Libra Man and Gemini Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Both Libra man and Gemini woman seek fun and romance. As the stars bestowed endless charm upon them both, they will know on which card the other person plays. However, they will fall in love with one another as never before.

Another similarity is that the Libra man and the Gemini woman like to socialize and go out a lot.

That is how they are going to meet – in a place full of people, they will simply recognize each other’s energy. Add great compatibleness in the intellectual level and that is it – they will start dating.

However, when some time passes, the Libra man and the Gemini woman will realize how superficial the initial contact was, that there would be a bit hard to move on. Yet, it is not impossible.

Libra man

A relationship with the Libra man may look like you two are on a teeter. Libra man will act as if he is counting the daisy petals. It is hard for this man to make his mind about anything. However, try to understand him a bit. The stars gave this characteristic to him. Libra is well known as a balancing sign. That is why the Libra man wants to make a balance in his life, but also in the life of the people he cares about.

There is no other zodiac sign that strives for security as the Libra. This man has some kind of panic need to be sure of everything he does. He will walk into a shop and try out ten pairs of shoes. As the choice is so wide, he will get lost in his thoughts and eventually leave the shop without new shoes. This is just a plastic example of the Libra man in real life.

Libra man is romantic and searches for that missing piece of his soul. He dreams of finding a woman who will follow him through life, making him feel whole, while he makes her endlessly happy and secure. Libra man wants a relationship which will be an example to all other couples. He won’t mind the envy looks of the people while he and his beloved walk down the street.

It is easy to conclude, the Libra man cares about what other people say. He cares a lot. It is in his nature to be communicative, outgoing, and fun. Add some charm to this image the Libra man leaves and it will be clear why he has thousands of friends.

Libra man plays fair, and what you to do the same. If you are playing your cards right, the Libra man will be by your side forever. He likes women with attitude and sense for the correctness. It gives him the impression of security and honesty.

This man craves for peace and home. He loves going out and having fun, but this will bore him sooner or later. Once he notices that nightclubs or fancy restaurants aren’t interesting anymore, it will be clear that he is missing a woman by his side. Maybe he would marry around his 30s or even 40s, but it is better late than never.

Gemini Woman

Gemini woman is the queen of charm. As this sign is well known for its duality, everything is double within the Gemini woman – her emotions, the good and the bad sides, her partners. Sometimes she can’t make up her mind as there is a lot of choices in front of her. Yet, she is lucky with these circumstances. It makes her life more fun, as there is always something interesting around this woman.

Gemini woman is the Air sign. You know that is impossible to catch the air. Gemini woman will always be on the go. The moment you think you got her, she is already long gone. She plays this game, driving men crazy. If there wasn’t a game, the Gemini woman would be bored and depressed. It is true that you will rarely see her in this condition, but if she is missing some fun, then expect the ocean of tears. Yet, one phone call is just enough to turn her into the old Gemini woman, ready for action.

Men will be fascinated by the Gemini woman’s charm in the first place. Still, she will blow them away once they start talking. Her intellect is so strong that you won’t be sure if you deserved that time with her. Not only that she is smart, but she has the excellent sense of humor and will make you laugh to tears.

Any man would want to keep the Gemini woman by his side. Yet, a man has to be sure that he has to offer all the things the Gemini woman asks for. She wants your attention, care, and understanding.

On the other side, you have to be ambitious and successful in your job.

A man who only sits home and watches TV is definitely not her type. Gemini woman wants someone similar to her – someone who likes to travel and go different places. You two should have many common interests and plans for the future too. She also needs someone who will give her some space and time for her things.


Gemini woman is often in a relationship. Being single is not her style. She knows that men come and go and doesn’t suffer after a break-up. As she is wanted and desirable, there will be a couple of men just waiting for her message or call.

Sometimes the Gemini woman believes that she would never find the perfect guy, as everybody has a flaw. If she could mix up a few of her boyfriends, they would make the awesome combination.

It is important for the Gemini woman to sit down and think about everything for a while. She sometimes wanders through life, without any special goal or purpose. This leads to emptiness. Once the Gemini woman realizes that there is no friend that would fill the hole, she will open up the doors for the true love.

Love and Marriage

Libra man and the Gemini woman feel so well balanced and harmonized when they are together that it is hard to find such couple. They fulfill each other to bits, making every one of them understand why it never worked with someone else. Yet, the relationship is not only about sharing bed activities or traveling together. Sure that they will have much fun together, but the relationship will have some obstacles if they want to build the future together.

The great thing is, both the Libra man and the Gemini woman will avoid arguments and tension. Even if there would be a reason for conflict, they would diplomatically skip it. It is much better to remain in peace than produce a fight and still get nothing.

Libra man is aware that many men are interested in getting the Gemini woman. She knows, on the other side, that women are weak when it comes to the Libra man’s charm. He has that special something and women see him as a perfect guy.

Knowing all this, they both might get a bit jealous. Libra man would be the one with more reasons to be jealous, as the Gemini woman will continue to flirt with the other guys. Oppositely, he will cut off many contacts and devote more to his partner.

None of them is too passionate, but the Libra man will take the lead here. Gemini woman is not into physical pleasures. She is more into mental pleasing her partner and vice versa. The romantic side of the Libra man would ask for some touching and loving, while the Gemini woman will be a bit cold at first. As her partner continues to caress her, she will relax more and more and then finally give in to him completely. Yet, the Libra man will eventually get tired, but will never admit that. He will keep the play interesting, as he is well aware of how easily his partner can get bored.


Libra man and the Gemini woman share many common values and activities. They will have great conversations, deep at the times, and fun at the same time. Their friendship will be based on trips and going outs. They will sometimes make plans of bringing some of their friends together. Concluding – this will be the Cupid’s kind of game.

There will be no drama included in this friendship. It is almost sure that the Libra man and his Gemini friend will never have a fight. As their intellect and communication are on the same level, they will solve every problem by one rational talk.

Interesting Facts

Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe, the Libra man, and the Gemini woman, started off as a secret romance, as he was in the process of divorcing. This gave them both the adrenaline and the dose of fun they needed. They married a couple of months ago. It is obvious that they both liked secrets. The only persons who attained the ceremony were their witnesses and the judge. Surprisingly, Marilyn read a few paragraphs of his novel, in which he said that she had disappointed him in many ways. They divorced soon after that.


When two pretty same persons meet, they would instantly think they are made for each other. Yet, the Libra man and the Gemini woman can have a nice and passionate romance, but not in the long run. Their plans won’t be the same. When they take off the red glasses, it will be clear that it is hard to stay together.

On the other side, if they still want to give it a try, they both will have to look at things more seriously and responsibly.