Libra Man and Capricorn Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Attractiveness between a Libra man and Capricorn woman is undeniable. Yet, these two personalities might have some issues in a relationship. Capricorn woman likes the Libra man’s social spirit and optimism.

Libra man is, however, a dreamer in comparison to the Capricorn woman. To be on the same terms, these two should mix those characteristics. He should be more pragmatic, while the Capricorn woman has to ease up a bit. The road might be rocky, but still, there is a chance for their romance to develop into something serious.

Libra Man

Libra man has a pleasant appearance. He is relaxed, charming, and confident. It would look like this guy doesn’t have issues in life. The easiness in his behavior soothes people in his company. After a talk with the Libra man, you would feel like you have been on a good mind therapy. He can entertain you, get your thoughts in order, advises you when you need help. Libra man has numerous qualities as a person. He acts righteously and weighs what is good and what is bad.

The spirit and the energy of the Libra man simply attract everyone’s attention, and he doesn’t even try to do that. He will smile at you, and you will already be all his. If you go one step further and start talking to him, this man will charm you completely. Yet, you might get a bit confused. Libra man is endlessly friendly and likes to make new contacts. Make sure you read his signals well, in order to prevent inconvenience if you try to get him for yourself.

Yet, the Libra man adores women. He is always willing to go for a drink or a dinner, to have a nice time with you, but it is a bit hard to make the Libra man makes up his mind. This man is not hard to get, it is actually hard to make him decide. He wants to feel loved and cherished, but on the other side, he must be sure that he is doing the right thing. You need to be patient with this one if your heart chose him.

In order to attract this man and to keep his attention, you have to be a bit of a player. Don’t offer yourself on a plate, ever. Libra man is used to getting whatever he wants, but once he comes across an obstacle, it would shake him up. Be proud, positive, confident woman, with an attitude. Libra man will get crazy over you. It is true this sign likes to flirt a lot and he is a womanizer, but if you play the cards right, you will trap him.

Concluding, make him put some effort to get you. The hot and cold game will make him question his charm, so he would try harder. Now we come to that phase when you two get in a relationship.

You see that it is complicated to make the Libra man decide to get into a serious relationship. It takes some magic to keep him by your side, too. Take care of yourself, be attractive to the other men also. Although, stay loyal to him, as he would break it off if he notices you are flirting with somebody else.

Capricorn Woman

You can be wrong with the first impression of the Capricorn woman. This lady looks like she is strict, stoic, and too serious. Yet, underneath this surface hides one sensitive and emotional nature. This side of the Capricorn woman will see only her closes family members, her best friend, and her partner. For the rest of the world, this woman will stand tall, proud, and rigid.

Capricorn woman is the Earth sign, which means she is grounded and has a realistic view of the world. However, sometimes this side of the Capricorn woman mixes up with a tendency to depression or melancholic sentiments. You can tell by her eyes when she wanders somewhere far away, worried about some fictional issues. Capricorn woman will hardly ever say what is bothering her. She would keep her mouth shut until you guess it. Otherwise, if you are not lucky enough to guess, you will have to be patient and wait for the time when she would say what the problem is.

Everything has its time and place for the Capricorn woman. She likes to plan everything to the tiniest detail. When something goes wrong, she has a plan B, but it would move her a bit. This woman likes to ensure and prepare everything. The backup plan will replace the initial one, but the Capricorn woman likes it more when everything runs according to her idea or a plan.

Maybe you would think that the Capricorn woman doesn’t know how to have fun and relax. It is undoubtedly true that she is a planning maniac, but as almost everything is under her control most of the time, it will make her peaceful. Capricorn woman loves to travel and go to sightseeing tours.

Capricorn woman maybe has a weird sense of humor. You won’t understand it at first, but this lady will show you that she can make you chuckle and laugh to tears very often. A bit mysterious and definitely different from the other zodiac signs, the Capricorn woman represents a conventional, yet very interesting person.

As we already mentioned, the Capricorn woman adores planning. She also thinks that she can make a perfect love plan. Yet, she often fails. When this lady meets a guy, she might rashly show him how serious her intentions are and scare him. She is the perfect type of a woman for someone who would want to get married and have kids. If you are a man who wants some fun and adventure, don’t expect it with the Capricorn woman.

Surprisingly, this woman doesn’t fall in love so easily. Capricorn woman will almost 100% fall in love with a childhood friend or someone whom she met on a job. She likes to get to know someone firstly, then the romantic emotions appear spontaneously. Capricorn woman will look at you as her best friend or brother for a long time and then, all of the sudden, she will notice how gentle and caring you are. She is a strong woman, but surely needs compliments, love, and attention. Her type of a guy is someone who is just like that.

Additionally, if he is successful and hard-working – she will see him as THE ONE.


Love and Marriage

Libra man and the Capricorn woman have different emotional approaches. It would be difficult for both of them to show their love and care for the other person. Yet, as none of them wants to fight or argue, they would at least skip the unpleasant part. Libra man and the Capricorn woman like when everything runs smoothly, or they will pretend that the things go that way.

This couple is mentally well-matched. Even if they have some fallouts when it comes to the different aspects of life, they will always talk with a dose of respect and understanding. What is more, the Libra man and the Capricorn woman will like to get into a discussion from time to time and end it with a laugh.

After the initial infatuation, the Libra man and the Capricorn woman will, unfortunately, bore each other. They would have many romantic moments together. The couple would think that this all is too good to be true. Such attraction and strong emotions that appear too fast threaten to disappear even faster. When they go through those nice things, both of them will lack the inspiration to go with something new.

Libra man wants a luxurious life. He doesn’t care about the price. This man tends to spend huge amounts of money, which will bother the Capricorn woman. She, as the Earth sign, likes to save up some money for the rainy days. When she tries to gain control over her partner’s finances, these two will come to another barrier for the relationship.

Still, the Libra man and the Capricorn woman will achieve a high level of trust in the relationship. It will happen for both of them to have flirty moments, but it won’t lead to a betrayal. This couple can stand strong for a long time when we talk about mutual reliance.


Libra man and the Capricorn woman have many similarities, but they need to reveal them together. Libra man is outgoing and social, while the Capricorn woman is mostly closed up and works towards her goals. She cares more about her ambitions than hanging out with friends.

Libra man sometimes has low motivation, while the Capricorn woman is highly initiative. She will shake up the Libra man’s occasional laziness, forcing him to be more active. He would be thankful to the Capricorn woman, wanting to respond to her the same way. He will get the chance, as the Capricorn woman falls into a bad stage once in a while. Being a support to each other is the biggest highlight of the Libra man and the Capricorn woman’s friendship.

Interesting Facts

If you are a fan of the “Games of Thrones”, then you surely heard about David Benioff and Amanda Peet. This famous Libra man-Capricorn woman is the great example of how these two signs can work really well, accepting the differences as two grown people.


A road to a successful love story between the Libra man and the Capricorn woman is not completely smooth. At first, they would be enchanted with each other. Afterward, they would get a bit bored and chilled. The question is whether they can work out on the issues. Libra man should be more rational when it comes to money, while the Capricorn woman should pay more attention to him than to her carrier.