Libra Man and Libra Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

When a Libra man and a Libra woman meet each other, they would be instantly attracted to each other. Their similar natures are obviously similar, which can have some good and the bad sides. Their common characteristic is the indecisiveness. It will take a whole eternity to come to the terms when they both agree upon something.

On the other side, they will be forever loyal to each other. Libra man and the Libra woman share tenderness all the time and the intimacy aspect will be very satisfying for both of them. Yet, will this kind of a “mirror effect” bore one of them after some time?

Libra Man

Libra man is the perfect example of a person who lives life around the middle. He never goes to extremes, which is possibly one of the best sides of the Libra man. His ideal in life is to accomplish balance in all spheres. Yet, this man will make some effort to make even other people’s lives better. He is not selfish in any way and that is why everybody likes him. There is no person who would say that the Libra man is rude or unpleasant.

This man knows the right measure of things. He almost never exaggerates, whether we talk about the good or the bad things. Yet, as we said almost never, we mean by that the Libra man’s love for luxury. This guy is capable of spending his whole salary on five days of luxurious life. After that, he would have to survive somehow the rest of the month.

Libra man will be your voice of reason in any situation. What is more, he would advise you better than he would do for himself. It is better to see things from the side. When it comes to his life, the Libra man will try to find the perfect combination of mind and emotions. Eventually, when the Libra man falls in love, his emotions will overweigh, but only for a while.

His type of a woman is similar to him – able to balance. She would be a mix of a prettiness and intelligence. Libra man would never choose a woman who is beautiful but shallow, and otherwise. That woman has to be charismatic. Libra man is already gifted with charm, so he would use his skills to seduce her.

Libra man is definitely romantic, but what is great – he never does silly things. Meaning, he is romantic in a rational way, which is great. He is not too obsessive about his partner either, giving her some free time and space. However, he expects her loyalty in every way. Libra man is indisputably great in many ways, yet, he is unfair when it comes to this aspect. He loves beautiful women, and sometimes it is just hard to resist a temptation. This doesn’t mean that every Libra man cheats, but count on this if you are starting a relationship.

This man is aroused by nice perfume. Make sure you always smell and dress nice. A woman who takes care of herself, both physically and mentally, would be the one who will keep the Libra man by her side.

Libra Woman

Probably the most sophisticated woman of the zodiac is the Libra woman. Venus gave her all the attributes a woman should have. She is sweet and tender, feminine and a bit seductive, but never provocative. Libra woman has charm and charisma and it is almost impossible not to fall in love with her at first sight.

This charisma attracts both men and women in her life. Libra woman is, undoubtedly, surrounded with numerous friends. Each one of them would want at least a piece of her energy and charm. On the other side, she enjoys attention and care of the others.

Yet, it is not like the Libra woman would act arrogant or egoistic. She is a great person, full of love and understanding, willing to help anyone. Stars gave her excellent communication skills, so the Libra woman knows how to keep a situation interesting.

Just like the sign of the Libra is presented in the horoscope, the Libra woman always balances. You know how some people are torn apart between emotions and logic. Libra woman doesn’t have these issues. She perfectly set the standards in order to make harmony in life.

That is also something that attracts men to this woman. She looks like someone who handles thing well, she is not chaotic, either depressive, but just like a woman should be. Men get the impression that this woman would make a great wife and mother, holding her thoughts and actions under the control.

Yet, don’t take the Libra woman as someone who will be quiet no matter what you say to her. She knows how to respond to anything. If you talk to her nice, she will talk nicer, yet, if you are rude – this woman will pour a shower of cold water on you. She is not stubborn, on the other side, and is capable of accepting her own faults. Peace is the ideal the Libra woman strives after all.

That is the thing with the Libra woman in love too. She is loving and gentle, sweet as a candy. Libra woman expects a man who will be loyal and reliable. This woman won’t ever cheat, seeing a relationship or a marriage as a holy union. Don’t play mind games with her, as the Libra woman will show you that she can play them better. In the end, she would break up, leaving you speechless.

Surprise the Libra woman with flowers and boxes of chocolate from time to time. She would love it! This way, she will see that you still care about her and respect and appreciate her devotion to your relationship. Pamper this Venus goddess, and she will show you how magical love can be. Besides all love and support, loyalty and honesty, the Libra woman is a real seducer. She will tickle your imagination, making your passions go wild, then she will give in to pleasures with you.


Love and Marriage

Libra man and the Libra woman would definitely spend great moments together, no matter if they are locked in a room, or they are climbing a mountain together. Their outgoing natures and good communication will make their bond strong.

We already mentioned how the Libra man loves and enjoys luxury. Libra woman is not much different from him. Libra man will take her partner to expensive restaurants and will buy her jewelry and nice clothes. His woman will be exceptionally pleased with the way he treats her.

But, he won’t put the accent on the material things in the relationship. It would be just one more way to express his love. Libra woman knows how to say a lot through his touches, kisses, and hugs.

He will make the Libra woman feel appreciated and wanted, loved and secure. This is generally what she asks for from a man. Yet, after the first wave of excitement, this couple will make long-term plans together and they won’t spend money that easy.

Libras are the signs of balance. However, the imbalance is also an option in this Libra man and the Libra woman combination. They as a couple can realize each other dreams and mutual goals and that is something that will keep them together. Libra man and woman will try to ignore the things about which they don’t agree or will solve it in a peaceful way.

Libra man and the Libra woman will give many reasons to each other to stay together. We already mentioned how loyal the Libra woman is, but in this case, the Libra man will be too. Looking for some fun on the side is simply not their thing. The reason for the Libra man’s devotion will be the behavior of the Libra woman, her manners, intelligence, and excellent look – everything that he asks for.

Just like this couple has many similarities that will make their relationship stronger, there are some sides of their characters that will make a strife between them. Libras are endlessly indecisive. If both of them stay on these terms, it will make a problem as none of them would be able to decide what he/she wants. Surprisingly, they wouldn’t understand each other well. Mood changes and incapability of making strong decisions will bring the tension between the Libra man and the Libra woman.


Libra man and the Libra woman will have undoubtedly good communication. Their friendship will be balanced and joyful. As both of them are fighters for justice, they have a common mission in this aspect. Libras have that need of getting everybody’s approval and attention. That might turn away Libra man from the Libra woman and oppositely. This friendship would be reciprocal, but each of them will be open to new friendships as well.

Libra man and the Libra woman will go to social and cultural events together. This is a sphere ruled by Venus, the ruling planet of these two. Libra man and Libra woman have great respect for each other and are able to solve any issue in front of them.

Interesting Facts

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Johns are one of the most famous Libra man-Libra woman couples. These lovebirds have been married for 18 years now. They went through some challenges in the past few years, as Michal was diagnosed with cancer.

Yet, both of them stood tight, and the famous actor made it through. Catherine is the example of how loyal, supportive and reliable partner the Libra woman can be. Their romance continued till this day, and it doesn’t seem that will ever fade away.


Libra is a cardinal sign. Libra man and Libra woman will fascinate each other with their similarities, which will make a strong bond between these two.

Yet, those similarities can alienate them a bit, but only for a short time. Libra man and Libra woman can achieve harmony in a relationship, which will last for a lifetime.