Libra Man and Cancer Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Libra man is more turn to intellectual matters, while the Cancer woman is endlessly emotional. He is capable of ignoring his feelings and emotions, while the Cancer woman surely isn’t. Yet, her warmth will intrigue the Libra man. She will attract him with the tenderness and some kind of sadness in her eyes.

Libra man will see this as an opportunity to be her hero, while the Cancer woman will give in to him completely. Yet, their different natures might lead to silent conflict, as none of them wants to argue.

Libra Man

Libra man is the biggest philanthropists among the zodiac signs. He has that love for the whole humankind and believes that there is no evil person in this world. This man is open and warm-hearted, communicative and peaceful. When we say to you that the ruler of the Libra is Venus, everything will be completely clear. This is the planet of love, calmness, and placidity.

On the other side, the Libra man can be too faced sometimes. He has that ability to estimate the situation and the person well and turn it into his advantage or benefit. He won’t do this with some bad intentions, or in order to hurt someone.

Libra man will just take advantage of the situation life put in front of him. The duality of his character is expressed through his emotions too. On the other side, he is vulnerable, emotional and even weak, while on the other this man can be pretty harsh with words or sarcastic.

Libra man, as you can see, can be a bit hard to define. He sometimes surprises even himself with some actions of words. Libra man hardly makes up his mind. He wants this and that, but barely ever knows which option to choose. That is the thing with women too. If he likes two women at the time, which is pretty possible, he wouldn’t know which one is the right.

Concluding, he will miss the chance. Libra man falls in love a couple of times in a day but is never unsure if that woman is worth his time and emotions.

The social life of the Libra man is extremely vivid. He has many friends and still, it seems that is not enough. Libra man will make a few new friends for one month. His charm and energy are attractive as he gives an impression of a complete, confident person. He definitely isn’t all that perfect but tries to be. From time to time, the Libra man will need some space for himself – no family, friends or partner. In some aspect, he appreciates individuality a lot.

What is his type of woman? Pretty, mannered, classy and smart – a woman who is a real lady. Immature or much younger women rarely attract the Libra man. He wants someone who is confident and resolved to go toward her goals.

Loyalty is the most important principle the Libra man sticks to. He won’t ever forgive if his partner cheats on him, while he is sometimes prone to cheating. This is another double side of the Libra man’s personality.

However, there is a way to keep the Libra man interested. He will never cheat on a woman who cares about herself. His woman should always look good. It will keep him fascinated. On the other side, give him enough attention, but never let him think you are completely his. Keep that small part for yourself. This will keep him intrigued.

Cancer Woman

Streams of emotions run through the Cancer woman’s blood. She has a big heart, full of love and warmth. This woman is calm and caring, creative and highly intuitive. Yet, be ready for a surprise – she can turn into a stubborn and hard to handle the person. Yet, this happens rarely and if you let her calm down, in a few hours she will be like turn into a mild spring breeze.

If you try to make the Cancer woman argue with you, she will ignore you. Yet, her actions can be harsher than the words. We mentioned how stubborn this woman can be. Once you make her mad, be prepared for the days of silence. She won’t talk to you, nor look at you. This woman will suffer more than you do, but as the Cancer is very persistent, she will have to endure this situation.

Her intuition is strong. That is how she can smell the lie. It is better to say everything honestly than to be caught up in a lie. Cancer woman will always give good advice to her friends when they have to make an important decision.

Everybody can see the romantic side of the Cancer woman. She is very sensible, like to hug and kiss and to cuddle. She will prepare a delicious dinner, while her partner will open the wine and pick a movie to watch. As the fireplace crackles in the room, these two will lie on a cozy sofa and enjoy in their love nest.

Cancer woman feels happy and safe only when she is in her home with her family. A family is a holy temple to the Cancer woman. She always buys new stuff for her home, making a warm and pleasant surrounding for the people she loves.


This lady asks for honesty and loyalty. Her partner should be careful with his words, as the Cancer woman is extremely sensitive and takes everything by the heart. Sometimes you wouldn’t say that she is hurt, while the Cancer woman will pick up the pieces of her heart into one. Take care of her and make her feel your love. She won’t ever cheat. Once the Cancer woman marries and has kids, there is no chance she will look at another man ever again.

Cancer woman is sensual. She needs strong emotional connectivity in order to achieve intimacy with her man. She is seducing and passionate in the bedroom. Her partner should be dominant and please all her senses.

Love and Marriage

Life circumstances will lead the Libra man and the Cancer woman towards each other. They both want to find that special person who will be their life partner. Once these two meet, they will instantly feel the spark. Libra man will see the Cancer woman as a wife material, while she will find him as reliable and honest, which is the most important to this lady. She has manners the Libra man wants to find in a woman.

Cancer woman knows how to behave and is never rude or unpleasant. She won’t ever dress provocative, but her charm and a seductive side will be even more enhanced in a turtleneck long dress. Cancer woman’s feminine side doesn’t require much. Her gestures are warm and somehow tempting. Libra man won’t be able to resist it.

Libra man gives an impression of an extremely sociable person. Cancer woman is similar to him, she likes to be with her friends and talk to them, but not as much as her partner. They will be surrounded by many people and their home will always be full of people. Cancer woman is a perfect housewife. She will make desserts and juices for the guests, while the Libra man will act as a real warm-hearted host.

One more similar thing between these two is indecisiveness. Yet, oppositely from the other similarities, it can bring a tension in the relationship. Cancer woman is aware of this side of hers, but she expects her man to bring the decisions. When she realizes that the Libra man can overcome her hesitance, this will be a big turn off for her. However, as the Libra will appreciate and love his partner very much, he will try to be more decisive and direct.

They can keep their relationship on a standby for a long time. Still, it is important for them both to understand that this can lead to emotional separation. Concluding – do whatever it takes, just don’t be steady.

Both the Libra man and the Cancer woman are sensual and romantic and their sexual relations will be full of tenderness and devotion. The couple will discover new horizons together.


We already mentioned how sociable the Libra man and the Cancer woman are. They will get into the communication easily and it will be clear how good friends they can be. Both of them enjoy working with people and being in constant contact, which will bring them closer.

Libra man, still, can be unpleasant to talk to sometimes. This is the thing of his moodiness, but the Cancer woman will take this personally. She wouldn’t say a thing, but deep down she will feel betrayed.

On the other side, this woman can overreact often, so the Libra man will just let her get to the old patterns.

They won’t ever argue. Libra man knows how to come to the terms with the Cancer woman. He will help her become more resistant and willing to communicate in order to solve the problems.

Interesting Facts

One of the hottest couples ever, Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson, were born under the Libra and the Cancer sign. Their romance was extremely passionate and challenging. Pamela, a young and attractive actress, married Tommy Lee after only a few days of their relationship. It was a pretty turbulent period for these two. Eventually, the divorce came. Still, they couldn’t separate for a long time and had phone talks from time to time. A bond between the Libra man and the Cancer woman stays strong even after a split up.


It is a bit tough when you find someone who is so similar, yet so different from you. Libra man and the Cancer woman have many touch points. The thing is, she can be too sensitive and obsessed with kids and family that the Libra man would feel neglected.

She, on the other side, will take his words seriously and distance bit by bit. We can only conclude that a love like theirs can lead to an endless romance or to an extremely toxic relationship. They should talk about the problems, building an even stronger connection.