Libra Man and Leo Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Libra man and Leo woman will charm each other at once. The moment they see each other, they will feel the flow of the extremely powerful energy. Leo woman pretends that she is a queen. Libra man won’t mind that, as he will see the huge potential of this woman as his wife.

Leo woman can’t stay immune to the gestures and behavior of the Libra man. He knows how to make her feel like she is in control, even when she isn’t. Libra man and the Leo woman can make a perfect match. It only takes a few small adjustments to make this relationship last for a lifetime.

Libra Man

Libra man may look like someone who does yoga twice every week. He is surprisingly calm and balanced, that it will take some time to let that sink in. Yet, once you come to the terms with this side of the Libra man, it will be obvious that he is great. This man has much self-control and avoids arguments, tension, and drama. What a perfect guy, right?

You will never see the Libra man argue with someone in the street. He will rather be the one who separates two drunk guys who want to fight or will get involved in some man and his girlfriend arguing in front of a bar. Libra man believes everything can be settled down with cool heads and with a proper conversation.

This is the side of the Libra man which shows how much he cares for the good of everybody. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t know you, the Libra man will help if he can. Now imagine what he would do for his friends and family. People close to him are aware of his good sides and keep him as a friend. Losing the Libra man is a friend will be almost impossible. Once he establishes a good connection with someone, there is no chance you two will ever split. Maybe life will take you to two different sides of the world, but you will still remain friends.

Libra man is endlessly picky. Don’t ever tell him to decide when and where to meet, as there is a chance you won’t meet at all. Libra man doesn’t know how to make a choice. Choices make him confused. If you still want him to be the one to make a decision, be patient and understanding. Libra man wants everything to be safe and sound, that is why it might take a while.

This man loves to be in love. Women are perfect creatures and he admires each one of them. Libra man needs a life partner, as without love he can’t find the balance and harmony. His woman will make him complete, and he will do his best to make her happy.

Libra man doesn’t play games with women. If he wants to be with you, he will tell, and the opposite. He wants to be fair and expects you to be too. Libra man will be romantic and passionate at the same time, always showing his partner new aspects of love.

Leo Woman

Leo man will either roar or purr. She is a kitty or a beast, depending on how you treat her. Leo man thinks she deserves all the attention and compliments wherever she comes. This woman knows how to make everyone look at her, no matter what has to do. Yet, her invisible crown will never fall down. Leo man will always keep her dignity and nobleness.

As the Sun is the ruler of the Leo, it makes the Leo woman shine brightly as no other sign. She is the center of the universe, or at least she thinks she is. She is full of confidence, which really attracts attention, but with different motives. Some people admire her, while the others think she is too arrogant and cocky. Both groups have right. There is something special within the Leo woman, some irresistible kind of energy, but she somehow ruins it with her ego.

As every cat, the Leo woman likes to play. She leads an active and playful life. Men chase her, while she runs away constantly, as this makes her amused. Leo woman waits for an exceptional man, and until he comes she will play with the “zebras”.

Leo woman hates routine, no matter if we talk about friendships, everyday life or love life. That is why her partner has to be ready to follow her on her roller coaster rides. She is on her feet early in the morning, eager to hustle through the day. A weak and too romantic type of guy will get lost in the Leo woman’s plans and ambitions.

This woman wants to be in charge. Let her dominate you a bit, but never sink in completely in this role. You have to show your masculine side. Speak up when she overreacts, which will happen often. Don’t let her rule over you, as she will get bored after a while and will start searching for someone who will give her more adrenaline.

Leo woman wants a strong, confident, and loyal partner. He has to be ambitious and prove to her that he is a man of word. If you show her your love and devotion, the Leo woman will stop her hunt. She is not the type who flirts all the time, no matter if she is in a committed relationship. Leo woman won’t risk losing something she has been waiting for so long.

It is true that loving this woman is not easy. Her strong personality might crush you down. Yet, if she estimates you are not her cup of tea, you two simply won’t last together. Leo woman gives you the feeling like you are on the top of the world, or you are in the deepest pit. She can turn you around her finger, only if she wants. Lioness will show you the pleasures of loving in the bedroom like no one before. She is not afraid to play it a bit rough, but there is no man who wouldn’t surrender to this extraordinary woman.

Love and Marriage

Libra man is a big humanist. He will help you and ask nothing in return. This man believes that all we do reflects somewhere in the universe and gets back to us in the way we deserved. On the other side, the Leo woman helps people too. However, her motives are completely different. She will help her friends, then she will expect them to admire her and rise her to a pedestal.


These two will always be somewhere out. They are active and will do sports, or travel to a neighboring city for a weekend. This drive they share will only make them even closer.

Everything this woman does, she does it in favor of herself and her importance. Libra man will see this side of hers but still will like a lot the fact that she is willing to help, no matter which motives she has. Leo woman will appreciate his kindness and generosity without expecting any counter service.

Leo woman has many ideas and is very creative. Her partner is a smart bee, but afraid of getting into risky situations and overall, indecisive. She will enforce him to move a bit and make some steps which will lead him to success. Leo woman is a great support to her partner.

Still, she won’t see him as a weaker if he lacks some initiative. Once he accomplishes his goals, with a bit of her help, the Libra man will gain confidence. This will seem sexy to the Leo woman.

This couple will talk all day and a half of the night. The other half is reserved for the loving part. They know how to tickle each other’s imagination through the day. So, when the night comes, these two will show what they’ve got in mind during the time when they were separated.

Intimacy will sometimes look like a role play with the Libra man and the Leo woman.

She wants a partner who knows what to do and is skilled. Libra man surely is. Still, the Leo woman has a lot of hidden potentials and her partner will be more than surprised and pleased with her.


A friendship of the Libra man and the Leo woman is based on endless comprehension. They know what the other side thinks when they look at each other. Leo woman will bring in some drama from time to time, but the Libra man will surely calm her down. He simply doesn’t allow drama in his presence.

Their rulers, Venus and Sun, make the Libra man and the Leo woman form a friendship with a lot of common interests and values. She will force him to try harder, while he will teach her diplomacy. With the stimulus from the Leo woman’s side and communicative and negotiation skills, they two can form a dream team.

Interesting Facts

Jimmy Carter, Libra man, and his wife Rosalynn Carter celebrated 72 years of marriage. This former US president and his First lady are the examples that these two zodiac signs really make a good, long lasting couple. Just imagine yourself with someone for 72 years. It can only be possible if you find your soul mate.


As you see, the Libra man and the Leo woman are the zodiac soul mates. These two has no bigger issues. The only thing that will bother a bit the Leo woman is the Libra man’s insecurity and indecisiveness, but she will work on it with him.

He, on the other side, doesn’t like her loudness and hot temper, but he will try to teach her how to be a bit calmer. These two has great aspects for spending their lives together.