Libra Man and Aries Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Libra man and Aries woman are one of the most compatible zodiac matches. They are a bit specific, as the ruler of the Libra is Venus. This planet enlightens the Libra man’s soft side – he is gentle, caring and balanced.

On the other side, the Aries woman’s ruler is Mars, which gives her a bit of masculine energy. It means that the Aries woman would take the lead in this relationship. However, her partner, the Libra man, won’t mind it at all. What’s more, they both will enjoy their romance.

Libra Man

Libra man is definitely a guy with the endless charm. He fills the room he is in with some special kind of energy. People usually stare at him, wondering if he has some magic within. Libra man is so pleasant to talk to. He has that ability to turn everything onto the good side. When the situation is tensed, the Libra man will bring in some positivity and release the atmosphere. Just like the picture of this sign, the Libra man knows how to balance.

On the other side, the Libra man can be a bit frisky and make a mess, but believe us when we say – you just can’t be mad at him. He will spellbind you and you will forget about everything he’s done. In this way, the Libra man is aware that people are weak to his smile. He will look at you with those puppy eyes and all you can think of is – irresistible.

As we mentioned above, the Libra man likes to balance. The ideal job for him is to work in the court, or as a lawyer, human activist, anything that has to do with justice. Libra man has that purpose in this life – to make this world peaceful and righteous place.

Libra man runs away from arguments. It only takes his energy away. He doesn’t see the purpose in arguments, as people can sit down and solve the problem in a nice way. Libra man strongly believes that anger is unproductive. What’s more, you will rarely see the Libra man angry. His nature is mild and calm.

You will need a bit of patience with the Libra man. As he always balances, he will think about everything twice, maybe even more. This is a great characteristic, as rushing things can lead to many mistakes. Yet, the Libra man exaggerates in this aspect, as he will change his mind a thousand times before he picks a movie you are going to watch. Still, this is not something you can’t cope with.

World peace and justice are the highest values from the Libra man’s perspective, as we already mentioned. Love is in the second place. Yet, these two values somehow go with each other. Libra man strives for love and wants to be love. He falls in love easily and once this happens, it takes a lot to accept the split up if it happens.

As everything is double enhanced with the Libra man, that is the thing with his love. He will love you twice more than any other man, but also will expect twice more. Libra man has extraordinary skills when it comes to the bedroom, which may surprise his partner pleasantly. Yet, he measures every situation very well and will know when to do something or when to skip it.

Aries Woman

The first lady of the horoscope, the Aries woman is a wildfire. This fiery lady definitely has a lot to show. The moment you see her, it would be clear that you shouldn’t mess with her. Yet, the temptation is big. Her strong energy tells you how dynamic and active this woman is.

When the Aries woman wants something, she will say it directly. However, when she doesn’t, she usually explicitly refuses what’s being offered, as she is the queen and everything should be at her service.

Men usually don’t trust the Aries woman. She is unstoppable and always surrounded by her male friends. A real man is aware that he shares the desire to seduce her with all those male “friends” around her, but he will fight for her love and attention.

You will maybe conclude that the Aries woman hates men, because of her harsh attitude. The truth is, she is independent and strong enough even without a man by her side. Further, as all those men surround her, she will be irritated by their attention and sick of their stories. That is why the Aries woman may put up the walls for some time and won’t let anyone approach her.

Aries woman needs an exceptional man who will wake up her emotions, not passions. She is already passionate and temperament. Being aware of this side of her, she wants to meet somebody who will shake her a bit, not only with his kisses but with his manners and feelings.

However, he has to be a lover on her level, as this aspect of the relationship is very important to the Aries woman. Mars is the ruler of the Aries. This is the planet which represents eroticism. Should we say anything more?

Ambitious Aries woman needs someone who will be guided by the same or similar goals. She wants to be wealthy, and her partner should come from the high class, or at least strive for it. Yet, don’t you even think that you can control this woman. She needs her independence, as only this way she will be truly happy. She needs a man who understands her temperament nature and won’t push or change her.


As in life, the Aries woman is a stringent mother. She would wake up her kids at eight, teach them how to make their beds, then take them to school. Her children will never be spoiled. Aries mother will make her children independent as she is. This will irritate her children when they would still be in the younger age. However, over the years, they will be really thankful to their mother.

Love and Marriage

We won’t say that the Libra man and the Aries woman would have a perfect relationship. Although, they have the strong will to make it functional. Regardless of the obstacles, the bond between these two is almost unbreakable.

Libra man is quiet and peaceful, trying to get away from any confrontation. Sure he can stand for what he believes, but only when there is no other way. Aries woman is completely opposite – she is loud and brawling. What’s more, she won’t ever accept the loss. Every argument is a battlefield for the Aries woman, and if she eventually loses, she will be furious. Libra man will have a tough task here – to accept that the Aries woman is always right or to try to show her how to be more cooperative.

Aries woman is aggressive. Yet, the Libra man will be fascinated by her temperament. Even when she is raging, this man will see this side of his partner as extremely attractive. And, guess what? Aries woman adores sex after an argument. Most of the tensions between these two will disappear after a few passionate hours in the bedroom.

We mentioned that the Aries woman wants a man who is not only about intimacy. Libra man surely has a strong libido, maybe not as strong as the Aries woman, but just enough to please her. Yet, he has that emotional and sentimental side. He will be gentle and prepare her romantic surprises. This will be a bit weird for the Aries woman at first, but deep down, she will be endlessly happy. He has that patience to go step by step with her, opening her heart for endless loving. Once the strong Aries woman feels the warmth of the Libra man’s love, she will open her sensible and romantic side.

They both are sociable and have many friends. However, the Aries woman will remain this way even she starts a serious relationship, while the Libra man tends to tighten his circle after he falls in love. He won’t be jealous of her friends, as the Libra man knows his partner is loyal and honest. Aries woman is sure of his loyalty also.


Aries woman is endlessly ambitious. She walks securely toward her goals, and one of them is to be a leader. Libra man, on the other side, doesn’t have pretensions of this kind. These aspects of their personalities will be mapped in their friendship also. Aries woman will be in charge of everything. She will initiate their meetings or lunches, but she would always pick places by her taste.

Libra man will bring in some balance in the chaotic life of the Aries woman. She usually isn’t aware of the hustle in her life and that sometimes she needs to slow down. Libra man will point out to that, making the Aries woman stop for a second and think about everything. She will appreciate this gesture of her friend.

Interesting Facts

Bradley Cooper, the Libra man, was married to Jennifer Esposito, the Aries woman. They seemed like a lightsome couple. However, they simply rushed into a marriage, which lasted for four months also.

Concluding, things can seem magical at the moment, but give some time to the romance, just to make sure you are making the right decision.


It is true that the Libra man and the Aries woman can achieve a highly balanced relationship. They feel attractiveness towards each other. Their natures are obviously different, as the Libra man is pretty mild while the Aries woman burns everything around herself.

Their romance will look like a real fairy tale until the aggressive energy of the Aries woman comes up. She needs to calm down a bit, while the Libra man should take a solid stand. They sure have great potential for a lasting romance.