive, but never shallow. This man will never use you for his purposes. What is more, people usually take advantage of his goodness, but he doesn’t mind it at all. Libra man believes that he should bring balance to this world and puts himself on your disposal.

Yet, he would expect that you somehow reciprocate. Libra man wants to be everybody’s best friend. If you show him that he is your best friend, that would be an exceptional honor for the Libra man. This guy loves to feel the affection of other people, especially the ones close to him. However, he never has too many friends and works on building new connections and contacts.

Libra man sometimes passes over things that bother him. He strongly believes that arguments never produce positive outcomes. If he estimates that someone would get angry over his reproach, he would rather stay quiet than creating chaos. Libra man would give everything for the peace and calmness. In this way, this man can talk things the other wants to hear, believing he does it for the good.

On the other side, he is not a demanding person or somebody who complains over every little situation. That is why it is so easy to get along with the Libra man.

A positive attitude is something that attracts. Libra man shines out the positivity and people gather around him all the time. When we say people, those are mostly women. This man is so charming, with a smile on his face, spontaneous gestures, and great dress code. We can say with certainty that the Libra man is a dream of almost every woman in many aspects.

Although, despite his great personality, who would resist the temptation? Women often approach him, and this guy is weak to compliments. It will also boost his confidence a bit. You would never say it, but the Libra man has some insecurities. That is why he would sometimes exaggerate with flirting.

Be patient if the Libra man’s your crush. You should be around him, but also leave him alone for some time and give him a space to think. Libra man is pretty unsure when it comes to relationships. Big desire to be with the right woman brings confusion in his head. In order to give him some signals that you are the one, be positive and open, well-read, a bit secretive and loyal.

Pisces Woman

When you think of the Pisces woman, you instinct think of a sea mermaid. Pisces woman definitely has depth personality and mysterious energy. You would want to catch her, but this lady has invisible flakes all over her and might want to wander, at least in her thoughts. Those depths keep on calling her. Pisces woman’s emotions are also profound and can take you to a whirl.

Pisces woman always puts her emotions and initiative in front of her ratio. She, of course, knows what is good and what is bad, but believes that if our hearts lead us, we will make the best decision. This woman doesn’t calculate and isn’t perfidious. When she wants to do something, she will do it with all her heart.

This lady is in a constant search of meaning. She makes combinations and various connections in her head, trying to figure out things better than the others. Pisces woman is a dreamer and likes to see situations painted in pink. She wants to believe in some fictional things, but the reality is different. This woman sometimes has a trouble with accepting facts. It might take her to depression or deep sadness.

To cope with reality and unpleasant situations, the Pisces woman usually escapes in art – music, dance, painting, or writing. This way she can compensate all her thoughts and energy. Some of the best actresses, like Elizabeth Taylor, were born under the Pisces sign. Just imagine her big, navy blue eyes. Who would stay indifferent about them? Those eyes hid secrets of the deepest oceans and seas.

Pisces woman’s emotions can be mild and smooth, just like the sea. You can enjoy the warmth of the water, mixed with nice weather, seagull’s song, while your boat lightly swings on the surface. It will relax you and make you never want that day to end. However, be prepared for the storms, hurricanes, and typhoons, too. It will be mixed up, the best of the Pisces woman, and the worst.

She can give you everything, but she wouldn’t want to. Pisces woman likes to keep that tiny, small part for herself. She needs to keep the veil of mystery, in order to build herself up if something crashes her. On the other side, just like all mermaids, the Pisces woman has to be mysterious and intriguing to men, to keep them interested. This romantic, dreamy lady surely knows how things function in the men and women’s world.

After all, the Pisces loves to be in love. She seeks for her sailor, and he will eventually come. Pisces woman needs a man who will be her guiding star. She is aware in some way that her dreaminess can take her to a wrong way and wants a man who is stable and confident.


Yet, this one has to be caring and emotional, as the Pisces woman takes everything personally. If you raise your voice at her, she would shut to pieces and cry for a while. She has that cotton soul. Always be kind to her.

Love and Marriage

Libra man and the Pisces woman will keep each other amused, especially when it comes to their conversations. Pisces woman wanders in her thoughts, imagining situations and moments, and taking her Libra man with her. He would give in to a beautiful mental trip to faraway lands with his beloved one. Yet, although he can get dreamy for a while, this is not his way of living. He knows how the Pisces woman functions. Libra man will try to take her out of this imaginary world. What is more, he would have success.

In return, the Pisces woman will show her selfless side. She would see how good and devoted the Libra man is. Pisces woman likes to reciprocate, and that is something the Libra man appreciates. Yet, he is not selfish, either. Their relationship will be full of giving and receiving.

Pisces woman needs a dominant man. He shouldn’t be harsh or too demanding, but her partner must be able to make decisions. When it comes to the Libra man, he is capable of everything, except to make a decision and stick to it. He would change his mind a thousand times, which will only confuse the Pisces woman. Although she knows how weak she can be in some aspects, in this one she would be definitely more assertive.

This couple shares a lot of passion. Yet, for the Pisces woman, making love with somebody requires loving. She gets to this act as the ultimate way to express love and devotion. Intimacy has a deeper sense, leading two lovers into the world of spiritual experience. This is something unfamiliar with the Libra man, who will enjoy what the Pisces woman has to offer in this aspect.


Libra man and the Pisces woman are interested in art. This will be the initial bond between them. Yet, they will have much more to talk about, as the Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter make a great deal.

Libra man and the Pisces woman will hardly ever get into a conflict, as this is not a part of their natures. Yet, they simply function on different patterns.

One more thing in common is the laziness. Libra man and his Pisces woman friend might get lazy now and then. It may lead to cutting down their meetings, as none of them would be motivated enough to make an effort and move a bit. However, this won’t happen often.

Pisces woman is kind and giving, but she will get involved in the Libra man action’s only if she has some benefit of it. If he invites her to a party, she would go, but there has to be a special motive for this woman. She has good instinct and can advise the Libra man well if he is about to slip up.

Interesting Facts

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are Hollywood lovebirds. This Libra man and Pisces woman couple have been together for almost 20 years now. They maintain to develop a mature and loving relationship, as they practically grew up together.

This couple is the example of how Libra man and Pisces woman can achieve balance if they are both willing to bend a bit.


Dreamy sides of the Libra man and the Pisces woman will recognize easily. Artistic souls have some special bond that grows stronger with time.

However, the Pisces woman will sometimes exaggerate and be mentally absent for too long, which will bother the Libra man.

He should have a bit more understanding of her nature, but also he is the one who can help her wake up and be more grounded.

Pisces woman should realize that he wishes her good and cooperate. In this sense, if they both are trying, there is a possibility for this couple to develop a harmony in a relationship.